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Dominion Recap/Is Kayla Braxton now a deathmatch wrestler?

Paul & Matt are back to recap Dominion, try and guess who will be in the G1 Tournament this year, plus they take a look at Joey Janela against Kris Statlander from Beyond Wrestling!


Best of the Super Juniors Finals & Dominion Preview

Paul Crockett & Matt Camp return to break down the Best of the Super Juniors Finals, the tournament as a whole, a preview of Dominion, some talk about Beyond Wrestling and much more!


The Gang is Back with Double or Nothing!

The whole gang is back to give a full breakdown and review of Double or Nothing, review the Best of the Super Juniors, the debut of Jon Moxley on two fronts, more from Beyond Wrestling and much more!


(Solo) Best of the Super Juniors Update

Paul Crockett is here solo to break down anything and everything Best of the Super Juniors including who the MVPs are, the best matches and some of the unsung heroes. He also previews AEW Double or Nothing and talks a bit about his play-by-play work with Beyond Wrestling! A first time ever solo show, check it out!


Tuesday Night Choice

With Paul on assignment in Cleveland, Camp and The Choice cover the first four days of the Best of the Super Juniors. Is Shingo too good (and big) for the division? Or is he just what the division needs? After a standout performance on Day 1, are we looking at a long-term feud for Sho and Shingo? The guys talk about Ospreay and Rocky and why different styles are good for Will. Plus, the bad starts for Dragon Lee and Bandido and Ishimori not being a good fit in his current role. Besides the...


Who Will Wear Lex Luger's Puffy Shirt on TNT?

Paul & Matt return to discuss the Best of the Super Junior blocks, Wrestling Dontaku results, AEW on TNT?, Dominion matches, the importance of good play-by-play in wrestling and much more!


BONUS EPISODE - Generation Next 2019 with Kris Statlander, Brad Hollister, Christian Casanova & Kevin Quinn

In this special bonus episode, Paul Crockett sits down with the talents featured in his "Generation Next 2019" column from! He chats with Kris Statlander, Brad Hollister, Christian Casanova and Kevin Quinn about their careers, their lives, their goals, the column and much more!


VH1 Behind The Music: The Day the Aces Died

Paul and Chris return to discuss the depression involved with TAICHI winning the NEVER Title, Wrestling Dontaku Night 1 results, a preview of Night 2, Mailbag questions as well as Paul discussing his work with Beyond Wrestling. In addition, we do a deep dive on classic VH1 and Nickelodeon shows!


The Official English New Japan Podcast

Paul & Chris are joined by special guest Matthew Macklin (OTT videographer, PWInsider) to discuss the Best of the Super Juniors competitors, Sengoku Lord results, upcoming War of the Worlds matches and the new Official English NJPW Podcast.


If Kenny Omega is Rocky, who is Ivan Drago?

With Matt still on Dad Duty, Paul & Chris return and get wild. Following a preview of Sengoku Lord, they end up booking Joey Janela's Spring Break for next year and preview the upcoming TAKATAICHI MANIA show (yes, that's real). All that and the mailbag on this week's Foreign Aces!


Rocky Romero Had His Shoulder Kissed

It was a long weekend but Paul Crockett & The Choice are here with a full recap including the G1 Supercard, RevPro in NYC, the shenanigans of WrestleCon and even a story about how Rocky Romero's shoulder was kissed. All this and so much more on this week's episode!


G1 Supercard x Vince McMahon = Dan Barry

The stars of New Japan are finally in New York to take down Madison Square Garden and we have you covered. In addition to the G1 Supercard, we have a special interview with Dan Barry about his experiences working for OTT in Ireland. That and somehow a Vince McMahon impression works its way into the program. All that and more this week!


Drew Cordiero Interview (Beyond Wrestling)

Our own Paul Crockett chats with Beyond Wrestling owner/promoter/booker Drew Cordiero about his new weekly Uncharted Territory series that starts this Wednesday April 3rd at 8 PM on IWTV and FITE TV. Drew discusses how the idea came about to go weekly and the pros and cons of doing it. He also discusses plans for the future and where he currently sees the landscape of independent wrestling amongst many other subjects. Plus, we find out what Drew really thinks of Paul as an employee!


The Choice Shoots!

Yes, we will talk about the New Japan Cup, but it takes a few detours to get there. After we get through that, we hand our awards for MVP, best match, and most underrated match/competitor. Lots of Ishii love and appreciation for Colt Cabana. This morphs into a conversation about how the G1 Supercard was formed, including some questions from you!


New Japan Squares

We're approaching the final four of the New Japan Cup, so we have updates and thoughts of the matches we've liked, disliked, and those who have stood out. Colt Cabana's Cinderella story is one bracket buster, but defending champion Zack Sabre Jr.'s win over Ibushi was a huge killer of brackets. The SANADA bandwagon continues to build up steam after arguably the match of the tournament (and year?) against Minoru Suzuki. Ring of Honor held their 17th Anniversary Show last week and they went...


Over the Top with Joe Cabray...and Masato Tanaka?

This show includes our interview with the man in charge of @OTT_Wrestling, Joe Cabray (@Luther__Ward). Learn about the good (and challenging) of the rise of OTT, including investing in certain wrestlers and working with those who wrestle in multiple companies. He helps preview ScrapperMania 5: Ireland vs The World, which features WALTER vs Jordan Devlin, Meiko Satomura vs Session Moth Martina, and Jushin Thunder Liger vs Scotty Davis at the top of the card. We're five days into the New Japan...


Bread and Ice Cream

New Japan had their Anniversary show and the best performer may have been Jushin Thunder Liger. Little did we know by the end of the show, major news would come down about Liger. The ups and downs of Ishimori are discussed, including comparisons to Jay White. Fallout from the rest of the show is intertwined with full NJ Cup predictions from Crockett, The Choice, and Camp. One match could be the key to the whole tournament, which seems to have a lot of real possibilities. In addition, the...


Kaze Ni Dupree

Everyone is back together to talk about the New Japan Cup. Get all the details on the Foreign Aces New Japan Cup Bracket Contest including how you can enter, rules, and the prizes we'll be distribution. See @ForeignAces on Twitter for your bracket. Before you fill it out, hear the guys talk about Dave Finlay's injury and do a preview of each first round matchup. They also look back on Honor Rising, which featured title changes, storyline developments, and a potential BOSJ contender who...


Tanahashi Rides...

The Choice continues to look for his Jim Crockett Cup partner, so it's Paul Crockett and Matt Camp talking the Giant Baba Memorial Show, which featured quite a mix of New Japan, AJPW, Big Japan, and other wrestlers from every big company in Japan. Somehow that transitions into Undertaker's match with Hakushi into Taker appearing at Starrcast into ways NJPW stars can appear on local NY radio to promote the MSG including Tanahashi joining the Howard Stern show and riding the...machine in the...


Sandwiches and Knives

The guys are all back together for a jam-packed show. Obviously, there's plenty of discussion about Jay White's IWGP Title victory over Tanahashi. Was it a total surprise? A look back over the last year shows how NJPW built The Switchblade and why they were able to pivot to him from original plans that featured Okada/Omega at MSG. So who will face White at MSG? The NJ Cup is discussed, including Ibushi's increased chances of winning/main event push now that he's officially under contract...