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Listen to interviews, features and community stories from the SBS Radio Assyrian program, including news from Australia and around the world.

Listen to interviews, features and community stories from the SBS Radio Assyrian program, including news from Australia and around the world.


Sydney, NSW


Listen to interviews, features and community stories from the SBS Radio Assyrian program, including news from Australia and around the world.




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Who wrote the history of our nation and how we read it?

The history of our nation has reached us by historians, and by relics left on stone. Usually the dominant side writes the history of the various events. But how do we read it? What benefits do we do we get from it?


Assyria Day celebration in Australia on July first

The Assyrian International Federation in Australia will organize a two-hour Facebook program on Assyria Day, on Wednesday 1 July 2020, in which government officials and prominent Assyrians from Australia and abroad will participate.


New governor for Duhok and Assyrian candidates appointed for the position of deputy governor

Our reporter Naseem Sadiq informed SBS that a new governor for Duhok has been appointed, Dr. Ali Tatar. Two deputies, sub-directors and general directors will be appointed for a number of governorate departments.


The need to have an association that assembles Assyrian writers and artists?

Writers, poets, and artists from the Assyrian community still dream of creating an association that takes care of intellectuals and organizes various cultural and artistic activities. But is it possible?


The importance of abiding by authorities instructions during the COVID-19 outbreaks

The Australian government, in cooperation with people, managed to curb the spread of COVID- 19. We are in good condition. However, it should be noted that relaxing restrictions does not mean stop following the basic conditions set previously that were effective in reducing the spread of the disease.


New audio feature helping vision-impaired TV viewers

Australian viewers that are visually impaired or blind will for the first time later this week be able to enjoy television that is audio enhanced. It will give them important information that will allow them to understand what's being shown on screen. It will give them important information that will allow them to understand what's being shown on screen.


Turkish forces bombs fall near the villages of our people in northern Iraq

The people of the villages of Chalik and Berseve in ​​northern Iraq, inhabited by our people, conveyed their fear and concern that their areas will continue to be targeted by Turkish forces from time to time.


Victoria battling COVID-19

In Victoria, COVID-19 infections began to increase in recent days after the government lowered restrictions, but now, the government have tightened them again, demanding more care from people for fear of a second wave of the Pandemic.


Minorities in Iraq still have many problems

The problems of minorities in Iraq vary between political, economic and social. Many seminars, studies and training workshops have been held on the subject of minorities, but there is no application in reality.


Mixed reaction to university fees shake-up

There has been mixed reaction to the federal government's plan to overhaul the cost of university degrees, as part of strategy to ensure more job-ready graduates in the post-COVID 19 economy. Course fees for what the government is calling job-relevant degrees - like maths and agriculture - will be reduced by 62 per cent.But students will be asked to pay more than double for degrees in the humanities.


STARTTS: Care for Assyrian refugees Trauma survivors

"Trauma for refugees is like a suitcase. You run away from your country and the suitcase is full of fear and worries. You arrive to another country, and you fill it with more fear, suffering and unrest. Then you arrive to your final destination but you still have to face new country, culture, language and they add more burden on your shoulders" This how Lina Ishu simplifies and explains trauma


Latest from Assyrian Resource Centre

This week is Refugees week. Department of homeland and immigration published an article on their web page, showing the stories of many refugees and people who help the refugees.


Social service to elderly Assyrians by Parks community network

Assistance to older people and their carers is now available at The Parks Community Network. This is a FREE community service, funded by the Federal Government. This service is called Multicultural Access and Referral Service or MARS. If you are 65 years old or older, MARS can guide you to find services that help older people continue living independently at home, with the assistance you need.


The suffering of employees working outside the Kurdistan Region

Many employees and workers in locations outside the Kurdistan region suffer from going to their work and returning homes due to the measures taken by the region's authorities.


Agha Petros in the United Nations documents; new Book

A newly published book on Assyrian’s cause in the league of Nations – Geneva during the years 1922- 1924, written by Dr. Riyad Alsindy, is focusing on important documents reveal the diplomatic role played by General Agha Petros


Many obligations especially in family life make one forget about self-caring.

Social, financial problems and raising children lead to boredom and disturb sleep and eating, in addition to Feel physical pain and a change in mood. However there is strategies help us to take care of ourselves.


The ethics of writing a comment on facebook

Facebook plays a big role in our daily life. It makes us share and communicate events in our life. It helps us to make new friends and find the ones that we didn't hear from, for a long time. But at the same time, we misuse the freedom of expression when we start attacking those who post comments that we don't agree with, by using disrespectful words or intentionally, insulting them.


SBS Radio celebrates 45 years of broadcasting

In 1975, radio 2EA (now SBS) broadcast it's firs language program. This was just a trial for a short time to promote the health system and help new migrants to settle in Australia. it started with eight languages in Melbourne and seven in Sydney. Today, after 45 years of service, SBS has sixty eight different languages.


A doctor donates blood plasma to save critically ill with COVID- 19 patient

The number of people infected with Covid-19 is increasing in the Kurdistan Region, as the number has reached 863. How did the infection in the city of Dohuk changed from zero to this big number


Dr. Esho Marcus, developer of Assyrian fonts for use in computers

Assyrian written language contains many letters and vowels, typing usually takes time and use of more than one keystroke to form a letter, but not anymore. A new keyboard has been developed with the easiest Assyrian typing than ever before.