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The Voices of Wrestling Podcast Network features a number of thoughtful, in-depth and passionate pro wrestling, sports and pop culture podcasts.

The Voices of Wrestling Podcast Network features a number of thoughtful, in-depth and passionate pro wrestling, sports and pop culture podcasts.


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The Voices of Wrestling Podcast Network features a number of thoughtful, in-depth and passionate pro wrestling, sports and pop culture podcasts.




STR 399. Mania Night 2 Post Show

Chris Novembrino and Jeff Hawkins (with mic on) review the Firefly Funhouse. Chris gives his thoughts on the Boneyard Match. Was Night 1 or Night 2 better? Was it a success? Should the show have gone on? And of course, AUNT PAM. Plus ridiculous arcane references like The Tick, The Cell, and Herman's Head.


Wrestling Omakase #138: Wrestle-1 Legacy, NOAH 3/29 & BJW 3/21 Korakuens w/ TJ

This week on Wrestling Omakase we're back on the air and ready to talk some Japanese wrestling! John starts off with a quick update on their health, as they're thankfully feeling better after a long and exhausting battle with (probably) COVID-19, which caused the show to miss a week (sorry!). They're joined by returning guest TJ of the @onewrestlingpod and formerly @w1_eng, so we start things out with a bit of a look back at Wrestle-1 after they recently wrapped up their run with the April...


STR 398. Mania Night 1 post show

Rob McCarron and Jeff Hawkins take you through night one, the hits, the misses, the fact that Jeff's Zoom was recording his internal mic. Still a fun chat though. Chris couldn't make it and will be back tomorrow.


Wrestlenomics 101: COVID19 can't stop WWE profitability, Cena on star development

Brandon Thurston talks about these subjects: -Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs on his governor's stay-home order -Predictions on how long it'll be before wrestling events will go back to normal -WWE will remain profitable despite COVID19 restrictions -WWE and AEW TV rights aren’t at risk -Wrestlemania offered as a $60 PPV on streaming platforms -Wrestlenomics dubstep math: Showing how venue merchandise likely doesn't compensate for WWE house show losses -Q1 2020 viewership trends, top...


Wednesday War Games #25: AEW (Release the Hounds) vs. NXT (Sort of Takeover)

Garrett and Liam break down more wonderful energetic empty arena wrestling as they wax lyrical about Chris Jericho, discuss ice tea, boomerangs, NXT's relaxed attitude to kidnapping and so much more.


VOW Flagship: WrestleMania Preview, Go vs. Fujita & more!

Join Joe and Rich for another jam-packed edition of the Voices of Wrestling Flagship podcast. This week: WrestleMania Preview, Joe's annual WrestleMania weekend Path of Glory, a polarizing Pro Wrestling NOAH main event, EPW Down for the Count and GCW's Acid Cup.


Everything Elite 66: Dynamite - Undisclosed Location, ELITE OR DELETE, Archer's Debut, TNT Championship Tourney and more!

Welcome to Episode 66 of Everything Elite! This week, AB, Nate and Mike are back to talk all about All Elite Wrestling and the Elite Extended Universe. The gang reviews the news in AEW, plays ELITE OR DELETE of the episode of Dynamite that took place at an UNDISCLOSED LOCATION, talk about ratings, Lance Archer’s debut, preview and give their predictions for the TNT Championship tournament, and much more! Our podcast provider, RedCircle, offers the listeners the option to sponsor the show....


Super J-Cast: 101 - The Downward Spiral

A show that isn't for everyone. We start with our personal lockdown situations, Damon's spiral that might be too honest for some, pro wrestling in this current world, and creative ways to still rub one out in private. The boys also discuss our Watch-Along series of classic matches, plus we even answer a few listener questions. You have been warned!


STR 397. Wrestlemania Preview

Brought to you this week by Roman, go to http://GetRoman.com/VOW for a free online visit and free two day shipping. It's WWE's big week and we break down both shows. There's something oddly familiar about this show. We think you'll enjoy the surprise inside.


Open the Voice Gate: Rewind and Rewatch 1 - Open the Historical Gate

Welcome to a new series on Open the Voice Gate, where Case (https://twitter.com/_inyourcase) and Mike (https://twitter.com/fujiiheya) are Rewinding and Rewatching the Dragon Gate USA era of shows. Starting with this episode, then going biweekly until the promotion gets back going again, Case and Mike are covering each show in the history of DGUSA! In this first episode, they go back to 2009 to discuss the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Show of the Year: Open the Historical Gate from July...


5 Star Match Game #13: WrestleMania

WrestleMania is still going on, and so is the 5 Star Match Game! We are back with our second round of Mania trivia, and we’re joined by returning champion Matt Fauerstein (@mayormgf), returning non-champion Justin Shapiro (@jmshapyro) and new contestant Trevor Dame (@TrevorDame) as we head through trivia covering all 35 Manias! Matt breaks the system! Justin names names! Trevor is also here! You can’t be at Mania, but you can always join us at the 5 Star Match Game!


STR 396. Prevailing Circumstances

Covid-19 wreaks havoc on the Wrestlemania card which is in the can. We don't spoil the matches but we do tell you who you won't be seeing. Also, week 2 of Brodie Lee and Matt Hardy, is a Boneyard a Graveyard. We tried taping this one via Zoom to get things out quicker, let us know the good and bad by DMing @ShakethemRopes


Wrestlenomics Radio: 100th Episode, Investors' Understanding of WWE

As we remain quarantined at home, the wrestling business continues on. Brandon Thurston talks about these topics: -COVID19 risks, Roman Reigns pulls out of Wrestlemania match -Vince McMahon enters into stock sale agreement with Morgan Stanley -Is WWE’s PPV rights deal dead? -WWE COVID19 risk model -Paul Levesque’s new corporate title -How do investors and analysts think about WWE’s business? Visit the newly revamped wrestlenomics.com for data sources and blog posts. Follow...


Everything Elite 65: AEW Dynamite, Production Stuff, ELITE OR DELETE, Jericho/Hardy, Brodie Lee debuts and more!

Welcome to Episode 65 of Everything Elite! This week, AB, Nate and Mike are back to talk all about All Elite Wrestling and the Elite Extended Universe. This week, the gang starts off talking about the changes between the first week of running shows with no fans with the second. Then they play the ESTABLISHED MONTHS AGO game of ELITE AND DELETE, talk about ratings, and review the rest of this week’s episode of Dynamite! Our podcast provider, RedCircle, offers the listeners the option to...


VOW Flagship: Broken Matt Hardy Rant, Dragon Gate, AJPW & more!

The last week where we may have too much wrestling to cover. We'll talk this week's AEW Dynamite including the much-discussed Broken Matt Hardy segment to close the show, the issue with WWE empty arena shows, NXT, Dragon Gate & AJPW including the huge Triple Crown Championship switch.


Wednesday War Games #24: AEW (Broken Matt Hardy Returns) vs. NXT (Killer Krossing)

Liam finally returns to Wednesday War Games as he and Garrett talk about the first week of AEW and NXT going head to head with full empty arena shows. They break down the disaster that was the Matt Hardy/Chris Jericho segment, talk Brodie Lee as Vince McMahon, Killer Kross being revealed, Animal Crossing and Triple H's role as "The Creator".


Super J-Cast: 100 - Even More Social Distance Edition

Joel and Damon are here to help you through your social distance lock downs. We discuss our personal lockdown situations, Damon's self quarantine, NJPW scrapping Sakura Genesis 2020, and pro wrestling shows in Tokyo. The boys also discuss our Watch-Along series of classic matches, plus we get permission to share the first Super J-Cast fan fiction!


Open the Voice Gate - Open the Empty Arena Gate

Open the Voice Gate is back! Case (https://twitter.com/_inyourcase) and Mike (https://twitter.com/fujiiheya) talk about the Glorious Gate Kobe Sambo Hall show that aired live on YouTube for free: https://youtu.be/eo8B5qfqzHU So they talk all about the first Dragongate show in three weeks. Topics very from how they geared this show for an empty arena, Ben-K now four months out of losing the title, Yoshino’s retirement road, and the rise of Dragon Dia. A fun show about a fun show! Our...


JBA: Stardom's Cinderella Tournament, Ice Ribbon 3/14, & much more!

Aaron and Taylor preview Stardom’s Cinderella Tournament, including everything you need to know if you’ve never seen the tournament before. After that, they review Ice Ribbon’s 3/14 Korakuen Hall show in-depth before discussing all the news around the joshi world, including the Joshi Rookie Tournament bracket, Himeka Arita’s future, and a lawsuit involving Tam Nakano and Rossy Ogawa. The show continues with bite-sized reviews of recent smaller shows, Aaron and Taylor’s recommended matches...


STR 395. Novy, Don't Take Your Love to Town

AEW goes open air empty arena, NXT goes clip show. On the main roster, Gronk and Austin don't rise to the occasion. But there were some gems: Otis, Daniel Bryan's vanity promotion, and of course Asuka being the best member of the commentary team. Plus we start with way too much Kenny Rogers talk.