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CLP 34: Elliott Shuey Pt. 2, Telling Your Organization's Story

Listen in as host Steve Grusendorf discusses the power of an organization's story with Rethink Creative's Creative Director, Elliott Shuey. Drawing on years of brand strategy and design experience Shuey shares how any ministry organization can increase their impact through aligning their brand with their reality.


CLP 33: Elliott Shuey Pt. 1, Finding God’s Story in a Data Driven World

Our world is a world filled with facts and data. Yet, when we open the Bible we discover a grand story being told by the Creator of the world. In this episode our host Steve Grusendorf discusses the power of story in the Gospel with the Creative Director of Rethink Creative, Elliott Shuey. Listen in and learn how you can avoid merely presenting the facts of God and instead invite people to discover their place in his story.


CLP 32: Kelvin Walker Pt. 2, Holding Unity in Tension

Listen in as Rev. Kelvin Walker and host Steve Grusendorf discuss how church leaders can lead congregations well who have widely differing opinions on a host of topics. From dealing with digital alter egos to how a leader should talk about their own pet projects, they cover it all in the hopes of helping leaders thrive in the midst of diversity.


CLP 31: Kelvin Walker Pt. 1, The Right Type of Unity

In this episode, host Steve Grusendorf discusses the vital importance of unity in the church with Rev. Kelvin Walker of the Metro District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Together, the two discuss the theological underpinnings of biblical unity and the danger of confusing unity of heart for unity of opinion.


CLP 30: Rolando Vega Pt. 2, How Young Leaders Can Gain Influence

Listen in as host Steve Grusendorf and guest Rolando Vega discuss how young leaders can effectively lead those who are older and more seasoned. Age is only one factor in a leader-follower relationship and when young leaders begin to understand the other factors, they can begin to unlock their true potential.


CLP 29: Ted Esler: Brand Strategy, Missions, and the Local Church.

In this special crossover episode with Rethink Creative, host Steve Grusendorf interviews Ted Esler, President of Missio Nexus, as they speak about some of the current challenges for missions organizations, the local church, and how clear storytelling and effective brand strategy could be the key to bridging the gap for the next generation of missions innovation.


CLP 28: Rolando Vega Pt. 1, A Young Leader's Perspective

Have you ever wondered what a young leader is thinking? Well, if so, then you will want to listen in as in this episode of the Collyde Leadership Podcast host Steve Grusendorf interviews Rolando Vega in order to gain the perspective of today’s young leader. Vega, an emerging leader with experience both in the church and the business world discusses how the young leader thinks and offers more seasoned leaders some advice on how to connect well with the next generation.


CLP 27: Doug Bortner Pt. 2, Redeeming Church Conflict

In this episode our host Steve Grusendorf discusses practical steps leaders can follow when facing church conflict with his host Dr. Doug Bortner. One key truth that emerges is that as leaders we cannot shy away from conflict because every conflict has redemption and restoration as its goal.


CLP 26: Doug Bortner Pt. 1, Becoming Emotionally Intelligent

Listen in as host Steve Grusendorf connects with Dr. Doug Bortner of the Metro District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance on the incredibly important topic of emotional intelligence. You’ll hear why understanding and controlling our emotions not only increases our effectiveness as leaders but protects our leadership as well.


CLP 25: Toni Campbell, Pt. 2, Multiplying Your Reach through Church Partnerships

In this episode host Steve Grusendorf discusses how to launch, monitor, and grow your reach through the development of organizational partnerships with guest Ms. Toni Campbell. Hear from Campbell about when to start a partnership and why church partnerships might be the right way for your church to increase its impact.


CLP 24: Toni Campbell, Pt. 1, Seeing an Impact through Local Outreach

Listen in as host Steve Grusendorf and guest Ms. Toni Campbell discuss practical tips on how any church can start or refine their local outreach ministry. Whether you’re a pastor with a burden to reach the lost or a volunteer seeking to take the ministry to the next level, don’t miss this useful conversation about what to do and what to avoid when it comes to local outreach.


CLP 23: Cory Nickols, Pt. 2, Supporting the Para-church Professional.

In this episode Cory Nickols from Destiny Rescue shares his story from pew-sitter to full time para-church professional. Along the way he and host Steve Grusendorf discuss how local church leaders can support, encourage, send, and partner with those who feel a calling into mission work.


CLP 22: Cory Nickols, Pt. 1, Social Justice and the Local Church

In this episode host Steve Grusendorf discusses how churches can begin to make an impact in the area of social justice. Listen in as Steve discusses how churches can do work on their own as well as how to partner with other organizations with guest Cory Nickols the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Destiny Rescue an organization dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking.


CLP 21: Margaret Feinberg, Pt. 2, Modern Leadership Lessons from the Passover

It’s one thing to read about the Passover, but it’s another thing entirely to experience it. Listen in as our host Steve Grusendorf talks with national author and speaker Margaret Feinberg about her experiences with those who not only serve Passover but prepare the elements as well. Along the way modern leaders will be encouraged about the power and purpose of communion in a modern context.


CLP 20: Margaret Feinberg, Pt. 1, Lessons on the power of community from a self-described foodie.

Listen in as our host Steve Grusendorf talks with national author and speaker Margret Feinberg about her new book Taste and See: Discovering God Among Butchers, Bakers, and Fresh Food Makers. Together they will discuss the deep spiritual connection between food and fellowship and suggest how ministry leader in today’s fast pace world can leverage the table as sacred space.


CLP 19: Steve Grusendorf, Christmas Season Visitors

In this episode host Steve Grusendorf reflects on how to connect well with the visitors who will grace our churches this Christmas season. What can we do to make sure that those who visit our churches this Christmas experience the heart of Christmas while also finding an opportunity to connect with the local church on a more permanent basis? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our listeners!


CLP 18: Chris Morante, Pt. 2, Becoming an Organization that is Living On Mission

If you want to see what’s important to an organization look at how they spend their money, spend their time, and staff their team. If you’re part of a church that desires to be more outward focused then you must begin to investigate these three areas. Listen in as our Host Steve Grusendorf discusses how an organization can begin to value Missional Living as an organization with the Lead Pastor Chris Morante from Evangel Church.


CLP 17: Chris Morante, Pt. 1, Living Missionally

Living Missionally is more than just a clever slogan. It’s the way we bring the Gospel to life in our home, in the workplace, and in our community. But, with an already full schedule how can busy Christians live boldly for Jesus? Listen in our host Steve Grusendorf discusses this very subject Pastor Chris Morante from Evangel Church. You may be surprised to discover that living missionally is easier than you think.


CLP 16: Lynette Lewis, Pt. 2, Why Leaders Need to Be Dream Chasers

Steve and author and speaker Lynette Lewis discuss the importance of having and chasing dreams as ministry leaders. Further, they chat about what to do when one dream dies, and why we can chase other dreams when another is on hold.


CLP 15: Lynette Lewis Pt. 1, Mentorship in Modern Times

Listen in as host Steve Grusendorf and author and speaker Lynette Lewis discuss the importance of mentorship in the life of the leader. Lewis argues that rather than thinking about mentorship as a long, formal, drawn-out relationship, in today’s fast-paced age we need to reframe our expectations. Mentoring moments emerge when we develop authentic relationships with those who you admire and trust.