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Join Nick and Sarah as the discuss pop culture, conspiracy theories, things that go bump in the night and anything else that proves the world we live in is Sick, Sad, and all around Strange.

Join Nick and Sarah as the discuss pop culture, conspiracy theories, things that go bump in the night and anything else that proves the world we live in is Sick, Sad, and all around Strange.
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Join Nick and Sarah as the discuss pop culture, conspiracy theories, things that go bump in the night and anything else that proves the world we live in is Sick, Sad, and all around Strange.








Sick Sad Cast Ep. 15 - Wild & Crazy Sports

Today on the podcast Nick, Sarah and Manuel catch you up on their Thanksgiving and weekend before getting into the main discussion of obscure sports. These are some strange, silly and sometimes dangerous sports you may not even know about. These are 12 sports you need to know about with some honorable mentions at the end and a man goes to McDonald's for tea and drives away high as a kite. Next week on the show we will discuss the some cases of mysterious stairs in the woods and urban...


Sick Sad Cast Ep. 14 - Thanksgiving, A Dead Man & Truth

Hello to everyone listening. Sorry this episode is dropping on Friday instead of Thursday but due to scheduling conflicts this Thanksgiving episode is dropping on Black Friday. Today on the show Nick, Sarah and Manuel discuss the trailers to Scoob, Pixar's Soul and Fantasy Island. They discuss how they feel about James Dean, an actor who died in the 1950's, being cast in a new movie. Sarah gives us the dirt on the dark history of Thanksgiving and a young gamer in China spends a million...


Sick Sad Cast Ep. 13 - Renfest Was Fun

In this episode of the Sick Sad Cast Nick and Sarah catch up with Manuel about their recent camping trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival and what they saw. A young boy was born without a penis, Burger King is getting sued, can meat effect an erection and Manuel quizzes us about The Office. All this and more laughs in this week's episode. Enjoy.


Sick Sad Cast Ep.12 - We All Sleep

In this episode of the Sick Sad Cast our hosts, Nick, Sarah and Manuel catch up from their past week and look forward to a camping trip at the Renaissance Festival. They take a deep dive into the topic of sleeping and discuss some of the strange and horrifying things that happen to us while we sleep. Why do some people sleepwalk, what is sleep paralysis? Can scientists actually see our dreams and was the documentary, The Nightmare, worth our time? Next week will be a regular episode and we...


Sick Sad Cast Ep. 11 - Like a F*cking Pigeon!

Halloween is finally behind all of us but Sarah, Nick and Manuel are back to discuss their past week. They catch up and discuss the trailers to Star Wars Ep. XIX, Bloodshot and Gretel and Hansel. In Non-News News scientists believe they can feed us in the future using cockroach milk, Sarah talks about an inmate smuggling contraband up his nose and Manuel fills us in on the happenings down in Mexico, Trump and the Mexican Cartel. A bear sniffed a lot of cocaine in 1985 and much more. The...


Sick Sad Cast Ep. 10 - Halloween Kamishibai and Two Sentence Stories

Happy Halloween! Today on the show Nick, Sarah and Manuel discuss all things horror. The three movie trailers at the top are The Grudge, antlers and Black Christmas. Manuel shares more happenings from his house of haunts, Sarah shares three Japanese horror stories known as Kamishibai and Nick reads 29 short stories that are only two sentences long each. We hope you have a happy and safe Halloween. If you'd like to email the show and share your own scary story, we'd love to hear from you. The...


Sick Sad Cast Ep. 9 - Inflammable Means Flammable?!?!

Today on the show Nick forgot to hit record on the perfect intro and Manuel and Sarah have fun at his expense. The crew discusses their week that was, including Nick and Sarah's experience at the 13th Floor haunted house and what they thought of Zombieland 2. The trailers on tap for discussion are Dolittle, Uncut Gems and Girl on the Third Floor. It's here that the show format then takes a backseat and our hosts just kick back and tell stories. Nick shares two tales of strange and scary...


Sick Sad Cast Ep. 8 - Animal Love and a Good Book Revelation

Hello bozos, Nick and Sarah are joined once again by their friend Manuel to discuss their week and the news that was. In the friendly chat portion of the show their is a discussion with spoilers for the new Joker movie. If you wish to avoid spoilers the time stamp is from 15 minutes to 21:40. But in today's episode our hosts talk about the trailers to the movies Gentlemen, The Good Liar and Countdown. Nick sheds light on a story from China where a male cat mates with several females in a...


Sick Sad Cast Ep. 7 - Poop and a Momo

Hello, bozos! Nick, Sarah and Manuel are back to discuss their past week and share a few personal stories of incidences in their youth that involved poop and some vomit. The movie trailers they discuss after catching up are The Banana Splits Movie, Birds of Prey and Richard Jewell. Manuel shares some topical news happening in another country, Sarah shares some facts about poop and Nick breaks down the Momo internet phenomenon that began a few years ago. If you'd like us to discuss anything...


Sick Sad Cast Ep. 6 - Long Drives & Moving

Hello everyone, Nick, Sarah and Manuel are back together and catch up on what's happened this past week with Nick and Sarah moving, Manuel's long drive for work and a few news stories that caught their eye. The trio finally discuss the trailers for Bad Boys for Life, Wrinkles the Clown, which is a documentary about an evil clown who lives in Florida and In the Tall Grass for Netflix. In some Non-News News that was huge News is Sony and Disney coming to terms for Spider-Man to keep playing in...


Sick Sad Cast Ep. 5 (Sextuplets, Several and Octuplets)

Hello listeners, we are back this week to discuss some light hearted topics to balance the deep dives from the past two weeks. Nick and Sarah give an update on the move into the house and explain their theory as to why Manuel was absent from the show. Nick brings up a story of a woman who failed to frame her husband and must now register as a sex offender. Sarah finds a story about bull semen canisters exploding in a fire. We have an update on what happened during the raid on Area 51 and...


Sick Sad Cast Ep. 4 - Aokigahara: The Suicide Forest

Hello listeners! Off the top it should be known this episode might be a bit heavier than most due to the sensitive topic of suicide. It is a deep dive into the Aokigahara forest in Japan, known to the west as the Suicide Forest. We apologize if this episode isn't as fun as most but next week's episode will be a throwback to the old format we used to do on the Run-In! As Sarah and Nick begin to move into their new house their schedule will become more and more full which is why the deep dive...


Sick Sad Cast Ep. 3 - This Is Slenderman

Hello bozos, in this episode of the Sick Sad Cast Manuel joins Nick and Sarah to discuss everything Slenderman. This paranormal character got his fame originally as an internet meme/creepypasta. Sarah expels some knowledge of crimes that were inspired by Slenderman or are somehow connected and tells the tale of two little girls from the 1950's with a chilling ending. After that our hosts discuss a HBO documentary titled Beware the Slenderman as it tells the tale and trial of the Slenderman...


The Sick Sad Cast Ep. 2 - Disney Good, Disney Bad

Hello everyone and thank you for listening to our podcast. Sarah and Nick are joined by longtime friend and former co-host, Manuel to discuss all things Disney, from the good all the way to the bad. With the launch of Disney's new streaming service, Disney+, we decided to talk in detail of what we should expect when it launches. We discuss three trailers, two of which are original movies for the streaming service, those being The Lady and the Tramp remake and Noelle, which is a Christmas...


The Sick Sad Cast Ep. 1 - Polybius & The Mandella Effect

Hello everyone and welcome to our new show, The Sick Sad Cast! My name is Nick and I have my co-host/girlfriend Sarah at my side as we chat with you about the crazy, silly, outrageous, scary, horrible, funny world we live in. Today is the topic of Polybius, which is or was, allegedly, a video game arcade cabinet that may have brainwashed people back in the early 80's. Our second topic is the Mandella Effect. This is more of a conspiracy theory that has thousands of people either...


Pilot Rerun

Here is a special treat for those who have been with us since the beginning; it's a rerun of the very first episode of The Run-In! In this first episode Nick sits down with his good friend Zach to discuss the Rock's new tattoo that covered up his Brahma Bull. Ric Flair was hospitalized for a health scare, the Nintendo Gamecube's new HD adapter, the new Annabelle Creation, the new Duck Tales series for Disney XD, Castlevania on Netflix, some Power Rangers comics Nick borrowed from Zach and...


A Non-News News Finale

Hello bozos, this is the final episode of The Run-In and it is all Non-News News. Nick and Sarah utilize their new equipment and discuss how Disney and Sony's deal fell apart when it came to using Spider-Man. An older gentleman went to his doctor and got the wrong procedure performed, a raccoon somehow found its way into a vending machine, Corn Flakes' strange origin and much more. All good things must come to an end but the Run-In's spirit will live on with our new show the Sick Sad Cast....


What Happened Was...

Hello bozos, Nick and Sarah are back for episode 98 of The Run-In to catch you up on the past week of news in our little weird world we live in. What did we think of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and the four missing Degrassi episodes we somehow missed? The Addams Family animated movie dropped its first real trailer and our hosts discuss The Current War, which tells the tale of how cut-throat the world was when it came to electricity. Don't Let Go is about a cop who loses his niece in a...


Open Web Tabs

Hey everyone, it's a mad dash to the series finale of The Run-In and the launch of the Sick Sad Cast but Nick and Sarah are back to catch you up on what's happened since they've been gone for two weeks. They look at three new movie trailers for 1917, which is set in the first World War, The Lighthouse is a black and white feature that might have it's leads falling victim to cabin fever and Zombieland 2 is exactly what you think it is; more fun and zombie killing. In our Non-News News Nick...


Sloppy Seconds

The time has arrived to revisit one of the best topics we ever had on this show. Sex! Nick and Sarah are back with sloppy seconds and more funny sex stories they found in the interwebs. Of course they discuss three more movie trailers for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Top Gun: Maverick and Cats. The Non-News News gets your feet wet for the topic of sex when our hosts discuss some of the dumbest things men have ever told women in regards to sex and periods. Sarah reads some funny...