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A platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, movers-makers of African descent. Hear stories, ideas, experiences, & advise on breaking the barriers. #SitMpodcast

A platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, movers-makers of African descent. Hear stories, ideas, experiences, & advise on breaking the barriers. #SitMpodcast
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A platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, movers-makers of African descent. Hear stories, ideas, experiences, & advise on breaking the barriers. #SitMpodcast








Martha Lorine Organics with CEO & Founder Michelle Yancy

Michelle Yancy is the founder of Martha Lorine LLC a luxurious, naturally handmade essential brand, where she prioritizes Healthy Beauty and Natural Wellness. Their primary goal is to help you GLOW in all aspects of your life. She provides honest, fresh, organic ingredients in all of her products. They specialize in naturally made skincare and hair products curated for all skin and hair types. They hand-pick and hand-mix fresh ingredients that contain potent healing and beautifying...


The Face of Sickle Cell with Geraldine Alloh

Second time returning on show, Geraldine Aloh expresses her views on a variety of topics including a project she is very passionate about - The Face of Sickle Cell, Ruby Red (A Red Carpet Event Raising awareness and funding for stronger health education needs for Sickle Cell Disease patients and their families.), what motivates her to keep pushing not just for her survival but for survival of others. One thing to take away from this episode as every other is INFORMATION IS KEY! Follow us on...


Finding Love After College - The Couch Talk

After a very brief hiatus, the most dangerous group chat show is back with Sir Charles hosting Jason, Yaya, Tutu, and King K on the topic: Finding Love After College/University. VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. join the conversation.


Comeback Season with J.Addo (Artist/Musician)

In 2010 J. Addo, a Singer and songwriter from Silver Spring Maryland with Ghanian heritage was destined for hometown and worldwide recognition after successful song releases featuring some of the hottest artists, and then he disappeared. J Addo did what most would never dare to do at that height of success, which was to leave the music scene and focus on attaining his degree. Now 8 years after achieving that goal and making himself and parents proud, J Addo is making a strong comeback and...


Coworking Space and Event Organization with Tita Leslie (I/O Spaces Co-Founder)

#iospaces #LeslieTita #SitMpodcast In the winter of 2014, Leslie Tita outlined his idea for a co-working space geared to the African diaspora on his blog and reached out to Rebecca Enonchong. The two Cameroonian-born tech enthusiasts set out to diversify the industry with what is likely the nation’s first co-working space aimed at the African diaspora with I/O SPaces, an award-winning innovation workspace for Startups located in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. We sat down with Leslie and...


Visual Storytelling with Chidinma Dureke (Content Curator, Blogger)

#VisualStorytelling #NkemLife #SitMpodcast Chidinma “Chi-Chi” Dureke is a fulltime visual artist based in Maryland. She received her BFA in graphic design and painting from Frostburg State University. Her paintings are handcrafted using oils, fabric and gold leaf. Chi-Chi’s work focuses on hair and its significance in black culture but has evolved into beauty. The expressionistic sunflowers in her sunflower series are not naturalistic but used to represent society & mood. With Africa as...


Ivan Yengwia Talks Iwing Marketplace App, Supporting Black Business, Entrepreneurship, + More!.mp3

#iwingmarketplace #Marketing #SitMpodcast Since 1999 Ivan has been working with micro and medium-size enterprises, providing solutions to build a strong brand, increase exposure and sales in multiple countries, including Thailand, Kenya, Cameroon, Jamaica, and the United States. Iwing Marketplace is a platform where small business owners can increase their chances of getting found by customers. Users can also read inspiring articles about small business owners. Their core values are –...


Legon Cosmetics with Saily Ngochi (Co-Founder)

#legoncosmetics #SkinCare #SitMpodcast Being a woman with darker skin, it was always a debate among family and friends in what society deemed as the “right” skin. We looked at major brands that only highlighted certain shades of skin color as attainable beauty. We wanted to create a cosmetic line that wasn’t geared towards the light skin, dark skin stigma, but rather a brand that unites all people regardless of the shade of your skin. Our products are not only good for your skin but also...


Botox, Lip Fillers, and Lasers with Dr. Degha Fongod (Medicine Physician)

Dr. Degha Fongod returns to the show to discuss her new practice and business, Loudoun Laser & Medical Spa. Last time a year ago she spoke with is about Primary care, this time we talk self-care and facial treatments. IG: @llmedspa Phone: (703) 858-9988 Email: Website: Follow us on twitter Join the conversation on Facebook Follow our...


Night of Opulence: A Toast to DMV's Icons (Spectrum Lounge)

Valery Holmes, Njukang Asong, & Sheikh Bossman Akim Talk a NIGHT of OPULENCE: A Toast to DMV's ICONS Night of Opulence Spectrum Lounge is proud to celebrate the many men and women who exude excellence and professionalism every day as they strive to better themselves and those arounnd them. On this day, we toast to the hard working man, women and entrepreneurs of the DMV and beyond. Congratulations!


ETAPE Water with Shawn Etape (Influencer, Businessman)

ETAPÉ is an innovative brand of water which combines healthy living, sophistication, and luxury all in one. To be such a new and different venture, I’m so grateful and incredibly proud of it’s a success, reception and how ETAPÉ is slowly, but surely, becoming a household name. Keep an eye on us this year; more products and opportunities to connect with ETAPÉ are forthcoming. Learn More About ETAPÉ


A Convo with Moe Digga (Host, Content Creator, Entreprenuer)

Most who are familiar with her will call her a Womanist, Occasional Foodist, and your local Jesus loving women empowering Podcast Host of “A Convo With Moe" She is also an Entrepreneur, and Digital Content Creator. We had the pleasure of having Moe spill all the tea on Stuck in The Middle! for more!


PreHzydential with Nicholas 'Nick' Merriman (Apparel Brand)

Nicholas (Nick) Merriman is an entrepreneur and CEO of PreHzydential LLC. He bringing people together and selling products from my brand by using whatever platform/avenue I am given. I was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana (South America), migrated to the United States in 2005. After taking some time away from the party scene and fashion in 2017 he brought his mother to live permanently with him in the United States. Nick re-branded and made PreHzydential an LLC and in March of 2019, he...


From 0.00 GPA to 6 Figures with Reginald L. Bullock II

With book 1 of a 10 part book series, Reginald Bullock II stops by with incredible stories about overcoming adversity in his pursuit of greatness as he went from almost getting kicked out of school for horrible GPS to making $250k/yr in his 20s.


Plantain & Proverbs with Chuckwunonso Dureke and Crew

“Plantain and Proverbs” is a comedic drama by Chuckwunonso Angel Dureke, that follows four friends on the cusp of graduating from college. The four friends, all millennial, African descent, first-generation college students, struggle to adulthood in Washington, D.C. while still trying to follow the guidance of their African immigrant parents. The group attempts to navigate through the modern-day troubles of becoming adults as children of immigrants in America. It can be watched on Amazon,...


Empowering Women with Theodora​ Mills (Beautifully Bold)

A platform that acknowledges young women who are adding value to our communities and society. Encouraging women of all ages, races, sizes, and creed to be Beautifully Bold! Here we are: Embracing her BEAUTY! Captivating her GIFT! & Acknowledging her STRENGTHS!


Shinin' with Miguel Asua (Filmmaker | Entrepreneur | Creative)

Miguel Asua is a storyteller. Like most creatives, his passion and love for the arts drove him to seek unique ways to convey stories and ideas. However, the very thing that drives him to create is the same thing that makes his art unique... in his perspective! ASUA FILMS [PRODUCTION STUDIO] WE ARE STORYTELLERS AND WE BELIEVE EVERYONE HAS A UNIQUE STORY TO TELL. IT'S OUR JOB TO VISUALLY TELL YOUR STORY AND WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT DOING SO IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY. OUR TEAM COMBINES...


Empowering Young Excellence with Diane Placide (Mental Health Therapist)

In this episode, we sit down with Diane C. Placide, a licensed therapist in DC and founder of Empowering Young Excellence. EYE, as she calls it, was created to help minority youth be proactive about their mental health and overcome the interpersonal challenges faced within transitioning into post-secondary careers by promoting mental health awareness and mental wellness.


Nerrico Designs with Luciole Nerrissa Dento

Luciole Nerrissa Dento, has always had a great sense of Fashion coupled with her love and passion for the African Culture and Prints. NERRICO will be her best way to express her Love for Fashion and Love for​ print. All the partners she works with and the whole team are chosen wisely to fulfill the best results for our customers. Her Goal is to have everything Ankara. kids apparel, men and women's apparel, and furniture section.


The Ashlee Agency with Ashlee Koonce

Ashlee Koonce is in the business of showcasing businesses, enhance business relationships and serve as a voice to form a strong platform for the people who own them. In this episode we caught up with the inspiring, determined, authentic North Carolina native about her quest to help entrepreneurs build their platforms.