Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.


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Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.




Russian missiles strike a shopping centre in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk

President Zelensky said more than 1000 people were in the building. More than a dozen people are known to have been killed. Also on the programme; we go to the bar in Eastern Cape in South Africa where 21 teenagers died at the weekend. And we hear the story of the unknown artist in London who has gained a worldwide following after his death, thanks to his neighbour. (Picture: Fire fighters in Kremenchuk. Credit: Reuters)


Russian forces ‘stealing grain’ from Ukraine

There is mounting evidence that Russian forces in occupied areas of Ukraine have been stealing grain from local farmers. Also, a conference addressing the state of the world’s oceans has opened in Lisbon today; and in Afghanistan, thousands of people are still waiting for help, five days after a powerful earthquake. (Planet)


Dozens of Russian missile strikes across Ukraine

Dozens of Russian missiles have struck targets across Ukraine, with the capital Kyiv enduring the heaviest barrage in months. But how long will Moscow's missile stockpiles last? Also in the programme: the hunt for justice in Italy more than 40 years after Marxist militants launched a campaign of violence; plus, the baby mammoth, unearthed in pristine condition in Canada after 30,000 years. Photo: Rescuers next to an apartment building destroyed in Russian airstrikes in Kyiv. Credit: Getty...


At least fourteen missiles strike Kyiv

The Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, has been hit by a series of Russian missiles, in the most sustained such barrage in months. The National Guard says at least fourteen missiles struck the city. Also in the programme: a meeting of the G7; and a preserved baby woolly mammoth. (Photo: Communal workers clean debris in front of a damaged residential building following Russian airstrikes in the Shevchenkivskiy district of Kyiv. CREDIT: EPA/SERGEY DOLZHENKO)


President Biden calls abortion ruling 'devastating'

President Biden has described the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion as devastating for many Americans. The chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood of Illinois tells us she has been preparing for the overturning of Roe vs. Wade for some time. Also in the programme, Norwegian police say they're treating an attack on a gay nightclub as an act of Islamist terrorism. We get reaction from the Norwegian Prime Minister. Plus, 75 years since Ann Frank's diary was published, why do a teenager's...


US abortion clinics start to close after landmark ruling

Activists say they will stage more protests against the US Supreme Court ruling that's removed the constitutional right to abortion. Also in the programme: Russia has launched a barrage of missiles at targets in the north and west of Ukraine; and police in Norway say they are treating shootings in and outside a gay bar in Oslo as a terrorist attack. (Photo: Some protesters gathered outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Credit: Reuters)


US Supreme Court ends constitutional right to abortion

The US Supreme Court has ended the constitutional right to abortion, overturning the landmark Roe v Wade ruling from 1973. President Biden said the judgement took America back 150 years but conservatives have welcomed it. Also in the programme: White House security official Admiral John Kirby on the war in Ukraine. (Picture: Abortion rights demonstrators protests outside the United States Supreme Court as the court rules in the Dobbs v Women's Health Organization abortion case, overturning...


Ukraine war: Last Donbas city to fall

Ukraine is on the verge of losing one of its last remaining strongholds in the Luhansk region after ordering its troops to withdraw from the city of Severodonetsk. Also on the programme, what next for the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, after two crushing defeats for the governing Conservative party in parliamentary by-elections? And, Amazon's Alexa may be using AI to bring the voice of dead loved ones back from the grave. (Photo: Fights in Severodonetsk 19/06/2022 European Pressphoto...


Taliban calls off some searches for quake survivors

Taliban authorities have called off the search for survivors in the Afghan province worst-hit by a devastating earthquake. Also, European Union leaders have approved both Ukraine and Moldova as official candidates for eventual membership of the bloc and how researchers in Florida found the largest invasive python yet around Everglades National Park. (Villagers examine earthquake damage. Getty Images)


Afghanistan earthquake: rescue teams struggle to reach remote areas

It's feared many families remain buried in the rubble of their ruined homes. More than 1000 people are believed to have been killed. Also on the programme; a member of the January 6th committee discusses what has been achieved by the televised hearings. And why has the head of intelligence for Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards been dismissed? Hossein Taeb had led the intelligence agency since it was first set up in 2009. (Picture: A woman in the wreckage of her home. Credits: Reuters/...


Afghanistan requests aid after earthquake

Will Western reluctance to support the Taliban government shift to help Afghans suffering after a devastating earthquake? We'll hear from a Taliban spokesman about what they need in the aftermath of the quake. Also in the programme: Saudi Arabia's crown prince is in Turkey for the first time since the brutal killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi four years ago; and a sister's plea for help as her brother faces the death penalty over his involvement in the war in Ukraine. (Photo...


Many hundreds dead in Afghan earthquake

Afghanistan's Taliban rulers say many hundreds of people have been killed by an earthquake near the southern city of Khost. Also in the programme: the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is visiting Turkey for the first time since the journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the kingdom's consulate in Istanbul; plus, Victoria becomes the first Australian state to ban the display of the swastika, following an increase in anti-Semitic incidents. (Photo: a child on the debris of a...


Congress scrutinises Trump's efforts to overturn 2020 election

The US congressional investigation into last year's storming of the legislature looks at the efforts by former president, Donald Trump, to have the presidential election results overturned. We get the latest on today’s hearing. Also in the programme: the BBC hears claims of sexual abuse and corruption at the United Nations – we get a response from a senior UN spokesman; and Russia threatens Lithuania over access to its enclave of Kaliningrad - where could this dispute lead? (Photo shows...


Russia warns Lithuania over transit blockade

Russia has threatened Lithuania with serious consequences over a ban on the transport of some goods through the Baltic state to the Russian territory of Kaliningrad. Also in the programme: the UN has been accused of covering up abuse and corruption within its ranks; plus, the sinking fortunes of Hong Kong's eye-catching floating restaurant. (Photo: Kaliningrad port. Credit: Reuters)


Are Colombia's new left-wing president's plans deliverable?

Colombia has elected a left-wing president - Gustavo Petro - for the first time. His plans are radical, but are they deliverable? We'll hear from one of his advisors about their programme for government.. : Also in the programme: Israel appears destined for new elections and a new prime minister; and Moscow accuses Ukrainian forces of targeting oil rigs off Crimea. (Photo shows Colombian president Gustavo Petro celebrating with his wife and his running mate Francia Marquezat the Movistar...


Colombia elects first left-wing president

Gustavo Petro, the former mayor of Bogota and ex-rebel fighter, has become Colombia's first left-wing president. He has promised a new era of tolerance, but can he met his supporters' high hopes? Also, President Macron will have to expand his alliances in the French National Assembly after losing his parliamentary majority. Plus, a BBC investigation into the role social media played in the murder of a 13-year-old boy in England. (Photo: Gustavo Petro, president-elect of Colombia. Credit:...


France votes in parliamentary elections

People in France are voting in parliamentary elections, as the party founded by President Macron seeks to maintain control of the National Assembly. Also in the programme: the rocket engineer wanted by Russia; and the dangers of Ukraine 'fatigue'. (Picture: A box containing ballots is seen in the second round of the French parliamentary elections, at a polling station in Henin-Beaumont, France, June 19, 2022. Credit: REUTERS/Johanna Geron)


UK government announces a trial of electronic tags for some asylum seekers

Tags are worn on the ankle and are usually given instead of custodial sentences. Also on the programme we look ahead to tomorrows election in Columbia, which has become known as the TikTok election because of the candidates use of the social media platform. And the winner of the "Beatle Brain Of Ireland" competition joins us to mark the 80th birthday of Paul McCartney. (Picture: An electronic tag. Credit: Getty Images)


Sikh temple in Kabul attacked

The last Sikh temple in the Afghan capital Kabul has been attacked by militants using guns, grenades and a car bomb. Also in the programme: Ukraine's minister of culture wants Eurovision in Ukraine; and fifty years of Ziggy Stardust. (Picture: Armed Taliban stand guard near the scene of explosions and gunfight at a Sikh temple, in Kabul, Afghanistan, 18 June 2022. Credit: EPA/STRINGER)


Ukraine Governor: 'our land is our land'

After Russia's failure to capture Ukraine's capital Kyiv, its focus in recent weeks has been on the country's east. The invading forces continue to advance there, as Moscow attempts to take full control of the heavily industrialised area called Donbas, where a large proportion of people speak Russian. Donbas is made up of two regions. Russia and the separatist statelets it backs control almost all of Luhansk; and about half of Donetsk. Pavlo Kyrylenko is the governor of that region and has...