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Can Crushers Spotlight with William Lutz

William Lutz is a former OVW TV Champion, and he's also qualified for the $100,000 Ladder Match at Fight For Freedom on September 11! But he has even loftier goals that he shares with Mark today on Can Crushers Spotlight! Lutz also discusses his training and his start in the wrestling industry! Mark has a comparison in mind when he thinks of Lutz, but Lutz doesn't see it that way!


There's only one Can Crushers Podcast!

Not since Jim Ross introduced fake Razor Ramón and Diesel have two wrestling personalities been so ripped off! But Mark and Paul know that Captain Lou was right when he said, "Often imitated but never duplicated!" The guys talk about the joint Asylum/Code Red card they attended as well as Raw and Smackdown. Mark covers OVW, and the English Professor actually dismisses us without homework! Don't forget about AEW All Out on Saturday! And just when you were getting used to Wednesday, the guys...


Can Crushers Spotlight with Jimmy Nutts

Jimmy Nutts is back at IWC, and the Can Crushers were the first to grab him for interview! He can't wait to get his hands on Dylan Bostic at IWC's High Stakes 3 on September 13 in Wheeling, WV! Find out what Jimmy's been doing to get physically and mentally prepared for his return! As always, Mark and John dig a little deeper into the past to find out how Jimmy went pro! Listen in, and #LetsGoNutts!


Kings of the Podcast

Our lovable garbage slingers cover the Stomp Out Cancer event they attended last weekend before giving Crazii Shea some air time to push the Asylum & Code Red Wrestling joint event in Clearfield this Saturday! Mark & Paul have free tickets for two lucky listeners! The guys also talk OVW, Raw, and Smackdown! The English Professor recalls some great King of the Ring moments! Plus this week's episode features the Rated X Can Crusher covering MCW! And listen carefully to the garbage tip of the...


Can Crushers Spotlight with Duke "The Dumpster" Droese

Duke "The Dumpster" Droese blows the lid off of what it was like to work during a transitional period in pro wrestling! Mark and John "The English Professor" learn about the guts it took for Mike Droese to approach Vince McMahon and ask for a job with the WWF/WWE! Find out what pay was like while the business struggled! Best of all, "The Dumpster" is a class act who never trashes anyone!


Can Crushers Spotlight with Drew Hernandez

On this week's Spotlight, Mark had the opportunity to talk with former OVW TV Champion Drew Hernandez. Drew informs us how hard it was the first few weeks of training, how wrestling is truly a "family", and talks about some of the goals he has for his wrestling career. As always, Thanks to Al Snow and Chad Miller for making this possible!


The Summer's Hottest Podcast!

Even though Mark did a ninety-minute show on IWC, he still has more to say about it! Chad joins him to cover MLW and co-host, because Paul is getting antsy about his football retirement. Then Mark goes solo on OVW. The guys pick apart a decent but not great SummerSlam followed by their brief thoughts on a less-than-stellar Raw and Smackdown. The English Professor demands more classroom participation! Don't forget Stomp Out Cancer is this Friday! Listen to hear if you won the tickets!


Caged Fury was Nutts!!

The Can Crushers made a last minute decision to attend IWC Caged Fury, and this show was absolutely Nutts! IRS and The English Professor join Mark for a recap of a card that easily had several Match of the Year candidates! From title changes to wild finishes to double switches to surprise returns, IWC Caged Fury delivered it all!


Can Crushers Spotlight with "Bro God" Dustin Jackson

Mark had the pleasure to sit down with former two-time OVW TV Champion and former four-time OVW Tag Team Champion, "Bro God" Dustin Jackson. We find out Dustin loves video games and parties, which Mark agrees are two of his favorites things, too. The guys then dive into all types of wrestling and talk about some places Dustin would like to wrestle during his career. As always, Thanks to Al Snow and Chad Miller for making this possible.


Rest Up for the Weekend!

The greatest tag team in wrestling podcast history is reunited as Paul joins Mark for the first time in weeks to discuss Raw and Smackdown Live! NWA and MLW guru Chad joins Mark to talk about a major announcement tonight at 6:00pm! Mark recaps his weekend in Louisville and welcomes recent OVW draftee AJ Daniels to the show. There's beer on the line once again as Mark and Paul make SummerSlam predictions. The English Professor is worked up and ready for some Kung Fu Fighting! Support local...


Can Crushers Spotlight with Chace Destiny

This week you can hear the paranoia in Mark's voice as he welcomes OVW star Chace Destiny to the show. Chace talks about all the demons he has battled to get to where he is today but knows there are more to come. Chace also discusses how Matt Cappotelli, Rip Rogers, and Al Snow have given him the building blocks to be successful in the ring; he has just twisted them to pave his own path. Thanks to Al Snow & Chad Miller for making this possible.


No Trading These Guys

Mark checks in on Asylum Pro Wrestling's Crazii Shea and gets us an update on his health and the upcoming show, Skin Deep. Without Chad, Mark gives us the MLW report then chats with The Final Count's own Ryan Mosley about the latest happenings in OVW. Paul calls into the show to give his thoughts on Raw and Smackdown, as well his love to Can Crusher Nation. The English Professor is chomping on his nails over the Yankees possibly letting the division slip away. Finally, Mark gives us all a...


Can Crushers Spotlight with OVW's Dani

Mark had the pleasure to chat with one of the fastest rising stars in OVW, Dani! The two talked about Dani's first match, the amount of training she puts in on a daily basis, the reason why she decided to attend the Al Snow Wrestling Academy, and being partnered with Stamina Pro. Dani also tells Can Crusher Nation about... well you will have to take a listen and find out who one of her closest friends is. As always, a huge THANK YOU goes goes out to Al Snow and Chad Miller for opening the...


Better Late Than Never

Did you miss us? Mark was announcing a baseball tournament yesterday, but the guys are back today! Now that football is behind him, Paul is dusting off his chops and getting back on stage. While he's at rehearsal, Mark invites Chad to be on the show to discuss MLW, WWE, NWA, and ROH. As usual, Mark has your OVW report. The English Professor was not impressed with the Raw Reunion. Don't forget to keep voting in the Can Crushers Wrestling Legacy Tournament. Next week, we'll be back to our...


Can Crushers Spotlight with OVW Women's Champion Megan Bayne

On this episode Mark has the privilege to chat with OVW Women's Champion Megan Bayne! Meg talks about her training, competing in the first ever OVW Combine and what it would mean to her to get one of those coveted spots to the Al Snow Wrestling Academy, and where she sees herself in five years. Thanks, as always, to Al Snow and Chad Miller for making this possible and thanks once again to Megan for coming on the show.


Time To Rest

Mark is starting to feel like Bill Apter from the PWI territory days with all of the wrestling he's covering this week. Fortunately, he has his reporters on the road for him as IRS has the IWC "Threat Level Midnight" review, the English Professor gives his take on AEW "Fight for the Fallen", and Chad discusses MLW. Despite recovering from surgery, Mark takes the bulk of the work as he covers OVW, Raw, Smackdown, and Extreme Rules without Paul. Fleck from Code Red Wrestling & Asylum Pro...


MCW Shamrock Cup Recap

Mark makes the trip to Joppa, MD to experience MCW's Shamrock Cup. He is joined by "The Rated X Can Crusher" Pat Lupino to cover the show. The guys break down each match and talk about upcoming shows that they would like to attend. Mark & Pat then welcome John "The English Professor" to the show to unleash the new Can Crushers tournament, which may end up being the best thus far.


Can Crushers Spotlight with "The Livewire" KTD

Mark had the opportunity to chat with one of OVW's rising stars KTD. During the conversation you find out Mark was completely wrong with a comparison, how KTD learned and adapted some new training ideas from the combine, and how it felt to be in Fort Knox. Thanks to Al Snow and Chad Miller for making the Can Crushers Spotlights possible.


An All-Star Show

What a lineup we have for you this week!! Mark & Paul blast through Raw and Smackdown. As Paul begins to stumble with the OVW report, Mark makes the call to the bullpen and brings in the fast talking English Professor to close the door on some drama. Finally getting the call to the big leagues this week, Mark welcomes Chad Parana to the show to start a new weekly segment on MLW.


Can Crushers Spotlight with "The Real Deal" Randall Floyd

This week's episode, Mark had the opportunity to talk with former OVW TV Champion Randall Floyd! The guys talk about how Randall's love for wrestling ignited as a youngster and still burns today, his love for Randy "Macho Man" Savage, participating in the first ever OVW combine and why Randall is going to punch Mark in the face the next time he shows up at Davis Arena. Thanks to Al Snow and Chad Miller for making this all possible.