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Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day. Have you got a story to tell? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you. Email Listen live Monday to Friday at 1.45-3pm on RTÉ Radio 1.

Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day. Have you got a story to tell? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you. Email Listen live Monday to Friday at 1.45-3pm on RTÉ Radio 1.


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Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day. Have you got a story to tell? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you. Email Listen live Monday to Friday at 1.45-3pm on RTÉ Radio 1.




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Coma-Graduation Cancelled-Cost of Prosthetic Limbs

Listeners tell Katie about what it's like to be in a coma. Patricia talks about writing an emotional letter to her son. Lynsey highlights the high cost of prosthetic limbs.


Wild boar in Kerry

Today Katie heard from callers concerned about the family of boar shot in Kerry after being released in the wild. Then callers about pig farming practices and the reasons why they might have been destroyed. One sausage maker has gone vegan, another caller runs a pig farm and explained the importance of keeping infection out of the herd.


GAA Cúl Camp kit- Primary school graduation- Eir upgrade- Smell from pig farm

Mary's asked to pay for a brand new Kellogg's GAA Cúl Camp kit, but she has an unused one from last year, Parents disappointed at no in-person graduation ceremonies for school children. Conor's elderly father gets unsolicited offer from Eir to upgrade his TV package and Gerry abandons his home for months because of the smell from pig farm.


Dogs on Beach- Junk Mail - Aviaries Fire

Dogs could be banned from beaches in Wexford. Our listeners react. Junk Mail. Austin objects to getting lots of unsolicited material through his door.Some of the birds for the Disney film currently being shot in Enniskerry have died in a fire. Ed Drew tells us what happened. Ciara wants to find the owner of a racing pigeon in her back garden.


Grants- Plastic Milk Jug- Hospital Visits

Disgruntled artists tell Katie about their failure to secure grants from the Department of Arts. Sally is annoyed after collecting tokens for a free jug from sustainable milk cartons, only to discover that the jug is made of plastic. Family members of hospital patients discuss ongoing Covid visiting restrictions.


Hospital visits- Verbally abused on the Dart- How are retail workers treated?

Philip spoke to Katie about not being able to see his beloved uncle in hospital since Easter due to Covid. Penny was married for 53 years and was only allowed to see her husband twice in a nursing home before he died. We talked about verbal abuse on the Dart. and Ed talked about working in retail and how customers treat you.


Thank you for saving our children- Retailer goes above and beyond- Buzzard Attack-Trucks in Abbeyleix -Mum of drowned son recalls loss

Elaine and Geraldine, mothers of the children saved on Bunmahon Beach. Christy Hennessy thanks gentleman's outfitter Eddie Murphy for going above and beyond. Tom McDermott is attacked by a buzzard. Andy Ring has a problem with trucks. Amanda Cambridge tells of losing her son Avery in a drowning accident.


Near Drowning

Paul O'Dwyer tells us how he and his family rescued 2 young children from the water in Bunmahon beach yesterday.


Woken by construction noise- Jet Skis and water safety-Bees-Eucharist Shortage - wash your hands

Joanna, GP is being kept awake by construction noise. Aaron Foley warns people of the dangers of jet skis, Jack Hogan saves a man from drowning. Philomena has a problem with bees. Sister Fiachra Nutty tells Joe about the struggling Eucharist bread market and Joe says goodbye to the catchphrase of the pandemic, "51551 Wash Your Hands".


Car Repossession-football exclusion and Trinity College

A number of people from the Sherriff's Office arrived at Emma's door at 6.45 this morning to repossess her car. She had unpaid tolls. Matt's son was excluded from his football team after they amalgamated a number of teams. Emmanuel Sweeney thinks Trinity is NOT the best university in Ireland, despite it's number one ranking.


Boat houses and houses prices

Joe spoke to Anthony who had built his own house boat on the canal for him to live in. He was there for three months before Waterways Ireland lifted it and impounded it. Anthony talked about how he believed the boat fulfilled all criteria and couldn't understand why it was taken. Lorna and Andrew talked about how difficult it is to buy a house.


Antisocial Behanviour and Demand for Ransom

Callers to Liveline recount anti-social behaviour over the weekend in East Meath and Dublin. ''To get straight to the point, this is a demand for £5 million'' Charlie Bird tells an extraordinary tale of an attempt to hold the Government ransom in 1979

Duration:01:09:50 Deeds/The Return of Dancing /Concepta O'Reilly

Aoife bought an expensive product on, but they all claim the product that arrived from beauty was very different to the one they had purchased previously.Liz Lyons spoke about a good deed, return of dancing and Concepta O'Reilly.

Duration:01:08:01 // Hospitals & Belongings // Poached Egg Hack Disaster // Scammers Blackmail // Wheelchairs & Outdoor Dining

An update from Katherine who purchased a beauty serum from Callers share stories of belongings going missing in hospitals. Poaching an egg in a microwave hack ended in disaster for a caller. Scammers attempted blackmail. Wheelchair users difficulties in areas that have developed outdoor dining spaces.

Duration:01:09:07 - Attacking Sea Gulls

Katherine bought an expensive beauty product on When it eventually arrived, the product smelled strange, the packaging was different to last time. Other callers rang in with their stories of the same website. Linda called in about being terrorised about seagulls in her back garden.


Paying Drug Debts - Good Deeds - Borris Johnsons New Marriage

Paying Drug Debts - Good Deeds - Borris Johnsons New Marriage


Riverdance: The Animated Adventure - The Price of Bread - Making Your Holy Communion - No Country For Teens

Liveline listeners give their opinions on a new animated film of Riverdance. David tells us about the €12 loaf of bread he came across in Maynooth. Kerri's daughter's communion has been cancelled 5 times. Stephen, who's 16, thinks the public are too critical of young people like him.


Postage Costs - Send Love Abroad - Brave Rescue in Clonmel

Mary tried to send a box of goodies to her daughter in New Zealand. Normally, the box costs around 70 euro. But it now costs 180 euro. Mark who runs Paddy Box, an Irish company which has flourished in the lockdown.John Nallen wanted to thank the fire brigade who saved the life of his son last Thursday after he was swept along a fast-moving river


PIgeon Nets - Getting Work in Hospitality - You Ok Christy

Tesco are using nets in their store in Wexford to combat the problems caused by pigeon droppings. Some listeners object to the nets. Brian can't get work in the hospitality industry. Christy Fleming tells us about the abuse he suffered in an Industrial school.


To Cancel the Olympics or Not

Callers discuss if the Olympics in Tokyo should go ahead or not?