Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.


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Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.



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Tonga: Australia and New Zealand send teams to assess damage

International efforts to deliver aid to tsunami- hit islands in Tonga have been gathering pace, as further information comes in from damage assessment teams sent by Australia and New Zealand. There's been significant damage to several islands. But no mass casualties have been reported. The ex-Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko is attending a court hearing in Kyiv which will decide whether he should be detained during a treason investigation. Also, as the health authorities in Beijing call...


Tonga still cut off after tsunami

There are fears for the people of Tonga, cut off from the world after the pacific island state was hit by a tsunami triggered by the eruption of an underwater volcano. Also in the programme: President Biden describes yesterday's siege at a Texas synagogue as an act of terror; and after the tennis star Novak Djokovic is deported from Australia, we hear from the President of Serbia. (Image:images on social media showed flooding as the tsunami waves began / Credit: Consulate of the Kingdom of...


Djokovic deported from Australia

A federal court has upheld a government decision to cancel tennis star Novak Djokovic’s visa on the grounds that his refusal to be vaccinated against Covid-19 made him a threat to public health. Djokovic has now been deported from the country, and potentially prohibited from entering for three years. Also on the program, Australia and New Zealand are preparing to send surveillance flights to the Pacific island nation of Tonga, to assess the damage caused by a volcanic eruption and tsunami....


Volcanic eruption off the islands of Tonga

The eruption of a giant underwater volcano in the Pacific Ocean has triggered tsunami warnings across the region. Alerts were raised from Australia to the United States, and now to Japan where there are warnings of possible three-metre waves. Also in the programme: US Senators introduce ‘Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act of 2022’ legislation, we hear from Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Senator Robert Menendez, and the 400th anniversary of Molière. (Photo: A handout...


Djokovic detained ahead of deportation appeal

Judges will rule on his final appeal against the cancellation of his visa. This is the second time that the tennis star has been detained by Australian authorities. Also on the programme: Tonga has been hit by tsunami waves caused by a huge underwater volcanic eruption that could be heard across the South Pacific. And will a proposed new law succeed in limiting people's access to social media in Iran? (Picture: Novak Djokovic training for the Australian Open, Credit: EPA)


US accuses Russia of planning provocative acts

The United States and Ukraine have accused Moscow of planning to stage provocative acts against its own side as a pretext for an invasion. A Pentagon spokesman said Russian operatives were planning a "false-flag" operation, to allow Moscow to accuse Ukraine of preparing an attack. It comes after a week of US-Russian talks aimed at defusing tensions. Russia has dismissed the claims. Also in the programme: the UK's prime minister, Boris Johnson, is under renewed pressure after his office...


Former colonel guilty of crimes against humanity in Syrian civil war jail

A court in Germany has sentenced a former Syrian colonel, Anwar Raslan, to life imprisonment for torture in Syria's civil war in a notorious Damascus jail known as "Hell on Earth". The trial in Koblenz is the world's first criminal case brought over state-led torture in Syria. Also in the programme: Buckingham Palace announces that Queen Elizabeth's second son, Prince Andrew, has been stripped of his military honours and royal title; and has a week of intensive diplomacy saved eastern Europe...


German court convicts former Syrian colonel

It's been described as the world's first criminal case brought over state-led torture in Syria. A court in Koblenz, Germany, gave a life sentence to Anwar Raslan. He's a former Syrian colonel who'd been linked to crimes against humanity at a notorious prison in Damascus during his country's civil war. Raslan was found guilty of mass torture and killings at a detention centre known as Branch 251. Also in the programme: British and Dutch athletes heading to Beijing for next month's Winter...


UK Prime Minister apologises to parliament

Boris Johnson attended a drinks event at Downing Street during the Covid lockdown. Some members of his own party have called for his resignation. Is his authority completely in tatters? Also on the programme; Prince Andrew, faces a civil trial in the United States over allegations of sexual assault, after a New York judge rejected an attempt to have the case dismissed. And we also hear from the leader of the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan, one of the major opposition voices in that country....


Russia talks to Nato

As Russia talks to Nato in Brussels, we hear from Ukraine's ambassador to the UK, from our correspondent in Ukraine's capital Kyiv, and from a Russian perspective. Also in the programme: Britain’s Prime Minister apologises for attending a party in Downing Street during Covid lockdown, but is it enough? And how much of the Djokovic controversy is about Serbian nationalism? (Photo: Russian Deputy Defence Minister Colonel General Alexander Fomin, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander...


Afghanistan's looming humanitarian crisis

The freezing winter and the loss of Western support will create disaster for Afghans says Red Cross. Unemployment has soared, few can afford to feed their own families, an estimated one million children are now at risk of starvation. We have a special report from that country. The UK Prime Minister is accused of attending a drinks party with almost forty other guests at the height of the UK lockdown in 2020. We hear from a Conservative MP. And we mark twenty years since the opening of the...


Afghanistan on brink of winter crisis

The UN has warned that a humanitarian disaster is unfolding in Afghanistan and has called for five billion dollars in aid to avoid the country's collapse. We have a special report from inside the country. Also in the programme: the ethics of xeno-transplantation; and drugs on the Dark Net. (Picture: A view of snow-covered landscape in Kabul, Afghanistan, 06 January 2022. Credit: EPA/STRINGER)


US and Russia hold talks amid Ukraine tensions

The US and Russia have met in Geneva to begin the first of a series of talks over tensions in Ukraine. The US and other Western powers want to dissuade Russia from invading Ukraine. But Russia wants to discuss its demand for NATO to retreat from eastern Europe and rule out Ukraine joining the alliance. Will the talks amount to much or will there be a renewed war in Ukraine? Also on the program: Novak Djokovic's mother says her tennis star son has had the biggest win of his career - over the...


Novak Djokovic wins court battle to remain in Australia

Novak Djokovic wins court battle to remain in Australia. His family say he is "free" and that "truth and justice" prevailed. Australia's Immigration Minister says considering whether to again cancel Djokovic's visa. Also in the programme: US and Russia sit down for talks on Ukraine; and hungry and holy -- stray cows in India. (Picture: Novak Djokovic wins court battle to remain in Australia following visa row. Credit: European Pressphoto Agency)


At least 164 reportedly killed in Kazakhstan crackdown

There is a nationwide state of emergency and curfew in Kazakhstan after the unrest over the last week. At least 164 people have died in Kazakhstan during violent anti-government protests, according to media reports citing health officials. There is a growing suggestion that the recent violence is linked to a power struggle within Kazakhstan's ruling elite. Also in the programme: At least 19 people have been killed in a fire at an apartment building in New York; and the Goldens Globe are...


African Cup of Nations begins in Cameroon

The much-awaited, long-delayed African Cup of Nations football tournament begins in Cameroon. The competition is taking place against a backdrop of Covid restrictions and a civil war that has been going on in the English speaking regions of Cameroon, alongside the wider instability caused by the jihadist insurgency in Nigeria, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. Also in the programme: Yemen, a nation torn by conflict and famine, but today we hear from one long time resident on why he loves the...


Kazakh president says stability is returning

After a week of violent anti-government protests in Kazakhstan’s main city, Almaty, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev says that stability is returning to the country. The protestors were angry not just with the current government but also with the former President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Mr Tokayev tried to diffuse the situation by stripping Mr Nazarbayev of his remaining powers. Also in the programme: Dozens of people are reported to have been killed in an airstrike on a camp for the displaced...


Kazakhstan: Power struggle under way?

After days of violent protests prompted by a rise in energy prices, local residents in Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, are now struggling with patchy internet connectivity, and food shortages in local shops. The BBC’s Abdujalil Abdurasulov says the protests are unprecedented in Kazakhstan, and many there are surprised at the speed and the violence of the unrest. Also on the programme: The latest on the controversy surrounding the vaccine exemption of the world's tennis number one Novak...


WHO anger at failure to deliver vaccines to poorer countries

What is it going to take to beat back this pandemic? As we go into the third year of this no-longer-new coronavirus, the world's lopsided response remains painfully clear. A senior epidemiologist with the World Health Organisation, Maria van Kerkhove, warns that Omicron will not be the last coronavirus variant and it's vital that vaccines are distributed more fairly around the world. Dr van Kerkhove tells of her anger at the failure to deliver vaccines at scale outside high-income countries....


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Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.