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A talk show that cuts to the truth! Currently doing podcasts and will be doing a live talk show with callers and guests.

A talk show that cuts to the truth! Currently doing podcasts and will be doing a live talk show with callers and guests.


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A talk show that cuts to the truth! Currently doing podcasts and will be doing a live talk show with callers and guests.




Citizen Smith - #117

Greg Haller, Executive Director of Pacific Rivers, talks about the "River Democracy Act", legislation introduced by Sen. Ron Wyden to protect 4,700 miles of wild rivers in Oregon. And guest Trey Carskadon shares highlights of the Northwest Food Show at the Portland Exposition Center being held this Sunday and Monday.


Citizen Smith - #116

Simone Biles was a champion gymnast who should have retired after her first Olympics. Too much physical and mental strain is involved in her sport and that caught up with her. It's a lesson for other Olympic champions to learn from -- especially in gymnastics.


Citizen Smith - #115

Chinese and American diplomats met this week in China with more fiery talk and less productive discourse. As economists look at potential declines in the birth rates of the US and other countries, the alarm is sounded that more people need to have babies. Citizen Smith disagrees.


Citizen Smith - #114

Simone Biles withdrew from the team event due to mental stress, and the US took silver, upset by the Russian team which won gold. The "heat dome" is causing shellfish poisoning, so don't eat raw oysters right now. Chinook salmon face collapse in California due to an overheated Sacramento River.


Citizen Smith - #113

The Olympics are underway with the first weekend of sporting events producing drama and fascinating backstories. The city of Portland is battling numerous problems, including increased shootings -- some fatal, and the Mayor is clueless on dealing with these problems.


Citizen Smith - #112

The Tokyo Olympics officially kicked off with the opening ceremony, however, the 68,000 seats in the stadium were all but empty, save for some VIP guests. No fans this year, but at least the athletes showed up. Let the games begin!


Citizen Smith - #111

Extreme droughts, severe floods, raging wildfires, and a ravaging pandemic. It's time for the world to pull together, make drastic changes to curtail the downfall of society as we know it. But we can do it!


Citizen Smith - #110

Games are underway at the Tokyo Olympic, but the Japanese citizens and athletes are wary of Covid outbreaks and a possible super spreader event. Movie reviews today: "Road Runner", the Anthony Bourdain documentary, and "Pig" starring Nicholas Cage, filmed in Oregon and Portland.


Citizen Smith - #109

Jeff Bezos completed his dream today, blasting into space with three other civilians, leading America's privately funded commercial space program. Tokyo Olympic organizers introduce an innovative approach to beds for athletes, recyclable cardboard frames --- perhaps less inviting to athlete's having sex.


Citizen Smith - #108

In America the pandemic is under control, but in India, Africa, and parts of Asia countries are experiencing pandemic peaks with the Delta Variant. China's military is challenging America with war talk and hostile maneuvers in the South China Sea -- let cooler heads prevail.


Citizen Smith - #107

A U.S. News and World Report placed Portland, OR, as the #10 best place to live in America. Well, let's take care of the homeless problem, trash, and political unrest before we jump into the top 10. Drug overdoses in America this year reached a three-decade high. And Facebook is going to start paying content creators -- but you have to be chosen.


Citizen Smith - #106

An interview with a bike delivery guy in Portland sheds light on this innovative business that is growing. Job burnout is an issue for workers, a repercussion of the pandemic? It's time to address happiness in life and jobs.


Citizen Smith - #105

Life in the Rose City is not always rosy with a homeless crisis that continues to linger and get worse rather better. It's time for action and that means neighborhood and citywide efforts combined.


Citizen Smith - #104

England loses to Italy and a dramatic EU Championship; Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon and can win the 'Gold Slam'. The Bootleg wildfire in Oregon is roaring, an early start to wildfire season, and the state struggles to get the entire population fully vaccinated, especially young adults.


Citizen Smith - #103

Man on the street as Citizen Smith talks to food truck owners in Portland about safety concerns, or not, and business in the post riot and post pandemic City of Roses. And the Citizen's film review: "Black Widow".


Citizen Smith - #102

Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are heading into space with other passengers, with Branson's flight this Sunday and Bezos scheduled for July 20. Safe travels


Citizen Smith - #101

The city of Portland continues to struggle with a solution to clearing the sidewalks of homeless camps, one step forward to step back. The minimum wage for Portland is now $14 per hour, and that is leading to higher restaurant menu prices, groceries and other consumer goods. Movie review: Nomadland.


Citizen Smith - #100

Multnomah county recorded 95 deaths during the heatwave, mostly elderly people living alone without AC or a fan. It's a tragedy, and an example where society failed our elders. And it is the responsibility of neighbors and communities to make sure this doesn't happen again.


Citizen Smith - #99

On today's show, host Citizen Smith talks to people around the city and asks: "What do you think of America?" Hip Hop artist and podcaster, Rekka, joins the show to discuss her recent award "In Good Hands" and the post-pandemic music scene in Portland.


Citizen Smith - #98

It's judgment time for former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, who will be sentenced for the murder of George Floyd. Cops are resigning and retiring in record numbers, and that includes Portland police. The City of Roses and the Northwest brace for record temperatures this weekend, and the electric grid will be pushed to its limit.