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BTB025 Most Influential Women in Wrestling

Episode 25 of The Bell to Bell with Bobby Blaze Podcast pays tribute to the top ten, “Most Influential Women of Pro Wrestling.” Join Bobby and Jeremy as they broadcast this week from The Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, home of the original GLOW television show. Shout outs and honorable mentions are given their due respect, but who makes the top ten? Bobby shares a funny road trip story about Sherri Martel. How influential was, “The Fabulous Moolah?” How important and influential are...


BtB024 Bobby's Top Ten Wrestling Matches

Episode 24: Bobby Blaze·s Top Ten Favorite Matches as told to his co-host Jeremy. Was Jeremy surprised? Is Bobby biased towards The Malenko Brothers? Does The Sheik make yet another list? You·ll have to tune in to find out all this and more on this much


BTB023 Top Ten Scary Movies

EP 23: Texas Farmhouse: Bobby and Jeremy travel down the road less traveled on this week’s episode. The guys bring you their favorite Top Ten Horror films of all time. Join a special podcast of frights and fun from somewhere in Texas. It might be a nightmare, but it’s not tragic…or is it? It’s the Bell to Bell Chain Saw Massacre.


BTB022 10 Scary Gimmicks that Flopped

Episode 22: Bell to Bell with Bobby Blaze: Scariest Gimmicks that Flopped! Join Bobby Blaze and his co-host Jeremy Vilmur as they bring you a top 10 list of classic wrestling gimmicks and ideas that just didn't work. Panty Hose, Voodoo, & Air Brushed


BTB021 Top Ten Scary Gimmicks

Episode 21 “Scariest Gimmicks” of all time that, “Got Over” in professional wrestling. Join Bobby and Jeremy as they present a top ten list direct from the eerie and creepy, Haddonfield Armory. Who makes this list? Vampires, Devils, and a Killer on the roam, oh my. Somebody’s watching us! Tune In…


BTB020 Top Ten Bloodiest Matches

Episode 20 Bloodiest Matches: This week’s podcast comes to you from “The Crystal Lake Rec Center.” Bobby and Jeremy team up this week to talk about ten of the Bloodiest Matches in professional wrestling. Be careful going to the concession stand! Tune into, “The Bell to Bell with Bobby Blaze Podcast.” or you could be doomed if you miss this one.


BTB019 We need to talk about Barry and Buddy

Episode 19 “We Need to Talk about Barry and Buddy” The boys give a few shout outs including Jeremy reading a recent listener review. Bobby goes off on a rant about Fan Mail. Buddy Landel asked a fan, "You want some too?" Jeremy and Bobby discuss, “What if Barry Windham had been an original member of The 4 Horsemen?” Stories from the road, fantasy booking, questions and more all on this week’s episode.


BTB018 Top Ten Underrated Wrestlers

Episode 18: Most Underrated Wrestlers: Ever heard of professional wrestling fans dressed to the nines at an event? You will on this episode as Bobby Blaze and his co-host Jeremy Vilmur come to you from, “The Wrestling Capitol of the World” back in the day, St. Louis, Missouri. Enjoy some history about the “Wrestling at the Chase” television program. Who makes the top ten list of professional wrestlers that were underrated? Does Bobby Blaze still have “heat” with Buddy Landel. What do both...


Top Ten Goofiest Gimmicks and Spots

Bobby Blaze and his co-host Jeremy talk about some of wrestling's goofiest moments and trends. From blindfolds to bad color combinations they really dig in this week. Longest episode ever coming in at roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes. Buy Bobby's books on Amazon Pin me pay me I kicked out on two


BTB016 Greatest Regional Heels Part 2

Picking up from last week's topic Bobby and Jeremy talk about the greatest regional heels in pro wrestling. But first Jeremy and Bobby talk about All In and the NWA Title.


BTB015 Top Regional Heels Part 1

Coming to you from the house The Sheik built, Cobo Hall in Detroit Michigan! Jeremy and Bobby count down their Top ten Regional Heels from the glory days of Pro Wrestling. The guys get energetic and emotional this episode and end up having to split the show in half. Who made spots 10-6 on the list? Listen and find out.


The Junk Yard Dog

Episode 14: Top Ten Reasons we love JYD! On this episode, Jeremy and Bobby talk about the Top Ten Reasons why they and their fans loved, “The Junk Yard Dog.” Listen in as they discuss several JYD moments and share stories of his popularity not only in the world of professional wrestling but also how he crossed racial barriers and won the world over with his unique interviews, wearing a dog collar and uniting kids and fans of all races. Bobby also tells a funny story about the late Jim “The...


Top Ten regional Baby Faces in Pro Wrestling

This week we come to you from the Sportatorium in Dallas Texas. After clearing up the end of last week's episode Jeremy and Bobby count down the Top Ten Regional Baby Faces in Pro Wrestling.


The Mid-South Coliseum and The 10 Greatest Wrestling Managers

Coming to you from The Historic Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis Tenessee, Bobby and Jeremy countdown the Top Ten Wrestling Managers. Things get a little heated when Bobby goes off script. Did your favorites make the list?


BTB011 Top Ten Greatest Rivalries in Wrestling

Sadly, Jeremy and Bobby have to talk about tragedies at the start of this episode. Bobby shares a story about Brian Christopher Lawler. Bobby and Jeremy then talk about the Louisiana Superdome and countdown Ten of their favorite pro wrestling Rivalries. Links Bell to Bell Website Our Libsyn Twitter Facebook


BTB010 "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Bobby Blaze and Jeremy Vilmur come to you from the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles California. After discussing its legendary history as a venue for wrestling, boxing, music and roller derby they switch gears and talk about an icon's history 'Rowdy" Roddy Piper! They cover their top ten most important moments/interactions in his career. What did Jeremy bring as a gift for Bobby Blaze? They close the show with the song "They Live" by the rock band Reign of Zaius (buy the album here...


Remembering Chris Candido

Bobby and Jeremy start the show with some of Bobby's favorite stories from The Knoxville Civic Coliseum, including his match for the NWA World Title against Dan "The Beast" Severn. Then Bobby tells us about Chris Candido.


Top Ten Greatest Entrance Themes in Wrestling

Jeremy has gone on the lamb. But have no fear, crime-fighting wrestling podcaster the Silver Scorpion is here! Bobby seems a little dubious of his new broadcast partner as they countdown the Top Ten Greatest Entrance Themes in Wrestling! Did your choice make the list? Who got first place? Why is Jeremy in hiding, find out on this episode of Bell to Bell with Bobby Blaze!


Happy 4th of July

Jeremy and Bobby report in with a short episode this week. They talk about plans for the upcoming episodes and do not do a top ten this week. No one likes a podcast to miss an episode therefor we did this to let everyone know there are more coming.


10 Greatest wrestlers to never hold a major title.

Bobby Blaze and Jeremy Vilmur talk about starting a gofundme to cover hosting costs (now available here) they get down to business and name their picks for the Top ten wrestlers to never hold a major championship. Links: Bobby Blaze on Twitter Jeremy on Twitter Bell To Bell Twitter Bell to Bell Facebook Group