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A podcast dedicated to professional wrestling, movies, & pro wrestling movies.

A podcast dedicated to professional wrestling, movies, & pro wrestling movies.


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A podcast dedicated to professional wrestling, movies, & pro wrestling movies.




FAN FEST PART ONE: Shell Shocked Shenanigans in Parts Unknown!

Happy Anniversary! We celebrated Three Way Theater's three year anniversary in style as Mike, Lumberjake, and JC invaded the New England Fan Fest 7 hanging out in 'Podcast Row' and talking with various fans and vendors from the event which took place live from the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI. They're joined by the craziest shell-head professional wrestling has ever known in Steve "The Turtle" Weiner (@SteveTheTurtle), a maniac once some apricot brandy touches his lips (do turtles have...


Episode #40: Tag Team

We’re back with another edition of Three Way Theater with the B I G four oh as we finally review 1991's Pro Wrestling TV Movie of the failed television pilot Tag Team starring “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Jesse “The Body” Ventura” as pro wrestlers turned police officers (??). Mike, Lumberjake, and JC also discuss the amazing TV commercials from 1991, if Tag Team is a secret sequel to Bodyslam, and if a piano could actually smash through a building wall and obliterate a pick up truck parked...


BONUSODE: ECW One Night Stand Fantasy Lineup

The boys are back for another BONUSODE (**guitar riff**) joined by their pal "Retrosexual" Anthony Greene as they take a crack of creating their own fantasy card for ECW One Night Stand 2005! ECW One Night Stand 2005 is available in all its edited glory on the WWE Network. Watch along for only $9.99 and tell us your Best Worst in Show in the comments. Like! Comment! Subscribe! Share! Three Way Theater is headed to the New England Fan Fest! Buy your tickets now! Visit our Teepublic store...


Best in Show: ECW One Night Stand 2005

THIS. IS. EXTREME. After a much needed break the boys are back in town as Mike, Lumbie, and JC team up with their ol' retro pal Anthony Greene (@retroag) for a new episode of Best in Show as they review the WWE sponsored ECW One Night Stand 2005, a unique reunion event never before seen (and unfortunately would be repeated over and over and over to diminishing returns). Not even this lineup can do justice to what went down on June 8th, 2005-- Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm (w/Dawn...


BONUSODE: The Worst of WrestleMania The Stink 16

Happy WrestleMania Day! Whether you're watching live from New Jersey New York or sitting from the comforts of home almost every wrestling fan alive will be doing their best to convince themselves they still love pro wrestling while sitting through 7.5 hours of sports entertainment. But the question always remains, what is the worst match in Mania' history? Thanks to the tireless efforts of Three Way Theater wrestling historian Lumberjake, Jake has compiled the list of the lowest rated...


Best in Show: WWE WrestleMania 27

Just in time for WrestleMania 35 it's another Best in Show Mania' spectacular when Mike, Lumberjake, and JC welcome Dan Terry to the show when they review WrestleMania 27 featuring The Miz defending his WWE Championship against John Cena with THE ROCK returning to the company to host the big event! Lumberjake keeps a running tally of non wrestling segments devoted to Mania 27, the boys talk about their love of Snooki and her entrance theme, heel Michael Cole on commentary, and Dan Terry...


Episode #39: Fighting With My Family

PAIGE HERE! It's finally here, the episode you've all been waiting for as Three Way Theater goes to the movies when we review Fighting With My Family starring Florence Pugh as Paige and The Rock as The Rock! Our first time getting to go to the movies together, the boys have a broad discussion about Paige's road to the WWE, the trailers, movie theater etiquette, The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family documentary that inspired the film, THAT sex tape joke, and the creative license being used...


BONUSODE: What Men Want

The boys are hanging out during one of their recent ring rentals on the eve of watching Fighting With My Family, breaking down the big news that Chris Hemsworth had signed on to play the role of Hulk Hogan in a Netflix biopic directed by Todd Phillips! Discussing the competing (??) Vince McMahon biopic Pandemonium and the Netflix film Mike, Lumberjake, and JC fantasy cast some of the biggest stars of the 80s while getting hype for the big feature film debut of Paige. Brian Cairo and...


Best in Show: WCW Uncensored 1996

IT'S... IT'S.... DOOOOOOMSDAY!!!!! Join Mike, Lumberjake, and JC for our trip down memory lane to the year 1996, just weeks before the wrestling landscape changed forever when Scott Hall showed up on WCW Monday Nitro to kick off the nWo storyline when we review WCW Uncensored 1996 featuring the DOOMSDAY CAGE MATCH, an event of epic proportions. The boys are joined by Todd Harris, no sorry, Brett Ryan Gosselin (Ruth Bader Ginsburg?) for this very special event, and we have a lot of fun...


Episode #38: The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown!

Yabba Dabba, Eh? It's another episode of Three Way Theater as Mike, Lumberjake, and JC return to the world of pro wrestling animation as they review The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown! Can Fred, Barney. Wilma and the gang compare to the adventures of Scooby-Doo? (SPOILER: They can't). Bedrock gets bodyslammed in this no-holds-barred animated special featuring Fred, Barney and the whole gang meeting up with stone age versions of the WWE superstars and divas! When the prehistoric...


Best in Show: WWE Royal Rumble 2005

MAHI, MAHI! Welcome to the first Best in Show of 2019 as its our favorite time of the year on Three Way Theater.. ROYAL RUMBLE time! This year we're headed back to wild and weird world of 2005 and the ascension of John Cena and Batista to the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship. What could possibly go wrong? Joining Mikey, JC, and Lumberjake is the two-time Peacock Award winning Ruy Batello, as the boys talk Cookiegate (or MahiMahigate if you will), the 2005 Tough Enough, the epic...


Episode #37: The One & Only

New Year, New Us! It's 2019 and we're starting things off HUGE on Three Way Theater with one of our most requested films of all-time when the boys finally review Carl Reiner's The One & Only starring the Fonz himself Henry Winkler. 1951: Andy Schmidt is in his last year of college. Taking life easy and always a saucy joke on his lips, he manages to win fellow student Mary's heart, although she's already otherwise engaged. But getting a job after college turns out much harder than he...


Episode #36: The 2018 Peacock Awards

It's that time of year again as Mike, Lumberjake, and JC gather together to celebrate their insane decision to review pro wrestling, movies, and pro wrestling movies. What was the best movie we saw in 2018? Who was the best guest host on Best in Show? Who had the best bod? And will Lumberjake be able to top his musical medley from last year? All these questions will be answered plus more as we see who walks away with the illustrious Peacock Award on this very special night. A big thanks to...


BONUSODE: The Fight Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even Mr. Peacock! Alright so that doesn't really rhyme, but that's never stopped us before on Three Way Theater. As we put the final pieces together for the 2018 Peacock Awards we wanted to give ya'll a very special BONUSODE featuring the boys hanging out on Christmas Eve reviewing Pro Wrestlers stepping into the world of MMA. How do they fare? Some do better than others, but we'll let you be the...


[ANNOUNCEMENT] Vote Now in the 2018 Peackies!

Now through Saturday December 15th cast your vote in the 2018 Peacock Awards at and let your voice be heard in the Best of 2018 on Three Way Theater! The 2018 Peackies will air later this month with the results being announced!


BONUSODE: Zebra Fight!

We're winding down on Three Way Theater as we close out the year and prepare for the 2018 Peacock Awards (COMING SOON!), but we didn't want to leave you with nothing while you fight the shopping lines and feel that holiday dread cheer, so we're bringing you a BONUSODE! Well it used to be called a Minicast, but just listen to the episode and get the skinny on what we're throwing down. On this episode JC talks about speaking with the writer of Grunt! The Wrestling Movie after he stumbled upon...


Episode #35: Oh! My Zombie Mermaid

It's the third Halloween Spooktacular at Three Way Theater as Mike, Lumberjake, and JC finally review the much hyped Oh! My Zombie Mermaid after surviving the exploding cake from the last episode of Best in Show. But what the hell is O!MZM about? Kouta (Shinya Hashimoto), the leader of a pro-wrestling organization called "Zero", is planning an over-the-top housewarming at his new mansion. The not-so-lucky attendees include his sister Nami (Sonim), TV producer Yamaji (Shiro Sano), and...


Best in Show: WOW Unleashed

History is being made on October 28th, 2018 as WWE presents EVOLUTION, the first ever all-women's PPV extravaganza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except it's not the first, and Three Way Theater is here to talk to you about it! Back in February 2001 promoter David McLane brought the Women of Wrestling to Pay-Per-View for WOW Unleashed featuring the WOW World Title Match, a Hair Match, and headlined by a Steel Cage Grudge Match. Because of this wonderful gift to the world, MIkey, Lumberjake, and JC are...


Episode #34: Nick at TWT

After an outrageous trip to the land of talk shows featuring pro wrestlers, Three Way Theater continues its trek across the TV landscape with a trip over to Nickelodeon for the pro wrestling episodes of Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, Tiny Tunes, Looney Tunes, Hey Dude, and Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred! The boys discuss Mikey's seasonal depression, the awesome Nick Studios being replaced with Blue Man Group in Orlando, the logistics of Hey Dude, and how depressing Rugrats could be. Listen and...


Episode #33: Let's Talk (Show)

Welcome to the Dog Pound! The boys are back with another episode of Three Way Theater! It's not just any episode though, as Lumberjake has put together the ultimate playlist of pro wrestlers appearing on Daytime Talk shows! Mike, Lumbie, and JC check out special episodes of The Jenny Jones Show, Martha Steward Living, Sally Jessy Raphael and a double does of DONAHUE, DONAHUE, DONAHUE! This leads to some great conversations as the boys discuss the filmography of Buff Bagwell, Lumberjake's...