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Interviews with UCI Leaders, Innovators and Zot! Zot! Zot! Everyday Anteaters!

Interviews with UCI Leaders, Innovators and Zot! Zot! Zot! Everyday Anteaters!


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Interviews with UCI Leaders, Innovators and Zot! Zot! Zot! Everyday Anteaters!




Nurse PhD Iman Othman-UCI Medical Center Patient Flow Director..................(first broadcast 2-23-2021)

Nursing Infomatics PhD, RN Iman Othman loves working at the UCI Medical Center. She loves to help people in their time of need. She is challenged to do her best for the nurses on her TEAM and for the UCIMC patients. She is also extremely grateful to God for all the blessings in her life. Don’t miss this extraordinary interview about a woman who grew up in the Middle East, moved to the USA as an adult and now finds herself on the hospital management team as the Patient Flow Director...


Professor Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm Dean of Science, George Mason University (first broadcast 2/16/2021)

Interview with UCI '89 alumnus Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm who is now Dean of the School of Science at George Washington University. UCI has been a springboard to his extraordinary career which includes over $300 million in research funding. His work has included projects at NASA, NOAA and all the major continents His expertise is water and people. Don't miss this personal exploration of his life and career!


Jennifer Schworer, UCI Medical Center Emergency Dept Nurse .......................(broadcast date 2-08-2021)

Extraordinary interview with Emergency Department Nurse Jennifer Schworer talking about what it has been like on the front-line fighting COVID-19, giving vaccines at Disneyland and how we are, “all in this together”. She walks the talk of helping others...thoughtful, positive and sincere... another example of why health care workers are all HEROes!


Marrie Stone, KUCI Public Affairs Host for 'Writers on Writing ........................(broadcast date 2-01-2021)

KUCI ‘Writers on Writing’ co-host Marrie Stone walks us through her life, KUCI radio since 2007 and the amazing world of literature. Every show is a surprise, a revelation and an act of love. Her focus is on craft, process and the business of writing every Wednesday morning from 9-10am. Hear about her process of putting a successful program together and some of her favorite shows...


Clare Yu, Professor of Physics Since 1989.....................................................(broadcast date 1-25-2021)

UCI Physics Professor Clare Yu shares her journey through life, career, adversity and faith. She is a theoretical physicist with interests in bio-physics, condensed matter and quantum computing. Originally born in Idaho, growing up in Maine and Gainesville, Florida... she arrived at UCI in 1989 and reviews the decades here. Listen to this revealing interview...


Jeff Perkins, Track + Field Head Coach.........................................................(broadcast date 1-19-2021)

Track & Field Head Coach Jeff Perkins is the "ring master" when it comes to directing the run, jump and throw competitors of UCI. The diverse team is made up of 90+ athletes and many coaches as well as support staff. Sports at its most pure and poetic... listen to this FUN, insightful and in-depth interview about this sometimes mysterious sport.


Professor Virginia Trimble, Astronomy Professor 50yrs at UCI .......................(broadcast date 1-12-2021)

Professor Virginia Trimble started in science and astronomy when women were rare in the field, but she never paid much attention to it. She just knew where she wanted to go and just went for it...UCLA, Caltech and Cambridge to name a few. She was and still is interested in the structure and evolution of stars, galaxies & the universe...AND the communities of scientists that study them. Listen here for the back story of how she did it. She has been at UCI for 50 years with a combination of...


Dr. Chhai Meas-1st Year Resident/Intern at UCI Medical Center.......................(broadcast date 1-05-2021)

Dr. Chhai Meas shares his life, from being a "nerdy" computer game kid to medical school. Now he finds himself training as a doctor at a major medical hospital during the COVID pandemic. Residents often work up to 80 hours a week...it is at times absolutely exhausting. All health care workers can use our help by wearing a mask and social distancing. Listen to this revealing interview about working inside the bubble...


Brian Hervey, Vice Chancellor of Development + Alumni Relations 12/29/2020

Vice Chancellor Brian Hervey is the Anteater in-charge of the $2 billion 'Brilliant Future' fundraising campaign. UCI continues its exponential trajectory and this campaign will fuel the fire. Big plans are in the works! Listen to the man with the background to make it happen and lots of details of things to come...


Andrew Noymer, Public Health Professor (COVID) 12-22-2020

This is UCI Public Health Professor Andrew Noymer's 3rd visit to 'UCI Conversations' to discuss COVID-19 and where were are in the battle. Extraordinary in-depth discussion of why COVID-19 is NOT the flu, why restaurants need to HELP and how we are all in this together. The virus does not spread on its own, it spreads through people. EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW!


Michael Dennin, Vice Provost of Teaching & Learning 12/15/2020

In this encore edition of ‘UCI Conversations’ Vice Provost of Teaching & Learning Michael Dennin talks about the Honors Program and it’s potential for growth, God in his life, his TedX SUCCESS talk that can be seen on youtube.com and the BIG 3 of science...as well as what it means to give to UCI! It’s been a Bright Past and looks to be a Brilliant Future! t’s all here in this fast moving and FUN feature interview...


Mahtab Jafari, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences & UC system-wide teacher of 'Life 101' 12/08/2020

Pharmaceutical Sciences Professor Mahtab Jafari has come a long way from being a teenager in Tehran, Iran and having a goal to lead a purposeful life. She now directs the UCI Center for Healthspan Sciences, leads her own lab and teaches a UC-wide virtual class called Life 101 which focuses on stress management and adopting healthy lifestyle choices. She loves teaching, is inspired by her students and uses fruit flies for research. Her lab looks to slow the aging process and add healthy years...


Davin Phoenix, Political Science Professor Discusses the 1619 Project 12/01/2020

UCI Political Science Professor Davin Phoenix discusses his career and the “jarring, unnerving, empowering and freeing” 1619 Project. This NY Times special magazine section from the August 18, 2019 Sunday Times newspaper continues to be discussed and debated. Whether you know about it or not, this is a must listen podcast about the 400th anniversary of slavery and why it is important!


Vint Cerf, Co-FATHER of the WORLD WIDE INTERNET & Chief Internet Evangelist at Google

Vint Cerf was a computer kid before there were computer kids. By the late 60's he finds himself at UCLA at the dawn of the internet age and being one of a group that would spark a revolution in technology. He would become recognized as one of "the fathers of the internet". Today, he talks about what was happening in those early days and where we are today.


Michael Arias, Retired Chief of Staff to the UCI Chancellor

When he was a kid, Michael Arias learned how to run a lemonade stand and 40 years later ended up as Chancellor Gillman’s Chief of Staff. He speaks with great affection about many of the brilliant faculty AND is particularly proud of being on the teams responsible for the UCI Douglas Hospital in Orange and the law school. While he truly enjoyed his time working at UCI, he is now equally enjoying his retirement time in the hills above UCI. Listen to this revealing interview...


Robert Beck, Premier Sports Illustrated Photographer

Super Bowls, Olympics, all 4 golf majors, Ironman Triathlons, surfing, beach volleyball...150+ covers of Sports Illustrated... premiere sports photographer Robert Beck started as a UCI art major/athlete and ended up making his mark capturing action images with an “eye for design”. It has been an extraordinary career that keeps going... follow his career in this feature interview!


Chris Liu, Chemical Engineering Research Undergrad (3rd Year)

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with many of the bigger than life things going on at UCI we forget about the many students who are just transitioning from high school and for the first time experiencing university life with all its opportunities and questions. Come listen to this 3rd year Chem E major as he navigates UCI and all it has to offer...the road seems bright*


Jeff Barrett, Logic & Philosophy of Science Professor

Professor Jeff Barrett's expertise is in philosophy, physics and cycling. He takes us on an amazingly accessible ride through quantum mechanics, special relativity, baby spit-up and the joys of teaching. Listen to why UCI is a national and international leader in the philosophy field. At the same time one former student recently shared Professor Barrett is, "kind, gentle in tone, brilliant and humble". Tune in and find out for yourself...


Allison Perlman, History & Media Studies Professor

Professor Allison Perlman's work looks at the history of media and how it influences us. From initial licensing to civil rights; from the golden age of TV to deregulation, cable, VCR's and now social media...it never stands still. Follow Professor Perlman's journey inside this FASCIINATING evolving world...


Dr. Edwin Monuki, Chair of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Department

Dr. Monuki has been at UCI since 2001. His expertise includes specialized brain fluid, Alzheimer's Disease and stem cell research. He was inspired by his grandfather and is a LEADER in his field. We cover a lot of ground in this very accessible interview that includes a great lite moment trivia question :)