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Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day. Have you got a story to tell? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you. Email Listen live Monday to Friday at 1.45-3pm on RTÉ Radio 1.

Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day. Have you got a story to tell? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you. Email Listen live Monday to Friday at 1.45-3pm on RTÉ Radio 1.


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Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day. Have you got a story to tell? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you. Email Listen live Monday to Friday at 1.45-3pm on RTÉ Radio 1.




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Brutal attack on pet- Bitten by a Spider -Dog No Fly-Bullying -Cessna Down

Karen spoke about her beloved Dachshund Keisha who went missing and was later found dead, Virgina's husband developed a serious infection following a spider bite, Sinead spoke about being stranded with her dog in Ireland, Chris Sherlock spoke to about being bullied and Eugene O'Sullivan spoke to Damien about how he crashed landed his plane


Small Plane Crash- Covid contract tracing in schools-brain tumor urgency- smoking an addiction

Damien spoke to Ger who was the first responder to Carnsore Point, Niamh and Samantha spoke about the loss of COVID contact tracing in schools, Paula spoke to Damien about her daughter who is waiting at Beaumont Hospital to see a consultant and Callers spoke to Damian about the difficulty of giving up smoking.


Housing-Making friends on a Pilgrimage-Smoking

Callers continue their discussion on the housing issue with Damien. Fr Richard Geoghegan is looking to get in touch with people he met on a Pilgrimage in Medjugorje and Callers discussing patients smoking on hospital grounds.


Couch Surfing at 50

Jessica Freed is in her 50s, a professional actor, and is couch surfing for the past year, unable to find anywhere to rent. She is not alone.


Peter tells us why he hates Mondays- Screen time-Drone invasion

Peter and his tale of paperwork hell. Parents and students of Trinity College Dublin want to return to the classroom and are annoyed some of the lectures are recordings from the last academic year. Aoife describes how a walk with her children was disrupted by a drone over head and Sean was pulled from a lake by his grandson Callum.


Vodafone Advert- Stolen Trike- 'The Plane that nearly made it'

Joe talked to Christina who believed that the new Vodafone advert was encouraging bad parenting and that phones are a substitute for communication within families. Other callers agreed with her. And Derek wants his stolen adult trike back.


Working from home-A little retail respect!-A home of my own-A desire to die with dignity-Lighting strikes twice- Death of Clive Sinclair

Mary's friend has worked successfully from home since the pandemic, Siobhan works in retail and says customers have become insufferable. Janet and her husband are looking for a mortgage, Celine' brother has 6 months to live and needs a chair lift, lightning strikes twice and death of Clive Sinclair.


Should Michael D attend Northern Ireland Mass?-Government delays Americas Cup Bid-Out Of Body Experience-Good Samaritan-Where have all the b

Callers discussed if Michael D Higgins should attend a mass commemorating 100 years of the Northern Ireland. Michael Horgan spoke about his disappointment that Cork may not host Americas 2024. Carmel had an out of body experience and Martin Ryan on his Near Death Experience. Síle is looking for a good Smartian and Paddy is looking for Sparrows.


Club Foot-Housing Crisis

More on people with club feet and one foot shorter than the other. Housing Crisis: Joanne and her family are paying €1600 rent per month. They have to leave their current house but the cheapest rent they can get is €3000 per month.


Dog Viciously Attacked-Is Gareth Brooks Returning To Ireland?-Cost of Living -Near Death Experiences

Dee was horrified to witness a group of youths viciously attack a small dog. Listeners reacted to the news of Garth Brooks' return to Ireland next year. We heard more near-death experiences.Suzanne has been vegan for over 30 years. Emma was looking for a shoe shop that could cater for her son who was born with a club foot.


Cost of living- Scammed- Near Death Experience-Family Reunion

'Mary' called Liveline to highlight the on going struggle of managing childcare during the pandemic. Zuzanna Herdzina shared her story to warn the public about a scam call that cost her €6,600. Patricia Mitchell finally found her long-lost full brother Micheal McKeown after 80 years apart.


`Sinking Grave-Feral Cats- Whiddy Island- Rosaleen Gavin

Dennis Ward has concerns that his parents' grave is beginning to subside. We heard from more listeners who have housed feral cats. Michael Kingston's father died in the Whiddy Island explosion in 1979. Raymond McCallin witnessed the shooting of Rosaleen Gavin in Belfast.


Filming in the Rotunda- Feral Cats

Joe spoke to women who gave birth during the pandemic about the documentary series The Rotunda. Kathryn rang about the feral cat which she was fostering who has destroyed her house after being up the chimney for three days.


Children and COVID-Leaving Certificate- Grade Inflation- Trinity Closes Gates- Feral Cats

Students tell Joe about how they've been affected by the discrepancies in this year's Leaving Cert results system and subsequent CAO offers. Parents of some of the 14,000 children out of school at the moment because they've been deemed Covid close contacts talk to Joe. Ger and Claire have differing opinions on how to deal with feral cats.


Feral Cats-Swans in Bray- Leaving Certificate Points Inflation- Breast Cancer Awareness

Are feral cats becoming more and more problematic? Residents in Bray are objecting to a new bridge which will impact on the local population of swans. Elizabeth's son did his leaving cert in 2017. But grade inflation means he didn't get an offer to do medicine when the CAO results were issued today. More listeners talk about breast cancer.


Breast Cancer Awareness

Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding passed away on Sunday after suffering from breast cancer - a diagnosis she publicly shared last year. Breast cancer survivors reacted to the news of her death and shared their own personal stories on Liveline today.


Farming Incidents

Mervyn told his story of the dangers of slurry tanks and how he nearly lost his life recently. Other farmers rang in with their stories of life on the farm.


Stephens Green Attack- Housing Crisis-Death Certs

Rebecca's teenage daughter was attacked in Stephen's Green. Listeners tell us about houses that are boarded up which could be used to help solve the crisis. Later this month 79 year old Michael will meet his 80 year old sister for the first time. Joanne's father died suddenly in February but it took until July to get a death cert.


Price of a Pint- Attacked getting off the Luas-Glad I got the vaccine- Nursing Home visits- Unmarked Graves

Has the price of a pint risen? Luis was attacked by a group of youths when he alighted from a Luas tram. Miriam was anti vaccine but did eventually get it. Willie Curtin's mother is 97 and in a nursing home. Due to a staff member having covid none of her family has been able to visit for many weeks.


People donating any old Tat to charity shops - Family nearly drowned in swimming incident -Help me find my Tractor-Headstone for the

Callers talk about charity shops. Fran Kinsella and Emma Nixon on an incredible sea rescue . Gerry Nealon wants to find the tractor from his childhood, a Massey Ferguson 148 REG:KIR554 and Martin Mooney thinks a special head stone should be placed in Glasnevin cemetery for Haverty’s 1844 piece, The Limerick Piper.