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195 Albums of the Decades

The guys pick their favorite albums of each decade from the 1960's on. Audio recorded when they were together back in April. 1960s Cream Disraeli GearsThe Beatles RevolverThe Beatles Abbey Road 1970s Pink Floyd Dark Side of the MoonRamones RamonesGenesis The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 1980s The Smiths The Queen Is DeadGuns N' Roses Appetite for DestructionStevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Couldn't Stand The Weather 1990s Oasis Definitely MaybeRage Against The Machine Rage...


194 Download Life Balance

Shane doesn't know anything about Cricket, Karl put on 15 miles a day and Joel appreciates a good work-life balance. 0:02:55 Side A Video Games News: Playing: Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo E-Penis: 0:51:56 Beers and Cheers 0:59:37 Side B Music Recommended Records: The Nashville Sound Listening: Crimson RidersHelp Us Stranger Spotify Playlist associated with this episode Links: Subscribe To Podcast (RSS Feed)WebsiteTwitterFacebook PageInstagramYouTubeDiscord Email:...


193 Briefing The XBOX E3 Briefing

Joel is gullible, Shane the king of eye-rolling and Karl perhaps more in the middle as they react to Microsoft's XBOX 2019 E3 Briefing, recap Google Stadia Connect, talk about Grim Dawn and recommend a record for fans of high energy punk. 0:02:27 Side A Video Games E3: Google Stadia ConnectXBOX 2019 E3 Briefing Playing: 0:49:54 Beers and Cheers Leffe BlondWynchwood Brewery Half Acre | Galactic Double Daisy Cutter 0:57:29 Side B Music Recommended Record: Amyl and the Sniffers...


192 Ahead In The Clouds

Sony and Microsoft partner up in their usual battlegrounds, Game Pass coming to PC, Rage 2, What Remains of Edith Finch, dusting off the old PS3 and two record recommendations. First is an EP for summer festival conert goers who gravitate towards the 80's rock cover band and second for fans of 90's British rock with a bit of punk occasionally poking through. 0:03:12 Side A Video Games News: Playing: E-Penis: Peasant Knight 0:52:29 Beers and Cheers Thornbridge Brewery |...


191 Billy Bad Rap

Little Billy gets a bad rap from a politican scorned by Star Wars Battlefront II. 0:02:41 Side A Video Games News: Playing: ABOG Racing Games Spotify PlaylistVblank Entertainment E-Penis: 0:46:31 Beers and Cheers 0:53:37 Side B Music Recommended Record: Dogrel Listening: End of SufferingToo Much Tension!Cardinal Spotify Playlist associated with this episode Links: Subscribe To Podcast (RSS Feed)WebsiteTwitterFacebook PageInstagramYouTubeDiscord Intro, segue and outro...


190 Josh-In It

PlayStation 4 is about to hit a big milestone so the guys recruit a friend who’s also an expert on all things PlayStation to join the conversation. After a lengthy PlayStation chat, all four share what they’ve been playing, help increase your number with a couple plat plats, enjoy some cheer and recommend an excellent record that goes well with all of the above. 0:03:26 Side A Video Games News: Playing: E-Penis: 1:11:20 Beers 1:28:45 Side B Music Recommended Record: The Budos...


189 Better Together

For the first time in the history of ABOG, all three co-hosts record an episode together in the same room. Includes a quick recap of Midwest Gaming Classic 2019, details about the upcoming PlayStation next generation console, thoughts on XBOX One S All-Digital Edition price, Gris, Tetris 99 and EGX Rezzed 2019 highlights. 0:03:42 Side A Video Games News: Games: Cat Quest 2 1:05:01 Beers Links: Subscribe To Podcast (RSS Feed)WebsiteTwitterFacebook...


188 Gaming Armageddon

Tell your spouse you can't move to a cabin in the woods if the internet is crap otherwise kiss that modern gaming good bye. It's get off my lawn time again with your pals in ABOG as they lament the streaming future and consider going backwards rather than embracing the future. They also share initial impressions of MLB The Show 19, recommend a must-own record for fans of hip hop interested in learning the roots and talk about an obnoxious guitar solo that under normal circumstances may...


187 Coffee Table Bookends

The future of gaming including potentially the beginning of the end of physical media, playing games on a smart phone with a controller, first impressions of Devil May Cry 5 and Tetris 99, and a recommended record for fans of the Big Four of Thrash. 0:03:09 Side A Video Games News: Games: 0:46:01 Beers Boombox Brewing CompanyNorthern Monk Brew Co. | 2.07 Bare BonesEagle Park Brewing Company 0:55:31 Side B Music Recommended Album: Puppy The Goat Now Spinning: KOD3 Feet High And...


186 No Brownies Left Behind

Joel cracks the XBOX and feels left behind. Shane won't say anything bad about Anthem and prefers swinging after brownies. Karl hits a gaming milestone and can handle a strong breeze. 0:03:25 Side A Video Games News: The Black Album Playing: E-Penis: 0:52:00 Drinking Surly Brewing Co. | One Man Mosh Pit Backcountry Brewing | Everything Is AwesomeTiny Rebel and Neon Raptor | Tropical Sorbet IPA 0:58:45 Side B Music Recommended Album: Entertainment! Listening: South...


185 Midnight Training

Crackdown 3, Apex Legends, a hop on the same train, recommended record Feral Roots from Rival Sons and a couple gigs including a band celebrating the 40th anniversary of their debut punk classic. 0:03:23 Side A Video Games Games: GameBlast19 Epenis: 0:43:40 Drinking 1840 Brewing CompanyBoombox Brewing Company 0:49:23 Side B Music Recommended Album: Feral Roots Gigs: Now Spinning: The Nashville Sound Listen to the music talked about in this episode via the associated...


184 Save The Shelf

Shane likes the physical, Joel talks to his house and Karl doesn't look forward to ironing because he's not a freak. 0:02:25 Side A Video Games News: Marshmello performs live concert in Fortnite Games: 1:00:30 Drinking 1840 Brewing CompanyBoombox Brewing CompanyYeastie BoysVocation 1:08:00 Side B Music Recommended Album: Dream Wife Dream Wife Now Spinning: DookieBlossom DearieSongs of the PlainsFeral Roots Listen to the music talked about in this episode via the associated...


183 Usual Listening Program

Chocolate for breakfast, punching producer mini games, requiring hot food at work, walls, The Gardens Between, Abby Jeanne Music Box Dancer and the usual listening program. 0:03:39 Side A Video Games News Bungie breaks away from Activision and now controls their own Destiny. Sony gives the keys to Rocket League players and opens up cross-platform play for the second title so far. Nintendo releases two more NES games for their online Switch service and someone finds hidden code...


182 Favorite Albums of 2018

Joel, Shane and Karl share their individual picks for top ten favorite albums of 2018. Plus the usual Side A Video Game content and in this episode there are plenty of new games the guys have played over the holidays and a big box of SNES cartridges Shane fully cleaned and is now working his way through. Email - feedback@abandofgamers.com 0:02:00 Side A Video Games Games Shane scored a haul of SNES games which he has been thoroughly cleaning and enjoying on his Analogue Super NT. He...


181 Decluttering

An episode to close out the year with a 2018 wrap-up and a chat about the future consoles from Sony and Microsoft that loom over the horizon. Will video games ditch physical media? It has already happened with music which has contributed to the vinyl resurgence proving many still want the physical media to listen to. Will the PlayStation 5, like XBOX One is doing now, be backwards compatible? Next episode in a week will be our top 10 individual favorite albums of 2018 and will also still...


180 Favorite Video Games of 2018

Favorite video games of 2018, gaming resolutions for 2019 and a recommended album from Courtney Barnett. Contact feedback@abandofgamers.com 0:02:40 Side A Video Games Favorite Video Games of 2018 Top five favorite video games of 2018 and some honorable mentions Karl God of WarSpider-ManMonster Hunter WorldDead CellsXenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna Joel PIxelJunk Monsters 2Spider-ManSuper Mega Baseball 2Forza Horizon 4Red Dead Redemption 2 Shane The Crew 2Monster Hunter WorldAnalogue...


179 Bang Bang

High volume October, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, Horizon Chase Turbo, more time in the gym and Wild West, WSTR Identity Crisis, new Smashing Pumpkins and Judas Priest records, live show from Lauryn Hill disappoints, Junior Brown guitar work does not and David Bowie 2000 Glastonbury gig. Contact: ABOGpod@gmail.com 0:02:03 Side A Video Games News Best October in gaming sales since NPD starting tracking. Red Dead Redemption 2 online beta went live. Games Thronebreaker: The Witcher...


178 Buddy Spawn

Pokemon Lets Go, Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefield V, Caramel, Coconut, Stouts, Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers, mosh pit, Record Store Day and an airport bloody ear. 0:02:05 Side A Video Games News The arcade classic Out Run is coming to Nintendo Switch. Games Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefield V 0:39:40 Drinking Meantime Brewing Co. | Marks and Spencer Maritime Salted Caramel Porter Yellow Dog Brewing | Chew Toy Coconut Porter 1840 Brewing...


177 Wild West Thumb Action

Another of the big three drops out of E3. Save money on PlayStation Plus and a new gaming console as the Christmas shopping season begins. Red Dead Redemption 2 first impressions and a comparison to My Name is Mayo. Recommended album from Marmozets. Record of the week from Devils Teeth including a tune that will surely make you want to click through and hear more. 0:01:55 Side A Video Games News Sony plans to skip E3 2019. The best Black Friday deals both online and shopping brick and...


176 Selling Out

Reviews of both Forza Horizon 4 and Analogue Super Nt. Recommended album is from Kikagaku Moyo and the record of the week is Car City S/T debut. 0:02:07 Side A Video Games News You can change your PlayStation name if have any regrets. PlayStation Classic line-up of twenty games announced. Highlights from XBOX X018 including the acquisition of two more studios Obsidian and InXile. Crackdown is free in the XBOX Store until the end of November. PubG now available in XBOX Game Pass. Mouse and...