Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.


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Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.




World reacts to Aung San Suu Kyi sentence

Ousted Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been found guilty of inciting dissent and breaking Covid rules, in the first of a series of verdicts that could see her jailed for life. Her sentence has been reduced from four years to two years. Also in the programme: Ethiopia's government says its forces have taken back two towns from Tigrayan rebels; the story of the Palestinian jailbreak that rocked Israel's security establishment; and can Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin reduce tensions over...


Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced to jail

Ousted Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been sentenced to prison, the first in a series of verdicts that could jail her for life. Dr Sasa, a senior member of the National League for Democracy party and a spokesman for Myanmar's National Unity Government in exile, described it as a "show trial". Also in the programme: the World Health Organisaton says there has been a surge in Malaria with the pandemic disrupting health services all over the world and we hear concerns about a collapse in...


Pope Francis has denounced those who use migrants for political propaganda

The Pope made his remarks on a visit to the Mavrovouni refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. Also on the programme; the Gambian president, Adama Barrow, appears on course for re-election with results from most districts giving him a clear lead. And former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair calls for a globally focused response to the omicron variant of Covid 19. (Picture: Pope Francis at the Mavrovouni refugee camp in Lesbos. Credit: Reuters)


Pope Francis visits Greek refugee camp

Pope Francis has been on a visit to a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos where he urged better treatment of migrants in Europe. Also in the programme at least four anti-coup protesters have been killed when Myanmar security forces rammed a car into a protest in the main city of Yangon; protests are held in South African cities in opposition to oil company Shell’s plans to explore for oil and gas on the country’s wild coast. (Picture: Pope Francis greets two refugee girls at the...


Michigan school shooting: Suspect's parents deny involuntary manslaughter

James and Jennifer Crumbley are accused of ignoring warning signs before their son's alleged rampage. Also on the programme, the French President Emmanuel Macron has become the first major western leader to hold in person talks with Mohammed Bin Salman since the Saudi crown prince was implicated in the murder of the Saudi journalist, Jamal Kashoggi, three years ago. And we hear the story of John Eddie, the first person to die of Aids in the UK, 40 years ago. (Picture: James and Jennifer...


Scientists say Omicron variant spreading twice as fast as Delta

Researchers looking into the Omicron variant say it appears to be spreading twice as fast as the Delta variant. Also in the programme: Voters are heading to the polls in The Gambia to choose a new president and in UK the first person to die of AIDS is chronicled in a television documentary. (Photo: A health worker tests passengers for coronavirus at Amsterdam Schiphol airport on December 2, 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Credit: Photo by Pierre Crom/Getty Images)


Covid-19: Omicron cases surge in South Africa

The new variant drives a sharp increase in infections at an unprecedented rate - so will it become dominant worldwide? Also in the programme: Who appears to be gaining the upper-hand in the war in Ethiopia? And Stephen Spielberg decides to make another film adaptation of the US musical West Side Story. (Photo: A woman wears a protective face mask as the new Covid-19 variant Omicron spreads in South Africa. Credit: REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko)


Covid: South Africa battles Omicron variant

South African health officials say coronavirus cases are surging at an unprecedented rate, as the Omicron variant takes hold. The World Health Organisation says all nations must prepare for a surge in infections. Also on the programme: Environmental campaigners welcome a decision by the energy giant Shell to pull out of a new oil project in the North Sea; why China's version of Uber is switching its listing from New York to Hong Kong; and little-known story of the 18th century slave...


Covid: Germany announces restrictions for unvaccinated

Germany's national and regional leaders have agreed to bar unvaccinated people from much of public life in a bid to fend off a fourth wave of Covid-19. Only those who have been vaccinated or who've recently recovered from Covid will be allowed in restaurants, cinemas, leisure facilities and many shops. Also on the programme: the South African intensive care doctor seeing the effects of the Omicron wave; and how 'atmospheric rivers' are behind the extreme weather in British Columbia, Canada....


Omicron drives major surge in South Africa Covid cases

South African health officials say the emergence of the Covid variant, Omicron, appears to be leading to an increase in the number of people contracting the disease for a second time. We speak to the director of an Intensive Care Unit in Soweto and to an advisor to the Africa Centre for Disease Control. Also in the programme: the deterioration of Venezuela’s health system; and the United Nations is today calling for a record $41 billion to fund its humanitarian work next year. We will focus...


US Supreme Court hears landmark abortion case

The US Supreme Court is hearing arguments in the most important abortion case in decades. The case is about a Mississippi state law that bars abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Lawyers defending the Mississippi law have explicitly asked the court to overturn two landmark decisions regarding abortion, including Roe v Wade. The ruling is expected in June and may see millions of women lose abortion access. Also in the programme: We find out why the European Union is investing more than 300...


Supreme Court to hear latest challenge to US abortion laws

Mississippi state wants to ban all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The final ruling is due in June next year. Also on the programme the EU sets out plans to invest than three hundred billion dollars on infrastructure, digital and climate projects around the world by 2027. But is this just too late to compete with China's Belt and Road Initiative? And we return to the northern city of Marib in Yemen and hear about the terrible conditions in that city's hospitals. (Picture: Pro Choice...


In Yemen, Houthi rebels close in on key city

Rebel Houthis, a group based in the north, and allied to Iran, have seized large amounts of strategically important territory -- and are advancing on the oil rich city of Marib, where 800,000 people are displaced. We hear from our correspondent as well as a former Yemeni deputy foreign minister. Also on the programme, as incoming German chancellor Olaf Scholz announces he wants to hold a vote to determine whether to make the vaccine compulsory, we discuss the new Omicron variant with the...


Yemen: Houthi rebels come closer to encircling the city of Marib

Marib is at the centre of Yemen’s oilfields, and is the government’s last stronghold in the north. We have an exclusive report from there. Also on the programme Poland's Prime Minister urges NATO to unify against Russia. Will that organisation, currently meeting in Latvia, do that? And a new report from Australia states that more than a quarter of those working in federal parliamentary offices have been sexually harassed by MPs. (Picture: Portraits of slain Houthi fighters which are to be...


President Biden calls for vaccination of the developing world

US President Joe Biden has called the Omicron Covid variant a "cause for concern, not a cause for panic". He called on American to get their jabs and urged rich countries to help people in the developing world get vaccines. We ask if we are likely to see more variants of concern unless poorer countries get their jabs. Also in the programme: The trial against Jeffrey Epstein’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell starts in the US; and opposition candidate Xiomara Castro takes the lead in Hondura’s...


New cases of the Covid variant Omicron found in different parts of the world

Meetings at the World Health Organisation and the G7 countries are taking place to discuss ways of combating the latest Covid variant. Also on the programme; the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, a close associate of the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, begins today in New York. And we have the strange tale of a painting by the late British artist Lucien Freud, which art experts have described as a genuine work by Freud, but which the artist himself denied ever painting. (Picture: A lab worker...


Netherlands finds at least 13 Omicron cases

At least thirteen cases of the new variant of the Covid virus have now been confirmed in the Netherlands. They were all on flights coming from South Africa where the variant was first detected. The Dutch government has announced a partial lockdown. We speak with our reporter in the Netherlands and the New York Times correspondent who was on the flight that had the variant. Also on the programme, amid the Ethiopian civil war several Sudanese soldiers have been killed along their common...


Covid: Will current vaccines be effective against Omicron variant?

As global concern mounts over the spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant, the biotech firm Moderna says it's racing to develop a new vaccine -- and should know soon whether its current jab is still effective. We have an interview with the medical director of the US pharmaceutical company Moderna, Dr Paul Burton. European ministers are meeting in France today to discuss how to deter migrants from risking their lives by trying to reach Britain in small boats. Also, the film director Ridley...


New Covid variant cases detected in Europe

A growing list of countries have imposed travel restrictions on South Africa, after the detection of a new Covid variant called Omicron. Multiple cases of the variant have been detected around the world in nations such as Belgium, Germany, Israel, Botswana, Hong Kong and Britain. Also in the programme: a look ahead to elections in Honduras; and protests in Burkina Faso. (Photo: A vial and a syringe are seen in front of a displayed South Africa flag. CREDIT: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)


Covid: New race to contain Omicron variant

Countries around the world are racing to introduce travel bans and restrictions on southern African countries in an effort to contain a new variant of Covid-19, called Omicron. The moves come after the variant was officially named by health officials. But there is a huge economic cost – we will speak to the South African tourism minister The legendary US composer and songwriter Stephen Sondheim has died aged 91. Can the Iran nuclear deal be revived? Talks begin again next week – we will hear...