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Fans old and new discuss the state of professional wrestling. Nonsense abounds! Warning: Explicit Language. Not for sensitive ears.

Fans old and new discuss the state of professional wrestling. Nonsense abounds! Warning: Explicit Language. Not for sensitive ears.
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Fans old and new discuss the state of professional wrestling. Nonsense abounds! Warning: Explicit Language. Not for sensitive ears.




CJAE 71: The Ace is BACK! (G1 28, Nights 13-19)

Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) & Chris Damasceno (@BrasilianFury)(@BrasilianFury) bring it back this week for a super-sized episode, covering a breathtaking final stretch of G1 Climax 28. Join them as the Golden Lovers EXPLODE, Ishii completes the champions hat trick, ZSJ spoils Naito’s run, a wild Shibata emerges, and Hiroshi Tanahashi is in the driver’s seat as we start our Road to WrestleKingdom 13! Opening theme by Lemi and the Captain. Closing theme by Aretha Franklin. Sponsored by...


344: SummerSlam 2018 Preview

FINALLY, after weeks (months?), RAW puts out a decent episode as we head into this weekend’s SummerSlam. Multiple surprises, a fresh voice on commentary (Renee deserves a ‘please come back’ chant), and plenty of filler that didn’t come across as a labor to get through. Dig it. SmackDown, meanwhile, sort of treaded water, but it was fun enough. This weekend is jam packed with big time matches, from NXT to the main card. We got together again with our pals from Mat Mania Podcast to break it...


DATES 41: Espresso, Salty & Sweet, & Fiery Snickers

This week on the DATEScast, Derek and Tim are feeling a bit irritable, indecisive, and even a little wimpy. So even though snacks can't actually be prescribed because they' know...snacks (unless they contain marijuana), Tim and Derek take a heaping dose of Snickers bars when they pick, eat, and rate Espresso Snickers, Salty & Sweet Snickers, and Fiery Snickers. Featuring: Derek Montilla (@cap_kaveman) & Tim Agne (@timagne) Music by: Polly Hall & Andrew Barkan, The White Stripes, CJ...


UNT 55: Westworld Season 2

We didn’t forget, it just took us a while to wrap our minds around Westworld season 2, and to be honest, we’re still not sure we understood everything. After all, we might already be inside the thing, right? While Tim gushed over yet another Veronica Mars connection (despite not actually having seen the pivotal flash-forward scene), the rest of us pondered the philosophical nature of life, souls, clones and resurrections, tried our best to pronounce ‘Akecheta’, found way too many comparisons...


MWTM 58: Robbie E

On this edition of Minutes with the Mayor, we are back and joined by Robert Strauss aka Robbie E, pro wrestler and host of the Why It Ended Podcast. Discussion includes where the concept for his podcast came from and why fans are so intrigued by the stories behind their favorite stars stepping away from the spotlight. We also talk about balancing being a father with a demanding career, his time on the Amazing Race, and much more. Featuring: 'The Mayor of Reseda' Derek Montilla...


343: Don’t You Dare Be Sour

So, we started recording this episode in the midst of a desert thunderstorm, so you can definitely hear that in the background, but it clears up pretty quickly and the power never goes out! Chalk that up as a win. Anyway… Awwwwwwwww… The Steel Cage Universe! Don’t you dare be sour! Clap for your one again #1 Tag Team Championship contenders! It’s The New Day, yes it is! As it only really could have been… These guys keep tweaking their approach and keep killing it in the ring, so this is...


342: Do It With Flair

Brock is back with a vengeance, isn’t he? As long as he gets to reign supreme and beat people up, he just doesn’t seem to care about anything else. That may be his downfall… Over on the blue brand, we had another return with Charlotte coming in to rain on Becky Lynch’s parade. As crappy as it feels, Becky getting a solid W over both the champ and Ms. Flair could be just the thing to make her SummerSlam moment that much bigger. We’ll see if either of those things happen in just a couple of...


UNT 54: GLOW Season 2

Get out your glitter, your leg-warmers and your Canadian bacon, as we ring the bell on another round of the Netflix series, GLOW. While Greig battles what might technically be pneumonia, the rest of our illustrious international panel discuss the trials and tribulations of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Debbie, Sam, Ruth, Bash and even the new Junkchain earn a mention; we discuss the relevance of certain PSAs, explain a plot point to younger viewers and even bring up what might possibly...


NXT42 4: You're the Devil, Champ-a

Sprung (@jasprung) and Psyniac (@psyniac_123) give the low-down on NXT this past month. From incredible highs of two five-star calibre matches and continued cowardice of The Undisputed Era to the confusing choices in both the women's and tag team divisions, there's no shortage of discussion to be had. Plus, the devil himself is now our NXT Champion. Psy also brings a spoiler-free report from the first ever NXT UK tapings. Special thanks to Mega Ran (@MegaRan) for the theme music, "O.P.".


CJAE 68: That Was Threemendous… V!



341: Walk With Elias

Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias. LOL JK. It’s a Murder City Shakedown! So yeah. I’m glad we have Elias’ debut album, the first episode of Miz and Mrs., and the announcement of WWE Evolution to talk about this week. It sure beats the alternative: SummerSlam’s awful main event. We’re weeks away and hype has already hit rock bottom. Where do we go from here? Featuring: ‘Super Jew’ Jared (@SuperJew75), ‘The Mayor of Reseda’ Derek (@cap_kaveman), Joshua Schlag (@thesteelcage / @schlizzag), and...


CJAE 67: G1 Special San Francisco!

This week, Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) is on location at the headquarters of WrestleCrate & Lapel Yeah (@LapelYeahPins), Slingshot HQ! He has a sit-down with Daniel & Brownie to compare the TV broadcast of New Japan’s G1 Special in San Francisco to their live experience at the famed Cow Palace. Stay tuned as they discuss continued hygienic concerns at NJPW USA shows, the BC Firing Squad turn, Juice winning the big one in the match of the night, and Takahashi’s horrific injury. Opening...


340: Extreme Rules 2018 Results

Extreme Rules wasn’t exactly extreme (don’t tell that to KO or the ladies of RAW) but it was a pretty solid show overall. My cautious optimism about Bobby Lashley panned out well (for now), two titles changed hands, and we were treated to some new and fun takes on wrestling. Despite Kurt Angle’s lack of testicular anything, we’re moving on to SummerSlam, and as a result - MMA is becoming more prominently featured. Kinda makes you wonder what sort of deals got worked out between UFC and WWE...


DATES 38: Zapp's Voodoo Heat Potato Chips

This week on the DATEScast, Tim makes Derek talk about inciting a Marvel vs DC fan war and receiving aggressive DMs about his opinion on the misuse of shark .PNG files. The duo also recall the beauty of the food in New Orleans, which is quickly giving St. Louis a run for its money for our snacking capital of the United States. We get a little of that spicy flavor from Cajun country with this week's snack, Zapp's New Orleans Kettle Style Voodoo Heat Potato Chips. Featuring: Derek Montilla...


UNT 53: Ant - Man & The Wasp

Get ready for some pint-sized action and small-time laughs as we discuss Ant-Man & the Wasp. Tim fantasizes about that moment from Batman Returns (it’s not what you think – it’s worse), Jared continues his streak of things he hasn’t seen, we learn that Greig’s Luis impression is oddly similar to his Korg and Bryan... well, Bryan was there too. We recorded this one in our miniaturized suitcase podcast studio, added wings and blasters to our super suits and ‘marveled’ over the 20th, yes 20th...


CJAE 66: Atti-Tuna!

This week, Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) sits down for an interview with Knokx Pro's own leader of the Attituna Era, Tuna! She opens up about her uncle getting her invested in pro wrestling at an early age, training with Rikishi and the legendary Anoa'i family, learning the ropes both literally and figuratively, and her upcoming match at Suburban Fight Pro Wrestling (@Suburbanxfight) against Heather Monroe on July 15th in LA. Sponsored by WrestleCrate (@wrestlecrateusa). Opening theme by...


339: Extreme Rules 2018 Preview

Seriously, WWE. Try harder with the graphic design work. Team Friendship is not properly represented in t-shirt form or event posters. But I digress… This week, WWE had a basic go home show in RAW and a bit of a mess (or Teddy Long tribute) in SmackDown. But who cares? Extreme Rules is Sunday! There’s only one Extreme Rules match, a tables match, and a steel cage match — but Pittsburgh is going to get extreme, okay? Featuring: ‘The Mayor of Reseda’ Derek (@cap_kaveman) and Joshua Schlag...


DATES 37: Gooey Butter Cake

This week on the DATEScast, Derek makes inaccurate statements about visibility on the Twitter and Tim escapes the heat of the desert to St. Louis, the new snacking capital of our world. But he didn't come back empty handed. In an effort to continue our 50-Part series, United Cakes of America, Tim brought back this week's snack and local St Louis delicacy, the Gooey Butter Cake. Does this simple cake live up to it's name? Find out of this week's DATES! Featuring: Derek Montilla...


UNT 52: Incredibles 2

Squeeze into your spandex, forget everything you thought you knew about math, fire up your Incred-i-mobile and get ready to tweet about #thicc, because Episode 52 of our animated little supershow is all about The Incredibles. While we celebrated the growing list of films, television shows and video games that Jared hasn’t gotten around to, our non-super-super trio also manages to pay tribute to the late-great Steve Ditko, compare Incredibles 2 to its predecessor, deliver a stirring public...


NXT42: 3 - Shoes Off

Sprung (@jasprung) and Psyniac (@psyniac_123) run through the past month of NXT programming; detailing the highs and lows of the episodic content, dissecting TakeOver Chicago, discussing the 2018 UK Tournament and deliberating the potential of the new NXT UK brand. Special thanks to Mega Ran (@MegaRan) for the theme music, "O.P.". Like what you hear? Tell a friend! Support us on Patreon! --- SUBSCRIBE in iTunes! --- SUBSCRIBE via Google Play! --- Favorite us in Stitcher! --- Listen via...