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TMPToW: Ken Resnick

Today The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling is powered by our NEW sponsor Eat Your Coffee. Head over to to find out more about this AMAZING caffeinated snack (equal to 1 cup of coffee) that gives you the ability to energize the moment with every single bite. We welcome former AWA and WWF announcer, "Killer Ken" Ken Resnick. Ken gives Chad and JP the rundown on WGN America's Ring Warriors (every Saturday at 8am, check your local listings) and how the vibe and energy of...


Shane Douglas And The Triple Threat Podcast EP 68: Crown Jewel Controversy & The Greats Of The Steel City

Today's episode is powered by Bluechew. Guys, looking to last longer, and go a few extra rounds? Get to Blue Chew is the first ever chewable that brings your performance in the bedroom to another level. Here’s a great deal for you guys. Visit and get your first shipment FREE when use promo code FRANCHISE. Just pay $5 shipping. What can be better than that? Give it a try and make sure you use the promo code FRANCHISE. In episode 68 we dive deep into the...


TMPToW: Larry Zbyszko Returns

Today's episode of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling is powered by are your promotional experts and Comda is one of the largest companies in the North America so when it comes to your promotional needs, if it's not Comda, you are paying too much. This week we welcome WWE Hall of Famer, former AWA World Champion and WWWF Tag Team champion, The Living Legend Larry Zbyszko. Larry Zbyszko is infamous in the wrestling world for his early days in the business as the protege...


Shane Douglas And The Triple Threat Podcast EP 67: HBK's New Look, Pizza Cutters and The BWO

Today's episode of the Triple Threat Podcast is powered by BLUECHEW. Shane returns from a brutal trip down to Louisiana where he battled Luke Hawx in an street fight and we check in to see how the Franchise is holding up after reading reports of how brutal and bloody the contest was. We talk about Stevie Richards' role in the match as guest referee and if his past relationship with Stevie was help or a hindrance to him in the outcome of the contest and whether or not his feud with Luke Hawx...


TMPToW: Pat Tanaka

To follow up last week's episode with tag team partner Paul Diamond, we've got another very rare interview today with former Orient Express and Bad Company member, Pat Tanaka. Known as a tag team specialist in the AWA and WWF, Tanaka's size and moves were deemed innovative for the time he competed and he retells the stories that helped mold his career and overcome a lot of adversity during a "big man" era. We also get amazing insight into the famed Royal Rumble 1991 opening match between the...


Shane Douglas And The Triple Threat Podcast EP 66: FACTIONS

It's faction warfare today on the Triple Threat Podcast. We breakdown the laughable WWE top 10 factions list by breaking down what makes a good group, how many members is too many members and what sort of psychology goes into building the proper gang to support your roster. We also hear from Shane, JP and Chad what their top 3 factions of all time are as well as throw out some fantasy booking to The Franchise as he books his very own (non Triple Threat) faction. We also get comments from...


TMPT Feature Show #2: Konnan

Our second feature episode is a show that is focused on the upcoming MLW television tapings at The Mellrose Ballroom in NYC on October 4th as Konnan joins Chad and JP to breakdown the rising promotion. For this and every other episode of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling and The Triple Threat Podcast featuring "The Franchise" Shane Douglas please subscribe to us on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Podomatic, and Player FM. Also follow us on Twitter


Shane Douglas And The Triple Threat Podcast Episode 65: Special Guest Vince Russo

This week The Triple Threat Podcast is back for episode #65 and welcoming in a very good friend of the show, the always hilarious and incomparable, Vince Russo. Reminiscing on their 25 year friendship dating back to Shane's Dean Douglas days through the wild-ride of WCW and finally in TNA, Russo and The Franchise discuss how their very similar business practices kept them on the same level and how they always gravitated to one another in each promotion they worked in together. We also get...


TMPToW: Paul Diamond

He's a tag team specialist that was a high flyer when very few men took to the sky in the 1980s and now former AWA Tag Team Champion and WWF Superstar, Paul Diamond joins The Two Man Power Trip. From his days as a member of Bad Company alongside long-time partner Pat Tanaka through their reuniting in the WWF as The Orient Express, Diamond shares personal stories lived through the years he's spent in the wrestling business as both a tag team competitor and as a singles star which would see...


TMPToW: Jamison

Today The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling welcomes former WWF personality and nemesis of Bobby "the Brain" Heenan, John DiGiacamo FKA Jamison Winger. From his days as a feature act on Primetime Wrestling, through the short lived Bobby Heenan Show and managing the Bushwackers, Jamison's story of how he landed in the WWF and his tenure is a great look inside one of the most successful era's in the history of the wrestling business. We also find out what Vince McMahon's reaction was to...


Shane Douglas And The Triple Threat Podcast EP 64: The Franchise Is Back

He's back from the land down under and he's ready to FRANCHISE your ass for episode #64 of his Triple Threat Podcast as Shane Douglas RETURNS to the airwaves. Giving Chad and JP the rundown of his two week tour with Battle Championship Wrestling and the EXTREME cast of characters that were also there wrestling, Shane relives and details some of the finer points of his trip and paints a very nice picture of Dominic Denucci's return to the Australian territory that he ruled back in the 1960s....


TMPToW: Mike Knox

For the next two hours sit back and relax while we bring you the comedic stylings of one of our favorite guests of all time, former Aces and Eights member and WWE Superstar, Mike Knox. In this very detailed and very revealing interview, Knox provides Chad and JP with an inside look into his career starting all the way back in the days of WWE's much talked about Deep South Wrestling developmental territory, through his arrival in the re-branded version of ECW and his tenure and possibly most...


TMPT Feature Show #1: Chris DePetrillo of Figures Toy Company

It's now time for something completely different. Trying out a new feature show that will bring a really cool mix of contributors to the business of pro wrestling, updates with past guests and a nice glimpse into our vast archive of TMPT. The first guest on this pilot show is the Chief Marketing Officer of Figures Toy Company​ Chris DePetrillo. Find out how Chris has been working on bringing the impressive line of the Figures Toy Company Legends of Wrestling and Rising Stars of Wrestling...


Shane Douglas And The Triple Threat Podcast EP 63: Special Guest Host - Mikey Whipwreck

With The Franchise still touring Australia for one last week, we decided to go out and find another link to the Franchise's career to guest host while he is absent and it is none other than former ECW World Champion, Mikey Whipwreck. During the episode we get Mikey's thoughts on All In and if it had the ECW flavor that everyone is relating it to and the "us vs. them" mentality as well as Francine's comments last week on past body shaming comments by Dave Meltzer and Mikey having very strong...


TMPToW: PJ Black (FKA Justin Gabriel)

Today's Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling welcomes former WWE Superstar and member of the NEXUS as "The Darewolf" PJ BLACK (FKA Justin Gabriel) joins the show. From his days wrestling in his native country of South Africa through his WWE tenure that saw him be a captain and main focal point of the NEXUS faction, PJ Black shows how he has made quite the name for himself in the wrestling world in both Lucha Underground as well as a stint in IMPACT Wrestling after leaving WWE. Also find out the...


Shane Douglas And The Triple Threat Podcast EP 62: Special Guest Host- Francine

As The Franchise is currently on tour in Australia and unable to record an episode this week we figured how about finding a guest host that is only fitting to fill the Franchise's headsets and that is the woman who may know him better than anyone else in the wrestling business, his former valet and manager, "The Queen of Extreme" Francine. There is a ton to cover in the podcast, including WWE's recent usage of "The Triple Threat" name (refer back to Episode 60 for Shane's thoughts on that...


TMPToW: Shawn Stasiak

Today the TMPT welcomes former WWE/WCW Superstar and son of former WWWF World Champion, Stan "the man" Stasiak, Dr. Shawn Stasiak. We are EXTREMELY PROUD to be partnered with Figures Toy Company. More will be announced in the coming weeks regarding some HUGE promotions we are working on to bring the impressive line of Figures Toy Company Legends of Wrestling and Rising Stars of Wrestling figures directly to our listeners. Their Rising Stars of Wrestling and Legends of Professional Wrestling...


Shane Douglas And The Triple Threat Podcast EP 61: Modern Day Ribs and All In

The Franchise may be on his way to Australia for the next two weeks but that won't stop episode 61 of The Triple Threat Podcast from hitting the airwaves for another fast paced hour of Franchise'd action. Gearing up for a big week in wrestling over Labor Day weekend in the US, we discuss the Cody Rhodes / Young Bucks "All In" event and the impact it may have throughout the wrestling world as well as discuss the Randy Orton "handshake" controversy that surfaced a few weeks back while...


Shane Douglas And The Triple Threat Podcast EP 60: The Faux Triple Threat

Shane Douglas finally breaks his silence in the most recent edition of the Triple Threat Podcast regarding the WWE using the longtime ECW stable name "Triple Threat" for enhancement talent. Calling for the writers and WWE management to pay closer attention to the intellectual property as well as attempt to show respect to now deceased former members, "The Franchise" sternly dissects why he feels Vince McMahon's obsession with hurting former talent he can't control still continues on to this...


TMPToW: Johnny Rodz

Today The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling heads down to Gleason's Gym in beautiful Brooklyn, New York as we are joined by WWE Hall of Famer, "The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz. From his days as the dastardly Java Ruuk through his twenty years working for the McMahon family, Rodz has wrestled them all and seen every huge name pass through the ring ropes. However, his post wrestling life has kept him possibly busier than ever as he continues to train the next generation of stars and tries to keep...