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Interviews with Social Media Experts.

Interviews with Social Media Experts.
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Interviews with Social Media Experts.




Ryan Foland with Deanna Rosso - The Problem with Finding Purple Squirrels

Deanna Russo is work from home mom who’s goal is to broadcast talent to the masses! Her fancy title is Sales Manager at Dash Technologies and she connects companies in need of highly qualified professionals with her recruiting team so she can fill those hard to fill positions. In the industry, the hard to find talent are called Purple Squirrels. In this show, Deanna works through the 3-1-3 Method, discovering that she is the “Prius of Recruitment.” There are plenty of “ah ha” moments, and...


Ryan Foland and Michelle Tillis Lederman - The Velcro Effect

Michelle Tillis Lederman is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, and author of four books, including the internationally recognized The 11 Laws of Likability. She was named by Forbes as one of the 25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch, and has been featured on CBS and MSNBC, and in the NY Times, Working Mother magazine and more. In this 3-1-3 Show, we dive into the problem the Michelle solves, and how she solves it. Learn about her new book The Connectors Advantage, and listen to...


Ryan Foland and Seema Dhawan - The Power of Your Personal Stories

Seema Dhawan is a veteran journalist with over 10 years of experience and the founder of Content Celebrity, a company that focuses on helping clients connect with their audience and get noticed by editors. She works with creative entrepreneurs, writers and authors and helps them launch and maintain businesses. By telling their stories better, she helps clients build credibility and increase revenue. Seema is a widely published author whose content has been in, PostMedia News, USA...


Ryan Foland and Eline Van Audenaerde - The Unicorn Mothership

Eline is self-made music industry entrepreneur with a degree in Eastern Languages and Cultures. Since 2015 she has been captain of The Unicorn Mothership, her one-woman business devoted to artist well-being by offering personal and transpersonal coaching for DJs and producers. Her Ship also houses a few other music industry projects in radio, artist well-being and coaching. In this show, we have fun sharpening how to explain the problem that Eline solves, and dive deep into defining her...


Ryan Foland and Mark Evans - Working through the #313Method

Mark Evans solves problems through storytelling. This includes developing strategic messaging and storytelling, brand positioning, marketing plans, and guides tactical execution. The author of Marketing Spark, a book that provides entrepreneurs with strategic and tactical guidance to embrace the power of story-driven marketing, Mark joined us on the #313Method show to sit in the hot seat! Worked through the process and had a lot of fun, with a number of "ah ha" moments. Take a listen and...


Ryan Foland and Dan Bennett - The 3-1-3 Host Flip

Ryan Foland and Dan Bennett - The 3-1-3 Host Flip Dan Bennett is the founder of DnA Design Co., LLC. He is forging a dynamic new category they have coined “Authentic Story Development”. Through a customizable “Creative Discovery” process they help businesses develop highly impactful stories. They then tell those stories through our full service digital media firm specializing in high end video production and digital media design. In this show, not only do we hear some great stories. But...


Ryan Foland and Paul Haury - How Coaches Solve Problems

Meet Paul Haury, A Heart-Based Leader who strives to make our work worlds fun and better places, for the 8-10 hours that we're away from our families. Why? So, that we go home happier and fulfilled at the end of our productive days, and in turn, we're better people to our families, with our friends and in our communities. Listen in as Paul works through the #313Method, and positions what he does in terms of the problem that he solves. Learn more about Paul here:...


Ryan Foland and Rick Girard - The Real Problem of Job Placement

Rick Girard is a problem solver and a podcast host. He addresses Business Leaders' biggest challenge. What is that? It is landing the critical talent to ensure their company's success. Too often hires are made based on availability and/or desperation with little thought into the damage that will be done when that person does not work out. Unfortunately, making the wrong hire will most likely have a catastrophic outcome! Listen in as we learn about what Rick does as he works through the...


Ryan Foland on Influence and the 3-1-3 Method

What does influence really mean? Why is it important for your life and work? How do you tap into influence, and get buy in form other around you. In this #313Method show, I talk through my thoughts on influence and how it relates to my 3-1-3 Method. If you want an hour of me speaking from the cuff, this episode is for you! Enjoy!


Ryan Foland and Carolyn Swora - Skill Gaps and Culture

The workplace is broken and Carolyn Swora wants to fix it. On today's show, we talk about how and why it's not sustainable to keep working the way we have been. Culture isn't easy stuff, nor is it easy to explain. Join us as we use the #313Method to break down what Carolyn does to its core. Learn how to better align value to help people work together in a more cohesive way. Since culture affects your bottom line and your customers, it is crucial to understand it and explain it in simple...


Ryan Foland and Hai Truong - The 3-1-3 for IGTV

Have you heard of Instagram TV (also known as IGTV)? If you have, could you explain it to your grandma or grandpa? It might be harder than you think. When new technologies and features are launched, sometimes it is not so easy to share how they work with others. The magic of the #313Method is that it can be used as a way to discover how to explain complex technology, just as it can help you explain who you are, what you do, or what your big idea is. The format is the same. Unpack the...


Ryan Foland with Peter Goral: Choosing the Words You Use

The words that you choose to use are like the paint that you choose to paint with. Meet Peter Goral, Impressionist and brand builder. Originally from the UK and settling in Canada, the problem that Peter solves is that there is so much noise in today's digital landscape, those without strong brand identities will get left in the dust. Connected through Twitter, I found Peter to share my passion for simplicity. In this episode, we work through the #313Method to help uncover the core...


Ryan Foland and Dustin Dye - Using the #313Method to Test a Dumb Idea (It's Complicated)

Have you ever had an idea? Of course you have. We all have ideas. The real question is whether or not the ideas we come up with are good or bad. On today's show, I share how the #313Method is a great tool for determining if your random ideas are worth exploring. Dustin Dye, founder of BotCopy, and leader in the ChatBot space, is a good friend of mine. We were sailing to Catalina at night, and we came up with an idea for a Podcast. But we were not sure if it was a good idea. So we ran the...


Ryan Foland and Elizabeth Barry - When Communication Breaks Down

Elizabeth Barry a friend who I met while speaking in New York years ago. Her energy and positivity are contagious. Her coaching abilities are an eye-opener for leaders who are humble enough to ask for help for what they can't see or fix on their own. In this 3-1-3 Show we explore the problem she solves. If you have ever had a communication breakdown that had collateral damage, then this is a show you will love listening to. And let's be honest with ourselves... we have all had...


Ryan Foland and Robert Knop - How to Not Go out of Business

If you are in business, do you want to stay in business? Are you still trying to do what you have always done? If you answer yes to those two questions, you are in trouble. In today's 3-1-3 Show, I talk with Robert Knop, who solves the problem of being stuck in the "old ways" of marketing and sales. Robert 's company, Assist You Today, helps businesses gain + retain clients in the new digital age. He is on the front edge of digital marketing, and as such, some think of him as the "Fortune...


Ryan Foland and Pres Maxson - Solving Problems Through Art

Pres Maxson is an artist. But that is not revealed until well into the show. He is the author of Pigeon, "A delightfully entertaining and outrageously absurd detective story." A career copywriter, Pres works through the 3-1-3 Method and we both discover exciting insights on how to position the problem that he solves. Join us for a journey of communication, as we break down what is complex, into simple parts that make sense.


Ryan Foland and Jennifer Keil: Archiving Family Histories

Do you have boxes of stuff in your garage full of family heirlooms? Are you like me, with no idea what to do with it? Well, this is the problem that today's guest solves. Meet Jennifer Keil, co-founder with her sister Cindy of 70 Degrees ( A dynamic duo, they are helping people by digitally archiving family history. In this fun conversation, you are sure to learn and to get motivated to finally deal with the boxes in your garage.


Ryan Foland and Amir Marmar - Just Freaking Do It

Meet Amir Marmar, a former professional poker player who has turned his focus to helping companies make educated decisions when it comes to their financial cards. The problem is that accounting, payroll, taxes and all the other stressful elements of running a business can cause massive anxiety if not done correctly. Amir and his firm JFDI Accountants solves that problem. What does JFDI stand for? It stands for "Just Freaking Do It!" In this show, we work through how he helps business owners...


Ryan Foland and Robert Balasabas: Solving the Space Time Continuum

In this 3-1-3 show, we dive deep into one of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs face...their inability to duplicate themselves and to manipulate time! Enter Rob Balasabas, Social Media & Community Manager at They are on a mission to solve this problem, by creating a brain-dead easy to use online learning course creation tool. When entrepreneurs build online courses, they are duplicating themselves and bending time! We had fun working through the #313Method, and I brought...