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Episode 111 with Shane Hagadorn and Jeff Schwartz

On episode 111 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney, I welcome An Honorable Mention's Shane Hagadorn and Jeff Schwartz! An Honorable Mention is a Ring Of Honor retrospective podcast, available on The Creative Control Network! Check out The CCN on social media @TheCCNetwork1 to keep up with all the shows and new releases! On this episode, we discuss - how An Honorable Mention came to be - Shane's training to be a wrestler with CM Punk, in the first ROH wrestling school class - Jeff's early...


Episode 110 with Chris Rios

On episode 110 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney, Chris Rios joins the show! Chris first came to my attention on Twitter, as he was tweeting about WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, and questioning their motives for going there, as well as how this reflects on their "all-inclusive" PR, and their 'Women's Revolution," as none of the women wrestlers will even be able to perform there. Hear about which WWE personalities and performers he engaged on this matter, the repercussions...


Episode 109 with Shootin The Shiznit's BT and Lance!

On episode 109 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney, it's WRESTLEMANIA preview time with Shootin The Shiznit's BT and Lance! We go over the Wrestlemania card, predict the results and fallout, and discuss the Samoan Conspiracy! Go to and use the code CREATIVE for a 200% deposit bonus! MYBCasino has live dealers, roulette, blackjack, slots, and more much! Please check out the Creative Control t shirt store at where the code MANIA gets you 20%...


Episode 108 with Vince Russo

On Episode 108 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney, The Brand's VINCE RUSSO returns! Vince and I discuss - how he got into writing creatively - getting past writer's block - writing his pilot for television - why a televised wrestling drama or comedy show has never gotten past development - what TV shows he's been watching - working with Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell - Jeff going into the WWE Hall Of Fame - Goldberg going into the WWE Hall Of Fame - Vince McMahon and Triple H - Roman...


Episode 94 with Emil Jay from CZW and Dojo Wars

Episode 94 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney features "The Voice Of The Indies," CZW and Dojo Wars' own Emil Jay! you will hear Emil's love for pro wrestling coming through as he and I discuss how he discovered WWE, where he went from there, attending live shows as a kid and a teenager, the birth of the internet wrestling community, various Philly live show stories, the Philly/NJ/NY independent scene during the 2000s, and much more. Really, the two of us just ramble like old friends!...


The Best Of, Volume 2

On "The Best Of Creative Control" volume 2, we feature the following guests and stories from the Creative Control archives! JJ DILLON: The legendary manager of the Four Horsemen was on Creative Control to tell us all about the formation and the early days of the legendary faction, as well as his thoughts on the latter days of WCW under Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo. MIKE BUCCI: Former WWE Head of Developmental, and also known as Nova of ECW and BWO fame, and Simon Dean from the WWE, Mr....


The Best Of Creative Control, Volume 1

Sorry for the clip show! On "The Best Of Creative Control, Volume One," I have scoured the archives, and brought you some of the best bits from the show's history. Volume One will include the following guests: Bruce Prichard: "Something To Wrestling With" host Bruce Prichard was a Creative Control guest way back in January 2015, coming on to promote his live debate in Philadelphia with Eric Bischoff, In thiese clips, we discuss the introduction of Vince Russo to the WWE creative team,...


Episode 91 with Pat McNeill (Slammiversary XV and WWE talk)

On episode 91 of Creative Control, the PWTorch's Pat McNeill and I discuss Slammiversary XV, what led up to it, and its possible fallout. We talk anything and everything that's gone on in the world of Impact/GFW this year, including Jeff Jarrett's return, Bruce Prichard, Konnan and LAX, the Hardy Boyz departure and where things currently stand and more. We go up and down the Slammiversary card, including our thoughts on the opening tag match that featured LAX, D'Angelo Williams' wrestling...


Episode 90 with Homicide

On this episode of Creative Control, we welcome back former Ring Of Honor World Champion, and former X Division Champion HOMICIDE of the reformed LAX. We cover alot, with one of our favorite guests, including: - his indy appearances from mid 2016 to the present, including a match with Dan Severn, working with CZW, and teaming with Low Ki and Eddie Kingston - his shoulder injury, and how he is feeling today - returning to Impact Wrestling as part of the reformed LAX - His thoughts on Jeff...


Episode 89 with Justin Henry

On Episode 89, Justin Henry from Fighting Spirit Magazine and WhatCulture and I cover all the biggest news from WWE in the past two weeks, including the biggest hits and misses from Wrestlemania, the WWE "Shakeup," who left Smackdown for Raw, and who could potentially leave Raw for Smackdown. We also talk about Braun Strowman nearly killing Roman Reigns in storyline, and Nia Jax nearly killing Charlotte for real. We also cover various topics like Kurt Angle's return, Dean Ambrose's future,...


Episode 86 with Chris DePetrillo

It's the Wrestlemania preview episode with Figures Toy Company's Chris DePetrillo! Chris and discuss what is new in the world of Figures Toy Company, including what figures are out now, and what to expect for the rest of 2017. We also talk about what he will doing down at WrestleCon, representing Figures Toy Company each day at a booth, with all figures for sale! So go check that out, and get yourself some ROH figures, or even a Jim Cornette or Blue Meanie figure! From there, we discuss...


Episode 88 with Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno returns to Creative Control! Ahead of Wrestlemania Weekend and Wrestlemania 33, he and I discuss... - his favorite Wrestlemania memories, and what matches he is looking forward to this weekend - how Starrcade during his time in WCW measured up to Wrestlemania, in his opinion -Goldberg's loss to Kevin Nash at Starrcade '98, and what that meant to WCW's eventual demise - the WCW sale and conspiracy theories, as we discuss the tape library and the astronomically low sale price -...


Episode 87 with Bruce Prichard

Something To Wrestle With's Bruce Prichard returns to Creative Control! Bruce is packing as we speak to head to Wrestlemania weekend, where he will be taking part in Walemania, Wrestlecon, Jim Ross' live show, and of course Something to Wrestle With Live with himself and Conrad Thompson, at Backbooth this Saturday night at 11:30. Something To Wrestle With Live will not be recorded in any manner, so any questions go! The event is SOLD OUT, but there may be some tickets available from fans...


Episode 85 with Pete Gas

PETE GAS from the Mean Street Posse stops by the show to talk about his new book, "Looking At The Lights," now available on Amazon! Topics we cover include: - the early days of his friendship with Shane McMahon - Trying to get into the business, and Shane initially telling him why it was a bad idea - The genesis of the Mean Street Posse gimmick, and recording the initial vignettes with Rodney - appearing at Wrestlemania XV in Philadelphia - working with Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco on...


Episode 84 with Gary Michael Cappetta

Episode 84's guest is one of the top ring announcers of all time, as well as the author of "Bodyslams!," Mr. Gary Michael Cappetta. Gary is currently preparing to embark on a spoken word stage show and tour, and spent a little time with Creative Control to talk about the show, his book, and his lengthy career in and around all facets of the pro wrestling industry in some of its most important times. Among the topics we discuss are: - his entry into the business thanks to Gorilla Monsoon,...


Episode 83 with Nick Comoroto

Episode 83 is with one of the biggest and best prospects on the indy scene today, 6"4 275 Nick Comoroto! I first saw Nick a couple of years back, at The Monster Factory, and was instantly impressed, and a little intimidated! He's a big guy who uses that size in the ring, and just comes across as a monster! To go along with that, he is a former All American Heavyweight amateur wrestler. He's got the look and all the tools, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him on your television in one of...


Episode 82 with Pat McNeill from the PWTorch

Do not adjust your spectacles or your headphones, this is indeed a NEW episode of Creative Control with Joe Feeney! Our guest today is Pat McNeill from the Pro Wrestling Torch. Pat co-hosts the LiveCast on the PWTorch website after Raw and Smackdown, as well as the co-host of the LiveCast after each WWE PPV/Network Special. On this episode, we discuss several things, including... - Seth Rollins' knee injury, whether it seems to be legit or not, how long he may be out, and what Pat and I...


Episode 81 with Ed Ferrara

Episode 81's guest is former WWF, WCW, and TNA Creative Team member and current Full Sail University Professor, Ed Ferrara. It is Ed's second go round on CC, as he was a guest way back on episode 12. On that episode we discussed the wrestling training he received back before working in the California independents as Bruce Beaudine, his work in televison, and his eventual entry into WWF Creative. We talked about working with Vince McMahon and the other stars of that time, including Steve...


Episode 80 with Diamond Dallas Page

Episode 80 of Creative Control is here, and the guest is, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and the creator of DDP Yoga, DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE! The Master Of The Diamond Cutter and I run the gamut of subjects, including... - his heroes and favorites when he was a young fan of the business - what he thought of Goldberg's return on Monday Night Raw - working in TNA in 2004-2005 with guys like Raven, under Dusty Rhodes as booker - getting Raven into ECW, his relationship with Paul Heyman, and...


Episode 79 with Bill Apter

Episode 79 on Creative Control is with a true legend in the pro wrestling business, and that is the man at the helm of and the name behind the famous "Apter Mags," Mr. Bill Apter! Bill's book "Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn't Know It Was Broken!" just recently turned a year old, and you can find it on Amazon! Bill's history in pro wrestling goes back to the late 60s/early 70s, so there is just a neverending plethora of questions I'd like to ask him, and we get to just a fraction...