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55: Super J Cup Review and Royal Quest Preview

We’re back this week and we sit down with two people who were there, Righteous Reg of the Black Wrecellence Podcast (he was at the SF show) and of course, Branden who was at the finals show in Long Beach, California! Then we preview New Japan’s Royal Quest show that is happening this weekend, so check it all out, and check back with us in a few days to preview the Destruction Tour!


54: G1 Climax 29: FINALS Review

The G1 Climax has officially ended, and of course with that came the last three nights from Budokan, including the big G1 Finals match between Kota Ibushi and Jay White, and of course, the UNFORGETTABLE moment between KENTA and Katsuyori ShibataWe talk about every single match from this past weekend, as well as give out grades for everyone in this year’s G1, and briefly speak about all 20 competitors overall tournament this year. This is a big show, that was an incredible G1, and this is the...


53: G1 Climax 29: Nights 12-16 Review

You know the drill. It’s G1 SEASON, and it’s the penultimate episode before Budokan, which starts TONIGHT. So listen up before the shows and get as confused with the points of the B Block as much as we do on this week’s episode of the King of Sports Podcast!


52: G1 Climax 29: Nights 8-11 Review

Surprise, surprise; we’re back with a new episode of of the King of Sports Podcast and it’s all about the G1 Climax. We discuss nights 8-11 of the tournament, going through every match as we get closer to the finish line. Check it out!


51: G1 Climax 29: Nights 5-7 Review

HELL YEAH, week two of the G1 Climax has come and gone, and we look back match-by-match at the week that was in Korakuen Hall, as well as preview the next four shows happening (one that aired just this morning…sorry) this upcoming week. This G1 train ain’t stopping anytime soon, so hop on with us and let’s keep this hype train running on the King of Sports Podcast!


50: G1 Climax 29: Nights 2-4 Review

We’re really in the thick of now with the G1 Climax, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re back this week telling you all about every single competitor’s first couple of matches in the tournament, and what we’ve thought of the G1 so far, as well as what our favorite moments have been, and which matches we’ve loved up to this point! We also give you a preview of the next three G1 shows, all taking place from the wonderful Korakuen Hall, so stick with us throughout the entire summer, this...


49: G1 Climax 29 in Dallas Review

We’re back from Dallas, Texas and we’re here to tell you all about our experiences from the American Airlines Center for the opening night of G1 Climax 29! Special shout out to everyone we spoke to, everyone we met, and everyone that was in attendance in making it maybe the best showing New Japan has had in the states so far up to this point. We talk about every single match from that night, and then we preview this next week’s slate of G1 shows (and it all starts tonight)! It’s peak G1...


48: G1 Climax 29 Primer

We recorded an episode in person for the first time during our podcast’s run, and it all went down on 4th of July. This is our 2nd annual G1 Climax Primer episode and we discuss all twenty competitors, how we think they’ll fare, who they could beat to set up programs, and how we think the finals will shake out! We also discuss the card for the G1 Climax Opening Night in Dallas (which we’ll land in soon)! Get all your G1 hype here, and listen to us half-ass live commentary for awful WWE...


47: Kizuna Road 2019 Review and G1 CLIMAX 29 First Impressions

We’re back in action this week with a quick look at the biggest matches of the Kizuna Road tour that happened the last two weeks! And after that, it’s all about our first impressions of the G1 Climax 29! We tell you what storylines we’re most looking forward to, who could win the tournament this year, and we take a quick look at every single tournament match happening this summer. We’re locked and loaded for the G1 Climax, so come get excited with us on the King of Sports Podcast!


46: Dominion 6.9 in Osaka-jo Hall Review

Dominion has come and gone and we’re back this week to discuss every single match! We’ve got lots of big news this week, like the return of the Super J Cup, multiple people throwing their names into G1 Climax considerations, whether the G1 Climax will be expanding the blocks anytime soon, and who could possibly take those spots. The second half of the year is starting pretty strongly for New Japan with G1 right around the corner, and it’s crazy to think that Wrestle Kingdom is slowly...


45: BOSJ 26 Finals Review

We’ve made it to the finals of the Best of the Super Juniors, and what a finals it was! We’ve got quite possibly a match of the year contender between Shingo and Ospreay, a gnarly IWGP US Championship match that went on between Juice Robinson and the debuting Jon Moxley, and an awesome match between the always great Hiroshi Tanahashi and Switchblade Jay White! We wrap up the last of BOSJ, gush over the 6/5 show, and give you a preview on Dominion that’s happening this weekend! All that and...


44: BOSJ 26 Review: Nights 7-10

We’re past the halfway point of Best of the Super Juniors 26, and the battle for the finals is looking a little clearer. Who’s at the top of the blocks and who’s eliminated? We take a little bit of a different format this week, and instead of going match by match (there were forty of them), we discuss each wrestler’s week, who they beat and who they lost to, and which matches of theirs from this week was the best or most memorable. Hopefully it makes for an easier listening experience, and...


43: Best of the Super Juniors 26 Review: Nights 1-6

Well it’s finally here…Best of the Super Juniors 26! We discuss all thirty block matches up to this point, as well as preview the upcoming slate of tournament matches that come at us from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (plus one in Chiba)! Four big nights with ten block matches apiece, prepare for absolute insanity in the meaty center of this year’s tournament. Who’s sitting on a goose egg, and who’s undefeated so far? Find out on this week’s episode of the King of Sports Podcast!


42: Wrestling Dontaku 2019 Review and Best of the Super Juniors 26 Primer!

We’re back at it wrapping up the last of Wrestling Dontaku, going over all of the major matches, including some big title matches, from Golden Week. We also discuss whether SANADA is ready to make that big leap into the top tier of the New Japan roster, the feuds already being set up for June’s Dominion show from Osaka, Tanahashi’s health, Chris Jericho, and we even give a brief history lesson on the history of Japan’s Golden Week :) And just like we did for the G1 Climax last year, we also...


41: Sengoku Lord / Road To Wrestling Dontaku / Best of the Super Juniors 26 Lineup!

This week, we try to compress all of the Road To Wrestling Dontaku shows, as well as make a pit stop at Sengoku Lord! Then we continue onto the Road To shows, but not without talking about the one, the only, the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger’s 30th anniversary match against a long-time colleague and his cronies, Minoru Suzuki. Then we finish off by previewing some of the upcoming title matches, and most importantly…the full roster for the upcoming BEST OF THE SUPER JUNIORS tournament! Come...


40: G1 Supercard Review and Wrestling Dontaku Tour Preview

We’re back from New York City! Join us as we discuss all of the good and bad of the G1 Supercard show from Madison Square Garden, as well as all the other shenanigans we got ourselves into, like missing Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport because of a delayed flight, the DDT show we attended in Queens (legit one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen), Wrestlecon ridiculousness, as well as NXT Takeover. We also preview the upcoming Road To Wrestling Dontaku shows, and give a quick preview on all the...


39: NJPW/ROH G1 Supercard and Mania Weekend Madness

The G1 Supercard is this weekend and with that, we bring you a preview that breaks down the entire show. Who walks out of Madison Square Garden as the IWGP heavyweight champion? We’re super excited to watch live! We also take you through a quick preview of other show’s well be attending in New York and Jersey this weekend, like DDT, Bloodsport, Wrestlecon’s US vs The World, and others. PS, we’re way out of our wheelhouse when it comes to talking MMA and DDT, so cut us some slack ;) See you...


38: New Japan Cup 2019 Finals

The King of Sports Podcast is back and we discuss the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals of 2019’s New Japan Cup. We also quickly preview the full ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard (that we’ll be attending!) that happens on April 6th. Who won the Cup, and who’s challenging Jay White? Find out with us on this week’s episode of the King of Sports!


37: New Japan Cup Second Round Review and Finals Predictions

We are in the middle of the New Japan Cup, and boy have things really ramped up lately. We discuss the entire second round and preview the quarterfinals beginning on Wednesday, March 20th. We also try our best to predict the semifinals and finals of the Cup (happening this weekend), and see where each semifinalist could end up for the rest of the year. Things are really getting exciting in the New Japan Cup, so come join us to get caught up on all things New Japan at the King of Sports...


36: New Japan Cup First Round and 47th Anniversary Reviews

The New Japan Cup has begun and we are here to dive into it with you! We go through every tournament match from the first round, as well as preview this week’s slate of second round matches, and see how our brackets have fared after this week’s matches. We also discuss the legacy of Jushin Thunder Liger, and some of the fond memories we’ve had watching the living legend live. Special guest appearance by good girls Sophie, Gizmo, and Hazel (apologies in advance for their whining).