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Stateside with Cynthia Canty covers a wide range of Michigan news and policy issues as well as culture and lifestyle stories. In keeping with Michigan Radio’s broad coverage across southern Michigan, Stateside with Cynthia Canty will focus on topics and events that matter to people all across the state.

Stateside with Cynthia Canty covers a wide range of Michigan news and policy issues as well as culture and lifestyle stories. In keeping with Michigan Radio’s broad coverage across southern Michigan, Stateside with Cynthia Canty will focus on topics and events that matter to people all across the state.


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Stateside with Cynthia Canty covers a wide range of Michigan news and policy issues as well as culture and lifestyle stories. In keeping with Michigan Radio’s broad coverage across southern Michigan, Stateside with Cynthia Canty will focus on topics and events that matter to people all across the state.




Stateside: Family quarantined on cruise ship; self portraiture and identity; Detroit water shut-offs

Today on Stateside , one Michigan family got an extended vacation after their cruise ship was turned away from port after port because of fears about the coronavirus. Also, we round up the week's news, including the coverage of black voters ahead of election 2020 and Detroit's ongoing water shutoffs.


Stateside: Hiring of MSU football coach; Whitmer appointment rejected; portraits of black life

Today on Stateside , we're digging deeper into the hiring of Mel Tucker, his around $30 million compensation package, and the process governing sports hiring at Michigan's Big 3 schools. Plus, two African American artists in Detroit talk about finding a canvas big enough to tell real stories.


Stateside: UM provost faces sexual misconduct allegations; black portraiture; gun-rights sanctuaries

Today on Stateside , the trial of Kathie Klages has begun. The longtime coach for the Michigan State University women’s gymnastics team is accused of lying to police during an investigation into Larry Nassar . Plus, the national debate over new gun control measures has led to some Michigan municipalities to adopt “ sanctuary county ” resolutions for gun rights.


Stateside: Shoreline erosion; Detroit-made film at Sundance; lotto money and school funding

Today on Stateside , what the worsening erosion of Great Lakes shorelines looks like from a bird’s eye view. Plus, an expected flood of absentee ballots this November has some of Michigan's clerks nervous about timely reporting. We talk to a state senator who says accuracy is more important than speed when it comes to counting votes.


Stateside: Coronavirus affect on MI economy; Line 5 under St. Clair River; MI’s first black settlers

Today on Stateside , the coronavirus outbreak in China is beginning to have an effect on Michigan manufacturers. We hear from an executive at a west Michigan auto parts supplier about how the virus is affecting their business. Plus, we'll learn about Michigan's first African American settlers, as well as Enbridge's plan to replace a section of Line 5 under the St. Clair River.


Stateside: Dantonio retirement; film critics preview Oscars; Detroit’s chief storyteller

Today on Stateside , it's the end of an era for Michigan State fooball under head coach Mark Dantonio. Plus, the city of Detroit's new chief storyteller talks about his plan for making sure the city's narrative reflects its residents.


Stateside: Whitmer lays out budget priorities; how parents and kids grapple with racism at school

Today on Stateside , we talk about Governor Gretchen Whitmer's budget priorities, including a boost in school funding. Plus, parents from Saline and Lansing discuss what it's like to raise kids of color who go to majority-white schools.


Stateside: Gov. Whitmer on national stage; diversity in classical music; future of executive power

Today on Stateside , we recap Governor Whitmer's response to President Trump's State of the Union address. Plus, with the impeachment trial wrapping up, we hear from former federal prosecutor and University of Michigan law professor Barbara McQuade about why this could be a big moment for the future of executive power.


Stateside: Absentee ballot challenges; Broadway’s first black star; cherry farmers struggle

Today on Stateside , we spoke to two Michigan clerks about how the state can avoid an Iowa caucuses style castastrophe in November. Plus, a new play at Plowshares Theatre in Detroit tells the story of Broadway's first black megastar Charles S. Gilpin.


Black artists take on indifference, reframe history in new FIA exhibit

The Flint Institute of Art's exhibit Community draws attention to black spaces and black lives, in both quiet and dramatic ways. The pieces in the exhibition vary in medium and message, but the story they tell broadens our understanding of black history.


Stateside: Whitmer shifts from SOTS to SOTU; tackling imam shortage; marijuana banking

Today on Stateside , Governor Gretchen Whitmer is set to deliver the Democratic rebuttal to President Trump’s State of the Union next week. Why was she chosen and what can we expect to hear? Plus, the head of a Dearborn seminary talks about educating the next generation of Muslim faith leaders.


Stateside: Whitmer on bonds plan and GOP response; lessons from Japanese-American WWII internment

Today on Stateside , Gretchen Whitmer laid out her 2020 agenda at Wednesday's State of the State address. We'll talk to the governor, and lawmakers from both parties, about what comes next. Plus, an investigative report into how law enforcement and a religious group let a suspected child predator go.


Stateside: State of the State; life as a “fat, black, Muslim” woman; impeachment and executive power

Today on Stateside , Governor Gretchen Whitmer will lay out her agenda for the year ahead at Wednesday night’s State of the State address. What can we expect to hear? Plus, a former U.S. Attorney for Michigan says there's an important struggle going on over the limits of executive power in the impeachment trial.


Stateside: Counting absentee ballots; shortage of women coaches; Lansing administrator audited

Today on Stateside , local and county clerks are raising concerns about their ability to deal with an influx of absentee ballots in November’s presidential election. Plus, the woman who turned the University of Michigan into a softball powerhouse talks about the yawning gender equity gap in college sports coaching.


Stateside: Education funding gap; play turns FBI interrogation into theater; history of quarantine

Today on Stateside , a new report calls on Michigan lawmakers to deal with the funding disparities between the state's poorest and wealthiest school districts. Plus, a staged reading of an FBI interrogation takes us inside one intelligence contractor's choice.


A metal Cinderella story: Michigan-based band I Prevail nominated for two Grammys

This weekend will be a monumental moment for the Michigan-based band, I Prevail. When their album, "Trauma," came out last year, it became an instant chart-topper. Their single, "Bow Down" hit Billboard's Rock Top 10. Their band has been nominated for Best Metal Performance and Best Rock Album at this year's Grammy Awards ceremony.


Stateside: Enbridge official, environmentalist on Line 5; Michigan metal band earns 2 Grammy noms

Today on Stateside , we talk to the head of Enbridge's tunnel project about what's happening with Line 5. Plus, a conversation with the Detroit-based metal band I Prevail, which is nominated for two Grammy Awards this year.


Stateside: Tesla sales get go ahead; personal cost of activism; public funding for private schools

Today on Stateside , we look at the dispute over Michigan's ban on public funding for private education. The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments today in a case that could affect how the Michigan Supreme Court rules later this year. Plus, Tesla is coming to Michigan and we hear from a reporter about how the move could alter the auto industry's traditional power base.


Stateside: Banking for marijuana industry; sorting invasive and native fish; tax foreclosure lawsuit

Today on Stateside , a lack of legal banking options in the marijuana industry means that many businesses are operating solely in cash—creating significant safety risks and limiting the industry's growth. Plus, a Michigan Supreme Court case is testing how much money the government can collect from tax-delinquent homeowners.


Stateside: Voter realignment in Detroit, notable Michigan reads, and MLK’s 1963 visit to Detroit

Today on Stateside , we step back in time to the summer of 1963, to hear how Martin Luther King Junior set the stage in Detroit for the March on Washington later that year. Plus, we go over this year's list of Michigan Notable Books, which includes everything from new fiction to gripping history.