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Watch-A-Long 4: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Psychosis in ECW

On this week's Creative Control, it's the fourth in a series of Watch-A-Longs with Justin Henry and Emil Jay! For this week's match, we are checking out Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Psychosis from ECW's Gangsta's Paradise, from September of 1995. You can follow along with us on ECW Hardcore TV on the WWE Network from 9-26-95, starting at 31:28. We do 2-3 more Watch-A-Longs each week on Patreon, at! So join us there, become a subscriber, suggest matches, and even watch and...


Watch-A-Long 1: AJ vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels

On this week's Creative Control, it's the first in a series of Watch-A-Longs with Justin Henry and Emil Jay! The first match we are going to check out is from TNA Unbreakable 2005, AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels, for the X Division Championship. Follow along with the match at the link here: We will be releasing these free Watch-A-Long shows each Monday night, and three more each week on Patreon, at! So join us...


Episode 113: Frankie Kazarian

International Superstar FRANKIE KAZARIAN joins Creative Control! Frankie has been everywhere and seen everything, including runs in TNA/Impact, WWE, ROH, PWG, and most recently appeared at the ultra successful ALL IN! Not to mention he was recently unanimously voted into the Keepin It 100 Hall Of Fame! Frankie and I discuss some of the biggest stories, events, and challenges from his wrestling career, including: - some TNA angles that never made air - the Reverse Battle Royal and Claire...


Creative Control Throwback: MATT RIDDLE

This week's episode of Creative Control with Joe Feeney is a throwback episode with newest WWE/NXT signee, Matt Riddle! Here his story from beginning in MMA, to the Ultimate Fighter, to the Monster Factory, to EVOLVE, and more! Check out new show sponsors: Banyan Treatment Center Call 1-800-508-0119 if you or a loved one suffers with drug or alcohol addiction to get them the help they deserver Blue Chew Go to and use the code CREATIVE for a free month's supply, for only $5...


Episode 112: David Radigan & Gary Vegas

On episode 112 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney, from The Creative Control Network, David Radigan & Gary Vegas are here! David hosts the "World Through My Eyes" podcast and Gary hosts "Jack Of All Trades/Master Of None,' both available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and more! On this show we discuss a bit about where these guys came from, their interest in podcasting, what podcasts they are listening to, their thoughts on Summerslam and the current WWE product, what other wrestling...


Episode 111 with Shane Hagadorn and Jeff Schwartz

On episode 111 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney, I welcome An Honorable Mention's Shane Hagadorn and Jeff Schwartz! An Honorable Mention is a Ring Of Honor retrospective podcast, available on The Creative Control Network! Check out The CCN on social media @TheCCNetwork1 to keep up with all the shows and new releases! On this episode, we discuss - how An Honorable Mention came to be - Shane's training to be a wrestler with CM Punk, in the first ROH wrestling school class - Jeff's early ROH...


Episode 110 with Chris Rios

On episode 110 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney, Chris Rios joins the show! Chris first came to my attention on Twitter, as he was tweeting about WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, and questioning their motives for going there, as well as how this reflects on their "all-inclusive" PR, and their 'Women's Revolution," as none of the women wrestlers will even be able to perform there. Hear about which WWE personalities and performers he engaged on this matter, the repercussions on...


Episode 109 with Shootin The Shiznit's BT and Lance!

On episode 109 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney, it's WRESTLEMANIA preview time with Shootin The Shiznit's BT and Lance! We go over the Wrestlemania card, predict the results and fallout, and discuss the Samoan Conspiracy! Go to and use the code CREATIVE for a 200% deposit bonus! MYBCasino has live dealers, roulette, blackjack, slots, and more much! Please check out the Creative Control t shirt store at where the code MANIA gets you 20%...


Episode 108 with Vince Russo

On Episode 108 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney, The Brand's VINCE RUSSO returns! Vince and I discuss - how he got into writing creatively - getting past writer's block - writing his pilot for television - why a televised wrestling drama or comedy show has never gotten past development - what TV shows he's been watching - working with Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell - Jeff going into the WWE Hall Of Fame - Goldberg going into the WWE Hall Of Fame - Vince McMahon and Triple H - Roman Reigns...


Episode 107 with Jimmy Jacobs

On episode 107 of Creative Control, independent wrestling star, former WWE Creative team member, and current Impact Wrestling Creative team member JIMMY JACOBS is here! Jimmy and I discuss: - how he became a wrestling fan - creativity in his youth - ability to be creative in smaller indies early in his career - Ian Rotten & IWA Mid South - wrestling on the East Coast - Ring Of Honor - working with BJ Whitmer, Colt Cabana, and Lacey - his relationship with Gabe Sapolsky - "The Ballad Of...


Episode 106 with Liam O'Rourke

On episode 106 of Creative Control, the author of "Crazy Like A Fox," the very successful Brian Pillman biography, Liam O'Rourke returns! Please check "Crazy Like A Fox" out on Amazon for both paperback and Kindle versions. We pick up where we left off, and we cover Brian's career in 1996. Topics include: - the incident between Brian and Bobby Heenan at a WCW Clash Of The Champions in January 1996 - WCW SuperBrawl 1996, and the infamous "BookerMan" Strap match between Brian and Kevin...


Episode 104 with Bruce Prichard

Episode 104 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney* features Something To Wrestle With's BRUCE PRICHARD! Bruce and I discuss: - his 2017 return to Impact Wrestling and how it compared to his first run there - some of his favorite talents in the company - working with Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel - doing an in ring segment with Jim Cornette - what led to his departure - The Hardy Boyz and their issues with Impact over The Broken Universe as well as its future in WWE - Chris Jericho in Japan -...


Episode 105 with Liam O'Rourke

Episode 105 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney features part one of my discussion with the author of the new Brian Pillman biography "Crazy Like A Fox," Liam O'Rourke! Liam and I discuss many facets of Brian's life and career including: - Brian's illnesses and surgeries as a child - playing sports as a young man, and what led him to the football field - becoming an All American Nose Tackle at Miami of Ohio - his NFL career with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills - Brian's mentor...


Episode 103 with Justin Henry: 2017 Year In Review

Episode 103 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney features Justin Henry from WhatCulture, WrestleCrap, and the co author of "Titan Screwed." Its a 2017 Year In Review episode, as we take the top stories in the world of pro wrestling from What Culture, and go over them one by one. Subjects include -Omega vs. Okada's 6 Star Match -Kurt Angle's return to WWE - Jimmy Snuka's death and the WWE's response - The Hardy Boyz return to WWE - The Undertaker's retirement - Shibata's serious injury -...


Episode 102 with Konnan

On episode 102 of Creative Control, we've got Wrestling Observer Hall Of Famer, international legend, the current leader of LAX on Impact Wrestling, and the host of Keepin It's KONNAN! It's very cool for me to finally have Konnan on, as it was his work with MLW Radio that kind of got the ball rolling for me to do "Creative Control" (KAZOO) plus getting to work with him on Keepin It 100 now, I've always had a ton of questions about his career that I wanted to ask, and hopefully, I...


Episode 101 with Antonio Thomas

On episode 101 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney, former WWE, TNA, OVW, and All Japan star Antonio "The Promise" Thomas is here! We discuss - his first memories of wrestling and being a fan at a young age - when he first decided to train as a wrestler and pursue pro wrestling as a career - training at Killer Kowalski's school and all the talent in the Boston and New England area at that time - teaming with Romeo Roselli as the Heartbreakers - signing a developmental contract with WWE -...


Episode 100 with Sean Oliver from Kayfabe Commentaries

It's episode 100 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney! Who would've thunk it! To celebrate such a milestone, our guest is the owner of KayFabe Commentaries and the host of such programs as YouShoot, Timeline, Breaking Kayfabe, and more, Mr. Sean Oliver! Sean recently wrote a book called "Kayfabe: Stories You Are Not Supposed To Get From A Pro Wrestling Production Company Owner," which is available on Amazon and also for your Kindle. Sean and I tackle a great many topics, including - His...


Episode 99 WWH with Joel Gertner

"The Quintessential Studmuffin" Joel Gertner and I discuss the big ECW Reunion weekend of 2005, and go over both the Hardcore Homecoming show at the ECW Arena, and One Night Stand 2005 at The Hammerstein Ballroom. First we discuss the beginning of the reunion talk and Hardcore Homecoming, including: - if Joel knew ECW was over before or after Paul Heyman appeared on WWF television - what happened when he asked Paul if he should consider talking to WCW - what he thought of The Rise and Fall...


Episode 98 with Brian Zane from Wrestling With Wregret!

This week on Creative Control with Joe Feeney, Brian Zane from Wrestling With Wregret is on the show! I'd become aware of Brian just a few months ago, and I'm now a huge fan of his WWR Youtube channel. Topics we discuss: - how he became a wrestling fan - wrestling video games in the late 90s - how Mick Foley increased his fandom - training to become a pro wrestler with Buddy Rose and Colonel DeBeers - transitioning into a heel manager role and who his influences were - Vince Russo's Attitude...


Episode 97 with Tom "TR Shock" Robinson

Episode 97 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney features Tom Robinson, formerly of the 605 Superpodcast, currently of the "Wide Men Can't Jump" podcast on LaffCast, and a good friend of mine. And as friends will do, we go all over the place, with many side stories. But we get some good stuff out there, including stories of TR as a young fan taking the trolley to get wrestling magazines, attending shows, his introduction to the business, The Monster Factory with Larry Sharpe. Dennis Coraluzzo,...