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The Success of the Online Business Manager

We are delighted to bring Tina Forsyth to the show — a woman who has mastered running high-end business’s based on her most sacred values of creativity and collaboration. Tina is a leadership and growth expert for service providers who are a part of big missions, as well as, the author of the award-winning book, The Entrepreneur’s Trap. After starting her own coaching business in 2000, Tina quickly came to see the need to partner visionaries with high-level support. With her natural ability...


Your Breakthrough After Divorce with Christine Khetarpal

While divorce usually conjures pain and fear in psyche, divorce can be a bridge to your awakening as a freed, independent adult. Christine Khetarpal founded Emerge Now Coaching to help individuals imagine a different future, embrace their uniqueness, and embark on a new journey of self-discovery and meaningful life. As an IPEC Certified Life Coach with a Masters in Social Work from Syracuse University, Christine guides her clients on a powerful journey using her E.M.E.R.G.E. Process™ that...


Yoga the Ancient Way with Sindy Warren

Sindy Warren, a radiant certified yoga instructor. She is the author of Radi8: Using the Practice of Yoga to Cultivate Your Inner Shine. Get to know Sindy’s natural and down-to-earth style as she offers techniques for thriving in today’s world while utilizing the ancient wisdom of yoga. In addition to teaching yoga, she is a mindfulness meditation instructor certified through The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda Maryland. Sindy’s philosophy is constant throughout the book — Yoga is so much...


From Ordinary to Extraordinary with Doug Vermeeren

What actions do you take to achieve extraordinary outcomes? We talk with a leading edge speaker and strategist, Douglas Vermeeren. He is considered one of North Americas top trainers on the subjects of productivity and sales. ABC calls him the modern day Napoleon Hill for his first hand research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. These insider success secrets are the basis for everything he teaches and shares with his audiences. He is the regular go to expert on...


Tapping into Source Energy: Decoding The Secrets of the Ancients

The Universe is made of Source Energy. All energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Which means you’re vibrating at a certain frequency, and everything that you desire and don’t desire is also vibrating at a certain frequency. Vibration attracts like vibration. Ancient mystery school teachings taught initiates a spiritual path to tap into source energy and raise our frequency – a path that is lost in the West today. The earliest alchemical manuscript in ancient Egypt, the books banned from...


Start the School Year Feeling Inspired

Todd Alan and I welcome back writer, activist, and parent Mary DeMocker! Her book offers the perfect support to help you and the kiddos in your life begin this school year feeling inspired. The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution: 100 Ways to Build a Fossil-Free Future, Raise Empowered Kids, and Still Get a Good Night’s Sleep (April 2018 from New World Library). Starting with a project on her own front lawn to protest proposed fracking in Oregon, DeMocker’s project united her neighborhood,...


Take the Leap with Steve Taylor

Join us for an hour with Steve Taylor. He is a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University, and the author of several best-selling books on psychology and spirituality. For the last four years he has been included (this year at no. 62) in Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s list of the ‘100 most spiritually influential living people.’ His books include Waking From Sleep, The Fall, Out of the Darkness, Back to Sanity, and The Calm Center. His books have been published in 19 languages,...


Good Communication Begins with Great Principles with Marion

Join us as we focus on the topic of communication. We are delighted to share the hour with Marion Grobb Finkelstein, founder of Marion Speaks — a training and consulting company that simplifies how managers and employees communicate with each other and with their clients. Marion is sought out to assist and lead employers through the tangled knots of ineffective communication while replacing such strategies with professionally activate


Never Underestimate Your Dreams with Layne Dalfen

Dream Analyst Layne Dalfen believes all dreams have an important and challenging invitation that helps you "become who you are intended to be!" She doesn't subscribe to the idea that certain types of dreams mean the same thing to everyone. "The associations our unconscious develops are as unique to each person as their fingerprint, " In her books--the first shorter volume subtitled The Overview, and the second, subtitled A Deeper Discussion-- she shows you how to analyze, evaluate and map...


30 days to Spiritual Awakening with Brent Phillips

Brent Phillips was a successful MIT-trained engineer who experienced a miracle after a single session of energy healing! He was so transformed by this experience that he gave up his career in technology and dedicated all of his science and engineering talent and experience to master instant healing and personal holistic transformation. Today, he specializes in Awakening Dynamics, a holistic healing technique which directly addresses your subconscious mind to fix the “bugs in your software”...


Publishing! with our guest Marc Allen

Marc Allen is the cofounder of New World Library and the author of Visionary Business. Marc has discovered, through trial and error, a proven set of principles that can help each of us live the life of our dreams, doing what we love to do, while adhering to compassionate, conscious values. An accomplished entrepreneur, Marc has guided New World Library from a small start-up with no capital to its current position as one of the leading independent publishers in the country. Over the years, he...


Sales Authenticity with Business Expert, Shirlene Reeves

Shirlene has hosts the Ascended Masters At Work show on BBS Syndicated Radio on 57 stations nationwide. She’s created her own syndicated broadcasting station with shows based on business finance, metaphysical science & lifestyle. You might also be familiar with her television presence. Shirlene Reeves produced and hosted WMAX TV with co-host Barbara Wainwright. Together, they created 2 seasons of talk show TV in San Diego, California, with prestigious guests from all around the world. For 17...


Creating a Stand-Out Brand with Peg Marckworth

Entrepreneurs are told they MUST stay ahead of the competition is order to survive. That is one mighty task! Peg Marckworth understands that a well-crafted brand gives you visibility and builds your reputation. You never want to leave your brand to chance. To discover more, join us for an exciting hour on Life Mastery Radio. Peg Marckworth is the principal of Marckworth Associates. She creates brands for companies, professionals, and individuals to help set them apart while catching the...


Ancient Texts Meet Modern Times

Denise Alexander Pyle is passionate about the fact that the 10 Commandments are needed today more than ever. And she has a unique style in stating her sense of urgency. She says, “The Ten Commandments are comprised of ten powerful rules for our survival, governed by the underlying principle of unbridled love of God, ourselves, and each other. Sounds intriguing, yes? Join us live on July 10th at 10:00 a.m. PST and be sure to send your texts our way! As Denise asserts, If you haven’t committed...


The Creation Frequency with Mike Murphy

Let’s roll up those sleeves and manifest our dreams with Mike Murphy’s formula known as The Creation Frequency (also the name of his recent book). He explains that the things we want are less like solid objects and more like creative energy. Some people understand this as the law of attraction. Let Mike Murphy explain how it has worked in his life and for others. Join us this Tuesday, June 3rd for another fireside chat on Life Mastery Radio! If you’d like to get started right now, check out...


Your Miraculous Money 06/26/18

Meriflor Toneatto, the CEO and Found of Power With Soul and the creator of the Millionaire Difference Makers Path. Meriflor is a professional coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. We will discuss her new book, Money, Manifestations, and Miracles just released by New World Library. Meriflor is successful at helping individuals with their beliefs about money, encouraging us all to understand that when you feel empowered, you become a difference maker. From that place of empowerment, all areas of...


The Pain Companion with Sarah Anne Shockley 06/19/18

How many people in the US alone are fighting pain? Literally millions. People flood to the emergency room due to physical pain, and that often leads to addiction to pain medications while unremitting discomfort takes over peoples lives. Author Sarah Anne Shockley, who has personally lived with chronic pain since 2007, offers fellow pain sufferers a compassionate and supportive guide in her book, The Pain Companion: Everyday Wisdom for Living With and Moving Beyond Chronic Pain. I cannot know...


Clarifying Your Mission Statement with Clark Roberts06/12/18

Right now, colleges all over the U.S. are honoring graduates who are stepping into the world with goals to fulfill their mission statements. They have worked hard to cultivate a clear path for their future, but what is the relationship between the plans and the outcomes? Can we carve them out? What if the unexpected comes along; then what?? Our friend, Clark Roberts, had to face life on new terms as he lost his site at age 24. While that may have changed his plans, it only clarified his...


Spiritual Living and Rethinking Prayer with Angela Montano 06/05/18

Do you have a relationship to prayer? Many people associate prayer only with religions, but there is another type of prayer life that can make you masterful in the game of life. An international spiritual coach and prayer counselor, Angela Montano is devoted to sharing the utterly transformative power of prayer. Her work provides spiritual insights that change the way people perceive their circumstances, creating a shift that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Angela’s mission is...


The Thought Detox with Sharon Blake 05/29/18

Are you paying attention to your thoughts? Do you like what they have to say? If your thoughts need a little cleaning up, join us for an hour of life mastery conversations with our guest, Sharon Blake, the author of The Thought Detox: Breaking Free from a Negative Thought Life. Coach Debby originally met Sharon at a spiritual retreat and witnessed Blake’s story of transformation from a painful life chronicles to a promising future in publishing. Sharon Blake is the CEO and founder of Life...