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153 - What's the Purpose, Really?

Sometimes you have the best intentions...yet, it still doesn’t work. This episode is about taking a hard look in the mirror, and making the tough decision to say no. The podcast has been up and down, branded and re-branded, an emotional roller coaster to say the least, and a ton of effort. So there comes a time where you have to be real with yourself, and your audience. That’s what Brook and Nick did on this episode of The Make it Snappy Experiment.


Combining Tasks to Save Time or Nah...

For our second episode of the series, we thanked our guests from the first show, explained what we were up to, then asked a question for a second episode. A long story short, We failed to verify or disprove our hypothesis. We posted in multiple places and got crickets. Unable to get any sort of response to our questions, we tried shortening it up and re-posting to see what responses we got. Tune in to see the results!


151 - The Procrastination Hypothesis: What's Your Flavor? (w/Carey & Demir Bentley)

Tomorrow should be easier than today. Do you really believe that, or is it just an unattainable goal to pin on your refrigerator? What if we came up with a hypothesis that if proven true, would exponentially improve everything you do in life and work? What if there were something constantly picking at you that if exposed and conquered, would set you on a course for sustainable success in literally everything you do? JOIN THE FREE FACEBOOK GROUP: We have the answer:...


150 - How and Why We Procrastinate (Deep Dive w/Brook & Dee)

Brook Borup of My Clone Solution teams up with Snappy Dee to explore the hypothesis that coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs, will be more productive when they realize what they do when they’re procrastinating. It’s one thing to procrastinate but you might in over your head if you’re not even sure what you’re doing while you’re stalling! This week Brook and Dee poll different Facebook communities to explore what it is we’re doing when we’re procrastinating and what follow up with the...


149 - Let’s Be Real, There’s Nothing to Hide

It’s time to get real... We want to put it all out there for you. To show you what’s really going on behind the scenes of The Make it Snappy Experiment and the decisions we have to make to keep families fed, audiences engaged, and stress at bay. Make sure you join the Facebook group to get in on the action! Need a boost? Check out our free tools to 10X YOUR EFFECTIVENESS ONLINE:


148 - Why Analog is BETTER than Digital for Online Business

7-Figures in you REALLY believe that? I'm so tired of the guru-marketing hype. Can you make 7-figures? Absolutely! Can you do it in 7-weeks? Ummm...let's check ourselves for a few moments before I answer that question. There are a lot of sleazy people out there trying to sell you the idea of creating a 7-figure passive income stream with ease. The reality is, this take A LOT of work...totally possible, many have done it, but you need to be on your A-Game and there’s a lot that...


147 - Market Research for Course Idea Validation (Deep Dive w/Hazel June)

When it comes to validating your idea for an online course, there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. In this episode of The Deep Dives Lab, Snappy Dee reports on a conversation he has with expert course creator, Hazel June, on what it means to thoroughly validate your course idea before bringing it to market.


146 - What the Online Gurus Don’t Tell You (w/Brook Borup)

With so much education available online these days, all the gurus telling you how to make it online, there are some things you should know to avoid getting taken advantage of. With neraly 200 clients and a growing team of virtual powerhouse assistants, Brook Borup is an expert in the virtual space and we dive into how to avoid common pitfalls if you’re an independent consultant/contractor, trainer or freelancer. We also talk about some amazing tools, Brook is always on the cutting edge of...


145 - Diving in a New Direction (Deep Dives w/ Sharlene and Snappy Dee)

Let's not jump the gun here. Productivity will always be important but perhaps there's an even better focus for our brand and community? Our founder, Nick Snapp comes from a background in engineering and professional project management so the concept of time and productivity was a natural fit for an online component. As time went on, the needs of our community began to change so we changed along with it...


144 - Why Rebrand the Podcast? (w/Nick Snapp)

Rebranding Make it Snappy has been something our team has been working on since Brittany initially let us know she was leaving the show. We had to re-group, take a step back and really think about the purpose of the podcast, how we can serve you as listeners and honestly, whether it made sense to continue podcasting…can’t wait to tell you the whole story! JOIN THE MAKE IT SNAPPY FACEBOOK GROUP: Thank you for being patient with us Snappy Nation, we have some incredible...


143 - 5 Takeaways for Staying Motivated (Deep Dives w/ Sharlene and Snappy Dee)

Josh Haynam joined the Make it Snappy Productivity Show as a guest for episode 140, The Case for Doing Things Differently, where he decoded the blueprint behind the success of his company, Interact and how after repeated shortcomings, he was able to stay motivated and implement routines to grow his company and build his brand. Motivation is defined as "the general desire or willingness of someone to do something." Having the desire to do something is half the battle while physically...


142 - Tools for Front-End Thinking (w/Zachary Sexton)

Oh, how we LOVE tools, but HATE goodbyes! Whether you're into side hustling or you're a full-time consultant, trainer or freelancer, it's important to know the shortcuts that actually matter. There are so many tools, such an abundance of resources for making the best use of your time and our guest, Zach Sexton gives us some straight-up wisdom about tools he recommends that make the biggest difference in productivity. A little about Zach, he loves to teach and share exciting tools, systems...


141 - What’s a Time Bucket? (Deep Dive w/Sharlene & Snappy Dee)

Welcome to the second episode of Deep Dives with Sharlene and Snappy Dee!!! This week our "snappy" duo examines one of the best takeaways from Tracey Minutolo’s previous episode, "138 - How To Start A Side Hustle the Right Way." Tracey shows us how to effectively manage our time plan out projects and categorize tasks necessary for building a successful side hustle. In this episode, Sharlene and Snappy Dee take a close look at each of these specialized time buckets and offers resources to...


140 - The Case for Doing Things Differently (w/Josh Haynam)

You’re thinking about giving it all up...this is it. What will you do? Josh Haynam, founder of the hugely successful tech company Interact, tells us all about how his small, struggling tech startup changed everything through simple routines. By making changes in his processes and how he and his team approached work, they finally busted through and started seeing results. Now his company Interact, a tool that lets you create quizzes to grow your email list, drive sales, and increase your...


139 - Deep Dives With Sharlene and Snappy Dee Episode 1

Join us as The Make It Snappy Productivity Show expands to its new segment, Deep Dives with Sharlene and Snappy Dee. This is a short episode where we officially introduce our new hosts and give a sneak peek into what you can expect from the new team going forward. Deep Dives aims to be an interactive segment that Dives Deeper into how to be productive with thought-provoking insights and takeaways from its co-hosts. JOIN THE FREE FACEBOOK GROUP: FREE TEMPLATES TO 10X...


138 - How to Side Hustle the RIGHT way (w/ Tracey Minutolo)

What does it REALLY take to start a hustle on the side? Should you even try? Tracey Minutolo, side hustler expert gives us the inside scoop. We talk about how she got started into side hustling and why she decided to start helping others do the same. She gives advice to her former self - what she wishes she knew when she started side hustling - and tells us about her iterative feedback process with Snappier. (Spoiler - Tracey’s been doing agile and she didn’t even know it!) JOIN THE FREE...


137 - Hosting a Virtual Summit for the First Time! (w/Sharlene Sobrepeña)

Keeping your guiding core principles in an easy to access place could do a lot for us as we traverse life’s journey. Sounds like we all need to take a page out of Sharlene’s book. Sharlene Sobrepeña joins The Make It Snappy Productivity Show to share how she’s able to stay grounded to her values at all times while trying to achieve maximum efficiency in her daily life. JOIN THE FREE FACEBOOK GROUP: Sharlene has hosted an online summit along with creating a value-based...


136 - Overcoming Team Pushback (with Andrea Fryrear)

Andrea Fryrear, agile marketing expert knows how to overcome resistance to change. When implementing something new at work, like agile methodology, the old dogs can get cranky! They don’t like to be taught new tricks, but what they don’t know is that agile is not a trick. It’s a method for getting results. Andrea got her start in agile when she started hearing about it from her software developer husband, and recognized there’s application to her role in marketing. She soon started applying...


135 - Stage Names & Live Event Accountability (w/ Dimitri Griffith)

Getting live events off the ground and running smoothly doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think. Dimitri Griffith joins the Make It Snappy Productivity Show for the first time to discuss accountability during live events. Brittany and Nick discuss with Dimitri what works, what doesn’t and how to provide the best support for your team before and during the event. Dimitri shares his journey to becoming more productive and the methods he used to get there and eliminate waste in the...


134 - Tool Agnosticism & Time Wisdom

Are you tool agnostic? Can you actually control time? Such words of wisdom come out of this conversation with Devon Scott, founder of Blue Fission Technology, where he consults with tech companies to help them with strategy and efficiency. JOIN THE FREE FACEBOOK GROUP: Brittany and Nick talk to Devon about his childhood challenges with learning and getting things done and how what he’s learned is something that he applies even still in life. We also discuss agile and how...