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Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 70 A Visit from Nick the Animal Advocate

This Holiday Special dedicated to all the wonderful humans who volunteer for and work at animal shelters around the country. Please remember our furry friends who don't have forever homes. Contribute to your favorite shelter or rescue organization. After you enjoy this hopeful tale of what happened at one animal rescue, look online and see what is on their wish list. Many rescue and shelters need used towels, dog or cat food, bedding, and even newspapers. Questions or Comments? Email Max A...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 69 Meet Tim Phillips of ADI who was Featured on ABC’ Nightline

Between the two of them this will make the third appearance of either Tim Phillips and/or his wife Jan Creamer co-founders of Animal Defenders International (ADI) appearing on Awesome Animal Advocates. Listen as Tim Phillips brings us up to date on the success of the film Lion Ark, and what he and Jan are doing in Peru. When you do you’ll understand why ADI is a featured news item on a national network news program such as ABC’s Nightline. Questions or Comments? Email Max A Pooch:...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 67 Elephants in Brazil?

What happens when an elephant is rescued from a cruel existence performing in a circus or other entertainment venue? The size and social needs of elephants present big problems for those who rescue them. Scott Blais knows the challenges and better yet the solutions that face those who rescue and provide refuge for the biggest land animals on earth. In Elephants in Brazil? Scott shares with us how World Sanctuary for Elephants is meeting this challenge. He also relates how he became...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 65 Practicing What You Preach

A few weeks ago while preaching his sermon Br’er Dan said, "Animal abusers bother me more as I grow older." As he spoke those words it struck me that Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates had not invited a cleric to be a guest on the show. After 64 episodes I thought it was time to get a clergyman’s perspective on advocating for animals. Meet Br’er Dan and learn one preacher’s take on being kind to animals. Questions or Comments? Email Max A Pooch: More details...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 61 Smoky Mountain Service Dogs

This episode focuses on the unique bond between dogs and humans and how this bond is forged by groups such as Smoky Mountain Service Dogs Organization to a wonderful and symbiotic relationship between dogs and the veterans they assist. Learn how Smoky Mountain Service Dogs are making far more differences in the lives of their disabled veterans than imagined and why these dogs live to love to help their veterans. Questions or Comments? Email Max A Pooch: More...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 60 Cats: Ancient Rodent Control Method has Cost Effective and Humane Benefits

Anyone who hates rats and anyone who loves cats will enjoy this incredibly fascinating episode of Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates. The story of Cats and rat control is one of the oldest relationships between animals and humans. Ancient Egyptian art shows cats at royal granaries where they protected the grain from being spoiled by rats. Today volunteer organizations such as Chicago’s Cats At Work are again teaming up with cats to help rid city neighborhoods of rats. Dr. Anne Beall ,...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 58 Losing A Pet

Death of a beloved pet is upsetting for millions of pet owners each year. Yet, many of their peers scoff at the idea of bereavement over an animal. Hear what Dr. Alice Villalobos has to say about the human/animal bond and why she developed the universal human animal bond scale. Don’t miss this uplifting and inspiring episode of Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates Questions or Comments? Email Max A Pooch: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Losing A Pet...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 54 Darlene Arden Discusses that Doggie in the Dumpster, and Answers the Question, Do Pets Make Good Gifts?

Darlene Arden author, award winning writer and animal behaviorist shares a disturbing trend that includes people literally throwing their pets away in places such as trash bins, what she thinks about giving pets as gifts and more on this episode of Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates. Questions or Comments? Email Max A Pooch: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Darlene Arden Discusses that Doggie in the Dumpster, and Answers the Question, Do Pets Make...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 53 Exclusive Interview with the Preeminent UK Animal Behaviorist and Friend to Animals

Dr. Roger Mugford, author, psychologist, inventor and preeminent UK animal behaviorist shares some interesting points of view in this episode of Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates. He also explains how humor is used in Wetnose Animal Aid, an umbrella charity which aims to raise awareness for all of the UK’s hardworking regional animal shelters that work tirelessly to help local strays and pets in need. Make sure you listen to this episode and share it with your friends. Questions or...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 52 Building Better Trainers Through Education

Is a well-trained dog really happier, healthier and safer? How do you find a good trainer for your dog? Can cats be trained? Mychelle Blake, CEO of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers shares her thoughts on these subjects and more. If you have a dog or are about to add one to your family make sure you listen to this episode of Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates. Questions or Comments? Email Max A Pooch: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast -...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 51 Daisy to the Rescue

In this episode of Awesome Animal Advocates you will learn how you can win a free portrait of your pet by Ramsey Beyer, the illustrator for the newly released book Daisy to the Rescue. You will also learn that animals are not only our companions, in many cases, true lifesavers as Jeff Campbell, author of Daisy to the Rescue, shares some of the amazing and true stories in Daisy to the Rescue. Hear Jeff tell how wild African Lions saved and protected a kidnapped girl, how Daisy the dog used...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 50 Safe Humane Chicago

Learn how a math consultant made the switch that led to the formation of Safe Humane Chicago. Safe Humane is a unique organization that is based on a principle that a humane community is safer. Safe Humane Chicago is an innovative organization that was founded to make communities safer by reducing violence for children and companion animals. Its focus on education, advocacy, and second chances for at-risk youth and animals continues to make a difference. Questions or Comments? Email Max A...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 49 Rescue Me

This episode is for everyone who has ever adopted a rescue dog and understands the special bond that can grow between human and dog. Max A Pooch agrees 100 percent with the mission of the book Rescue Me by Val Silver. Learn from this award winning author, teacher and animal lover what the Mission of Rescue Me is. Listen as Val shares with us why she wrote the book. Rescue Me is a collection of twelve original inspirational short stories, complete with photos and accompanying audios, of ten...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 48 Veterinarian Finds Way to Help Fund Animal Shelters and Rescues

As a veterinarian Dr. Glenn Buckley was able to help one pet at a time. He wanted to do more. Through Pet Rescue Rx he can now help so many more pet. Hear how his company Pet Rescue Rx will provide continuing financial support to shelters from the purchases made;. 100% of the net profits will be given to shelters selected by customers so they can directly support the shelter or rescue of their choice. Questions or Comments? Email Max A Pooch: More details on this...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 47 Wild Ocean

I recently wrote a book review for Chicago Animal Advocacy on a unique and inspirational book titled Wild Ocean: Sharks, Whales, Rays, and other Endangered Sea Creatures. It is an anthology of 12 stories that are factual, yet have a touch of whimsy about 12 endangered species of sea animals. I was so struck by this collaborative effort of 17 cartoonists and writers I wanted to share it with the audience of Max A Pooch's Awesome Animal Advocates and I contacted Matt Dembicki the editor of...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 46 The Bad Kind of Monkey Business

Tim Phillips is co-founder and Vice President of Animal Defenders International. Tim discusses two very timely topics. The first is the horrific findings from an investigation ADI has made about monkeys that are supplied to the U.S for experiments in Laboratories. The second subject Tim discusses is the historic bill that was recently introduced by Congressman Jim Moran (D) of to end use of wild animals in travelling circuses that he recently introduced in Congress. Tim discusses what can be...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 45 Cooper's Way

Our pets can change our lives in ways in which we never dreamed. Vicki Price never imagined that a search for dog treats that she felt were safe enough to feed her dog Cooper would lead to a successful business venture. Learn the story behind Cooper’s Way Gourmet Jerky Treats and the remarkable woman who shares her success with animal shelters and humans. Questions or Comments? Email Max A Pooch: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Cooper's Way on Pet Life...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 44 Real Men Save Animals

Robert Misseri, President of Guardians of Rescue, is always ready to help the next animal in need. He is the President and founder of the non-profit group called Guardians of Rescue, an organization based in New York, whose mission is to protect the well-being of all animals by providing aid to animals in distress. His compassion and life long commitment to helping these animals in need provided the basis in creating People Helping Animals and Animals Helping People by facilitating fostering...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 43 The Inspirational Story of a One-legged Parakeet Named NUBS

If anyone doubts the ability of animals to help children they should hear the story of NUBS the Parakeet and of NUBS the organization that brings children and animals together. Kristin Ludwig the founder of NUBS shares the inspiring store of a one-legged blue parakeet who helps teach children about resiliency. This episode of Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates is yet another example of why animals can be and are special. Questions or Comments? Email Max A Pooch:...

Awesome Animal Advocates - Episode 42 NYC Feral Cats Have Mike Phillips a Talented and Creative Force Advocating for Them

As the director of the New York City Feral Cat Initiative, a program of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, Mike Phillips leads the effort to solve NYC’s feral cat-overpopulation crisis. Considered a nuisance by many because of their fierce fighting and prolific mating, tens of thousands feral cats live in colonies throughout the five boroughs. With many neighborhoods at a loss as to how to deal with these unruly felines, Phillips has become New York City’s go-to guy. His broad expertise...