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Cross Court Podcast, hosted by three guys with a passion for basketball and banter is guaranteed to be your preferred spot for honest opinions and heated commentaries.

Cross Court Podcast, hosted by three guys with a passion for basketball and banter is guaranteed to be your preferred spot for honest opinions and heated commentaries.
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Cross Court Podcast, hosted by three guys with a passion for basketball and banter is guaranteed to be your preferred spot for honest opinions and heated commentaries.






Episode 17 - Houston, we have a problem

What has gone wrong with the Rocket-ship? Is Melo being scapegoated? Has Jimmy Buckets finally found a team that matches his intensity or have the Wolves finally gotten rid of the problem child? What can Lebron do to fix is clutch free throw problem? All this and more is the latest rant fest we call the Cross Court podcast.


Episode 16 - NBA 2018 TipOff, #SpitGate

As the new season tips off, the Three sit down to talk the first week of matchups and the hihglihgts. They tgalk about the spitting incident that sparked the violent exchange between the players duing the Lakers - Rockets game and pick their favourite plays of the week.


Episode 15 - WNBA, HoF Inductions, B-Ball Movies

Join us as we talk about the recent WNBA controversy, the new inductees into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame and our favourite Basketball Movies.


Episode 14 - NBA 2K19, #GraciasManu

Join us in talking about the latest in the NBA from the newest NBA 2K to Manu Ginobili announcining his retirement after 16 years with the Spurs.


Cross Court Podcast - Episode 13 - Jordan Clarkson, Rookie Feud, Kevin Durant.mp3

Join us as we talk all things off season from Jordan Clarkson's Phillipines National Team drama, the rookie feud between Luka Doncic and Michael Porter Jr., and the percieved injury curse for the 76ers with Zhaire Smith the most recent victim. Please donate for the flood relief in South India. Follow the link:


Cross Court Podcast - Episode 12 - Kawhi drama, Sports Journalism, Team USA Camp

Join us this episode as we give our takes on the Kawhi Leonard - DeMar Derozan trade between the Spurs and the Raptors, the negative perception of athletes in the media and the role of journalists and sportscasters in feeding it and the ongoing Team USA camp headed by Gregg Popovich. We also wrap it up with some Rookie watch and sneaker talk.


Cross Court Podcast - Episode 11 - NBA Summer League, Offseason Trades

Join us as we talk about the ongoing NBA Summer League and the performance of the drafted rookies of the teams playing. More talk of the trades happening throughout the NBA and the influence of Hip Hop culture and NBA on fashion today.


Cross Court Podcast - Episode 10 - NBA Free Agency, Phoenix Suns

This week the three talk about the NBA Free Agency and LeBron's decision to go to the Lakers and the whole LA-Bron drama. They also talk at length about the Phoenix Suns and what went wrong with the franchise and the possible moves they could make to get them back to their glory days.


Cross Court Podcast - Episode 9 - Dwight Howard, Post Draft, Sacramento Kings

Join the Three as they talk about the current drama sorrounding the transfer of Dwight Howard to the Nets and his subsequent negotiations for the buyout, the post draft analysis of the picks and what the future holds for the prospects and the teams that picked them, and the current state of the Sacramento Kings and what do they need to do to be serious contenders in the NBA!


Cross Court Podcast - Episode 8 - Offseason Moves, Draft Talk, JBA Revisited

On this brand new episode of Cross Court the three dive straight into the aftermath of the Cavs getting swept by the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals 2018 and its effect on the legacy of LeBron "The King" James. We explore what led to the success of the Warriors as they bring the third Championship overall to the Bayside. We further explore into what would be next for The King and his kingdom. With top teams courting him, LeBron must next choose where he would ply his trade, the...


Cross Court Podcast - Episode 7 - The Finals, Charlotte Hornets, Flash or Function

With the Finals underway it would be remiss to not discuss the debacle that will let JR Smith live in infamy for the foreseeable future as the Cross Court Trio ask probably the most important question.. how long can The King keep this up? They also talk about the effect playing extended minutes have physcially on a player and if the league demands too much of its Star Players. This week we also look at the Charlotte Hornets in our new segment where we examine teams that did not quite get...


Cross Court Podcast - Episode Playoffs, Grizzlies Conundrum, New Franchises

The Postseason is nearing its end at a fervent pace as three teams remain all three deserving of the final ticket to the ball but only two can go through. As The King books his 8th consecutive playoff spot, the Three discuss the impact of LeBron James, the Kobe tweet on GOAT argument. The conversation then moves to a team that has under performed this past season: The Memphis Grizzlies and what went wrong with a team that showed much promise a couple of seasons ago. They talk about what...


Cross Court Podcast - Episode 5 - NBA Draft, Trash Talk

The Three discuss the importance of a concrete play system and how a player's individual style of play affects a system. They also talk about the upcoming NBA draft and the hot prospects the teams will be gunning for including Mo Bamba, Trae Young and Luka Doncic. Throwback into the trash talk culture of the yesteryear and the effect it had on the psyche of the player and the team. Finally, a lengthy banter about the future of the Spurs after Gregg Popovich and the legacy of Pop and his...


Cross Court Podcast - Episode 4 - Conference Finals, Rookie Class, JBA v NCAA

The Three are back! Join us as we talk about the Conference Finals, the rookie class pf the 2017-18 season and the rise of the Junior Basketball Association and what it means for the future of NCAA


Cross Court Podcast - Episode 3 - Kicks, LeBron-to, Rebuilding the Future

What were the iconic shoes that dominated the court? What happened to the Raptors in the Postseason? How far can the Celtics go? Who is Rookie of the Year? Which teams should go back to the drawing board and which ones should disband? Join the Three as they venture to answer these questions with some epic rant.


Cross Court Podcast - Episode 2 - Shot Mechanics and Playoffs

This episode the Three delve into the current plight of the Oklahoma City Thunder which was billed to be one of the top teams to watch as they crash out of the playoffs, explore the shot mechanics of the Ball Brothers, discuss the playoff picture and debate on the proposed change to the playoff format. Tune in!



Welcome to the Cross Court Podcast. Join us in talking about all things basketball and more. Here, there are no restrictions. Opinions will be shared, feelings will be hurt and no punches will be pulled. This episode, the Three talk about the Knicks coaching job, basketball in Australia, Dennis Rodman and his infamous hairstyle and their own experiences with basketball. All this armed with three mics and an hour to kill