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Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.

Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.
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Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.






Episode 432: Japanese Cults

In sad news for geeks, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has parted ways with Spider-Man. / Jack presents his list of worst commercials heard on radio and television. It should be no surprise that Kars 4 Kids makes the list. / A recent study links taking selfies to being unlikable and insecure. -


Episode 431: Welcome Home, Son

Jack and Kate are a few hundred dollars in the red thanks to Boston Fan Expo 2019. It’s totally worth it though. / First Rocko’s Modern Life returns after several decades, with “Static Cling.” Now, Invader Zim is back with “Enter the Florpus!” / Jack enlightens Fro about the mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, a young man named Jasiel Correia. The city council of Fall River does not care for Jasiel Correia. Jack features audio of the face-off between the city counil president and Mayor...


Episode 430: Bury Your Head

It’s another fantastic edition of Talk Radio Mel… er… The Acc and Jack Show! / President Danny Tramp’s good friend Jeffrey Epstein is no longer. The official cause of death is suicide, though that hasn’t stopped the internet from theorizing. / Rocko’s Modern Life is back with a new special, “Static Cling!” Fair warning, if you have yet to see Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, the entire special is spoiled during this segment. Feel free to skip ahead from this part about 15 minutes, should...


Episode 429: Rock 'n' Roll Star

After weeks of trials and tribulations, Woodstock 50 is no more. / A survey ranks the most-to-least favorite fast-food chains across the United States. / Jams You Should Know -


Episode 428: Yellow

Mustard and hot dog-flavored ice cream. / Children should not have access to social media. There are far too many creeps out there in the world. Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama learned that the hard way. / In a “How Fucking Dumb Are You” holdover, a woman is being sought after for peeing on potatoes at her local Walmart. / A boy from India has made the news with his teeth. Several teeth, in fact; hundreds, even! This kid is going to be rolling in rupees thanks to the tooth fairy. -...


Episode 427: The Sandbox

Charlie from The Sandbox! Jack accomplishes a longtime dream in this episode of Talk Radio Meltdown of co-hosting a podcast with former WFNX morning host Chris "Charlie" Padgett. / A man from Long Island is upset because he's small. He doesn't like that women reject him because of his stature. For whatever reason, simply ordering a bagel at his local eatery sends him into a meltdown over this subject, caught on camera for your viewing pleasure. / Thanks to the power of memes and social...


Episode 426: The Feel Good Drag

The kids these days with the jam bands and the helium and the tweed... / Jack, Kate and Big Red recount mishaps with fireworks, typically at the expense of other folks' property. / According to President Ronald Thump, airports have existed as far back as 1775. / What Would You Have Done? / Red Previews a Movie / The tail end of Red Previews a Movie includes spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home and Toy Story 4. Ye be warned! -


Episode Mike Brangi-425

Mike Brangiforte joins Jack and Mike Tarara for this installment of Talk Radio Meltdown! / Boston mainstay Loren Owens is out as the morning host at WROR. / Did you know watching porn at work can make people act unethically? / Hooray for Body Cams! / Jams You Should Know -


Episode 424: Front Butt

The internet suddenly has a hard-on for Keanu Reeves. / This Week in LiveLeak / How Fucking Dumb Are You? -


Episode 423: The Vagina Monologues

Are mashed potatoes just Irish guacamole? / The 2010s should be remembered for weird fucking trends. / How Fucking Dumb Are You? -


Episode 422: A Modern Way of Letting Go

Jack v. Asparagus / How Fucking Dumb Are You? / Remember the Ouya? Neither does anyone else. / Jams You Should Know -


Episode 421: Southern Discomfort

Like many of its characters, Game of Thrones is coming to an end. / Jack is not a fan of the late Grumpy Cat. / Your new Batman may be Robert Pattinson. Elsewhere, the Game of Thrones showrunners will helm the next Star Wars entry. / Mike and Fillers express their thoughts and feelings on Alabama’s abortion bill. -


Episode 420: (Reefer) Madness

This episode is not actually marijuana-themed. Sorry! / Jack and Fro discuss the origins of Mother’s Day. Also discussed is xHamster’s temporary block on a popular adult film video category. / Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling and Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus will finally see the light of day! / Ben Shapiro cannot handle losing an argument. Meanwhile, Jered Threatin handles losing a lawsuit with open arms. -


Episode 419: The Super Secret Star Wars Show, Pt. III

Star Wars expert Andrew Martini and Boston radio legend Kevin Barbare discuss with Jack the next entry in the space epic saga, The Rise of Skywalker. / Peter Mayhew, the original man behind the Chewbacca suit, passes away at 74. / Is Skywalker a title? Is J.J. Abrams the best choice of director? / Which do you celebrate - Revenge of the Fifth, or Revenge of the Sixth? -


Episode 418: Old School Joint

A man writes his significant other a note dictating strict rules for watching the new Avengers movie. / Nicolas Cage takes out his post-annulment frustration by signing Prince karaoke. / Tracks from Ride, System of a Down and Static-X flesh out this edition of Jams You Should Know. Follow the Jams You Should Know playlist on Spotify! -


Episode 417: A Decade Under the Influence

Jack, Kate, Mike and Big Red recount their favorite moments from the past 10 years of Talk Radio Meltdown. / Audio surfaces of Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s off-air meltdown after a heated debate on The View in 2006. / Remembering Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley on the anniversary of their respective passing. Elsewhere, the cast of Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop is announced! -


Episode 416: Institutionalized

Acc discusses his time at PAX East in Boston. Also discussed are the photos he took of women cosplaying Mei from Overwatch. / "I'd like a Pepsi." "Is Coke okay?" "FUCK YOU." / A woman in Cleveland calls 911 over a "nasty and raw" chicken gyro. Also nasty and raw is a Pennsylvania man taking a dump and challenging a street sweeper operator to a cage match. -


Episode 415: Flossie Dickey Bounce

Flossie Dickey may have passed away years ago, but her attitude and great morning news interview live on. / Rejoice - Bill and Ted: Face the Music is finally happening! / Jack and Kate discuss The Act on Hulu, a miniseries based on the disturbing case of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard. / Residents of greater Boston sure do get worked up easily. Elsewhere, Florida Man really wants his egg rolls. -


Episode 414: The Fall of Aunt Becky

James Gunn is directing Guardians of the Galaxy 3 once again! While we wait for that, Marvel will give us Shang-Chi and The Eternals. / Donald Trump does not understand Beto O’Rourke’s hand movements. He also does not understand accountability. / These days, stupid people are bribing colleges to accept their kids. Elsewhere, idiots are rapping about credit card fraud. / American Football and Run the Jewels are totally the same band, right? -


Episode 413: TV Show Featuring The Cheat in a Trans Am

Tucker Carlson demonstrates professionalism and maturity upon losing a debate against historian Rutger Bregman. / Parents everywhere are freaking out over Momo, an internet hoax reminiscent of Tide Pods. / Topics are discussed in this segment. However, Jack prefaces said topics by licking Nintendo Switch cartridges. / Luke Perry might make it to the “90210” reboot. Elsewhere, Pokemon Sword and Shield will be your new obsessions. -