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Was Macho a terrible person? Seth-Roman bury Tyler Breeze, Cam's Impact Corner

This week, we talk about an interview with Macho Man's former girlfriend where she says some surprising things about the WWE legend. We also bring up some old stories about Stone Cold that don't put him in the greatest light either prompting us to play a quick game of "Superstar or Psychopath". Our RAW recap gets heated as we talk about the misuse of Tyler Breeze. On our Smackdown recap, we find out that Randy very much dislikes Randy Orton. We play our patented 'Drink it in Man' game......


WWE signing guys to hurt indys? Could an NJPW-ROH-Impact merger work? Big Cass's new name?

This week on WWR, a huge Big Cass name change story... plus is WWE signing guys just to hurt the indys with no real plans for them (possible examples being Dijak, Lio Rush, Gallows and Anderson, Asuka). With rumors about WWE being interested in Pentagon and Fenix, could they too be added to that list? Also, should NJPW, ROH and Impact merge to help compete with WWE as this could lead to a show on a major network? We discuss all that and more on Wrestling Without Reason. Be sure to comment...


How a Women's PPV can succeed, Randy Orton only good as a heel, Why the "Main Event" really sucks

We talk about the All Women's PPV announcement and discuss how to make it a success. Seth Rollins commented this week about how he wasn't phased by the chanting during his 30 minute iron match but that it did affect Dolph Ziggler so we discuss why being the "Main Event" of these long as hell PPV's might actually be detriment. Can Randy Orton ever be good as a babyface? We talk about all the wrestlers who for some reason are terrible as a face yet amazing as heels. A quick recap of the Miz...


Is UFC taking over WWE? Wrestling categories game, When chanting goes bad

This weeks show starts with a quick Extreme Rules review. After, we discuss if UFC is taking over WWE since UFC/MMA stars like Brock, Ronda, Lashley, Shayna, are all main eventing in WWE leaving guys who are strictly wrestlers left in the dust. We discuss if this a good thing for wrestling. Next, we play our original Wrestling Categories game. A wrestling related category is given like "Tag Team Jannetty's", and Cam and Randy have to give answers until the timer runs out. The winner is the...


RAW live recap, Ask Vince, nWo Anniversary tribute, Extreme Rules/G1 preview

To start the show this week, we discuss the lackluster RAW that we attended which also happened to be the lowest rated RAW in history. Then Vince McMahon himself stops by to give us his explanation on why RAW is dropping in the ratings and why he loves pushing Roman. It is the 22nd anniversary of the nWo so we talk about our favorite segments, why it died and how it continues to impact the industry today as the Bullet Club. Lastly, we go over the top matches of the G1 tourney for this...


WWR Interview: Hanson from NXT's War Raiders

Listen to our interview with Hanson from NXT's War Raiders from October of last year (pre-NXT). He talks about his early career, the WWE Cease and Desist letter to the Bucks, his future plans involving WWE and more!


Bret Hart wants to boycott HOF, What's the future of WWE title, That's My Line!

On this week's episode, our main discussion is about comments Bret Hart made about boycotting the WWE Hall of Fame until people who are more deserving start getting put in like his brother, Owen Hart and Dynamite Kid. We also play a new game called That's My Line! which tests your knowledge of famous promos. Then we discuss the future of the WWE championship including how long AJ's run should last and when is it time for DB to hold the title again. We also talk about the new season of GLOW...


WWR Interview: Flip Gordon from Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor’s biggest rising star, Flip Gordon, joins us and talks about possibly joining the #BulletClub, if there is any #WWE/#NJPW aspirations, who he’s picking in the #Superbowl, he admits to being a huge #JohnCena fan and most importantly, he teaches us how to properly eat cereal.


Is Brock as champ best for business, Wrestling Price is Right, WWE too big to fail?

On the first ever episode of Wrestling Without Reason, we discuss Brock Lesnar's absence. Is it best for business to have a champion who is never around? Who should take the title off him? Also we play our patented game, Wrestling Price is Right!! How well would you have done in the Showcase Showdown? Lastly, we discuss a comment made by Meltzer in a recent interview about whether or not WWE is now too big to fail and if it truly will not be affected when Vince steps down. Make sure to...