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Stateside with Cynthia Canty covers a wide range of Michigan news and policy issues as well as culture and lifestyle stories. In keeping with Michigan Radio’s broad coverage across southern Michigan, Stateside with Cynthia Canty will focus on topics and events that matter to people all across the state.

Stateside with Cynthia Canty covers a wide range of Michigan news and policy issues as well as culture and lifestyle stories. In keeping with Michigan Radio’s broad coverage across southern Michigan, Stateside with Cynthia Canty will focus on topics and events that matter to people all across the state.
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Michigan PR


Stateside with Cynthia Canty covers a wide range of Michigan news and policy issues as well as culture and lifestyle stories. In keeping with Michigan Radio’s broad coverage across southern Michigan, Stateside with Cynthia Canty will focus on topics and events that matter to people all across the state.




Stateside: Counting absentee ballots; shortage of women coaches; Lansing administrator audited

Today on Stateside , local and county clerks are raising concerns about their ability to deal with an influx of absentee ballots in November’s presidential election. Plus, the woman who turned the University of Michigan into a softball powerhouse talks about the yawning gender equity gap in college sports coaching.


Stateside: Education funding gap; play turns FBI interrogation into theater; history of quarantine

Today on Stateside , a new report calls on Michigan lawmakers to deal with the funding disparities between the state's poorest and wealthiest school districts. Plus, a staged reading of an FBI interrogation takes us inside one intelligence contractor's choice.


A metal Cinderella story: Michigan-based band I Prevail nominated for two Grammys

This weekend will be a monumental moment for the Michigan-based band, I Prevail. When their album, "Trauma," came out last year, it became an instant chart-topper. Their single, "Bow Down" hit Billboard's Rock Top 10. Their band has been nominated for Best Metal Performance and Best Rock Album at this year's Grammy Awards ceremony.


Stateside: Enbridge official, environmentalist on Line 5; Michigan metal band earns 2 Grammy noms

Today on Stateside , we talk to the head of Enbridge's tunnel project about what's happening with Line 5. Plus, a conversation with the Detroit-based metal band I Prevail, which is nominated for two Grammy Awards this year.


Stateside: Tesla sales get go ahead; personal cost of activism; public funding for private schools

Today on Stateside , we look at the dispute over Michigan's ban on public funding for private education. The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments today in a case that could affect how the Michigan Supreme Court rules later this year. Plus, Tesla is coming to Michigan and we hear from a reporter about how the move could alter the auto industry's traditional power base.


Stateside: Banking for marijuana industry; sorting invasive and native fish; tax foreclosure lawsuit

Today on Stateside , a lack of legal banking options in the marijuana industry means that many businesses are operating solely in cash—creating significant safety risks and limiting the industry's growth. Plus, a Michigan Supreme Court case is testing how much money the government can collect from tax-delinquent homeowners.


Stateside: Voter realignment in Detroit, notable Michigan reads, and MLK’s 1963 visit to Detroit

Today on Stateside , we step back in time to the summer of 1963, to hear how Martin Luther King Junior set the stage in Detroit for the March on Washington later that year. Plus, we go over this year's list of Michigan Notable Books, which includes everything from new fiction to gripping history.


Stateside: Electroplating company’s pollution history; UIA lawsuit, Sen. Lucido comments

Today on Stateside, what the story about a state senator's alleged sexual harassment of a female journalist says about Capitol culture. Plus, a look at where Michigan's recyclables are going, two years after China stopped accepting U.S. waste.


Stateside: Trade deals and tariffs; long-term substitute teachers; Rep. Levin on PFAS disposal

Today on Stateside , a Democratic congressman is proposing new regulations for safe disposal of PFAS. Plus, schools around the state are increasingly relying on long-term substitute teachers. We talk about what this means for students, and strategies for getting more certified teachers into classrooms.


Stateside: Michigan sues 3M over PFAS; cost of Flint water crisis; Jeff Daniels premieres new play

Today on Stateside , it’s been four years since the state announced a criminal investigation into the Flint water crisis. We talked to two journalists who covered the crisis about lessons learned on government accountability and public health. Plus, the state of Michigan files suit against some of the biggest names in corporate America over PFAS contamination. We'll hear about how a similar case played out in Minnesota.


Stateside: Detroit tax foreclosures; Dems and GOP plan for 2020 in Michigan; 365 days of sunrises

Today on Stateside , we take a deeper look at how property tax foreclosures in Detroit created a pileup of city-owned properties, and left residents to care for the most desolate blocks. Plus, a Michigan photographer captures a whole year of sunrises in the Upper Peninsula.


Marquette photographer captures every single sunrise of 2019

For many of us, it is more pleasurable to look at pictures of beautiful sunrises than to get up and actually see beautiful sunrises.


Stateside: Detroit foreclosure investigation; the new Detroit Auto Show; 2020 election polling

Today on Stateside , an investigation finds the city Detroit overcharged tens of thousands of homeowners for property taxes. What recourse is there for people who lost their homes as a result? We'll talk to the reporters who broke the story. Also, how the polls misread voters in 2016 – especially ones without a party affiliation.


Stateside: Forecasting state economy; recommended winter reads; MI impact of European wine tariffs

Today on Stateside , economists forecast how much money the state of Michigan will bring in and what it will need to spend in the coming year. Plus, some Michigan reads to curl up with when you’re stuck inside during this weekend’s winter storm.


A conversation with new Stateside host April Baer

It’s a New Year and Michigan Radio has added a new voice. April Baer is the host of Stateside . She joined Doug Tribou on Morning Edition to talk about her Midwest roots and her path to Michigan Radio.


Stateside: Slotkin on war powers resolution; tackling imam shortage; latest on Gordie Howe bridge

Today on Stateside , the U.S. House of Representatives approved a resolution Thursday to limit President Donald Trump's ability to take further military action against Iran. We talk to the congresswoman sponsoring the measure. Plus, the head of a Dearborn seminary talks about educating the next generation of Muslim faith leaders.


Stateside: Ballot proposal on LGBTQ protections; public mental health system; is homework useful?

Today on Stateside , a new campaign wants to add protections for LGBTQ people to the state's existing civil rights law. Plus, a conversation with a Detroit-born author and Instagram influencer who wants to challenge stereotypes about fat, black, and Muslim women.


Stateside: Rep. Upton on Iran; UAW racketeering charges; technology and security in 2020 election

Today on Stateside , we spoke with Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI 6) about escalating tensions with Iran after the assassination of one of that country’s top generals. Plus, the economic lessons from the United Automobile Workers union’s strike against General Motors last year.


Stateside: Sen. Peters on Iran; Medicaid work requirements; the woeful state of sports in Detroit

Today on Stateside , we welcome new host April Baer . She jumps right into things by chatting with Senator Gary Peters, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, about the current situation developing in Iran and whether or not there is an "imminent threat" to American lives, as the Trump administration has claimed. Plus, it appears to be the Dark Ages of Detroit sports. What will it take to turn them around?


Stateside: Cynthia Canty sits behind the Stateside mic one last time

Forty years ago, in December 1979, Jimmy Carter was president, William Milliken was Michigan's governor, and Coleman Young was the mayor of Detroit. The Iranian hostage crisis was in its second month. Also in that time, Cynthia Canty began her first radio job at WMUZ, a religious station in Detroit. For six mornings a week, Canty would grace Detroit's airwaves from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. For Canty, the role was one of mixed excitement and fear — excitement over beginning her radio career, and fear...