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Fans old and new discuss the state of professional wrestling. Nonsense abounds! Warning: Explicit Language. Not for sensitive ears.

Fans old and new discuss the state of professional wrestling. Nonsense abounds! Warning: Explicit Language. Not for sensitive ears.
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Fans old and new discuss the state of professional wrestling. Nonsense abounds! Warning: Explicit Language. Not for sensitive ears.




366: Balor is Back

We’ve got one more week of programming before WWE invades Phoenix for TakeOver, the Royal Rumble, RAW, and SmackDown… and they’re not holding back on shaking things up when and where necessary. Braun is out; Finn is in. Lashley is a champion once more. Andrade’s name has simplified, and he seems to be on the up. Lots to chat about this week before we get back together with the Mat Mania crew. Let’s do the thing! Featuring: ‘Hot Podcast Garbage’ Sprung (@jasprung), ‘Super Jew’ Jared...


DATES 58: Sour Patch Kids Cereal

This week on the DATEScast, there are so many new cereals to be tried and such little time. With the cereal snack game booming, Tim and Derek have dedicated this entire month to rating some of these new crossover cereals popping up in grocery stores around the country. We kick things off with a Wal-Mart exclusive...Sour Patch Kids Cereal. The medical marijuana community demanded Sour Patch Kids, and so did someone in the cereal community apparently. Is it really sour? Does it ruin your milk?...


UNT 67: Aquaman

Every day since the release of Batman v. Superman, Tim has walked from his lighthouse to the end of the pier, gazing wistfully at the ocean as he longs for the return of his beloved sea king. And each of those days, Jared has been at the bar, laughing at Tim for holding out any hope for a DC movie. And now, Jason Momoa has arrived — wet, glistening and mostly shirtless — with a billion-dollar international hit Aquaman movie. So who's laughing now? Probably still Jared. The whole crew comes...


365: Double or Nothing

Well, RAW sure took a step back this week. No worries, though! SmackDown does what it does best, and the wrestling world did more than its part to keep our attention. All Elite Wrestling is real and has seemingly already got the attention of our pro wrestling overlords from Stamford, Connecticut. NXT UK has their first TakeOver show this weekend, as well, and for many of us – it may be a good jumping off point as the show to this point hasn’t been the easiest to keep up with. BritWrest is...


MWTM 62: Taeler Hendrix

On this edition of Minutes with the Mayor, Derek is joined by NPWL Women's Champion Taeler Hendrix to discuss a variety of topics, including growing up as a wrestling fan while not being allowed to watch it, the evolution of women's wrestling, who inspired her as a wrestler, and much more. To purchase a ticket to NPWL's next event for either yourself or for a youth who couldn't otherwise attend, go to for more information. Featuring: 'The Mayor of Reseda' Derek Montilla...



Our favorite event of the year is here again, as WrestleKingdom 13 delivered with surprises, epics, EIGHT title changes, and a lot of goodbyes. Join Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) and Chris Damasceno (@BrasilianFury) as they break down the exodus of the Elite, the return of Okada’s Thighs, the coronation of the Switchblade, the Uncanny Valley broached by Tiny KUSHIDA, and the Ace climbing back to the top of the mountain in a classic. Sponsored by WrestleCrate and Lapel Yeah (@wrestlecrateusa,...


UNT 66: Bumblebee

Travel back to the 80s with us as we grab a Hot Dog on a Stick, crank up the Stan Bush and squeeze into the back of a Volkswagen (we’re looking at you, Kevin Smith) for the latest offering from the Transformers franchise... Bumblebee. With Tim still MIA in the sub-Atlantic, we invited fan-favorite, Transformers aficionado and all-round nostalgia critic, Yoshi, back on our show to give his thoughts. And boy did he... Everything you wanted to know about Transformers fandom is touched on in...


DATES 57: Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch

This week on the DATEScast, Tim and Derek try to reconcile after someone wouldn't eat crickets and after someone else invited a non-certified guest on to the podcast. But with 2018 in the rear view mirror, our snackologists make up and give us one more rating to wrap up their 40-episode year. This time around, we are PERing a snack that once again sent Derek on a wild goose chase to find. Was it worth it? Hell yeah it was worth it. Get your bowls and spoons ready. We are trying a holiday...


364: It’s a New Year (Yes It Is)

An era has officially passed, with the loss of Mean Gene Okerlund. But WWE moves on… The McMahon Family shake-up continues as stars like Apollo Crews and Mustafa Ali continue foreplay before their (hopeful) breakout moments. Things like that keep us engaged and tuned in – and so far, the shake-up has proven to be successful. How long will that last, though? As far as we can tell, the Royal Rumble build continues to keep the excitement coming. Cautious optimism prevails! Featuring: ‘Captain...


UNT 65: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Get your THWIP on, with not one, not two, but a multitude of Spider-Men (and women), as we dive mask-first into the new animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Friend of the show, Mateo Morales returns to explain exactly why he named his son Miles (you heard us), Greig and Jared argue about... sorry, ‘ponder’ the future of the Tom Holland Spider-Man series, and of course, we gush over the phenomenal animation techniques used in bringing this film to life. All this and more on an...


363: An IIconic Rusev Day

Are you ready to head Down Under? Because this week, for the first time ever, Greig brings along two IIconic co-hosts to make The Steel Cage an all-Aussie affair. We give some colonial opinions on the state of WWE, drop a couple of early Royal Rumble predictions, discuss the rise of Buddy Murphy and fawn over the IIconics. We even went on a Die Hard tangent. So grab a slab, throw a prawn on the barbie and check out the all Aussie Steel Cage. Hosted by ‘Captain Boomerang’ Greig Tansley...


DALES 56.5: Umaibo

This week on the DATEScast, Tim and Derek are fighting because Tim wouldn't eat crickets. So Derek enlisted the help of junior snackologist/daughter, Lilly Montilla, to help him sort though a giant box of Japanese snacks given to him for Christmas by his mother-in-law. After sorting through the pile, we are putting Corn Potttage and Sugar Rusk Umaibo through the PER system. We know...she's not certified. But even though she is grossly unqualified to be handing out snack ratings, we hope you...


362: TLC 2018 Results and The McMahon Family Shake-Up

So, uh. We’re the authority now? That’s what Mr. McMahon told us, at least. More of what we want. Less of what we don’t want. We’ll see about that. We break it down – what they said, what we’ve noticed, and what we think is to come. Let’s not gloss over TLC, though. That show was fun! The last 2-4 matches had a solid double-quadruple main event feel to them, and we were left with a major statement as we look to see what becomes of the Rousey / Flair / Lynch rivalry. Featuring: ‘Captain...


UNT 64: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

The lights are up, the egg-nog is ready, the mistletoe has been hung and most importantly, the Jewish member of our team asked us to review National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. So we did. Our bah-humbug trio of Christmas elves set aside their year-long surliness to bathe in the glory of Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. (Okay, mostly Bevery D’Angelo.) We reminisced about this beloved Holiday classic, with the 25 000 Christmas lights, yet another recast pair of Griswold children and of...


DATES 56: Island Princess Mini Meles

This week on the DATEScast, our snackologists wrap up their Hawaiian vacation (and Cookie Day) with our final installment of their 5-part series, DATES Goes Hawaiian. Our duo discuss the nuances of cooking chocolate chip cookies and Derek reveals why he should probably stop saying yes all the time. They also rate their final item from professional surfer Danny Schlag's sack, Island Princess Mini Meles, which are toffee coated Macadamia Nuts covered in chocolate. How many nut innuendos are...


361: TLC 2018 Preview

Nobody is ready for Asuka! Apparently, that includes Charlotte (The Woo-Man) and Becky Lynch (The Man). Between that match at TLC, The New Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles, and the triple threat tag match – I don’t know what I’m most excited for. I’ll tell you what I’m not excited for: the glorified ___-on-a-pole match that is Bobby Lashley vs Elias. Yikes… Featuring: ‘Captain Kaveman’ Derek Montilla (@cap_kaveman) and Joshua Schlag (@thesteelcage / @schlizzag). Intro music by The Black Furies,...


CJAE 79: We’re Goin’ to That Pay Windah!

Josh Gavin returns to join Captain Jack (@JackHeartless), as they break down the 3 money matches from the World Tag League Finals, the line-skipping Jackson brothers, Jack’s very first Cage of Death viewing, and the glory that is “The Southern Psycho” Mance Warner (@ManceWarner). Sponsored by WrestleCrate (@wrestlecrateusa) and Lapel Yeah (@LapelYeahPins) Opening theme by Lemi and the Captain. Closing theme by Ayumi Nakamura (@ayumi_nakamura).


DATES 55: Hawaiian Original Flavored Taro Chips

This week on the DATEScast, our snackologists get back to their Hawaiian vacation with part four of their 5-part series, DATES Goes Hawaiian. Tim and Derek sing the songs of Moana and continue ranking Schlags while also PERing this week's snack from Danny's box, Hawaiian Original Flavored Taro Chips. Featuring: Derek Montilla (@cap_kaveman) & Tim Agne (@timagne) Music by: Polly Hall & Andrew Barkan, and Chief Tui Inspired by: Mike and Tom Eat Snacks


UNT 63: Creed Vs Creed II

Hey yo, we didn’t hear no bell, so like... we thought we’d get together and go the distance to talk about the new films revital... reinvigor... uh, re-imagining the Rocky Series - Creed and Creed II. Special guests, Teek Hall and Mega Ran join us from the Mat Mania Podcast to help break down both films, gush over all things Philly and peruse those old photographs of Dolph Lundgren and Grace Jones. You’d have to be punchy not to get excited for this one, so break out your boxing gloves, ramp...


360: Fire and Desire

We’re so excited, you guys. We’re doing a live stage show the weekend of the Royal Rumble. SmackDown is fun. NXT is fun. RAW is a television show, or so they say. TLC should be a fun diversion, and then we’re full steam ahead towards the Royal Rumble! Featuring: ‘Captain Kaveman’ Derek Montilla (@cap_kaveman) and Joshua Schlag (@thesteelcage / @schlizzag). Intro music by The Black Furies, courtesy of Music Alley. Outro music by Bear Ghost (@grizzlyphantom), courtesy of 80/20 Records. This...