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WWE HIAC Fallout, Shawn Michaels Returning? - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 52

In the final episode before our one year anniversary show next week we get stuck into the fallout from WWE Hell In A Cell and the TV shows this week. Topics Include: The Hell In A Cell main event fiasco. The “Listening to the fans” narrative. Is Shawn Michaels coming back at WWE Crown Jewel? Explaining the amazing truth about the open challenge segments. Lio Rush has an incredible debut. The Miz and Daniel Bryan it what we hoped it would be? AJ Styles and Almas have an incredible...


Stephanie Listens To The Fans, WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 51

Stephanie McMahon thinks that WWE are listening to their audience. Need we say any more? Well, luckily for you, we have a lot to say on that topic! Other topics include: The WWE Evolution “leaked” card (MYC and NXTUK SPOILER FREE, DONT WORRY!!!) Time wasting on WWE TV PPV storyline build in the Network Era. Are we seeing an all time low for creative? Is the Networks affect on the booking the worst thing to happen to modern WWE? Renee Young at the commentary desk! The 205 Live guys showing up...


ALL IN Review, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels on Raw - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 50

We go in depth with All In coverage this week for our 50th weekly episode! We break down the card and discuss it all in depth. Scamcast...a discussion. WWE Evolution is not selling, a problem they made for themselves. A debate on whether or not we need The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels on Raw in 2018 when the roster is bursting at the seams with new talent. The entire Raw roster is now being used to get Roman Reigns cheered. It's not going to work. Turn him heel and then back again! We also...


ALL IN Preview and Predictions, WWE Fighting The Fans Again - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 49

Cody made comments on a Reddit AMA that seemed to anger some (definitely not all) Irish wrestling fans. Are they just being too sensitive? The PWI 500 was released this week, does The Miz deserve to be in the top 10 ahead of Ciampa and Gargano? Neville is a free agent, what’s next for him? The ALL IN preview and predictions portion kind of overshadowed the show. We break down the card in great detail and lay out how we see it going considering the Over The Budget Battle Royal has a huge part...


WWE Summerslam Review! The Shield Reunite on Raw! - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 48

We kick off the show by doing a quick recap of last weekend's action from NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 and WWE Summerslam. Ambrose and Rollins rushed out in riot gear to help Roman Reigns keep the Universal Title on Raw. The Shield are back but was that a heel turn? Why didn’t they wait until the bell rang? So many questions... Becky Lynch is being forced as a heel as the fans loudly cheered her every word. Why cant WWE just go with the flow? Why do they always fight what the fans want? Isn't...


WWE Summerslam Predictions! Dave Meltzer Angers The Internet - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 47

There was so much going on in the world of wrestling this week that we didn’t even get to recap Raw and Smackdown! We discuss the sad passing of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart before getting into a quick chat about Colt Cabana taking legal action against CM Punk after their victory in the defamation case against WWE’s head doctor. Why don’t they go after WWE for the money together? A quick chat about Randy Orton's antics backstage leads us to the big story of the week... Dave Meltzer faced the...


Just Let Roman Reigns Be Himself - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 46

Conor McGregor is making his return to the UFC. A quick chat about what could be the biggest fight in MMA history. The new President of NJPW has banned this a slippery slope? Cody and The Young Bucks finally reveal the broadcasting options for ALL IN. Is $40 too much for this show? Another mixed week for WWE TV. Raw was pretty forgettable but Smackdown continues to impress!


Is Charlotte Flair The New Roman Reigns? - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 45

We're pretty sure this weeks episode of Raw was a re-run. You know the one where Joey and Chandler swap apartments with Monica and Rachel? Brock Lesnar showed up to Raw with some sort of red championship. Roman Reigns called him names and such. They finally got a “we want Roman” chant and they didn't send him out...what are they doing to the guy?! Thankfully Smackdown was great again this week. Samoa Joe is incredible on the mic, heel Orton is killing it and we had a great tag team match....


WWE Evolution, All Female PPV Announced - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 44

The Alleged Wrestling Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Tunein Radio, Soundcloud, Stitcher, all Podcast apps and Youtube. Please do us a favour and subscribe! Matt Riddle is heading to WWE....what to expect! Is this weeks Tommaso Ciampa vs Aleister Black match the greatest NXT Title match to date? The boys wax lyrical about the greatness of Ciampa as an old school heel and how to get to Ciampa vs Gargano at Wrestlemania weekend. WWE finally announced the long rumoured...


Hulk Hogan Returns to WWE - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 43

There’s only one place to start: Hulk Hogan is reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame and, by proxy, has a new WWE contract. The New Day and Titus O'Neil have made statements on the matter, does Hulk Hogan need to be back in 2018 after all that has happened? NJPW G1 28...our matches to watch from the first few days! We have a quick review of WWE Extreme Rules from last weekend before getting into TV from this week. Raw started off really well with a great opening match and fleshing out the...


WWE Extreme Rules Predictions - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 42

This week's episode is brought to you by…ALCOHOL! After a truly awful Raw and a boring Smackdown this week we focused on the good stuff at length to open the show. We covered Brock Lesnar's appearance at UFC 226 last weekend and discuss what it means for the mythical Universal Title. We then moved on to the newsworthy NJPW G1 Special from San Francisco. Bullet Club was nearly whole again until the Tongan faction attacked Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. Bullet Club Elite vs Bullet Club...


Best Show Ever - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 41

This show went off the rails in a beautiful way. It may be the best show we have ever done while also being the worst show in terms of actual wrestling coverage. We started by proclaiming this weeks Being The Elite to be their best ever show. Famous Dick Wrestler Joey Ryan finally had his memorial service. His own (hot) wife could not attend but his best buds were in there to see his sleazy soul move on to the great squared circle in the sky. This week on Raw we had a Roman Reigns spin off...


Team Hell No Are Back - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 40

WWE stock is at an all-time did that happen? No deaths or releases this week, just some average shows! Raw was a bit of a stinker in terms of continuity but we had what we suspect is a Bayley heel turn? Where do we see this going? Smackdown was a little better and we had the surprise return of Kane who helped Daniel Bryan see off a beatdown by the Bludgeon Brothers. What does a revamped Team Hell No do for Daniel Bryan? We cover the rest of the stuff from WWE TV this week before...


Rusev is Number 1 Contender - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 39

This weeks Alleged Wrestling Podcast covers all of the latest news in the world of Professional Wrestling. Big Cass was released by WWE this week. Where did it all go wrong for Enzo and Cass?? Gordo and Nicky were at the WWE UK Championship Tournament tapings this week and have all the news from the shows - Spoiler warning! We quickly run down the highlights of the NXT Takeover Chicago and Money In The Bank where Velveteen Dream and Ronda Rousey were the stars of weekend. Unfortunately after...


WWE Money In The Bank Predictions - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 38

PACKED show this week! We start by discussing CM Punk's fight at UFC 225. Does Punk have any business being in the Octagon?? We have a quick chat about the big matches at NJPW Dominion last Saturday. Chris Jericho beat Naito for the IWGP Intercontinental Title and Kenny Omega finally defeated Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. We talk in depth about the angle after the match with the Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi...we now have the Golden Elite! NJPW pays off a storyline years in the...


CM Punk Wins His Trial - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 37

This weeks Alleged Wrestling Podcast covers all of the latest news in the world of Professional Wrestling. CM Punk and Colt Cabana won their defamation case versus WWE’s Dr. Amann. We discuss some of the hilarious notes from the trial. A certain Mike Litoris was the star of the show. The WWE UK Championship Tournament will not be streamed live, we have to wait a week to see it. We discuss the reasons why. Were they not aware that England's first World Cup game is the first night of the UK...


BONUS SHOW - NJPW Dominion 2018 Preview and Predictions!

In a bonus episode of The Alleged Wrestling Podcast the lads sit down to preview NJPW Dominion 2018! With Chris Jericho vs Tetsuya Naito and Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada 4 on the card we could be looking at an incredible show! Special thanks to Dook Weaselton for providing the music for the intro! The track is called "Osmosis" and can be found with the rest of his tracks at Give him a listen!


Enzo Amore Is A Rapper Now - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 36

In a week that saw WWE seal ANOTHER billion dollar TV deal we were robbed of a match that was advertised for an entire week! Don't worry though, they had a dance contest instead. Stuff like this confirms everybody's fears, these new TV deals mean WWE can do whatever they want from now on and they will troll their fans mercilessly for the next 5 years! What do these new TV deals mean for the brand split? We discuss a few ideas, there's no way it stays as it is surely? Fox and USA will want...


The Technical Difficulties Episode - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 35

Unfortunately, due to a connection issue, Steves usual standard of audible chocolate is affected. His audio is usually like a Galaxy Caramel - smooth, delicious, sexy, but this week Steves internet was being a dick so it breaks apart like a cheap Flake in an ice cream cone. Sure, it's delicious in parts but breaks away too easily and never truly achieves the consistency and glory of the aforementioned Galaxy Caramel. It's patchy at the start, gets better for about 15 mins, then falls apart...


All In Sells Out In 30 Minutes - The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 34

The Alleged Wrestling Podcast is now on iTunes! It can also be found on Soundcloud, Stitcher, all Podcast apps and clips will be posted to Youtube. Please do us a favour and subscribe! This weeks Alleged Wrestling Podcast covers all of the latest news in the world of Professional Wrestling. We get into all of the big storylines and news items from over the past few days, including... #AllIn sells out in under 30 minutes, we discuss how big this could be for Wrestling as a whole. The case...