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NJPW World Tag League Days 1 & 2 Chat with Graps N' That

Today, we talked about the 1st 2 nights of the NJPW World Tag League! Listen to Josh from GrapsNThat and myself chat about the opening nights of World Tag League! Support the show by grabbing some tees - prowrestlingtees.com/wilfredwatches Follow Josh here - @grapsNthat and me here - @WilfredWatches


The Kings of Chat Style Ep 001

On the first episode of The Kings of Chat Style, @MrWarrenHayes and @WilfredWatches were joined by KristenAshly and Anthony of Smark to Death Podcast! We covered our favorite matches of the month as well as 2 topics including: New wrestling company mechanics and Comedy wrestling! View the live replay here - Youtube Subscribe to Wilfred Watches - bit.ly/WilfredWatches


2018 World Tag League Preview with Keepin' It Strong Style!

This week, we had Jeremy and Young Boy on from Keepin' It Strong Style podcast! These amazing guys joined me to chat about World Tag League and we had some fresh banter served up for you! Give them a follow on Twitter here If you can support the show, be sure to grab a tee on Pro Wrestling Tees! We have 3 designs for you and the PWT Black Friday starts NOVEMBER 20TH! No coupon needed!


BONUS & EXPLICIT! Five Moves of Doom Draft!

Explicit in language! I was joined on Youtube by Anthony from Smark to Death, Omega Luke, Archie and Mike Arrant! We did something BRAND NEW. We chose moves for a fictional wrestler. It was mad! Grab a tee to support the show you love! Pro Wrestling Tees


Pro Wrestling Eve's Rhia O'Reilly Interview!

Today I spoke with the gorgeous and hard-hitting Rhia O'Reilly before she enters the #SHE1 series for Pro Wrestling Eve! We covered body perception, her friends succeeding in WWE, pizza, her amazing story of fighting with a broken ankle AND MORE! Follow her on Twitter here - https://twitter.com/rdpixie Catch me on Twitter here - @WilfredWatches and @NJPWUS Grab a tee to support the show - Prowrestlingtees.com/wilfredwatches Or Cashapp me $WilfredWatches to donate discretely!


Everything Pro Wrestling NOAH with Hi5ame!

You guys wanted more variety of japanese wrestling so here it is. The legend that is Hi5ame joined and discussed pro wrestling NOAH! We had an enlightening chat about the history and more of pro wrestling NOAH! Follow Hi5ame on Twitter and check out her Patreon to subscribe for bonus content! If you'd like to support me, please check out Pro Wrestling Tees! You can also donate via cashapp $WilfredWatches!


Power Struggle 2018 Review with Hanamichi Cast!

On today's episode, we discussed Power Struggle 2018 with hosts of Hanamichi Cast, Rick and Amanda! Give their show a listen as they discuss wrestling in japan - https://soundcloud.com/hanamichipodcast Follow them on Twitter as well here Grab a t shirt to support my show if you can! - Prowrestlingtees.com/WilfredWatches If you'd rather just donate a $1 or any amount, do that here - paypal.me/williestuffpaypal.me


Tanahashi Hair Episode Special Part 2

Part 2. We discuss the timeline of Hiroshi Tanahashi's hair. It's majestic, its god like and it's mostly amazing, except for the perm. Listen to Amy and Jen basically fangirl with me and deep dive on some Tanahashi!


Tanahashi Hair Episode Special Part 1

Part 1. We discuss the timeline of Hiroshi Tanahashi's hair. It's majestic, its god like and it's mostly amazing, except for the perm. Listen to Amy and Jen basically fangirl with me and deep dive on some Tanahashi!


Wilfred Watches Podcast Chats with Emily and Dann from Pro Wrestling EVE!

With Evolution taking place Sunday, I felt it necessary to get a real reflection of what women's wrestling is. This episode, Dann and Emily Read, co-owners of EVE wrestling, joined me to discuss a litany of subjects regarding British Wrestling, perceptions, history of wrestling and more. Please check out EVEwrestling.com and watch the EXTENSIVE library of events from over 8 years! Follow them on Twitter as well @ProWrestlingEVE and myself @WilfredWatches! Feel free to support the show...


WCW Resurrection Fantasy Draft with Grapple Arcade!

With NJPW having a quiet week, we were joined by Mark of Grapple Arcade to create a new WCW! Here is who we picked. Listen to the episode now! Also, enjoy the live stream via Youtube Be sure to sub or donate to Wilfred Watches Podcast here itsmyurls.com/njpwus Fantasy Roster can be viewed here - bit.ly/2PmZSw6


Shane Taylor Interview: Hear His Story, His Thoughts and What His Future Holds!

Ring of Honor's Notorius Shane Taylor joins to discuss his upbringing, why people are selling him short, his thoughts on more people of color in pro wrestling and even shares some travel stories! Follow Shane on Twitter, buy his awesome tees Give me a follow as well @WilfredWatches Find out where to subscribe to Wilfred Watches Podcast here!


Wilfred Presents Fights of the Round Table #1, part 2: Women's Wrestling (Female Perspective)

On part 2 of the 1st ever Fights of the Round Table, we are joined by Amy and Jen! We discuss Saudi Arabia, Evolution, Tessa Blanchard, Impact and so much more! Give a follow to these amazing women today! Listen to Part 1


BONUS INTERVIEW: Toa Henare Interview!

Listen to my chat with Toa Henare! We discuss his roots, Tanahashi's hair game, his day in Orlando that changed his life and #PinkShoes


Wilfred and Mr. Warren Hayes Watches Stan Hansen Fight Andre The Giant!

On this BONUS episode, @MrWarrenHayes joins me to provide commentary on a classic match from the NJPW World archive! Today, we watch Stan Hansen vs Andre the Giant from 1981! It was a slug fest and Andre got powerslammed, and didn't lose! Watch with us and re-live this classic! Watch while you listen - Stan Hansen v Andre The Giant Follow Warren and myself @WilfredWatches today!


Wilfred Presents Fights of the Round Table #1, part 1: Women's Wrestling (Male Perspective)

Join us for the first ever Fights of the Round Table! I'm joined with @TheBeme (Robert) and @bigpawsonapup (John) to chat on part 1 of our Women's Wrestling discussion. We cover topics such as an episodic show, Twitterverse, Bellas, Rousey and loads more! Share your thoughts with us on Discord - https://discord.gg/88WaU6f Next week, we have @PhoenixNJPW (Amy) and @Chetti (Jen) joining for a FEMALE perspective. Sub now! #iTunes - apple.co/2L7RijE #Castbox -...


Wilfred and Miriam Discuss Junior Tag League on the Road to Power Struggle!

This week, I'm joined by Miriam to discuss the Junior Tag League on the Road to Power Struggle. We discuss who should win, who will win, who missed out and what happens at Wrestle Kingdom! Miriam makes her podcasting debut and absolutely kills it! Follow her and myself @WilfredWatches Join the Discord today for upcoming guests info and more! We have great discussions and live chat during events! https://discord.gg/CjtwAKd Subscribe everywhere with the simple Wilfred Watches search in...


BONUS INTERVIEW: David Finlay Interview!

On this Bonus Episode, I'm joined by David Finlay as he gets the day off after an incredible CMLL show at Arena Mexico! We talk briefly before he enjoyed his lunch delivery. So we covered a lot in a short amount of time! Follow him @THEdavidfinlay and myself @WilfredWatches today! Subscribe below! #iTunes - apple.co/2L7RijE #Castbox - bit.ly/2Ds4z3a #Spotify - spoti.fi/2LK0la8 #Stitcher - bit.ly/2zXhZ5m @Podbeancom - bit.ly/2Afi98m #Youtube - bit.ly/WilfredYT #TuneIn -...


Wilfred and Jen Discuss a Crazy King of Pro Wrestling Show!

I'm joined with Jen (@Chetti) to discuss a CRAZY King of Pro Wrestling event. Los Ingobernables has new members, CHAOS is dead. Bullet Club is brand new and revived. Join the review today! Sub today! #iTunes - apple.co/2L7RijE #Castbox - bit.ly/2Ds4z3a #Spotify - spoti.fi/2LK0la8 #Stitcher - bit.ly/2zXhZ5m @Podbeancom - bit.ly/2Afi98m #Youtube - bit.ly/WilfredYT #TuneIn - https://bit.ly/2NvTstH #Advertise with me - https://t.co/8o5mnC2Ogz #GooglePlay - bit.ly/2mvvaRq


BONUS INTERVIEW: Shining Wizards Designs' Matt Charlton, Illustrator of EGGSHELLS Book Created With Chris Charlton

What a treat! Matt Charlton joined the pod and answered some questions regarding the state of pro wrestling, his background and his amazing artwork featured in Eggshells, the book chronicling Tokyo Dome main events with his brother Chris Charlton. Follow him at ShiningWizardDs on Twitter and check out the book here Follow me @WilfredWatches on Twitter Be sure to subscribe and review! #iTunes - apple.co/2L7RijE #Castbox - bit.ly/2Ds4z3a #Spotify - spoti.fi/2LK0la8 #Stitcher -...