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#23: Hospitality

TheNewBec wordquota.com “Be hospitable to one another without complaining.” 1 Peter 4:9 CSB “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2 ESV “When God's people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.” Romans 12:13 NLT "I would be amiss to try to pawn off all responsibility in the matter as 'not my calling,' or 'not my gift,' when there is still clearly a mandate for participation."...


#22: Good Grief

"Well-meant intentions are not always beneficial, or even harmless." -Bec McNew "Something often unspoken in our goody-goody world resides, and that is our lust for the sweetness of the approval that comes sandwiched between good-deeds and humble-brags." -Bec McNew "It’s difficult to be intimate with Jesus, prophetically described in Isaiah as the 'Man of Sorrows, acquainted with grief,' while doing everything in our power to distance ourselves from suffering." -Bec McNew "We can...


#21: The Danger of Your Normal

TheNewBec wordquota.com "Speak your truth," is sort of a buzz phrase lately, and "It's just how I am," is widely accepted. We explore the dangers and accuracy in these statements. "News-flash: I am not the source of life, neither am I the standard." -Bec McNew "Frequency and quantity of expression are not actually equivalent to wellness or truth." -Bec McNew "It’s a daily struggle not to elevate ourselves up as our own little gods, answerable to no-one." -Bec McNew "Is there a...


#20: Interview with Brett McNew

Today on Word Quota you get to join me on a date with my husband, Brett McNew, as we discuss the importance of creativity and using the gifts God has given you, Brett's journey from a love a reading at a young age to publishing his YA novel The Lying Tree, and there's a little bit about enneagrams and Muppets thrown in there too. The Lying Tree by Brett McNew on Amazon TheNewBec on Instagram Word Quota


#19 Rhythm & Refocus

TheNewBec wordquota.com Evie and Alistair: Farmhouse Warriors Transitioning into the new year can be both exciting and overwhelming. Today on Word Quota we talk about how balancing our lives doesn't mean that everything gets the same amount of attention and energy. "Failure in completing an action well does not equate to being a failure, personified. Failed events in time do not equal ultimate defeat." -Bec McNew "What if, in all of our accomplishments, rather than only focusing on...


#18: Interview with Wes Willett

Join me as Wes Willett gives us a peek into his beginnings in music career and ministry, lessons learned and what he wishes the masses knew about platform ministry, ambitions of what we think success is, why God might not give us the superpower of seeing the future, the importance of family, and more. Of course, we also discussed Wes’s fantasy/ historical fiction not-a-silent-night kind of Christmas novel, Anno Domini, and there’s also some comic book superhero discussion for good...


#17: Gratitude

Does our thankfulness extend beyond the feeling of relief? TheNewBec wordquota.com We must recognize the full capacity of our deliverance, if even from ourselves. Gratitude meets full realization that there is nothing innately greater within one of us that deserves more than another. . Thankfulness that goes beyond the feeling of relief turns into the activity growth of gratitude. Luke 6:45 Matthew 5:44 Luke 17 Luke 21 Luke 11


#16: The Magical Miraculous

The supernatural. Is it real? Is it harmless? Is it dangerous? Is it okay to enjoy magically themed entertainment? TheNewBec wordquota.com "As with in the garden, the sinfulness, the threat to ourselves, comes when we are trying to seek anything other than God to be god to us- to usurp a power over God- to seek ourselves or other powers to give us a personal power trip or addiction to control." -Bec McNew "There lies a danger of diluting the magnificence of God’s supernatural...


#15: Story Time with Bec and Nay

My dear friend Nay joins me for life conversation, and it's a full one! We discuss everything from home decor to physical illness, culottes to mental health, and the sweet places God has blessed us with in our sorrows and happiness as we use our all-the-wordiness. You don't want to miss this one! TheNewBec wordquota.com HappyHolderHome Enjoy the Journey © 2009 Naomi Carroll Becoming © 2009 Naomi Carroll


#14 Give Us Rest

Often we feel as though we have no choice but to live exhausting lives. Rest requires a humility to trust that things can succeed outside of our overrun efforts. TheNewBec wordquota.com The Ink Forge “If busyness is currency, what exactly is the price that we are paying?” -Bec McNew “Rest is wealth.”-Bec McNew “Rest is where our strivings cease.” -Bec McNew “Rest requires humility. " -Bec McNew “Rest is given- it’s a gift of the Lord’s presence, and we will miss out on it if...


#13: Adoption and the Gospel

The experience of adopting our son expanded my heart to more fully understand the heart of adoption in the gospel. TheNewBec wordquota.com “Adoption puts the exclamation mark on redemption!” -Bec McNew “God pours out his love generously, and we are able to accept it fully and pleasurably without false humility.” -Bec McNew “God isn’t passing out his benefits on the basis of what is merited, his bestowment of delightful love is not in our accomplishments- it’s on the basis of who we...


#12: When You Don't Get What You Asked For

Why I still have faith when an answer to prayer doesn't turn out how I hoped. TheNewBec wordquota.com Evie & Alistair: Farmhouse Warriors Lipscomb LIFE Program “We tend to have a weak theology of suffering in our pews, and if one wants to learn to locate God’s work in suffering, hearing the narratives of others whose lives are different than mine is imperative.” -Kate Watkins "Fear dissipates with Proximity." -Bec McNew "Asking is an offering of humility." -Bec McNew "Shining your...


#11: Interview with Rachel Anne Ridge

Rachel Anne Ridge is such a joy, and I'm so happy to have her on Word Quota today. We discuss life interruptions, parenting, and of course those beloved donkeys, Flash & Henry! Rachel Anne Ridge Flash and Henry instagramFlash the Donkey FacebookFlash the DonkeyTheNewBecwordquota.com


#10: Socially Acceptable

There is so much good that can come from the use of the tools we use in this modern era, but it can also consume us in unhealthy ways. In today's episode, we will touch on my social media journey, and parse out some positives and problems. TheNewBec wordquota.com "The enemy takes what is good and perpetrates it as poison wherever he can get a fang in. Inspiration turns to envy. Affirmation bends to addiction. Positivity seeks popular pride. And suddenly, or perhaps slowly, calculatedly,...


#9: Repairing or Retearing

TheNewBec wordquota.com If you don’t catch it soon enough, the tinniest undoing can grow to be a huge, gaping hole. How often do we pick and pull at imperfections until all that is left for us is something completely unraveled? Daily renewal may often involve daily forgiveness. It’s a practice that produces strength over time. Unforgiveness is a glorified game of comparison in which we try to make ourselves the standard idol of righteousness and put the other party in positions in...


#8: But Now I See

So often hot topics such as ethnic reconciliation are politicized into bullies that keep us silent for fear of guilt by association or for the sake of a sinful pseudo unity, when the Word of God on our conscience should compel us to speak. In Episode 8, we will parallel the healing of a broken foot to the healing of the broken Body, and visit some everyday relational challenges faced by multi-ethnic family. MLK50 Conference Keynotes TheNewBec wordquota.com "Convict us where we’ve missed...


#7: Interview with Jasmine Lopez

Mental health, chronic illness, forgiveness, storytelling through photography, faith, ethnicity, colorism, spiritual identity and more! My Name is Jasmine and I'm a Lopez AuthenticAdventureCo TheNewBec wordquota.com "I don't know how to rest well. When I'm having a hard day, it very well might be a whisper from the Lord really encouraging me to lean into resting." -Jasmine Lopez "Having those types of conversations are hard. I think they can be awkward, we can stumble over our words, but...


#6.5: Word Quota- One Thing

Surprise! On this 5th Wednesday of May, you get a bonus mini episode packed into 6 minutes. TheNewBec wordquota.com Isaiah 55:11 AWANA 2017 Scripture Memory Beth Moore LPM Memorizing Galatians


#6: What Do You Have?

In this episode, we delve a little into my health journey, and the oft asked question, "What do you have?" and the implications when a definitive answer can't always be found. TheNewBec wordquota.com Psalm 139:14; 2 Corinthians 12:9 Galatians 2:20; 3:9; Philippians 3:20-21; 1 Peter 2:9, Christian Standard Bible "Too often we tangle up our ability with our identity in all the wrong ways. We define who we are by how our weaknesses have been labelled." -Bec McNew "You’re not coming up...


#5: The Educated Choice

Homeschooling, public school, private school... as parents we wrack our brains on what is the best decision for our families. But our decision making processes don't only apply to schooling. Today we’re going to insightfully reflect on how such decisions give hints to our decision making patterns, our perceptions of adequacy, and what awaits us on the other side of obedience. TheNewBec wordquota.com "Don’t neglect the usability of the good on account of the bad." -Bec McNew "There is...