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#279 – So hes NOT a nice guy?

Chris Mark and Tay dive into the Deshaun Watson scandal and some unfortunate choices of legal representation. They discuss a duty to disclose and the hockey reffing scandal that everyone pretended to be shocked about


#278 – If we cant have a racist mascot we just wont have one

The gang is back with their annual lesson in stupid NCAA team names, dumb mascot choices and uncalled for racism. Tay teaches Mark and Chris about an Italian dragon, Illinois not being allowed to be offensive, and why a homeless man might not be the best mascot choice


#277 – Stupid Sexy Bunny

With Space Jam 2 set to be released this summer because clearly we haven't been punished enough as a civilisation, Chris Mark and Tay deep dive into internet perversions. They walk about the Lola Bunny redesign and how sexy rabbits might not really be a solid message, as well as anger at PePe Le Pew cancel culture but maybe not for the reason you think All that plus XFL vs the CFL and what that means for the 4th down


#276 – Grab life by the mixed bag

Chris Mark and Tay are back with a mix back of sports news. Bouncing around the world of sports pausing on each league just long enough to make fun of it. They chat the death knell of the CFL, Tiger Woods' need to rest more and what happens when youre too stupid to be safe


#275 – In for a Penny in for a Pound

The gang discusses the Tiger Woods accident diving into his past and debating whether or not there truly were any ups and downs. Led by Chris, they also deep dive into Shailene Woodley's body of work and Tay finds herself in hot water over a hair cut


#274 – Double stuffed Sporting

A double stuffed episodes of Scotch Sporting as we clear the archives. Join the gang as they discuss conspiracies in football, the pre determined Super Bowl and the NHL learning nothing. Join Chris Mark and Tay for a bonus second hour as they chat about the USA in shambles and wild adventure of Ted Cruz.


#273 – Antonio Brown is a garbage human

on Part one of this special 2 episode week, the gang makes they Super Bowl predictions quickly realising neither team has any moral high ground They discuss why hockey continues to do the thing, how the league might recover and what can be learned from Canada


#272 – Apologies t Sidney Crosby once again

Chris Mark and Tay debate the most boring super star in sports, declaring a winner between Crosby and Mike Trout They dive into terrible NHL contracts to make Chris feel better about Erik Karlsson, and give a full plot analysis of Wild Mountain Thyme


#271 – Some helpful advice for men

Chris Mark and Tay deep dive into the Jared Porter scandal, offering some advice to men who might find themselves in the same situation. When is the right time to send unsuspecting people your private parts? Find out in this weeks podcast


#270 – But like why a cheetah?

The gang puts sports on hold for a solid half of a podcast to unpack the brutal opus of crap that was Wonder Woman: 1984. They deep dive into plot holes, shoddy acting and discuss if flying a plane is really that simple. The finally discuss the week in sports including NFL playoffs, Evander Kanes penchant for gambling and how hockey players are also starting to do the thing


Scotch Sporting Presents the 2021 Prognostication Episode: Everything is still sucks

The gang is back to make their bold predictions for 2021. Join Chris, Mark and Tay along with special guests to make their guesses on not if, but when everything will meltdown again. Will the Weeknd make a political statement at the Super Bowl? Which dumbass thing will Antonio Brown do next? and will Vlad Jr get back to being his usual husky self? Get all your burning questions answered to kick off the new year


A global pandemic, And everything else we didn’t see coming in 2020

It's time for the Scotch Sporting annual prognostication round up. And the gang was wrong about.... well pretty much everything. With no one predicting a global pandemic, that meant most everything that was guessed went out the window. But don't worry, at least that means Chris didn't lose again?


#267 – Our apologies to George from Markham

The gang chats about bursting the bubble of the NBA, how exciting a Canadian Division would be in the NHL for everyone except Chris, and how hard it can be to sign to a homeless baseball team


#266 – Warning, you might get stabbed

The NFL continues to insist on doing the thing, and the gang and wonders how big the dump truck of money was that rolled up to Roger Goodell's thats making him force games. They discuss the future of the basketball season with their 9% positivity rate, guess when we'll have hockey back and make bold predictions for when this will all be over


#265 – Please dont sue us Sidney Crosby

Chris Mark and Tay discuss how another NFL team did the thing, and find more helpful solutions to try and encourage football players to not do the thing They debate Tom Brady's clear lack of sportsmanship and potentially offend the pride of Cole Harbour


#264 – Preaching the good word

The gang is back this week to preach the good word. After a detour through the world of The Simpsons where things get heated when there is arguments over the best season, Chris Mark and Tay get back on track with football. Tay makes a passionate plea to f*** everything about Antonio Brown and how he can take Tom Brady with him. With the NFL not doing their job, they also help with contact tracing and how almost everything leads back to the Titans


#263 – Thank God Chris was wrong

Chris Mark and Tay recover from an emotional few days. Recorded right after election day with everything still in question they debate the state of the world and how politics has become a sport itself


#262 – Scotch Sporting is moving to Kentucky

The gang joins in the latest internet craze, hunting for hidden treasure in rural Kentucky. Chris Mark and Tay chat about Cam Newtons NFL future and his question choices in children, and can Tom Brady be both a GOAT and a giant man baby? All that plus the first annual worst human in America award honouring Justin Turner and the LA dodgers


#261 – An Excuse to Pull Out

Chris Mark and Tay are back with their weekly check in whether or not anyone else in the NFL has done the thing. Will the titans be punished even though they're doing well? how many things did the Patriots lick? and the only way to mend Ryan Fitzpatrick's broken heart is with gentle missionary And with Lebron winning another title in another city can there be any debate of his GOAT status? The answer is clearly yes.


#260 – This is the 5th time you’ve talked about ghost ship

Chris Mark and Tay are back to discuss how the lessons from ghost ship can be applied to the current state of the NFL. They talk about the potential witness the most boring World Series in history, and learning the ancient ways of the Scorigami