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A weekly podcast covering professional wrestling from the state of Maine to the WWE and everything in between.

A weekly podcast covering professional wrestling from the state of Maine to the WWE and everything in between.
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A weekly podcast covering professional wrestling from the state of Maine to the WWE and everything in between.






Maine Event Podcast S2E32 - D.L. Hurst

This week we have D.L. Hurst on the show while he recovers from a broken leg. We talk the night of his injury and his planned timetable to get back in the ring. Also, D.L talks TV Shows, Attitude Era WWE, Goldberg, video games and indie wrestling. We also chat about his start and how welcoming and awesome the indie wrestling community is. Follow D.L. on Social Media: IG & Twitter: @dl_wrestles


Maine Event Podcast S2E31 - Biggest Rule Breakers Tourney ft. Squishy

After a dog days of summer night off last week, we’re back! It’s fantasy fun week so we’re bringing back The Maine Event Podcast Tournament Edition. We bring in Maritime referee Squishy to help us run through the bracket and find out who was the biggest rule breaker in all of professional wrestling. We also talk to Squishy about his journey in becoming a ref, where it began and where his travels have taken him. Enjoy the tournament and head on over to our twitter (@MaineEventPod) to vote on...


Maine Event Podcast S2E30 - Vacationland Cup Preview and Predictions

The highly anticipated Vacationland Cup is right around the corner so Jonny and Harmon bring on Limitless Wrestling regular and Back Row Mafia member, Alex Calder, back to the show to give some previews and predictions for every match on the card. The trio discusses storylines building up to the cup and what will come from their predictions. A tournament, a cage match and PCO! Oh My!


Maine Event Podcast S2E29 - Jon Solo

Big Bad Harmon has the week off so Jonny goes at it solo this week. He’s hyping local shows, giving shout outs to friends of the podcast and giving his thoughts on the WWE Extreme Rules PPV and the after math that took place as we begin the descent into SummerSlam.


Maine Event Podcast S2E28 - Weekend Recap

What a weekend! Harmon and Jonny recap their wild weekend of wrestling which consisted of Let’s Wrestle, Wrestlers’ Lab and WWE. The guys discuss the trip to Orono to do commentary fo Let’s Wrestle and they break down the card while their at it. Jonny shares how he took his son to experience his first live WWE house show in Augusta. Pro wrestling is a amazing style of performance art and the guys experienced a wonderful amount of it.


Maine Event Podcast S2E27 - Mr. Grim

We cap off our Wrestlers’ Laboratory Labnormal Series with the champ! The Wrestlers’s Lab champion The Hitman for Hire Mr. Grim comes on the show. Thankfully no one ended up in a body bag. Instead, we talked about his childhood, gowing up playing football and wrestling. Also, transitioning into pro wrestling and where he went to train to learn the business. And finally he has some choice words for Joey Janella, his Lanbormal opponent on July 8th. Joey Janella might be a Bad Bad Boy but Mr....


Maine Event Podcast S2E26 - Chris and Mike from Wrestlers’ Lab

Labnormal is almost here so we bring in Chris and Mike, the guys behind Wrestlers’ Laboratory, to talk shop. We chat about the creation of the Lab, how they got into wrestling, the stacked lineup for Labnormal and the trials and tribulations of preparing for their first ever stand alone show. They’re two hard working guys trying to do something positive in the wrestling business and so far they are heading in the right direction. Experimental pro wrestling at its best. Follow them on...


Maine Event Podcast S2E25 - Month In Review (June)

This week, Jonny and Harmon do something they haven’t in a long while. Talk WWE. They touch on results from NXT Takeover and Money in the Bank. They give their thoughts on some superstars and some things going on in the current programming such as Ronda Rousey rapid progression, Rusev getting a push finally, Seth Rollins losing the IC belt, Braun being Braun and the release of Big Cass. They also discuss the unfortunate passing of Big Van Vader and share some heartfelt memories of the...


Maine Event Podcast S2E24 - Chris “The Hype” Henry

As we get closer to July 8th, we continue our Wrestler’s Labratory: Labnormal Series with The Adrenaline Addict himself Chris “The Hype” Henry. He’s an innovative move specialist who has his eyes on the Nucleus Championship but he’s gotta throw 18 other competitors over the top rope to get it. The Nucleus 19 is going to be crazy with a pool of different sizes, styles and genders. It might just take an adrenaline addict to become the new Nucleus Champion. Follow Chris on Social...


Maine Event Podcast S2E23 - Jeremy Leary

“The Best Hair in Wrestling” Jeremy Leary comes on the show this week to chat about Chikara’s event Go Eat Worms which takes place on June 23rd in Philadelphia, PA. He catches us up with whats going on with him in the world of Chikar and what we have to look forward to. We also chat about how he got into wrestling both as a performer and a promoter. We talk his promotion Blitzkrieg Pro, we talk beer and we talk punk rock. It’s a conversation thats been about a year in the making and we...


Maine Event Podcast S2E22 - Isana

This week we continue our Wrestler’s Labratory: Labnormal Series with another participant in the Nucleus 19 Battle Royal. The Suplex Sweetheart Isana joins us on the show. We chat about growing up not a wrestling fan, her start in the business and how she plans to take home the Nucleus Championship on July 8th despite being the only woman in the Nucleus 19 Battle Royal. If you have yet to find someone to root for in this match then listen here because the Suplex Sweetheart is a viable...


Maine Event Podcast S2E21 - King Leon the 6th and The American Sumo Mike Gamble

We have two guest interviews this week. Yep that’s right, TWO. And they couldn’t be any more of polar opposites. We invite King Leon the 6th and The American Sumo Mike Gamble on the show to talk their involvment in Wrestlers Labratory’s first solo show, Labnormal, on July 8th in New Jersey. They are both competing in the Nucleaus 19 Battle Royal to decide a new Wrestler’s Lab Nucleus Champion. Hear how both of these guys think they have what it takes to be the last man standing and become...


Maine Event Podcast S2E20 - Richard Holliday

Our marketing department recently made a huge acquisition to appease listeners of The Maine Event Podcast and consumers alike. Richard Holliday comes on the show this week as part of our “Wrestlers Labratory: Labnormal” Series. It’s the first installment in the series and who better to kick it off with than The Most Marketable Man in Professional Wrestling. We talk about growing up in CT, being Paul Roma’s first student, the origin of his gimmick and his recent accomplishments in the...


Maine Event Podcast S2E19 - Most Iconic Hair (Tournament)

We’re cuttin’ and struttin’ this Fantasy Fun Week with a Tournament for the Most Iconic Hair in Pro Wrestling. Here to help us is a guy who knows a little something about the hair of pro wrestlers. Bradford The Barber joins us to run through the brackets. Who will make it to the finals and be crowned the Most Iconic Hair in professional wrestling? Listen to find out. Follow Bradford on social media: FB - @BradfordTheBarber IG - @bradfoord Twitter - @BradfoordBarber


Maine Event Podcast S2E18 - JT Dunn

Pro Wrestling’s Saviour, JT Dunn, arrives on The Maine Event Podcast to chat about how and why he got into professional wrestling. We also talk about his involvement with Strong Style Brand and his youtube series Relentless. We discuss calling his shot regarding making the Northeast the hotbed of Indie wrestling and the progression of certain promotions such as Limitless, Chaotic, Beyond, WHAT, Live Prov, etc. He namedrops some of his favorite opponents and some of his least favorite...


Maine Event Podcast S2E17 - Month in Review (April) ft. Oceanea

It’s the end of the month so we discuss what happened in the world of WWE. We touch on Mania, the shake up, and various things we like and dislike with the current product. Also, we thought we were getting Ashley Vox on the show but to much of our surprise we got something entirely different. Oceanea takes us by surprise to tell us her plans for the upcoming Chikara Pro shows, Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes (4/28) and The Infinite Gauntlet (5/5). The Queen of the Sea and her Creatures of the...


Maine Event Podcast S2E16 - Universal Soldier: The Return

Bill Goldberg was just inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame so what better film to review for this month’s critic week than his debut on the big screen, Universal Soldier: The Return. Jean Claude Van Damme reprises his role as Luc Deveraux, a former UniSol who is unexplainably human again and now a father to his teeanage daughter. Hell breaks loose as the AI system, SETH, becomes self aware and goes into business for himself, taking control of all the UniSols including Goldberg, AKA Romeo....


Maine Event Podcast S2E15 - Fantasy Mania w/ That Wrestling Club

Ever wanted to book WrestleMania? If time wasn’t a factor just imagine the possibilities pitting the superstars of today versus those of yester year. We invite Michael Gray from That Wrestling Club back on the show to help us fantasy book a WrestleMania using Superstars from all era’s. We also chat about how the monthly subcription box biz is going, his experience at Wrestlecon this year and hanging with X-Pac. Follow That Wrestling Club on Social Media: Twitter - @ThtWrestleClub IG...


Maine Event Podcast S2E14 - Martin Stone

You know him as NXT’s Danny Burch. We know him on the Indies as Martin Stone! We were thrilled to talk to The Guv’nor while he was in town for Limitless Wrestling’s Only Fools are Satisfied. We chat about his upstart in wrestling transitioning over from MMA, working for NXT and then he tells a fun Chikara story that involves one of our good buddies, Glacier. Follow Martin on Twitter @strongstylebrit Also, we welcome Dalton Hemingway back to the show to talk reactions to Only Fools are...


Maine Event Podcast S2E13 - Month in Review (March)

Jonny and Harmon talk about the biggest news this month. Hell the biggest news this year! Daniel Bryan is cleared for in ring competition! We never thought we’d see the day. We gush about his Wrestlemania plans, the Ronda Rousey debacle and give some brief thoughts on some other matches on the grandest stage of them all. The boys also give a pretty in depth hype for Limitless Wrestling’s “Only Fools Are Satisfied” which they will be in attendance for. Its going to be nuts. Be there or be...