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Weekly roundtable discussion on the latest news and gossip from Westminster from The Spectator family and beyond.

Weekly roundtable discussion on the latest news and gossip from Westminster from The Spectator family and beyond.
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London, United Kingdom


Weekly roundtable discussion on the latest news and gossip from Westminster from The Spectator family and beyond.




Coffee House Shots: does Theresa May have the numbers in Parliament to pass her Brexit deal?

With James Forsyth and Katy Balls. Presented by Cindy Yu.


Coffee House Shots: has Theresa May betrayed the DUP?

With James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson. Presented by Lara Prendergast.


The Spectator Podcast: Theresa May's Brexit deal is hard to stomach

As Theresa May prepares to unveil her Brexit deal, we ask: just how bad is it, and what happened to ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ (00:50)? In the American midterms, the Blue Wave didn’t happen, but Democrats did take control of the House of Representatives – what next for Trump’s presidency (17:15)? And last, as we approach Remembrance Sunday, who are the lives we are remembering, and is it time to move on (28:10)? With James Forsyth, Charles Grant, Kate Andrews, Leslie Vinjamuri, Liz...


Spectator Books: Geoff Dyer and his love for Where Eagles Dare

With Geoff Dyer, one of our most wayward and wittiest writers, about his new book Broadsword Calling Danny Boy, a frame-by-frame discussion of the classic war movie Where Eagles Dare. Learn from Geoff about the importance of squinting in Clint Eastwood’s thespian toolbox, about the joy of snow-patrol Action Man, about why he shied away from plans for "Alistair MacLean: A Critical Reappraisal", and about why on earth Geoff would follow a learned book about Tarkovsky’s Stalker with a...


Holy Smoke: an atheist goes on a Christian pilgrimage. What's the point?

The young atheist writer Guy Stagg threw in his job a few years ago to undertake a pilgrimage to Jerusalem via Rome - choosing a hazardous medieval route across the Alps. It nearly killed him: at one stage, trying to cross a broken bridge in Switzerland, he ended up partially submerged in the water, held up only by his rucksack. On this week’s Holy Smoke podcast, Guy explains why his journey was a pilgrimage, not just travels. And Damian talks to Harry Mount, editor of The Oldie, why he’s...


Coffee House Shots: is Theresa May's Brexit deal a disaster?

With Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth. Presented by Lara Prendergast.


Table Talk: Prue Leith on her life through food and drink

Welcome to Spectator Radio's newest addition - Table Talk. Each episode, Olivia Potts and Lara Prendergast will be joined by a guest familiar to Spectator readers. Lara and Livvy will discuss their life story, through the food and drink that has come to define it. For our inaugural episode, Livvy and Lara are joined by Prue Leith: chef, restaurateur, broadcaster, journalist, novelist and, of course, Great British Bake Off presenter. They chat about her time in South Africa and Paris, and how...


The Spectator Podcast: what happens after the end of the Merkel project?

As Angela Merkel steps down as party leader – what was her legacy and can the EU project survive without her (00:40)? We also discuss whether WhatsApp has made it harder for MPs to plot (12:25); and last, should Brits be allowed to forage wild mushrooms (22:50)? With Douglas Murray, Sophie Pedder, Katy Balls, Paul Staines, Stewart Jackson, Daniel Butler, and Josh Barrie. Presented by Lara Prendergast. Produced by Cindy Yu and Alastair Thomas.


Spectator Books: a fresh look at Jeeves and Wooster with Ben Schott

In this week's Spectator Books, Sam talks to Ben Schott. The author of Schott's Miscellany, Ben's literary productions have taken an unexpected turn with the publication this week of his first novel. Jeeves and the King of Clubs is a tribute or companion piece to P G Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster novels, published with the authorisation of the Wodehouse estate. What the hell was he thinking? Ben comes clean -- and also talks about the joys of nerdiness, the difficulty of living up to Plum,...


Podcast Special: Corbyn vs Brexit - which is the biggest threat to business?

Was Philip Hammond's Budget a reckless splurge, or a shrewd political budget that draws a new dividing line with Jeremy Corbyn? In this special podcast, Fraser Nelson talks to James Forsyth and Richard Buxton, Head of Merian Global Investors. We discuss why business is actually more afraid of Corbyn than Brexit, and how Hammond's budget is as good as can be expected at this point in time. Sponsored by Merian Global Investors.


Podcast Special: can Brits ever deliver infrastructure on time and on budget?

Britain is a world leader in many things - but not many people would say that infrastructure is one of them. When abroad, Brits marvel at the state of airports and railways, even swimming pools. When we seek to catch up - with HS2 or a new runway for London - the result is years of wrangling. Is there a British curse? The Spectator's Fraser Nelson talked to transport journalist Christian Wolmar, Chair of the National Infrastructure Commission Sir John Armitt, and UK Head of Aecom David...


Spectator LIVE: Brexit - deal or no deal?

Brought to you by Spectator Events, Fraser Nelson presents this special panel discussion with a star-studded cast. Are we heading for a no-deal Brexit? And if so, would it really be all that bad? With former Brexit secretary David Davis, former Chancellor Ken Clarke, economist Liam Halligan, former MP and Brexiteer Gisela Stuart, and the Spectator's Political Editor James Forsyth.


Life 'n' Arts: In a tech-obsessed world, only Generation X can fight back

Our guest this week is Matthew Hennessey. He’s an editor at the Wall Street Journal, and also the author of Zero Hour for Gen X: How the Last Adult Generation Can Save America from the Millennials (Encounter Books). It’s a fascinating read: part-political obituary of a generation that, squeezed between two larger cohorts, the Boomers and the Millennials, may have missed its historical cue; part-rallying cry because, as Matthew explains in our midlife crisis of a conversation, it’s not over...


Isabel Hardman's Sunday Interviews Roundup - 28/10/18

Join Isabel Hardman for the highlights of Sunday's political interviews. Today's podcast features Philip Hammond, John McDonnell, Justine Greening and Jacob Rees-Mogg. Produced by Matthew Taylor.


Americano: have the mail bombs cost Republicans the midterms?

With Curt Mills, Foreign Affairs Reporter at the National Interest. Presented by Freddy Gray.


The Spectator Podcast: American Nightmare

Somehow it has already been two years into a Trump presidency, and America is facing midterm elections. Will Democrats win in a landslide (00:45)? We also delve a little deeper at the political faultlines behind the Jamal Khashoggi story – is Turkey taking advantage of his death (15:15)? And last, is the use of wild animals in circuses really the great injustice that campaigners say it is (25:40)? With Freddy Gray, Leslie Vinjamuri, Hannah Lucinda Smith, Azzam Tamimi, Tim Phillips and...


Spectator Books: how genes can predict your life

Sam Leith talks to the behavioural geneticist Robert Plomin about his new book Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are, in which he argues that it’s not only height and weight and skin colour that are heritable, but intelligence, TV-watching habits and likelihood of getting divorced. They talk about the risks he takes publishing this book, the political third rail of race and eugenics, and what his discoveries mean for the future of our data and for medical care. You can read Kathryn Paige...


Coffee House Shots: can the Budget help push through a Brexit deal?

With Katy Balls and James Forsyth. Presented by Isabel Hardman.


Life 'n' Arts: History and Ism's with David Pryce-Jones

In this week’s Spectator USA Life ’n’ Arts podcast, Dominic talks to David Pryce-Jones. Novelist, correspondent, historian, editor at National Review and, most recently, author of the autobiography and family history Fault Lines, Pryce-Jones has the longest association with the Spectator of any Life ’n’ Arts podcaster yet. In 1963, Pryce-Jones began his literary journey to the status of national treasure on both sides of the Pond by becoming books’ editor of our London mothership. ‘I think...


Americano: who was Jamal Khashoggi?

Reporters can’t get enough of the gory details and the international intrigue in the Khashoggi case. But they seem to have forgotten the need to report basic facts, question their single-sourced material, and ask difficult questions of those who know far more than they let on. Who was Jamal Khashoggi? With Matthew Brodsky, Middle East expert at the Security Studies Group. Presented by Freddy Gray.