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Your Weekly Knee to the Ass Bone for Your Ear Holes!

Your Weekly Knee to the Ass Bone for Your Ear Holes!


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Your Weekly Knee to the Ass Bone for Your Ear Holes!




E40: Monday Night RAW #223

In the immortal words of our terrible Canadian impression ... "Sworry. Sworry." We attempted a watch along. We didn't really like it either. There are some good gags though. Next episode we're back to the normal format.


E39: Monday Night RAW #222

This week! We've got ... THE GOAT! HBK is back and WHAT could be better than that? Nothing absolutely nothing. If you listen to the show and ever wondered who writes theses descriptions ... I think it is now abundantly clear. Also, D'Lo did something. Tune in to hear all the throwback retrospective goodness as Mikey and Brian drink too much and discuss!


E38: Monday Night RAW #221

We are back! The Atomic Dropcast took a short hiatus to backlog some episodes in an attempt to get back on a proper release schedule. Bare with us while this happens but eventually the goal is to return to weekly releases. In the meantime, check out Mikey and Brian discussing RAW #221, the night after THE SUMMERSLAM.


E37: THE Summerslam 1997

THE Summerslam as Bret calls it was a so-so Summerslam but it made for a hell of an Atomic Dropcast! This week with special guest ... BILLY IN THE FIELD! This is definitely not one to miss.


E36: Monday Night RAW #220

Merry Christmas, folks! We're back with quite possibly the WEAKEST go home show in this history of our ILLUSTRIOUS Atomic Drop Podcast. (Shout out to Jimmy Hart.) There really isn't much else to say about this episode of RAW other than... we hated it! Tune in to hear how much! Also, note ... NO MENTION OF A CAGE MATCH! That'll pay off later.


E35: Monday Night RAW #219

And this week we've got more Canadian anthems then you can shake a stick at! Shawn's back sort of. D'Lo is missing, sort of! And we introduce the WORLD to the Undertaker's long time and insanely successful side business. It's how he filled up the First National Bank of Souls. Another mystery solved! Join Mikey and Brian as the drunkenly discuss Monday Night RAW #219 from 1997! Summerlam is on the way!


E34: Monday Night RAW #218

And this week is RAW #218! We've got Patriots, Dude's who LOVE and most importantly SHAWN MICHAEL'S! Come join the Atomic Dropcast, clap clap clap DEEP in the Heart of TEXAS! Remember The Alamo Dome!


E33: Monday Night RAW #217

ONE YEAR LATER! And they (... I) said it would never last! Well here we are ... 52 weeks later and it's Episode 33! WE ARE IN THE ZONE! AUTO-ZONE! This week it's RAW #217 and we got all kinds on NONSENSE! Claims of new t-shirts, HI Paul, BYE Roland ... and we're drunk, of course! Tune in and drop some knee's on some asses!


E32: In Your House: Canadian Stampede

This week it's Canadian Stampede AND the GOOSE is LOOSE! There may only be four matches but there is ALOT going on here! Brought to you by Audible! Go to for a free 30 day trial!


E31: Monday Night RAW #216

This week! RAW 216! We've got Civic Centers on Civic Center on Civic Centers! The Atomic Dropcast is still chugging along ... literally and figuratively! Here COME THE HOTSTEPPER!


E30: Monday Night RAW #215 - The Atomic Dropcast

This week there is SO much Danger ZONE! We have D'LO is in the ring! Hitman vs. Hitman! Brian Christopher (RIP) going head to head with Scotty Too Taylor and much more! Tune in while Mikey and Brian discuss RAW #215!


E29: Monday Night RAW #214 - The Atomic Dropcast

Sorry for the wait folks! We are BACK this week after our appearance at Wrestle Legends (more on that next week!) This week we've got Shamrock and his magically delicious zones! We've got Ahmed Jeezey speaking in ENGLISH! We've got a DRUNK SOUND MAN! And the Hart Foundation handcuffed around the outside of the ring! Not to mention Bobby Fulton ONE on ONE with Tommy Rogers! Need I say more? Tune in and listen to Brian and Mikey draw the battles line ... in blood. "CANADA!"


E28: Monday Night RAW #213 - The Atomic Dropcast

Pardon some slight audio issues in this episode. A little background noise is all but not enough to detract from a HIGH CALIBER episode of The Atomic Dropcast. We've got GUNS, the debut of BART HART, Sid on his last legs ... get it, a NEW Nation and PEE WEE Herman, the last two are unrelated, which is unfortunate really.


E27: King of the Ring 1997 - The Atomic Dropcast

It's the KING all nonsense tournaments! King of the Ring! We know who won but do we remember how it happened? Mikey and Brian drink and discuss 1997's King of the Ring! Check it out, folks!


EP26: Monday Night RAW #212 - The Atomic Dropcast

We had some audio issues on this one ... BUT it doesn't stop us from checking the BARRELLS!!!


EP25: Monday Night RAW #211 - The Atomic Dropcast

We made it to 25! This was an outstanding episode of RAW! Very little filler and most importantly two HUGE moments both Brian and Mikey have been waiting for!


EP24: Monday Night RAW #210 (RIP Vader) - The Atomic Dropcast

Sadly in this episode ... we lose Vader. A broken nose has taken him out of the King of the Ring and also in present time Leon White has passed away due to complications from pneumonia. It is certainly sad news and our heart go out to Leon's family. Thanks for all the wrestle-fights!


EP23: Monday Night RAW #209 - The Atomic Dropcast

This week it's Monday Night RAW! #209! We're fresh off if IN YOUR HOUSE: Cold Day In Hell and we are back to the RAW, the WARZONE and of course ... RUMORS! But the real question here is, have you ever seen a snake!?


E22: In Your House: Cold Day in Hell - The Atomic Dropcast

We're back! And it's another IN YOUR HOUSE ... This time is chilly in the devil's den and the HART Foundation has front row seats! Check it out!


E21: Monday Night RAW #208 - The Atomic Dropcast

We've got it all this week! Ghettos, ghetto-men, wheel chairs, steel chairs and ALL the JAM you can eat! Owen ... look under those barrels! It's along one this week, the rabid fan base has spoken and no one is digging the two-parters so ... GET READY for some long ass episodes ... in the ghettttooooooo!