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OTAP Ep. 49: The Making of "To Kill A Saturday" w/ Chiquita (@PettyMurphy08)

Chiquita, a master cosmetologist and owner of Chiquita's Chair hair salon gives us a behind the scenes look at the wildly successful all-you-can-drink tequila day party. In addition, we learn about where she grew up, the wonders of her "Miracle Oil" and we do short round of nasty tweets You can purchase her Miracle Oil at Find and subscribe to the show with one the links here or anywhere you find podcasts! Apple Apple...


OTAP Ep. 48: Just Me

No interview this week, just Corey talking straight from the heart about... *Whats been going on with him, *Why there hasn't been an episode in a while *The future of The OTAP Show.


OTAP Ep. 47: @Liberienne

At the age of 22, she's probably seen more heavy times than you will in a lifetime. E, (@Liberienne) stops by the show in its return after a short wind breather to discuss the following: Escaping war torn Liberia, Being separated from her mother The meaning of her name Why men are trash Maca Roots! Healthy Skin Tips ...AND MUCH MORE!


OTAP Ep. 46: Sommar (@Solstice1014)

Scientist, Amazing, Warrior, Survivor. These are just a few words to describe Sommar, A Breast Cancer survivor who lost her mother at age 15 to the very same battle she fought earlier this year. Topics Include: *Sommar tells a few stories about Corey that no one has heard *Living in an unhealthy relationship for years * The Hoe Phase * Getting pissed off at Snoop Dogg for stepping on her shoes. *Losing her mother to breast cancer * Being diagnosed with breast cancer * Losing her...


OTAP Ep. 45: Brittany (@LupusFiasco)

Brittany, an amazing woman who's been battling lupus for the past 3 year joins The OTAP Show this week to discuss the downward spirals and turns for the worse her life had once taken and how she's bounced back to be an inspiration to others. Topics Include: * The day she started spiraling downward * How she found herself in the adult entertainment industry as an exotic dancer *Enduring domestic violence and abuse * Feelings of not wanting to be a mom anymore * Being diagnosed...


OTAP Show Presents: Tarantino Unscripted Part 2

Spiraling off in to a conversation on racism past and present, Corey, Cam and Greg discuss the movies "The Hateful Eight" and "Django Unchained" Follow the hosts of this episode on twitter! Greg (@NewAgeIkeTurner) Cam (@JustMuteMeNow) Corey (@TheRealSchitty)


OTAP Ep. 44: Calvin (@SoloExMachina)

Calvin grew up as the unconventional "weird kid" in Maryland. Having always kept family first, Calvin takes The OTAP Show on a trip down memory lane giving us a glimpse into the key moments of his life that shaped who he is today. Topics include: * Growing up sheltered *His parents unconventional theory on raising kids *Being the "weird" kid * How twitter has played a pivotal role in his growth and development * When he started embracing his awkwardness *Why he loves working with...


OTAP Show Presents: Tarantino Unscripted Part 1

The first part of 5 in the Tarantino Unscripted mini series brings back Greg (from Episode 6 & 10) and introduces newcomer Patty (future episode coming) to come together and breakdown all of the films in the Quentin Tarantino catalog to date. In this first edition we discuss Reservoir Dogs and Inglorious Basterds.


OTAP Ep. 43: Resha (@ChefResha)

Chef Resha is a flavor obsessed celebrity chef, Youtuber and food blogger who takes pride in bridging the subtle gap between food and sex. Chef Resha joins The OTAP Show to talk about her passions, family goals and of course... SEX! Topics include: * Changing her twitter handle to @ChefResha (Formerly @kanYeBreast) * Guesting on the Dr. Oz Show * Her ultimate motivation to finally lose weight * Cooking for radio and television personality Cathy Hughes * Her website...


OTAP Ep. 42: Feminista Jones (@FeministaJones)

Author, speaker, and social worker are just a few of the many titles and accolades to describe her many acts of service in the name of women's health and well being. Conservator of the life saving movement #YouOkSis, Feminista Jones joins The OTAP Show to cover a variety of topics and share life saving tips. Topics include: * Growing up in New York * The birth of "Feminista Jones" * An Examination of Street Harassment * "Putting Yourself in the Space" - a Life Saving Technique *...


OTAP Ep. 41: Ixora Botanical Beauty CEO, Mercedes (@CruzanChoklate)

Mercedes, the creator, owner and CEO of the wildly popular natural skin care products line "Ixora Botanical Beauty", joins the show as Corey reviews products from her mens line and to talk about overall skin health. Mercedes reveals a special 15% off promo code just for the listeners of The OTAP Show! visit for more Topics Include: * Skin care tips for men and women * Why she chooses the particular ingredients she has in her product * Why she started the line And much...


OTAP Ep. 40: Comedian Felonious Munk

Comedy Central and The Nightly Show's own, Comedian Felonious Munk stops by The OTAP Show to discuss comedy, family and hard work. Topics include: *The closing of Chicago's comedy club "Jokes and Notes" *Finding out he has his own Wikipedia page *Why he chose comedy *Advice he received from Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Jerrod Carmichael *Why his mother is his driving force *Getting a recurring gig on Comedy Centrals "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore" *When he realized...


OTAP Ep. 39: Na'Quelle Tresvant

Daughter of New Edition legend Ralph Tresvant, R&B Singer Na'Quelle Tresvant stops by The OTAP Show to discuss life, family and breaking into the family business. Topics include: *When she first realized her father was a superstar * Growing up around and touring with New Edition * Getting married and having a family of her own * Small details about the upcoming New Edition movie * Creating her own lane in the world of music and much more! Download Na'Quelle Tresvant's latest...


OTAP Bonus Episode: Is Masculinity So Fragile?

Corey and Pinky discuss the documentary "The Mask You Live In", A documentary examining what young boys are taught about masculinity and its affect on society today. This documentary by director Jennifer Siebel Newsome. Can find it on Netflix by clicking here or Corey and Pinky also answer more of your sex and relationship questions. Other Topics Include: *Pinky putting on for the recorder *Reading each others timelines *A look at possible...


OTAP Ep. 38: Uber/Lyft Driver's Roundtable

Roundtable episode with drivers telling everything you wanted to know about Uber and Lyft! Topics include: *How to become an Uber/Lyft Driver *Weirdest request a passenger has made *What to do when your passenger offers you a threesome * Do Uber/Lyft driver accept cash as tips? *Being offered a handjob at the end of the ride *The most money made in a week *Best and worst ride experiences *Advice for passengers and new drivers and much more! Participants: Stacy...


OTAP Ep. 37: Mental Health Therapist, Quinn (@CuntryCorner)

With the passing of Legendary fighters Muhammad Ali and Kimbo Slice, The OTAP Show starts with a tribute put together honoring both. Afterwards, we welcome Quinn! Topics include: *Who pissed off 2016? *Quinn's official title *Why she entered the field of Mental Health Therapy *Surviving Spousal Abuse *Her new podcast "The Gheigh Agenda" And much more!


OTAP Ep. 36: Stephen (@ChefWaites)

This weeks episode is live on location from the Big Chow Grill in the Cumberland area of North Atlanta. Catching up with long time friend "Chef", Corey and Stephen enjoy stir fry and also kickoff an interview WITHIN the interview with waitress Yvonne! Topic include: *Is Chef Waites really a Chef? * Various Life Hacks to improve your quality of life *What happened to "Coon Tunes"? *Why he doesn't like cheese * Chef challenges Corey to 2pac songs better than Future's March Madness and...


OTAP Ep. 35: Comedian Cerrome Russell (@CerromeRussell)

Comedian Cerrome Russell of the band of comedians known as The DeceptiComics is a 15 year veteran in the comic game. He stops by the show to talk about why he became a comedian, the journey of fatherhood and his influences. Topics include *The Forming Of The Decepticomics * 3 Worst white people in history * The worst venues he's performed at * His podcast The Bad Advice Show of The Cold Slither Podcast Network * Receiving Advice From Word Renowned Comedians * Bombing on Stage *...


OTAP Ep. 34: Singer-Songwriter Joella DeVille (@JoellaDeVille)

As the show opens with "Ease The Pain", a single from her upcoming EP "Just A Sip", Singer/Songwriter Joella DeVille stops by the show to talk about life as a recording artist and what brought her to the industry. Topics include: *Growing up in a musical family *The best advice she's received * Setting the record straight about being labeled a "Twitter Artist" *Rocking the house while opening up for Kendrick Lamar at the historic Great Western Forum in Los Angeles * Opting to be a...


OTAP Show Turns 1! w/ Short Message Service Podcast (@SMSPod)

Shayla, Monique and Shubie of the acclaimed Short Message Service Podcast (@SMSpod) return to The OTAP Show to help Corey celebrate the show's 1 year Anniversary! The ladies of SMS Pod grill Corey on a variety of subjects! Discussions include: *How this episode almost didn't happen *Why Corey feels his Dad still wants to sleep with his Mom and why Corey isn't feeling that Sh*t *Smelling Things * 3 Quirky things about Corey * Corey's dream interview * What Corey has learned from...