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Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day. Have you got a story to tell? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you. Email Listen live Monday to Friday at 1.45-3pm on RTÉ Radio 1.


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Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day. Have you got a story to tell? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you. Email Listen live Monday to Friday at 1.45-3pm on RTÉ Radio 1.




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Racist Attacks - Mark Ryan R.I.P.

Nivedita's husband was attacked by a group of 12-16 year olds. Mark Ryan died in London on September 21st. His bravery paved the way for so many people to come foward and reveal their experiences of abuse at Blackrock college.


Grand Scam - A Memorial For Suffering - Students Living In Hotels - Not Participating In Culture Night

Rosemary nearly fell for a scam by someone claiming to be from a financial services firm. Miriam would like to commemorate those who suffered in Magdalene Laundries and Mother and Baby homes. Stacey's daughter has resorted to living in a hotel. Ciaran 's business is not participating in Culture Night due to lack of policing in Dublin.


Confronting A Scammer -Parent & Child Parking Spaces - Is it Appropriate To Fondle Molly Malone?

Joe has a phonecall about investing money with a scammer. Listeners descrivbe their experiences using parent and child parking spaces. Joe speaks to Barry Rhynhart, son of Jeanne Rhynhart who sculpted the Molly Malone statue.


Ban Bully Dogs?

Listeners discuss whether bully dogs should be banned in Ireland.


Irish Women's Soccer Stars Still Fighting For Recognition

Former Irish Players are disappointed by how they're being treated by the FAI.


Kindness & Coldness

George was forced to sleep outside an Airport and other listeners describe random acts of kindness.


Are Our Kids Addicted To Vaping?

Mark's 13-year-old daughter has been vaping for a year and a half and is unable to stop her addiction.


Should Disposable Vapes Be Banned?

Listeners share their opinions on vaping and disposable vapes.


The History Of Frank Eivers - The Mystery Of Funmi Aina - The Trickery Of Scam Calls

Karl was intrigued by a grave at Mount Jerome Cemetery with a UN logo on it. Ronan found a headstone belonging to Funmi Aina - a 22 year old Nigerian woman who died in Ireland in 1965 and wants to find out more about her. Carmel was scammed out of almost €3,000 by someone pretending to be her son.


PINs & The Revolut Sham - CAO Round Two Comes Up Trumps - Why Do You Need My Child's Passport? - Where Are You? Urine Dublin!

Sinéad received a call supposedly from Revolut and lost nearly €7000. Pamela's daughter forgot to enter her exam number on her CAO application. Mark is uncomfortable with parents having to upload confidential data to play in the Dublin District Soccer League. Andrea was disgusted by the stench of urine near the Abbey Theatre.


Dogs Attacking Dogs - Mistakenly Removed From A Plane - I Got the Points But No CAO Offers

Donal's dog got attacked by a pitbull and it took ten minutes to prise them apart. Ciarán was removed from a Ryanair flight due to a case of mistaken identity. Dean received enough points for many of his desired courses but when he checked his CAO Offers, there were none.


The Relic Of Carlo Acutis

Brenda is bringing relics of 15 year old Carlo Acutis, who died in 2006, to Ireland.


Disability Services Can't Find Staff - No Cemetry Gates - How Do We Make The Roads Safer?

Michelle's 2 year- old daughter has Down Syndrome but has not been able to access the support she requires. Tara is saddened by the lack of gates on Deansgrange Cemetery. Listeners suggest ways that driving in Ireland could be safer.


Road Safety

Liam lost two daughters in a road accident.


Tipsy Hen Party, Tipsy Chair - Can't Escape Electric Picnic - How Much for a Confirmation?!?!

Margaret organised a hen party and booked accommodation. However, someone broke a chair and Margaret hasn't got her security deposit back. Conor has been stuck in the Electric Picnic car park for three hours. Sarah's parish wants €100 for a confirmation. They claim it is a donation but Sarah believes it to be a forced donation.


Funny Friday - Live From Titanic Hotel, Belfast

Joe is joined by Tim McGarry, Diona Doherty, June Rodgers, Ultan Conlon and many more for Funny Friday at the Titanic Hotel in Belfast.


Sweets & Family Businesses - Cancelled School Buses - Should the Dublin Team Have a Commemorative Coin?

Joe talks to sweet manufacturers, family businesses and listeners with sweet teeth. Jean's son is quadriplegic and has cerebral palsy. He has to travel from Walkinstown to Sandymount for school but his bus route was cancelled at short notice. Sean thinks there should be a coin to commemorate the historic wins of the Dublin GAA team.


Carers' Wages - Slovenia Spikings - Sticks Of Rock & Tatty Knock

Mandy is unhappy with changes to the cancellation charges for carers' appointments. Siobhan's daughter was spiked while in Slovenia. Listeners share their memories of sticks of rock with Rockmaker, David Crilly, while Gerard laments the commercialisation of Knock.


The Abuse Perpetrated by Fr. Joseph Marmion - Bulgarian Scam? - Scrambler Bikes, Bicycles and Anti-Social Behaviour

Mark is unhappy with the new report on the abuse perpetrated by Jesuit priest, Fr. Jospeh Marmion. Anke's son went on holidays to Bulgaria. After going to a club bathroom, he woke up 5 hours later with a drip in his arm. Listeners share their experiences of dangerous driving and anti-social behaviour.


Help! I've Lost My Keys

Denise left her car keys in a taxi but has been able to track their whereabouts. Sylvie was asked not to play her bodhrán in Skibereen. Keith's son was injured when a scrambler bike came into their driveway.