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'La Danza Poetica' is a monthly podcast featuring poetry, hip hop, folk and oral tradition and global beats from around the world. Deep explorations into the many worlds, one world poetic groove, connectedness through story, song, language and rhythm.

'La Danza Poetica' is a monthly podcast featuring poetry, hip hop, folk and oral tradition and global beats from around the world. Deep explorations into the many worlds, one world poetic groove, connectedness through story, song, language and rhythm.




'La Danza Poetica' is a monthly podcast featuring poetry, hip hop, folk and oral tradition and global beats from around the world. Deep explorations into the many worlds, one world poetic groove, connectedness through story, song, language and rhythm.








La Danza Poetica #66 Docta Deep's Hip Hop India

Presented by DJ LAPKAT. This month I hand over the decks to Australian DJ and hip hop scholar Docta Deep, for an energetic mixtape featuring rap crews and artists from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Assam, representing India’s various linguistic and religious groups.


La Danza Poetica #65 Pure Heart

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. Mixed in a sultry summer in Budapest, La Danza Poetica #65 is a collection of sultry new sounds from South America, the States, France, Canada. And dedicated, with love, to the bright light of Australian poet and activist, Candy Royalle, who passed last month. Pure heart and spirit, within this music is the poetry of life, the continuum of tradition, the bright promise and healing that comes through music.


La Danza Poetica #64 A Radio​-​Bridge across the Zambezi

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. Made by Radio Continental Drift in collaboration with radio-makers at Zongwe FM and the women of Zubo Trust, A Radio Bridge Across the Zambezi includes tracks from more than 50 contributors, from 17 countries. It’s an energetic, spirited and spiritual journey created through a powerful spirit of unity and sharing.


La Danza Poetica #63 Rim Banna : Voice of Resistance

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. A special edition of La Danza Poetica dedicated to the life and work of Rim Banna, the poet, singer, and activist who left this world in March. A tribute to her extraordinary example, and to the power of poetry and music to amplify the stories and the struggle of Palestine to the world. I talk with with ScMoCha of Checkpoint 303 about working on Rim’s final album, her final creative act of resistance in the face of injustice and occupation in all their...


La Danza Poetica #62 The Poem of the Truth

A mix of sublime, poetic music, word and soundscape from Morocco, Tunisia, Syria. Poetry and music are inextricably intertwined, in a constant dance, in music, language, rhythm, and life. Sukitoa o Namau’s field recordings from and around Meknés, Morocco, form the canvas on which this whole mix has been painted. Also featuring Moroccan slam poet Mustapha Slameur, very conscious electronics from Tunisia’s Ghoula and NURI, the France/Morocco collaboration between Titi Robin and Mehdi Nassouli,...


La Danza Poetica #61 Innervisions

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. Borrowing the title from Kuzich’s track (via Stevie Wonder’s seminal 1973 album) La Danza Poetica #61 Innervisions is a very conscious dream. Traversing all continents of our external and internal world, traditional folk song and experimental electric folk, melodic global bass rhythms, orchestral electronics, storytelling and intelligent poetics. Recent releases from Brome, J.Lamotta, Kuzich featuring Mei Saraswati, William Beale, Lido Pimienta, The Turbans,...


La Danza Poetica #60 Canada: Untold Stories

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. Canada’s diverse and challenging storytelling flow. Stories told in a time of reckoning, rooted in cultural expression, social consciousness and Mother Earth connection, raising Native voices and standing up. Featuring a new album from spoken word poet Brandon Wint, recent albums from poets M.L. Holton and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, a remarkable collaboration between poet Shane Koyczan, Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq and folk artist Kym Gouchie, another...


La Danza Poetica #59 Chorus

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. A slow driving mix for the first of 2018, spoken word and hip hop and multi-voice harmony, a slow chorus. Artists and poets from the United States to Spain, Colombia, Canada, and Guatemala. Big questions and big problems being addressed head-on. Complex melodies and harmonious fusions of electronic music and folk traditions.


La Danza Poetica #58 A Call To Arms

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. La Danza Poetica #58 is “A Call To Arms”. A depth-charged mix made in the southern summer. As it’s the end of a tumultuous year, I’ve created a tumultuous mix featuring some favourite tracks of 2017 that I haven’t been able to include in the radio show so far. Covering a lot of ground, from wild angry global bass to South American hip hop, Los Angeles poetry, Native American fire, French orchestral beats, very intelligent soul, and songs for the end of...


La Danza Poetica #57 Chile: La Lengua de la Tierra

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. Chile, a poetic country by any measure. Between the mountains and the sea, the poets and musicians sing of the land and the heart. This month’s mix features poets Vicente Huidobro, Pablo Neruda, and Nicanor Parra, plus a focus on the expressionistic poetics of Cecilia Vicuña, Como Asesinar a Felipes, and Kali Mutsa, and the delicate, powerful Violeta Parra. Plus some favourite folktronic producers including Lata / MMNI, Matanza, and Australia’s Galambo....


La Danza Poetica #56 La Danza del Deseo

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. Poesía y música, Española. A mix of all new music, joyful and uplifting, arriving into our ears and hearts this month from the creative souls of musicians from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, NYC, Greece, Japan, Spain, France, the USA. Featuring El Búho, Rio Mira, LaDama, Dat Garcia, the Meridian Brothers, Spaniol, Christian Scott, Bocafloja, Banda Magda, Ibeyi, Klik and Frik, and Randomized Coffee. The mix anchored by the voices of our “honoured...


La Danza Poetica #55 Suspension

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. A special feature on some works of composer Piers Faccini - his 2016 book/CD poetry, painting and music project No One’s Here, plus his collaborations with Charley Marlowe, and recent album of songs I Dreamed An Island. Also featuring the poetry/music project out of Portugal, deixei de sentir, Lucas Santtana’s new audio film and album Modo Avião, the beautiful Italian/American collaboration of Lisa Marie Simmons and Marco Cremaschini, NoteSpeak, plus Hiatus’...


La Danza Poetica #54 Pieces of the Puzzle

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. LDP#54 Pieces of the Puzzle takes its title from a poem by English spoken word artist Salena Godden – the poem that closes the show. From Australia to Costa Rica, to Colombia, to Argentina, to Italy, Portugal, Germany, America, Chile, England, France, Japan, Ghana, Mozambique … all these pieces form parts of our big, beautiful jigsaw puzzle of thought, emotion, word, and music.


La Danza Poetica #53 Les Ondes Radio Poétiques

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. On La Danza Poetica this month, the poetic radio waves: une véritable fête de la musique et de la poésie! New sounds of France, trip hop, abstract hip hop, electro-rock, orchestral electronics, jazz and spoken word.


La Danza Poetica #52 Are You Listening

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. Diving deeper into the dancehall – this month I mix the poetry of MC Zulu, Chicago’s most profound dancehall vocalist and electro-reggae producer, with conscious beats old and new. MC Zulu’s insightful lyrics as spoken word, and an eclectic selection of dancehall rhythms from around the world.


La Danza Poetica #51 A Beautiful Surrender

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. A special live mix recorded this summer at Renaissance Festival in Australia, featuring Thomas Keily’s story A Beautiful Surrender, based on Sufi teaching stories, woven into Turkish and Turkish-inspired music and poetry.


La Danza Poetica #50 Poesía Callejera

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. My 50th show for Groovalizacion Radio, and my first for the year 2017. Starting us off right on this journey around the sun, I’ve mixed up poetry from an inspiring organisation out of Los Angeles, and music from an inspiring record and film company out of Buenos Aires. A musical mix for the southern hemisphere summer – come dive into the lovely warm ocean of sound of Latin American folktronic rhythms and Los Angeles poetic medicine.


La Danza Poetica #49 Vocal Portraits – Ghana to the World

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. This month featuring a series of spoken word albums made in Ghana, plus hip hop, highlife and music out of Africa and the diaspora—Mutombo, Lamine Fofana, Blitz the Ambassador, Juls, Renegades of Jazz, Nickodemus, and Placid Larry.


La Danza Poetica #48 Travelling Light

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. We travel, this month, light. Returning to Canada—because of course, this month, we had to. It might be time for quiet and for reflection, a little window of peace to contemplate how we got here and where we might be going. So I have mixed some tracks from a lovely album by François Couture and Denis Veilleux, Carousel XXI does this contemplative work through story telling. Some beats and melodies from Rise Ashen, Flying Down Thunder, and Cris Derksen,...


La Danza Poetica #47 Acts of Creation

Mixed and presented by DJ LAPKAT. This month on La Danza Poetica, the spirit runs deep. Featuring a brilliant new album from Canada’s Tanya Evanson, a stunning debut EP from Australia’s Mirrah, a depth-charged poetic release from USA’s Solange. Alongside, the smooth spirituals of Canadian/American soul sisters: Cris Derksen and Jennifer Kreisberg, Marianne Verville, Sunni Patterson, Shauntay Grant, Queen Ka. And soulful brothers from Canada: Ivy, Ian Kamau, Shane Koyczan (collaborating with...