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English Language Broadcast - Federico García Lorca & the investigations into his murder - 20/08/19

Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca was assassinated on August 18, 1936. The circumstances of his death have been made known to the world thanks to the dedication of researchers who under adverse conditions and against resistance were able to uncover important truths. Today's program is dedicated both to Lorca, Spain's best-known writer of the 20th century, and to those people who have brought his life and his death to light Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Joan Baez says 'farewell' in Madrid - 17/08/19

American folksinger and peace and civil rights activist Joan Baez ended her "Fare Thee Well" tour in Madrid recently, where with the natural grace and clarity of mind for which has been known from the beginning of her music career she told the audience that packed the Royal Opera House that "this is my last concert of my last tour." Joan Baez then slipped out of her shoes and proceeded to delight us with a wonderful and memorable concert in which she was accompanied on stage by vocalist...


English Language Broadcast - Cancelled performances & a Contemporary composer - 15/08/19

As towns and regions across Spain assumed new governments after last May's regional and local elections, the programming for their summer festivals has also undergone changes. Many of the musicians hired by the previous administrations have found themselves rejected by the new ones. Additionally, one performer has had his concert cancelled as a result of a popular petition, objecting to the "sexism" and "denigration of women" in his songs. In the first part of the program we hear some of...


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 13/08/19

In today's program Alison Hughes takes a look at some of the news in Spain and Latin America. The wildfire in Gran Canaria, of the Canary Islands that started on Saturday has still not been brought under control. Over a thousand people have had to leave their homes as firefighters continue to combat the blaze. The rescue ship Open Arms, now with over 150 migrants aboard, remains at sea, unable to get permission to disembark at any European port. The rescued migrants have been on the ship now...


English Language Broadcast - Wendy Nazaré - 10/08/19

The song "Tree" is the title track from third album by Belgian singer and musician Wendy Nazaré, who joins us in the studio to talk about one of the freshest and light-filled new pop albums we've heard in some time, full of catchy rhythms and crystalline guitar. And besides the album's title track, we listen to three other songs from "Tree": "Game Over," "New York City," and "Sail Away." Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 08/08/19

In today's program Alison Hughes looks at some of the news in Spain and around the world. The ship Open Arms carrying 121 migrants it rescued in the Mediterranean six days ago has still not been given permission to dock at any European port. Malta and Italy have refused the ship entry; the Spanish government ignores Open Arms' appeals saying "immigration policy is a European responsibility." The wildfires in Madrid and Segovia that began on Sunday have been brought under control, but not...


English Language Broadcast - Dinarés presents 'Sé que estás ahí' - 03/08/19

Two years after his first visit to the English-language Service of Radio Exterior we welcome back to our studios Spanish singer and songwriter Dinarés, who has just released a new album titled "Sé que estás ahí" (I know you're there). Dinarés talks about the new album, which includes 14 original tunes with lyrics and music by the artist and which he presented recently in a live performance at one of the classic Madrid music clubs, the Galileo Galilei. And, of course, we listen to a number of...


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 01/08/19

In today's program, Alison Hughes looks back at last week's sessions in Congress where the caretaker Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, failed to get the support he needs to form a new government. The brightest moments in those fraught sessions came from an unexpected source, who admonished the various groups on the left for their inability to negotiate an accord and reminded them of the dangers on a united right wing that now includes the far right party, Vox. We'll be listening to bits of...


English Language Broadcast - A 'Political Ban' - 30/07/19

Today's program looks at the recent imposition of a "political ban" by the German authorities on a Palestinian writer and activist, Khalid Barakat, who lives in Germany. Spanish MEP, Manuel Pineda, brought the issue to the European Parliament, where he is also a member of the foreign affairs committee, inviting Khalid Barakat, his wife Charlotte Kates, the international coordinator of Samidoun, the Palestinian Prisoners Solidarity Network and another Palestinian activist to Parliament to...


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 27/07/19

Today's Panorama features 21st-century Spanish political news centered on acting prime minister Pedro Sánchez and 18th-century Spanish classical music composed by Vicente Martín y Soler. Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 23/07/19

Today's edition of Panorama includes news focussing on Spain's acting prime minister Pedro Sánchez ahead of parliamentary debate and (a) confidence vote(s) this week, and music focussing on jazz singer and musician Melody Gardot, who returns to Madrid and to the Noches del Botánico summer concerts to share the stage with fellow American singer and guitarist José James. Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 18/07/19

Just days before the return of American jazz singer and musician Melody Gardot to Madrid's Noches del Botánico summer concert series, where this time she will be sharing the stage with guitarist and fellow American José James, we listen to seven of her quietly entrancing, almost mesmerizing songs, four from her debut album "Worrisome Heart," released in 2008, and three from her latest release, the 2017 live double album "Melody Gardot - Live in Europe." Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 13/07/19

In today's edition of Panorama we report on anti-bullfighting protests at Spain's most famous bull-running (and fighting) festivities, Pamplona's San Fermín fiestas, and on the drama of migration without papers from Africa to Europe. The program also features Miles Davis' historic jazz version of Joaquín Rodrigo's "Aranjuez Concerto." Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 11/07/19

First, news: Spain's Socialist Workers Party says it will give up trying to install Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez as prime minister if he fails to win two investiture votes this month, and a U.S. Magistrate Judge in Los Angeles, California, has ordered the freeing on $1.3 million bail and the home confinement ahead of his possible extradition to Spain of a U.S. man accused of taking part in a raid on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid. Then, music from Miles Davis' classic Spain-inspired...


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 09/07/19

Today's program features bull-running in Pamplona, Gay Pride in Madrid, and the music of the inspired and inimitable bluesman Watermelon Slim, who is on tour in Spain this month. Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 09/07/19

Today's program features bull-running in Pamplona, Gay Pride in Madrid, and the music of the inspired and inimitable bluesman Watermelon Slim, who is on tour in Spain this month. Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 04/07/19

News and more of the mesmerizing rhythms and melodies of Polish instrumental world-music ensemble Kroke, who visit Spain on a regular basis and who performed recently in Málaga and Madrid. Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 02/07/19

News plus the wonderful and fascinating music of Polish instrumental world-music ensemble Kroke, who performed in Madrid this past Sunday night. Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Spanish rock band Redtone - 27/06/19

In today's program we listen to the rest of "Coupé," the debut full-length album by Spanish rock band Redtone. Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - News and new music from Spain - 25/06/19

Today's program features news and new music--by Spanish rock band Redtone Escuchar audio