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A Trip Back Down Memory Lane "2018 Year In Review"

Intro New Years Resolutions and Goals Christmas Party Update The Morning After A Year In Review Show makes its return in 2018Best Moments Of 2018 On The Show Top 5 YouTube Challenges of 2018 Tide Pod Challenge'In My Feelings" ChallengeCondom Challenge3AM ChallengeFire Challenge Top 5 Songs Of 2018 Host Break Down Of The Top 5 Wrap Up What's To Come In 2019


Two Guys, One Girl You Know How The Story Goes! Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter

Intro Catching Up With The Host Wedding Photographer Does More Than Take Photos Fart Leads To Assault Should You Apologize When Farting in Public?Jay Shares His Favorite Farts Another Poo Story To Gross Nick Out First Date, But Where He Takes Her May Surprise You Call In To Share Your First Date Nightmare Drunken Florida Man Thinks He's In A Uber Have You Ever Been So Drunk You Didn't Know Where You Were? Just Two Episodes Left This Season! Join The Show And Share Your Stories On Any Of...


No Nut November

Intro Catch up with the host GoFundMe scam Has anyone donated to complete strangers? What Is No Nut November? Guys have you tried this? How long did you make it? Call in and share your experience Men are more attractive with a beard than men who are clean shaven Women do you agree with this? Call in and tell us why Florida men battle it out for best mugshot. We break down both and give our vote Manager assaulted by employee, but what was used may make your mouth water Dating terms that are...


From Vegas to the clinic

Intro Catching up with the host "Trainwrecks" game day experienceWhat in the world has Nick been up too with his alone time? Jay's Las Vegas recap #Metoo movement may be the death of the office holiday party You may think you have it bad at work, until you hear how this Chinese company treats employees Man wants to legally change his age, but why may surprise you Men always want a bigger penis, but is scrotum injections the newest trend?


Snowflakes Rejoice We're Back

Intro We welcome back "Trainwreck" Jay realizes his hangovers the past two weeks have worsened, and tries to figure out how to avoid it in Vegas"Trainwrecks" Nashville update Bachelorette party expenses and break down from this bride to be Stories from around the world Man sues supermarket for discrimination after colleague does what?Chinese brand may cause a two day erection! Have to tune in to find out if you may be affectedMan booby traps his own home and well it apparently it works (911...


Party Like Its 1982

Intro Where have the host been updateWhere in the world is "Trainwreck" hint not beating up protesters in WashingtonGeoffrey the giraffe is back Hasbro introduces Poop Troop Parents would you let your kids play with this? Call In and tell us why or why not Penis acne can't be real can it? Has any guys experienced this? Call In Men I hate to break the bad news, but with colder weather comes a shrinkage thats not a myth Girl gives hers Ex's a exit survey and may be the reason it didn't work...


More Than Just Sweat On The Tanning Booth Floor

Intro Nick training for 10 Mile run update, What happens after the 8 mile mark?Co-Host "Trainwreck" out on the water what locals call "The White Trash Bash" You get 9 minutes alone so you decide to masturbate, but where it happens may surprise you Call in and share your stories of unusual places you have found yourself getting off Tinder date goes wrong Co-Host has Tinder date and when he arrives it gets creepyLatest dating term"Mountaineering" explained. Share your first date nightmares...


The "Shiggy Dance" Episode

Intro We welcome our newest host "Trainwreck" in studio for the first time"Trainwreck" gives an update about her experience at the Faster Horses music festival Have a question for our new host "Trainwreck" call or use the chat feature, always open lines The lastest challenge In My Feelings by Drake spurns challenge where people are doing the "shiggy dance" but where is concerning Dumbasses of the week Man gets caught breaking into.... Wait for itWoman runs over repossesion man, but what was...


So that's where the USB goes!

Intro We introduce our new co-host Paint a picture, can you picture what the new host looks like? Call or use our live chat to ask questions and take a wild guess Women watching male on male gay , but can these numbers be right? That's not where the USB goes Guys have you ever stuck anything up your penis Why did the monkey punch this little girl?


Porta Potty In The Sky

Intro What have the host been up tooCraigslist Ad Responses For Co-HostWelcome in a guest host Piss drunk man does what on a plane Entertainment News Will Smith back in the studio, we share the latest audioAriana Grande is dating who? and why does Jay careMorgan reeman apology Men share their stories about the firt time a woman squirted. Age old debate is it urine? Men have you made a woman squirt and your reaction? Ladies are you a squirter? Limp Dick Men share what a woman shouldn't say...


Case Of The Missing Nut: A Verbal Train Mystery Episode

Intro Nick shares a problem, and we try to solve the mystery live on air From Ghosting,to Netflix and Chill we have the latest trend: Shadowing Oral Sex Stories What happens to this man on a trainMan wakes up to oral sex, but not what you think Men Share One Night Stand Nightmares Men and women we want to hear your stories,call in and be part of the show Woman Attacks Cheating Boyfriend We share his response and ask that you join in on the fun, and let us know what has an ex attacked you...


Beauty Tip: Facials

Intro What happens when Jay goes to the grocery store?The Podcast Factor plays our penis measuring clip Trends Women enjoying facials more than ever. Share your first facial experience live on air, and guys what is the funniest reaction when you gave an unwanted facial? Brojobs are gaining popularity, and would you ever try it? Don't drink and Uber What's worse than geting a ring stuck on your penis? Dating and relationships When is it alright to fart in front of your partner? Call in as we...


The Bronze Medal Of Podcasts

Olympic coverage Who watches and why?NetherlandsChanging the rules for black history month Valentine's Day What can you not say at this school dance?In a relationship? So how long until you fart in front of your partner Man gets pissed off because he keeps getting my favorite food delivered London dungeon is giving customers these as you walk in. Hint Jay could use some Why does a woman get kicked off a flight? Woman with Tourette's that goes away when singing. Jay gives it a shot to see if...


Ready for the lights of New York City

Super Bowl Weekend Philidelphia Eagle fans we want to hear your best trash talk New England Partiot fans your response to the trash talkingGame PredictionsWill you be watching? if not why? New dating trend that should worry men with beards Latest game takes "Pie In The Face" to the next level Guys we break down the latest trend in measuring your penis Newest may ruin your childhood Join us and call in, or use the chat feature to share your stories, ask host questions or opinions on other...


If s**t hole is offensive, here is a pad for your p***y

Intro Kardashian names her baby, and why do people care?Last week's episode didn't air, but why?Don't hate the hustle. 2018 time to hit the gym What does this girl do to avoid being hit on by a dude? As if we needed more proof this generation is stupid, they're now doing what challange? AntG and DJD official overdose on marijuana song Hub releases what people did during the missle threat in Hawaii a Sex Robot makes you earn getting in her panties Finstagram rant Our phone line is always...


The Return of The Verbal Train Wreck

Season 2 of The Verbal Train Wreck Break down of the biggest stories from 2017hub christmas spike. What are people looking up? Keaton Jones bullying video break down What excuse have you used to call in sick from work? We welcome your calls anytime during the show, please feel free to call to add to the subjects and stories, or just say Hi whatever is welcome. Every episode is full of surprises that may not be listed above, what do you have to lose just listen.


Unicorns, Rainbows, Cotton Candy filled clouds, and safe Places

We are back live on December 16th. Please stay tuned in for the official start time! Follow us on Facebook @TheVerrbaltrainWreck and on Twitter. This is an old episode.


Gotta Catch Them All

Intro Recap of last weekJay shares story about volunteeringGhostbusters remake Pokemon Go takes over the world Criminals robbing teensPokemon Blow and GoWhere do these teens wander into?Breaking and entering to catch rare PokemonGuy gets caught cheatingTeens fall from cliff No with your Big Mac Chewbacca mom sings Michael Jacksons Heal the world with our live breakdown Jay loses it going off on the president


Young Lyte and crew from Monstar Entertainment invade the Verbal studios

Young Lyte interview Album release August 26th 2016 Broke but still ShiningFirst album Follow the Lyte can be found on more info on Young Lyte Google for social media links


The results are in and I'm not Nick's father

We ask Nick how his fathers day was last sunday, and what happened when we ran to the store together. Have you ever accidentally gone into the wrong bathroom? Jay shares his story this week of how it happened or is he mixed on which one to use? Tune in to find out the answer. Newest app lets you blow off annoying people. Is it easier to just block someone you have no interest in or would you use this feature?Have you ever just stopped responding to someone you've known a long time? Typically...