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What's been happening around the world and why it matters

What's been happening around the world and why it matters


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What's been happening around the world and why it matters





We're going to be away for a while. For all the latest news, listen to the Global News Podcast and the Coronavirus Global Update.


Super Tuesday for Joe Biden

The former vice-president was the big winner in the races to choose a Democrat candidate. Only Bernie Sanders now stands in his way. Also in this programme: the US and the Taliban sign an agreement preparing the way for peace; a ceasefire is declared in Idlib after Turkey attacks Syrian government targets; the clash in Britain between a government minister accused of bullying and her top official; and what Renaissance Italy can teach us about fighting coronavirus. (Picture: Joe Biden at a...


Coronavirus infects the markets

Stock markets have been plunging. Will the virus spell an end to globalisation? Also in this edition: worries about what the virus is doing in Iran; the upshot of the Weinstein verdict; riots in Delhi; Qatar edges back in from the cold; and why 'Sue, you're shouting at tea' has become A Thing. (Picture: a trader at the New York Stock Exchange as stock prices fell. Credit: AFP/Getty)


Massive job cuts at HSBC

As profits plunge, HSBC says it will axe 35,000 jobs, and move back to its roots in Hong Kong and Shanghai. But is this wise, given the economic effect of the coronavirus outbreak? Also: the UK introduces an immigration points scheme to deter low-skilled workers; the Amazon CEO promises ten billion dollars to save the planet, and it's the end of the road for the much-loved Australian Holden car. Photo: Business man passing by an HSBC Bank sign in Hong Kong; Credit: Getty Images


Ireland election: The cuddly winners

Sinn Fein shed its terror-linked past to poll the most votes. Now it's in or near government on both sides of the Irish border. Also in this edition: Angela Merkel's hand-picked successor bows out; the Philippines moves towards ending its defence agreement with the US; Mike Bloomberg strengthens his electoral position - without even standing; and what the Oscars mean to South Korea. (Photo: Sinn Fein president Mary Lou McDonald greets one of her newly-elected members of the Irish parliament....


Trump triumphant

The president was acquitted, while the Democrats' Iowa caucuses ended in chaos. He also delivered a barnstorming State of the Union address. Also in the programme: locusts in Africa; the dead doctor who's shaken the Chinese leadership; the price of the battle between logging and butterflies in Mexico; and how do liberal democracies cope with terror prisoners determined to attack after their release. (Picture: President Trump holding a newspaper with the headline Trump acquitted. Credit:...


Mideast peace: US and Israel side by side

President Trump laid out his plan. The Palestinians weren't involved. But Israel liked it. Also in this programme: the economic cost of the new virus from China; an arrest too far in Russia; Kashmir gets some internet restored; and Brexit actually happens. (Picture: President Trump and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House. Credit: EPA)


Impeachment: endgame begins

President Trump's trial in the Senate is due to begin on Tuesday. But might it actually help him and the Republicans? Also in this edition: how dangerous are the street protests in Iran for Ayatollah Khamenei?; President Putin shakes up the Russian constitution and government; France tries to take the fight to jihadists in the Sahel; the lessons from the election in Taiwan; and repopulating Espanola: why we've all been concentrating on the wrong tortoise. (Picture: US chief justice John...


The war that wasn't

The US and Iran stepped back from the brink. But a Ukrainian civilian airliner was brought down with heavy loss of life - apparently by an Iranian air defence error. Also in this edition: Beijing's new man in Hong Kong; the surprising Right/Green new government in Austria; Bangladesh tries not to drown in plastic; and how semi-detached can a Royal be? (Picture: Iranian image of a rocket reportedly fired at a US airbase in Iraq. Credit: AFP/Getty)


The US kills Iran's mastermind

A drone strike in Baghdad killed Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds force. It came days after supporters of a pro-Iranian militia attacked the US embassy in Baghdad. Also in this edition: Turkey offers help to Libya - as a rush for oil and gas in the eastern Mediterranean gathers pace; the astonishing argument over who's to blame for World War 2; and - is crazy weather the new normal? (Picture: An Iranian picture of Qasem Soleimani. Credit: Iranian Supreme Leader's office via EPA)


Australia burning

This was the week when Australian firefighters were pushed to the limit, when Somalia's locust invasion got even worse and Benjamin Netanyahu saw off a challenge to his leadership (Picture: Australian firefighters combat bushfires Credit: AFP/Getty Images)


Boris Johnson wins big

The British prime minister secured a huge majority in the general election. It means he can carry out his campaign slogan - get Brexit done. (Picture: the British prime minister Boris Johnson standing before the front door of 10 Downing Street. Credit: EPA)


NATO takes on China - and Trump

The alliance decided to focus on China - and to answer criticism from the US president. But he had worries of his own at home. Also in this edition: the prime minister of Malta says he'll resign because of the scandal over the murder of a journalist; China ramps up facial recognition; and a final look at the UK general election campaign. (Picture: NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace in London apparently laughing at President Trump's behaviour. Credit: AFP/Getty)


Protests as UK parliament is suspended

Parliament will not sit for five weeks in the run-up to Brexit. Opponents cry foul. Also in this edition: Kenya makes its first oil shipment; big fines for Big Pharma; Iranian women are allowed to watch (some) men's football; and why Emmanuel Macron is emerging as leader of the West. (Picture: protesters outside the Houses of Parliament in London. Credit: Getty)


Kashmir Tensions

This was the week India said no more autonomy in Kashmir meant more freedom, when UN climate scientists said we should eat less meat, and we heard we may have put life on the moon (Picture: Indian security forces patrol in Indian-administered Kashmir Credit: Getty Images)


Hong Kong protesters storm parliament

Protests against Beijing's influence spilled over into violence. Demonstrators fear democratic freedoms will shrink. Also in this edition: Donald Trump's non-standard diplomacy; the royal split that's transfixed the Arab world; the politics that led to Europe getting two women bosses; and how Taylor Swift is splitting the music world, again. (Picture: the former colonial flag in Hong Hong's vandalised Legislative Council building. Credit: Reuters)


Hong Kong revolts against extradition bill

Huge crowds protested against plans to allow suspects to be sent to mainland China. And both police and protesters have been more prepared to use violence than in the past. Also in this programme: new protesters for a new president in Kazakhstan; an astonishing U-turn in Russia; a boost for gay rights in Botswana; and the awful splits at the heart of the Sri Lankan government. (Picture: Protesters march through Hong Kong. Credit: Getty)