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Ritika and Abhishek take you through the facinating world of Indian business from one of the fastest growing economies - India. Bizination covers the week's top business stories from India and how it impacts on Indian and world economy

Ritika and Abhishek take you through the facinating world of Indian business from one of the fastest growing economies - India. Bizination covers the week's top business stories from India and how it impacts on Indian and world economy
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Ritika and Abhishek take you through the facinating world of Indian business from one of the fastest growing economies - India. Bizination covers the week's top business stories from India and how it impacts on Indian and world economy




BiziNation #65: ArcelorMittal Vs the French government

The French government has made the classic mistake. Of interfering in business. Lakshmi Mittal is miffed as he has been asked not to shut down two of his loss making blast furnaces in Florange unless he wants to see all his French outfits getting nationalised. Greece gets another bail out package and in Australia, cigarette packaging will no longer carry any glamorous images or colours. Just plain packaging.


BiziNation #63: Of double dips and fiscal cliffs

The Euro Zone goes under all over again. The latest numbers suggest that all seventeen countries of the Euro have posted two consecutive quarters of negative growth. And when that happens, the economy is said to be under recession. The US, which is known to come up with fancy phrases to describe their economic plights, have done it again. This time the popular phrase is the fiscal cliff. Back home in India, Raymond, the apparel maker will soon launch its own brand of beer shampoo.


BiziNation #62: The on ground Euro crisis tour

For the last two years we have been reading a lot about the Euro crisis. Some might complain that we have had a bit of an overdose of it. So we at Indicast thought that we should send one of our guys to tour Europe and find out how exactly is the day in the life of an average European in countries like Germany, France, Austria, etc. Akhilesh, our co-host at BiziNation volunteered to do the trip and sponsored it himself if we might add. In this podcast, he brings us his on ground experience...


BiziNation #61: Revisiting Twin Towers

Ten years ago, on this day, two planes scorched the twin towers. More than 3000 people were killed and the world economy was impaired. In this podcast, we talk about where we stand today in the wake of bigger crises that the bankers have brought upon us. Continuing on the subject, Indian business and tourism has suffered gravely due to the series of bomb blasts. In other news, Yahoo CEO, Carol Bartz has been sacked rather unceremoniously. Closer home, Archies, a company known for selling...


BiziNation #60: The Groupon Era Begins

Forbes has dubbed Groupon as the fastest growing company in the world. In this podcast, we talk about the Groupon anxiety and how has Ritika learned to deal with it in Australia where she takes us through her experience of using different Groupon like services. In other news, Maruti employees went on strike which lasted until the time we recorded this podcast. And a Gujarathi businessman in UK buys himself a flying car.


BiziNation #59: Go Africa

Lately, Africa has seen a spate of investments from Indian private companies and Dr. Manmohan Singhs visit to the continent a few weeks back only adds to the growing importance of being present in an economy which is growing at 6 per cent per annum. In this podcast, we talk about all the Indian companies which have set up businesses in Africa in the past year. Back home, Hero launches its first dirt bike after splitting with Honda motors and Naomi Campbell is not too happy with Cadbury.


BiziNation # 48: Long live the car industry

This episode is dedicated to the car industry which is on a high. Toyota launched its first car in the small car category and has roped in A R Rahman as its brand ambassador. The words, 'General Motors' and 'quarterly profits' could never be used in the better part of this decade. But GM India has other plans. It has invested 200 million in India. Tata Nano, however, is dealing with a massive recall as the cars would catch fire if they exceed a particular speed limit.


BiziNation # 45: The Greek Tale

Greece continues to fight the budget deficit demons and we tell you the Greek folk lore which is hogging headlines these days. Bajaj decides to change its branding srategy for its bikes. Rajeev Bajaj and Rahul Bajaj don't always agree. FDI in retail may get a breather. All about UPA's FDI policy. Air travel set to get cheaper as Indian government limits service tax on airfare.


BiziNation #46: Crackberries get Nervous in India

Research in Motion, the Canadian company which manufactures the world famous business device Blackberry is in a fix. It is running against a tight deadline set by the Indian government. Like other countries where Blackberry operates, India demands that Blackberry mails and SMSs be allowed to be scanned for security reasons. In other news, Nokia entered the dual SIM market in India. Google's Youtube has opened up a pay per view for 5USD where you can rent movies online.


BiziNation # 44: Government Subsidies Get a New Meaning

The Indian government is contemplating on giving out direct subsidies to the poor by distributing food coupons which can be exchanged for food items at market prices. Do not hold your breath. The government is only in a contemplation mode, but in this podcast we talk about what are the highlights, advantages and consequences of such a step. The prototype of executing this step is already ready with Sri Lanka which had done this way back in 1979. In the auto industry, Daimler joins Nissan...


BiziNation # 43: The Business of IPL

The cricketing world sees it as a money making machine. But what are the different sources of revenue for the IPL. In this podcast, we try and give you the business side of the IPL by talking about the deals that have been signed in the run up to the third season of the IPL. All teams without exceptions have recovered their money which only proves the success of the business model which is evolving at best. In other news, Carlos Slim was declared as the world's richest man.


BiziNation # 42: The Recall Industry

We all have grown up to looking up to Toyota and Honda as Gods of quality and production standards, but when you find out that a few 100,000 cars are recalled due to unintended acceleration and a few thousands for a faulty door mat which would jam the breaks, you wonder if these Gods have a sense of humour. In this episode we discuss the major recalls of the car industry and how they are dealing with them. In other news, the Wall Street goes easy on this years CEO pay packages.


BiziNation # 41: Cadburys Krafted

Although Cadburys is a brand from UK, it elicits a lot of fond memories from Indians here in India. Blame it on their beautiful advertising (credit goes to O and M). So when Kraft decided to make an offer that Cadbury's is mulling over, we thought why not talk about the deal from Indias perspective. Inflation in India is howering at 16 per cent and the prices of essential commodities have gone through the roof. On the other hand in Australia where Ritika is currently residing, the story is...


BiziNation # 40: Top 10 Business News 2009

In the first Bizination episode for 2010, we bring you a list of top 10 Business news of 2009 that made waves in India. Tell us if you agree with our list!


BiziNation # 39: Humara Bajaj RIP

If anyone can come close to playing God today, then its unargubaly Google. In its latest move it is contemplating on charging its users (virtually all of us) for accessing news online. We cant blame Google for this since this demand has come from folks like Murdoch and the likes who claim to be losing tons of money by inviting readers to browse stories free of cost. In India, Bajaj has taken a bold (but predictable and emotional) decision to discontinue its scooters.


BiziNation # 37: India Gets High on Gold

AMD and Intel are the fiercest of competitors. And we ve been taught that almost all is fair in love, war and the corporate world. Intel took it a bit too far and had to cough up 1.5 billion USD to AMD for uh cheating. This is what they call out of court settlement. In News from India, the government is on a gold buying spree from the IMF. Toyota, the Japanese auto major has put its papers in F1. We sign off this episode by talking a bit about Inflation waking up after a rather prolonged...


BiziNation # 38: Dubai Dubaa Dubaaa

For the last decade or so, Dubai invoked awe and admiration for the pace at which it could lead a creative growth which was not limited to building sky scrapers, but other garnishing like man made islands, artificial arctic like winter, etc. All these developments were funded by the Government through its investing arm, Dubai World which announced that it could not pay off the $59 billion loan to the banks. The stock markets came crashing down. While that happened, we also talk about the...


BiziNation # 36: Not all Greed is Good

Scams are back. Three guys from the 1983 batch of Wharton Business School have been accused of orchestrating one of the biggest hedge fund scams in a long time. This is a text book case of Insider trading. But not all news is sad news on the Wall Street. Most companies have posted Quarterly profits. In India, Lakshmi Mittal, the CEO of Arcelor Mittal threatened to quit all his projects from Orissa and Jharkhand. Ritika has strong views on the whole issue of land allocation for such projects...


BiziNation # 35: Internet and its money making ways

This episode of BiziNation is dedicated to the Internet. Lately, social networking sites are showing signs of finally making some money USocial, an Australian site is selling friends to companies who can send targeted messages to its audience. On the Operating Systems front, Microsoft launched its new OS with an a very questionable but an effective ad campaign. Yahoo! is spilling $100 million on advertising in the traditional media, a sign of growing desperation. Google on the other hand has...


BiziNation #33: You win some. You lose some

There are no free lunches and so removing money from an ATM other than your bank will now cost you but the first five in a month are free. Listen about how banks in Australia charge ATM interchange fees to customers. Sad news for all Reader digest fans as the company declares bankruptcy in US. Biking fans in India welcome the entry of Harley Davidson. Maverick CEO Michael Leary of Ryan Air teaches a few things about running a profitable airlines in time of slump. Spicejet does better than...