Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.


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Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.




Rescuers search rubble of collapsed Miami building

Rescuers with sniffer dogs are searching for survivors in the rubble of a 12-storey apartment building that partially collapsed in the US city of Miami. It’s not clear how many people were in the block when one side of it sheared off in the early hours of the morning. Also in the programme: an indigenous group in Canada says it has found hundreds of unmarked graves at the site of a former school in Saskatchewan, just weeks after a similar discovery in British Columbia; and the sisters...


Dozens reported killed in air attack on Tigray market

Tigrayan rebel forces are said to have made advances in recent days. This has been denied by the Ethiopian government. Thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced after conflict erupted almost eight months ago. We hear from medical staff in Mekelle who told Newshour that soldiers had prevented a convoy of ambulances from reaching the site of the attack. We also hear from a former US Ambassador to Ethiopia and the BBC's Tigrinya Service based in Nairobi. Also on the programme:...


US holding unaccompanied migrant children in 'alarming conditions'

Rampant disease and allegations of sexual abuse were uncovered at a camp in El Paso, Texas, during a BBC investigation. More than 2,000 teenaged children at the camp who crossed the US-Mexico border alone are waiting to be reunified with family in the US. Also in the programme: The pro-democracy Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily announces it will close; and how a drought in Madagascar is leaving hundreds of thousands of people short of food. Photo: A US border detention camp in El Paso, Texas....


Spain pardons Catalan leaders over independence bid

The Spanish government has formally pardoned nine Catalan separatists who were convicted over a failed independence bid in 2017. The pardons have sparked controversy in Spain and tens of thousands protested against the decision this month. We speak to Catalonia’s president, Pere Aragonès. Also in the programme: the voices of the Uigyhur parents pleading with the Chinese authorities to give them news of their missing children; and why European football's governing body has stopped a German...


Myanmar army clashes with Mandalay militia

Gunfire was exchanged during a raid on a boarding school being used as a militia base, according to local reports. This is the first time militia in Mandalay have come up against the army in a major city. Also in the programme: Hong Kong's top pro-democracy newspaper closes its English language website; and Gabon is to be recognised for its efforts to preserve its rainforests. Photo: A military handout photograph shows soldiers and police arresting people during a raid in Mandalay. Credit:...


Ethiopia: delayed elections take place

Millions of Ethiopians have been voting in delayed parliamentary and regional elections, with nearly a fifth of constituencies not taking part due to insecurity. Opposition parties have complained that their observers at some polling stations have been denied access and beaten. No poll took place in the entire northern region of Tigray, where civil war erupted in November leading to a humanitarian crisis. Also on the programme: The latest from Spain as Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announces...


Ethiopia PM faces first election amid conflict

Millions of Ethiopians are voting in twice-postponed parliamentary and regional elections, with nearly 20 percent of constituencies not taking part due to insecurity. Some opposition parties are boycotting the poll. No election is taking place in the northern region of Tigray, where civil war erupted in November, leading to a humanitarian crisis. Also in the programme: the organisers of the Tokyo Olympics say they will allow up to 10,000 spectators in sporting venues; and as Hong Kong's most...


Iran nuclear talks advance

Delegates at talks in Vienna on Iran's nuclear programme say they've made progress but there are still gaps between the two sides. Teams from Iran and the EU both said there had been advances. Also in the programme: Help for the Danube's pelicans; and Thelma and Louise 30 years on. (Picture:European External Action Service Deputy Secretary General Enrique Mora and Iranian Deputy at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abbas Araghchi wait for the start of talks on reviving the 2015 Iran nuclear deal...


Iran nuclear deal: talks take place following election

Talks about reviving the Iran nuclear deal have been taking place in Vienna following the election of Ebrahim Raisi in Friday's presidential vote. Iran's chief nuclear negotiator said that Tehran and six world powers have moved closer to reviving the 2015 nuclear agreement. Also in the programme: Parliamentary elections take place in Ethiopia on Monday despite continuing conflicts in the country; and on World Refugee Day we hear the personal story of one young woman whose family fled from...


Iran's new president vows to fight corruption

Ebrahim Raisi promises to lead a government that will fight corruption following his victory in an election that was widely seen as engineered in his favour. Mr Raisi is a hard-line cleric. Voter turnout was the lowest ever in an Iranian presidential election. Also in the programme: US Catholic bishops get political; and why Mozart's music might ease epilepsy (Picture: A supporter of Ebrahim Raisi holds a poster of him during an election rally in Tehran. Credit: WANA via REUTERS: Majid...


Hardliner wins Iran's presidential election

Iran's president-elect, the hardline cleric, Ebrahim Raisi, has expressed his gratitude to the Iranian people for his election victory, thanking them for trusting him. After meeting the outgoing president, Hassan Rouhani, he said his incoming government would do their best to serve Iran's citizens. Also in the programme: the UN special envoy on Myanmar warns of a real risk of civil war in the country; and deaths from Covid in Brazil pass 500,000. (Picture: Ebrahim Raisi greets the media...


Iran presidential election: dissidents call for boycott

Opposition groups view today's vote as an engineered victory for hardliner Ebrahim Raisi. He is one of four candidates who were approved by Iran's influential Guardian Council ahead of the poll. Also in the programme: how Ethiopia is preparing for elections amid internal conflict; and a new study suggests that the elusive coelacanth fish can live up to 100 years - five times longer than previously thought. Photo: A voter in Iran's 2021 presidential elections. Credit: Getty Images


Iranians vote in presidential poll marred by bans

Dissidents and some reformists have called for a boycott, saying the barring of several contenders left Mr Raisi with no serious competition. Also in the programme: Japan's chief Covid-19 advisor said having no fans would be the least risky option, days before the organisers of the Tokyo Olympics decide whether to allow spectators into events; and we hear what a newly found species of ancient giant rhino looked like. (Photo: An Iranian woman holds a document after voting during presidential...


First crew blasts off to new China space station

China has launched three astronauts into orbit to begin occupation of the country's new space station. It will be China's longest crewed space mission to date and the first in nearly five years. But is that achievement dimming the prospects for the US Space Agency? We speak to former NASA chief and former astronaut Charles Bolden. Also in the programme: The former president of Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo, has returned home after nearly a decade overseas during which he was cleared of crimes...


Hong Kong cracks down on pro-democracy paper

The future of Hong Kong's main pro-democracy news outlet, Apple Daily, is in doubt after the police arrested its most senior editors and froze its bank account. The authorities said some of the newspaper's reporting had broken the national security law. Also on the programme; we’ll get reaction to the meeting of President Biden and President Putin; and we speak to the International Criminal Court’s new Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan QC (Picture: Police arrive at the Apple Daily offices Credit:...


Biden and Putin say summit was ‘constructive’

The two leaders met in Geneva and discussed issues such as human rights, cyber security and Ukraine. Both leaders have spoken positively of the talks. We’ll have an assessment from both sides. Also in the programme: is starvation being used as a weapon in Tigray? And we hear from the wife of an imprisoned opposition candidate who’d hoped to run in elections in Nicaragua. (Photo: U.S. President Joe Biden at the end of a news conference after the U.S.-Russia summit with Russia’s President...


Putin and Biden meet at much-anticipated summit

The talks in Geneva come at a time when both sides describe relations as being at rock bottom. The discussions are set to include arms control and the US allegations of Russian cyber-attacks. Also on the programme: the case for compulsory vaccinations for care workers worldwide; and we look ahead to the elections in Iran. (Photo: U.S. President Joe Biden and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin shake hands as they arrive for the U.S.-Russia summit at Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland on 16...


Thousands of Israeli nationalists march in East Jerusalem

Hard-line nationalist Israelis have been marching through parts of East Jerusalem to mark the annexation of the area by Israel more than 50 years ago. We hear from a minister in the coalition on what he makes of the march and what to expect from an Israel under new management. Also on the programme: the longest Arctic expedition produces one of the most worrying warnings on climate change; and ahead of the Biden-Putin summit, what is it the Russian leader wants? (Picture: Organisers of the...


Israeli ultra-nationalists are preparing to march in occupied East Jerusalem

Israeli ultra-nationalists are preparing to march in occupied East Jerusalem in an event that Palestinians have branded a provocation. Also in the programme: The United States and the European Union have resolved a long-running trade dispute over subsidies to aircraft manufacturers. And researchers in Cambridge University say the early warning signs of self-harm in children can appear almost a decade before it starts. (Photo: The annual Jerusalem Day flag march marks Israel's capture of East...


President Biden's first NATO summit

NATO holds its first summit with Joe Biden as leader of its most powerful member. But how does this old military alliance deal with all the new threats? NATO's Secretary General talks to us about China, cyber and well as the threat from Russia. Also in the programme: the small US biotech company that's produced a powerful new COVID vaccine; and the British Prime Minister announces pandemic restrictions will now stay until at least mid-July. (Image: U.S. President Joe Biden...