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Conversations about what matters in Michigan. Every weekday.

Conversations about what matters in Michigan. Every weekday.


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Conversations about what matters in Michigan. Every weekday.




Stateside: Rep. Kildee on what COVID-19 will change; Hoffa’s legacy; Michigan March Movie Madness

Today on Stateside , Congress has approved the massive relief package to aid Americans and businesses during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We talk to Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee about the economic and political lessons we should take away from this crisis. Plus, it's down to the "Final Four" films of our Michigan March Movie Madness contest. Two movie critics discuss which should win the title of the most quintessentially Michigan movie.


Stateside: Rep. Stevens on stimulus package; COVID-19 hits Detroit hard; grocers on the front lines

Today on Stateside , people in Detroit are getting hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and hospitals are worried about a surge in patients overwhelming the city’s health care providers. Plus, as most other businesses shut down during the state's “stay at home” order, grocery stores are still open. We’ll hear what it’s like to be one of the workers at those stores.


Stateside: Rep. Upton on stimulus bill; a manufacturing pivot; one hospital’s pandemic plan

Today on Stateside , a West Michigan hospital puts into action a pandemic plan more than a decade in the making. Also, Michigan’s manufacturers assess the risks of entering the medical supply market amid a shortage of critical health care equipment needed for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Stateside: Gov. Whitmer on COVID-19; schools scramble to go online; rental market rocked by shutdown

Today on Stateside , we examine the domino effect the COVID-19 lockdown is having on the residential rental market—from renters, to landlords, to lenders. Plus, the superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District says the state should end the school year now, and focus on getting districts the support they need to shift to online learning.


Stateside: What “stay-at-home” means; jump in joblessness strains safety net; “Commie High” movie

Today on Stateside , Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered most of the state to stay home in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. But what does that mean for those who don't have a home? We hear about the challenges facing the state's homeless shelters. Plus, a new documentary tracks the history of what is probably Michigan’s most famous alternative high school, sometimes cheekily referred to as "Commie High."


Stateside: Homeschooling 101; customers rally around bookstore; capturing a year of sunrises

Today on Stateside , an Ann Arbor bookstore is racing to come up with a way to do business online after the coronavirus pandemic forced it to close its storefront. Plus, Michigan’s Teacher of the Year gives advice on how to teach kids from home.


Stateside: COVID-19 closes auto plants; musicians adapt to new normal; meeting the ventilator demand

Today on Stateside , the Big Three auto companies have wound down production at their plants over worries about the spread of the novel coronavirus. Plus, how Michigan musicians are dealing with canceled concerts and connecting with their fans in the age of social distancing.


Stateside: Lawmakers move on COVID-19 aid bills; utility shut-offs paused; drive-thru tests open

Today on Stateside , we spoke with U.S. Senator Gary Peters about how Congress is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. We also checked in on Lansing, where Michigan lawmakers have approved large sums of money to deal with the fallout from a statewide coronavirus shutdown, even as bigger policy questions linger.


Stateside: Small businesses grapple with COVID-19 shutdown; social equity in the cannabis industry

Today on Stateside , St. Patrick's Day arrives just in time to find bars and restaurants closed to revelers because of the coronavirus outbreak. What does that mean for the state's small businesses? Plus, we discuss the philanthropic efforts to meet Michiganders' needs during a prolonged period of social distancing.


Stateside: Closed schools still feeding kids; tribal casinos’ hard choice; Flint’s poet laureate

Today on Stateside , we checked in with two school districts about how they are planning to meet the needs of students during an unprecedented shutdown prompted by the coronavirus outbreak. Plus, the pediatrician who alerted the world to Flint’s water crisis talked to us about how kids in the city are doing more than five years after the crisis began.


Stateside: COVID-19’s economic impact; misinformation on social media; religious services cancelled

Today on Stateside , the Big Three auto companies are rolling back operations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. What does that mean for the state's economy? Plus, we talk to faith leaders about how they are guiding their congregants during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak.


Stateside: Courts and COVID-19; what the Amish can teach us about tech; Michigan and 2020 politics

Today on Stateside , the COVID-19 conundrum facing Michigan's courts. What's the best way to protect defendants, jury, and staff without the wheels of justice grinding to a halt? Plus, one writer considers what we can learn from Amish communities' cautious, considered use of technology.


Stateside: MI's first COVID-19 cases; primary election takeaways; live sports betting begins

Today on Stateside , Michigan has its first state confirmed cases of COVID-19 illness. What sort of social disruptions will we face as more cases appear in our state? Plus, results from yesterday’s presidential primary—and what they tell us about the November election.


Stateside: Coronavirus capacity; woman behind Elliot-Larsen; clerks on absentee ballots, turnout

Today on Stateside , people around the state are casting their votes in the presidential primary and for more than 200 local ballot initiatives. We'll hear about turnout and tabulation, and what makes a teenager want to work a 13-hour day at the polls. Plus, we talk to the Michigan's chief medical officer about the state's capacity to test people for COVID-19.


Stateside: Sanders and Biden in MI; census moves online; COVID-19 halts Detroit water shut-offs

Today on Stateside , Democratic front-runners in the presidential primary are making their final pitch to Michigan voters. We spoke to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and heard about former Vice President Joe Biden's message to voters in Grand Rapids. Plus, the city of Detroit will restore water to thousands of households because of fears about the spread of COVID-19.


Stateside: Michigan Dems roll out primary endorsements; challenges for farmers; DIA renewal millage

Today on Stateside , as the remaining presidential contenders make for Michigan, can Bernie Sanders repeat his success of 2016 in Tuesday’s primary? Or will Joe Biden close the sale with voters he's connected with in the past? Plus, a renewal millage to fund the Detroit Institute of Arts is on the ballot in three counties. Some Detroit residents think the museum has taken attention away from more pressing challenges in the city.


Stateside: Ex-UAW president charged; future of RTA in doubt (again); dismayed Warren supporters

Today on Stateside , former United Auto Workers president Gary Jones has been charged with embezzlement. What does this mean for the future of the union and its members? Plus, Senator Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the presidential race days before the Michigan primary. Many supporters say they are dismayed, but not surprised, that Warren never caught on with more voters.


Stateside: Court blocks Medicaid work requirements; GR drag brunch; Dem candidates and black voters

Today on Stateside , a federal judge has invalidated Michigan's Medicaid work requirements. Republican leaders in the state Legislature are already pushing back. What does this mean for the more than 200,000 people in the state subject to those requirements? Plus, we'll talk about how the Democratic candidates for president stack up when it comes to addressing the concerns of black voters.


Stateside: Michigan on Super Tuesday sidelines; districts profit off classes for homeschoolers

Today on Stateside , as Super Tuesday results roll in, Michigan voters wait on the sidelines and watch their candidate choices dwindle. Plus, we take a look at Mike Bloomberg’s massive campaign spending efforts in Michigan.


Stateside: Ballot initiative on income tax; businesses push immigration reform; Arab American voters

Today on Stateside , an activist group wants to convince voters to change Michigan’s constitution in order to restructure income taxes. Plus, how environmental issues affecting the Great Lakes region stack up among the Democratic presidential candidates.