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A podcast dedicated to pro wrestling, movies, and pro wrestling movies!

A podcast dedicated to pro wrestling, movies, and pro wrestling movies!
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A podcast dedicated to pro wrestling, movies, and pro wrestling movies!




Episode #27: Atomic Blue

A MOVIE FOR KID’S OF ALL AGES. a nostalgic tribute to the ever popular Mexican wrestling movies of the 50’s and 60’s. Fast Mexican wrestling action, colorful costumes, and a positive message for kids of all ages. Atomic Blue is an every man; a person among us who personifies heroism in the small actions and gestures of respect, fair play and honesty. The Mexican wrestler is both a statement and an icon. Where a mask shields, it also points to the reinvention of humanity. The masked wrestler...


Best in Show: WWF WrestleMania X7

No matter how great a pro wrestling event is, in the end there can only be one Best in Show! Mike Paiva, Lumberjake, and JC are joined this month by “RIOT” Kellan Thomas (@VivaLaRIOT) as they revisit one of the biggest Pay-Per-Views of all-time– WWF WrestleMania X7! The greatest PPV ever? The Series Finale of the WWF? Four guys drunkenly talking about wrestling for 2 hours? The guys debate this epic WrestleMania and its place in WWE/WWF history, wait for the Dominos delivery gal to...


Episode #26: TGITWT

Thank goodness it’s TWT! Mike, Lumberjake, and JC return to the world of television this week on Three Way Theater when they revisit some of the very offbeat pro wrestling episodes from ABC’s famous TGIF lineup, in addition to Netflix’s Full House revival Fuller House. First up is the Family Matters episode “Psycho Twins”, guest starring the lovable Bushwhackers… well lovable until they find out Carl is a COP. Step by Step steps into the squared circle with “Beautiful Ladies of...


Best in Show: WWF Royal Rumble 1996

What was the match of the night? What was your five star classic? Join Mike Paiva, Lumberjake, and JC as they go beyond pro wrestling movies and head back in time to a random pro wrestling event to determine their very Best in Show! Returning to Best in Show to help the guys out is 2017 Peacock Award winner for Best Guest Host “Royalty” Ruy Batello (@RuyBatello) as they review the 1996 WWF Royal Rumble! JC finds himself with an awful cough as the boys navigate through an Ahmed Johnson...


Best in Show: WCW SuperBrawl 1991

What was the match of the night? What was your five star classic? Join Mike Paiva, Lumberjake, and JC as they go beyond pro wrestling movies and head back in time to a random pro wrestling event to determine their very Best in Show! The gang welcomes New England wrestling upstart Todd Harris (@brg_1032) to the show reviewing WCW SuperBrawl 1991, an event taking place seven years before he was even born and headlined by WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair going up against NWA World...


Episode #25: Scooby-Doo & WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon

For the first time ever on Three Way Theater it’s SEQUEL time as Mike, Lumberjake, and JC return to the world of animation with Scooby-Doo & WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon! Scooby and the gang stumble upon a menacing phantom at an off-road racing competition. With the help of some WWE superstars, they try to save the race before it’s too late. On the latest episode the boys discuss how the sequel to WrestleMania Mystery is more WWE than Scooby-Doo, Mikey blows the lid open on another...


Best in Show: WCW Beach Blast 1993

What was the match of the night? What was your five star classic? Join Mike Paiva, Lumberjake, and JC as they move beyond pro wrestling movies and go back in time to a random pro wrestling event to determine the very Best in Show! Mike, Lumbie, and JC welcome “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene (Twitter @RetroAG) to Three Way Theater to help review WCW Beach Blast 1993, originally airing on Pay-Per-View on July 18th, 1993. The boys discuss the incredible mini movie made featuring The Masters of...


Episode #24: Paradise Alley

New Year, Same Us! We kick 2018 off here at Three Way Theater with one of our most requested films as we finally review Sylvester Stallone’s 1978 opus Paradise Alley. The Carboni brothers — con man Cosmo (Sylvester Stallone), disabled war veteran Lenny (Armand Assante) and dim-witted Victor (Lee Canalito) — are determined to leave the slums of New York City. Their best escape route is the muscle-bound Victor, whom a manipulative Cosmo convinces to become a professional wrestler. The wins...


Episode #23: The 2017 Peacock Awards

It’s time to Peacock! Mike, Lumberjake, and JC look back on the year that was with Three Way Theater’s huge awards show The Peackies! After a trip to the red carpet Lumberjake serenades everyone with a musical medley from the films watched in 2017, JC blows the lid off of TWT’s best conspiracy theories, Mikey revisits his hatred for Bruce Springsteen, and Marissa Tomei gets robbed. Listen to all this and so much more now at the 2017 Peacock Awards! Like! Comment! Subscribe!...


An Exclusive Interview w/ J. Todd Anderson (The Naked Man)

J. Todd Anderson is an incredibly talented storyboard artist who’s been connected to the Coen Brothers dating back to 1987’s Raising Arizona. But for me Anderson will best be known as the director and co-writer of The Naked Man, a surreal film about Edward Bliss Jr. (Michael Rapaport), Psychiatrist by day, wrestler by night. After interviewing the director of photography Jeff Barklage for Jeff got me in contact with J. Todd, and we had an awesome little conversation...


Minicast: Cameoflage

It’s the end of the year for Three Way Theater as the boys decided to kick back, relax, and take a look at some of the best wrestler cameos in films that aren’t Pro Wrestling Movies! Culling from a very detailed list Lumberjake put together Mike and JC finally get Lumbie to talk into the microphone, discuss the overlong fight scene between Roddy Piper and Keith David, JC’s love of Road House, and Jake talks an awful lot about Fred Figglehorn (Lucas Cruikshank) and Big Time Rush. Like!...


Episode #22: Animation Domination

Guess who’s back? Back again? Three Way Theater, tell a friend! It’s another chaotic episode of Three Way Theater, as we return to the world of animation AND television when we review wrestling episodes from The Simpsons, King of the Hill, & Family Guy! In between talk about Bobby Hill, Glamorous Godfrey, and Maxie Patty the boys also find time to review the trailer for Cats & Dogs and reflect on where they were on 9/11. Yeah, it’s a weird episode. Like! Comment! Subscribe!...


Episode #21: WrestleManiac w/ The Mack-Cast!

It’s CROSSOVER TIME! Mike, Lumberjake, and JC welcome back Monster Mack & Trainee #1 (The Mack-Cast) for our Halloween Special, as the gang attempts to review the 2006 Horror film WrestleManiac, starring Rey Mysterio Classic. From Wikipedia– On their way to Caba San Lucas, the cast and crew of a low-budget film get lost and come upon La Sangre De Dios, a ghost town with a spine-tingling legend about an insane Mexican wrestler. The leader of the pack and first time director, Alphonse,...


Minicast: Hotboxing w/ “RIOT” Kellan Thomas

Testing out their fancy new audio equipment, the boys hang out in the back of their rented box truck and do a little house cleaning heading into Three Way Theater’s big crossover special coming up at the end of the month with The Mack-Cast. Mike, Lumberjake, and JC welcome New England stalwart “RIOT” Kellan Thomas (@RiotKellan) as Kellan talks about his connection to Darren Aronofsky’s Wrestler while Lumberjake has a special trivia game in tribute of Mike Paiva’s upcoming birthday. All...


Episode #20 The Wrestler (2008)

Aging wrestler Randy “The Ram” Robinson (Mickey Rourke) is long past his prime but still ready and rarin’ to go on the pro-wrestling circuit. After a particularly brutal beating, however, Randy hangs up his tights, pursues a serious relationship with a long-in-the-tooth stripper (Marisa Tomei), and tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter (Evan Rachel Wood). But he can’t resist the lure of the ring and readies himself for a comeback. It’s PART TWO of our big double feature and our...


Episode #19: The Wrestler (1974)

Professional wrestling promoter Frank Bass (Ed Asner) has to deal with the pressures of running a professional wrestling promotion, facing the pressures of constantly finding new wrestlers to pull in the crowds, keeping the wrestlers he has under contract under control and especially dealing with the fact that the top man, the champion of “the League” Mike Bullard (Verne Gagne) is getting old and there is pressure to replace him with a younger wrestler. One such possible replacement is the...


Episode #17: GLOW Part One

Desperate to jump-start her career, struggling actress Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie) heads to a casting call at an LA gym — and quickly realizes it’s not a typical audition. After months of hype, GLOW is finally here! In the first part of our two-part special we review the first five episodes of this fantastic Netflix series starring Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, and Marc Maron. Also the gang dives into a deep discussion about JC’s nipples, Jake’s need for health insurance, and gummy...


Best In Show: WWE Insurrextion 2003

On June 7, 2003 WWE RAW (presented by Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff) invaded Newcastle, England, and put on a show that won’t be forgotten, or should be forgotten, or just forgotten. It’s Insurrextion 2003, the final WWE UK only PPV! Joining Mike, Lumberjake, and JC this week is New England wrestling manager, announcer, consigliare, and all around great dude in Kevin Castro who graciously joined us despite forcing him to watch this event in it’s entirety. Like! Comment! Subscribe!...


Episode #16: …All The Marbles

Crooked but lovable Harry Sears manages a pair of sexy young female wrestlers, Iris and Molly, who call themselves the California Dolls. Struggling on the lowest rungs of the journeyman wrestling circuit, the Dolls dream of making the big time and battling their ultimate rivals, Diane and June, the Toledo Tigers. But first they have to take on a sleazy promoter who makes their lives difficult. Three Way Theater continues the march toward GLOW when we finally review the 1981 Peter Falk...


Episode #15: Mama’s Family & Laverne & Shirley

Have you ever wondered which American Pie character the guys were? Have you ever wondered if Lumberjake had an unhealthy obsession with Mama’s Family? Have you ever wondered if Mike Paiva could drink an entire cup of whipped cream? Well wonder NO MORE because it’s Episode #15 of Three Way Theater! As we prepare for the highly anticipated arrival of G.L.O.W. on Netflix we review our first TV episodes featuring pro wrestling with Mama’s Family and Laverne & Shirley. Which episode had the...


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