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TMPToW: Abraham Washington

This week the TMPT Flagship interview podcast welcomes former WWE Superstar, FKA Abraham Washington... The Rev. Jeremiah Constantine. After his controversial WWE release following comments made about NBA great Kobe Bryant, Washington who was on the verge of breaking out as a mouthpiece found himself leaving the wrestling business altogether. He has since decided to come back and reinvent himself as Rev. Jeremiah Constantine and the wrestling world and its high profile personalities may be...


Eyes Up Here!! Episode 22: RJ City's Bird

This week on Eyes Up Here!! Francine welcomes one of her favorite personalities in the wrestling world and the man who makes coffee in his underwear, RJ City. RJ City has been making a strong name for himself the last few years with his in-your-face persona and in this episode you get a first account look at this unique superstar.


Taking You To School: Dr. X Enters The WWF

This week Dr. Tom Prichard introduces the world to the mysterious Dr. X on Taking You To School. Who was Dr. X? If you attended a WWF House Show to select TV tapings in the mid 90s that was the question you were asking yourself after seeing the masked marvel. You also saw how the young superstars paired with Dr. X were being taught the master class of in ring competition by the Dr. of Desire himself.


TMPToW: Dustin Rhodes Returns Talking Copper Bill

Returning to the TMPT flagship interview podcast is AEW Superstar, Dustin Rhodes. Dustin having spent 5 decades in the wrestling world steps outside the squared circle to star in Brent Bettman's Copper Bill available for rent or purchase this Friday 2/14 on Amazon Prime Video.


Eyes Up Here!! Episode 21: Would You Rather?

This week on Eyes Up Here, you may want to brace yourself as Chad asks Francine questions in the style of the game Would You Rather... nothing seems off limits as the questions go all over the place but Francine answers all the questions honestly and some of her responses may surprise you.


Taking You To School: The Bodydonnas

Head back in his classroom as @drtomprichard will be Taking You To School this week to discuss his time as Bodydonna Zip. Hear the complete story of Skip, Zip & Sunny from a very somber haircut through their tag team gold.. as well as an update from the @JPWA865


TMPT Feature Show #26: Bryan Alvarez and the 100 Things WWE Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

This week's TMPT Feature episode #26 welcomes long time wrestling publisher, podcaster and author, Bryan Alvarez. Bryan's latest book "100 Things WWE Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die" is a great companion for fans looking to learn more not just about WWE but the history and tips on how to view many different aspects of the wrestling experience. He is also the longtime host of the Wrestling Observer Live and Figure Four Daily, and is the coauthor of the best-selling book, The Death of...


TMPToW: Vince Russo Returns To The Flagship

Love him or hate can't knock his success. This week we welcome Vince Russo back to the TMPT Interview Podcast for the first time since he appeared as our THREE YEAR anniversary guest in January 2018. This time coming back to continue the conversation of the decline in today's wrestling product and look at how and why there are ways to fix the sinking ship by thinking outside the box. Plus we dig a little more into his history and get the low down on his Russo Brand which is the...


Eyes Up Here!! Episode 20: Francine Vacation Recap

Eyes Up Here has hit the airwaves. This week @ECWDivaFrancine recaps her #Disney vacation & shares all the highlights & some of the low-lights (is that even possible?) about her trip. Plus Francine recaps Vince Russo's guest appearance hosting last week's show and looks forward to the big shows of 2020 headed your way on the Eyes Up Here!! / TMPT Empire platform. Have some fun & get your Monday started right!


Taking You To School: Entering The WWF

This week Dr. Tom Prichard's Taking You To School looks at the long anticipated look at his time in the WWF alongside his partner Jimmy Del Ray as The Heavenly Bodies stormed through the doors of federation in the summer of 1993. Dr. Tom discusses how his journey led him to Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling and just how all of the magic made in SMW led to The Heavenly Bodies becoming a much needed addition to the WWF's tag team scene.


TMPToW: Kid Kash

Today's TMPT Empire Flagship Interview Podcast features an in depth interview with @DavidKidKash. Kash looks back at his career and all his stops along the way including @WWE @IMPACTWRESTLING #ECW #WCW and his #MMA fights. Download this weekend starter NOW!


TMPT Feature Show #25: Killer Kross

Today feature episode #25 focuses on MLW's upcoming FIGHTLAND event taking place this Saturday night (February 1st) at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia and we are joined by special guest, Killer Kross. Kross, perhaps pro wrestling's most talked about up and coming star is set to do battle with "Filthy" Tom Lawlor at FIGHTLAND but is also getting set to make his MLW debut in the legendary Philly venue.


Eyes Up Here!! Episode 19: Magical Vacation Special Host: Vince Russo

While the Queen of Extreme is finally getting the chance to bask in her magical vacation destination we keep the Eyes Up Here!! train moving as we welcome in a very special guest host this week, Vince Russo. Vince was a guest on an early episode of the podcast and he and Francine had a blast, so we thought everyone may get a kick out of a special guest in the chair for one week as we await the Queen's return. In this episode we find out from Vince Russo if he did indeed borrow any elements...


Taking You To School: Training Shane McMahon

Last week on Taking You To School with Dr. Tom Prichard, Dr. Tom taught all about what it was like to work with and train Vince McMahon. This week we explore what it was like to work with and train Shane McMahon as he prepared for his in ring debut at WrestleMania 15 in Philidelphia, PA back in 1999. But of course, we get even more backstory into Shane's history in the company, what WWE Hall of Famer and World Champion worked with to prepare him years earlier and and how Shane feeling...


TMPToW: 5 Year Anniversary - One Man Gang / Akeem

Welcome to the TMPT Empire's 5 Year Anniversary special. Today's amazing flagship interview podcast episode features a dream guest of ours since day one all the way back in January 2015, the legendary One Man Gang AKA Akeem. The Gang, a staple of the WWF during the federation era changed gimmicks right in front of our very eyes as he transitioned into the "African Dream" Akeem and jive danced his way into the history books as a now beloved bad guy of the late 1980s World Wrestling...


TMPT Feature Show: NWA's Joe Galli On Upcoming Hard Times PPV

Prior to our HUGE 5th year anniversary podcast release we debut the first feature series interview of 2020 as we welcome the NWA's lead commentator, Joe Galli to the TMPT Empire's airwaves. The NWA presents Hard Times LIVE on Fite.TV on Jan 24th at 7:00 PM EST featuring the crowning of the next NWA Television Champion. In this interview, Joe discusses the NWA's success so far with their NWA Powerr YouTube show, breakout stars, legends returning to the company and what is next for the...


Eyes Up Here!! Episode 18: Tessa Blanchard Controvery

This week Eyes Up Here!! discusses the recent controversy surrounding now IMPACT World Champion, Tessa Blanchard. From her history making week of becoming the first female World Champion of a major wrestling company to the accusations made by fellow performers about comments she has made in the past..Francine and Chad go through and give their perspective on each of the details. All that plus Francine reveals a detail from her ECW days that many fans may not have recognized about Rick Rude's...


Taking You To School: Training Vince McMahon

Taking you to school once again with the good doctor, Dr. Tom Prichard as he details this week the complex and intense training of WWE's head honcho, Vince McMahon. Training someone who has been around the wrestling business is one thing but working with the most powerful man in the entire business is another and in typical Dr. Tom fashion, the stories behind the story is exactly what you would expect.


TMPToW: Tim Storm

One of the most talked about stories in wrestling the last few years has been the success of veteran wrestler Tim Storm. Tim captured the NWA World Championship at a time the company was poised to make its big comeback to the national scene and Storm was slotted as the man to lead the charge. In this interview today we get to hear all about the journey of Tim Storm and how his life and career have changed since he carried the ten pounds of gold. Checkout the upcoming NWA's upcoming Hard...


Eyes Up Here!! Episode 17: Extreme Madness With Mikey Whipwreck

Starting the show HOT! This week's guest of Francine On Eyes Up Here!! is former ECW World Champion and ECW original, Mikey Whipwreck. Always a ton of fun to chat with, Francine and Mikey reminise about their ECW days, Mikey's history on how he got started wrestling in ECW and what wrestlers on the main TV shows today were actually Mikey's students. All that plus Francine and Chad's breakdown of a CRAZY viral video fight that took place at Disney Land late last year.