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Episode Nine - Zeus

Episode Nine: Zeus The Better Call Creative boys take a break from the WWE Network, and head over to there cinema screens to see the big screen debut of Hulk Hogan in NO HOLDS BARRED! But he's bringing back the monster Zeus! Listen as the boys give you a scene by scene account of the Film before taking you through a tour of Zeus's in ring WWF career, analysing every bear hug....and choke hold.....and ermmm, bear hug! Hang and Bang with the guys as they attempt to rebook Zeus, and then...


Episode Eight - The Nexus

Episode Eight - The Nexus Its part two of our NXT Beginnings story arc, Better Call Creative revisit, rebook and reimagine the group known as The Nexus. The eight rookies have banded together and following an impactful start, let the boys entertain you through the ballad of John Cena, a one man army with his sights set on destroying 8 new superstars in the space of 4 months! Will he succeed? Listen along as the BCC run the rule over the Nexus, and then take on the task of rebooking there own...


Episode Seven - Royal Royal 1994

Episode Seven - Royal Rumble 1994 Join the Better Call Creative lads as they head back to the early days of WWF's new generation, and check out there annual January offering, the Royal Rumble! A Royal Rumble that witnessed staggering number of debuts, multiple substitutes, and the emergences of Big Daddy Cool Diesel. Listen as the lads discuss the Death of the Undertaker, and the Heel turn and promo of Owen Hart, and try to explain why IRS was number one contender for the IC Title. Its time...


Episode Six - Dan the Beast Severn

Episode Six - Dan Severn Well before Brock Lesner was ruling the UFC and WWE, there was another! An understated, moustached man, silent, calm, and hard as nails. Come join us as we review, Dan the Beast Severn. The most decorated fighter in MMA/UFC/Wrestling history. With an almost unblemished fighting career, how did this man not rule the roost in the WWF attitude era? Let us run you through his short career in the late 90's WWF landscape, and listen along as we discuss how the WWF failed...


Episode Five - NXT Season One

Episode Five - NXT Season One. Remember when NXT didn't have a staked roster, when takeovers were a thing of dreams and instead Daniel Bryan was carrying kegs of beer around the ring or selling programmes? Let Better Call Creative remind you of the murky beginnings of what is now a premium wrestling brand, as they review NXT Season One. Join them as they recap the birth of Daniel Bryan and a heel Michael Cole. The winds of change are blowing through the world of wrestling as a young Wade...


Episode Four- Halloween Havoc 1992

Episode Four- Halloween Havoc 1992 Join Better Call Creative as they get out the costumes and trick or treat bags for WCW's annual tradition, Halloween Havoc 1992. This time its spin the wheel make the deal. Twelve of the most dangerous matches in Wrestling, all on a giant wheel! What match will Jake Roberts face off against Sting in. Also Barbarian is in the main event! Bill Watts has banned everything....and the US Title is defended in a match without the champion! Its spooky, creepy and a...


Episode 3 - Mr America Podcast

Episode Three: Mr America God Bless America! In all his masked glory, the Better Call Creative lads head back to Smackdown 2003 and review, rebook and reimagine Mr America. But who is Mr America? Hulk Hogan? Mr Fuji? Would Hulk Hogan Lie To You? Find out with Episode Three! Sit back and enjoy talk about Jimney Cricket, Nazi's, Mr Fix It, and much more....its the proposterosicity of it all!


Episode Two: Aces & Eights

Episode Two of the Better Call Creative Podcast see's us head to TNA and the Impact Zone to review the Aces and Eights. Join us as we discuss the rise and fall of the big bad biker gang. Who are the members, what is there aim, and who hurt Hulk Hogan's leg.Sit back, grab a beer, and we'll bring the laddiesss.


Episode One: ECW December to Dismember

Episode One-ECW December to Dismember Better Call Creative take on the challenge to review and rebook one of Wrestling's most infamously bad PPV's, ECW December to Dismember. Join us and enjoy as we dive back to 2006 and discuss why Sam's week was so tough, what is making Mike Knox so sad, and how was Big Show so out of shape.