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14: Streamers Choice Award: Best Twitch Podcast

We made up our own awards and gave us the Best Twitch Podcast award! Wooo thank you so much for all who voted. In this episode we talk about Twitch VIP's, New Twitch Revenue Officer, the death of Twitch selling games, and the Twitch/CBS made up awards show ([]( Plus Social Media experiments and how Skedoozy learned a lesson! [Follow us on Twitter]( [Join our Discord](


13: If You're Boring, I'm Soaring!

Lots of great Twitch talk this week! We talk about the upcoming Twitch Sings, the inevitable fall of Ninja, the fallout from mmDust's comments, Mixer taking the next step and Twitch's need to incentivize chat interaction! In our help and tips section we talk about big tips and the fear of charge backs, and are you boring me to death on your stream? Don't! Some tips on keeping your audience entertained even when you think there is no audience! [Follow us on...


12: Twitchcon 2018

No, we're not at Twitchcon either, but we got all the news from the Keynote, info from Twitch devs about how to get people to spend more money to make them more money, idiots in panels, and more! [Sign up for Twitch Sings Beta]( [Download & extension info for Snap Camera]( [Follow us on Twitter]( [Join our Discord](


11: Twitch Live View Counts Are Broken

Since Twitch won't let streamers know there's an actual issue with Live View Counts we're gonna put it in the title this week. Confirmation from a Twitch Dev link below and talked about in show. "But there is a problem with viewcounting today..." We also talk about the demise of Ninja, Diversity on Twitch, an experiment, and all the other great Twitch news this week! [Dev Comment About Twitch Views on...


10: Am I a Streamer?!

Top Twitch Channels & Top Games! Has Fortnite's time passed? Is Ninja moving on? Streamers, do you need a Discord channel? Do you have to go to Twitchcon to be considered a real streamer? This and much more! We made it to 10 episodes! Whoa! [Follow us on Twitter]( [Join our Discord](


9: Kandy Landed!

This week we have a bunch of Twitch Tidbits, a bit of gaming talk, and we go over multiple topics including originality, sponsorships (no, you don't have one), what you need from a streaming PC, and much much more! Killer`_`Kandy ([`_`]([kandy]( sits in with us for the entire episode! Enjoy and we'll see you next week! [Follow us on Twitter]( [Join our...


8: Where is my Woof Tag?!

An awesome interview with Twitch's MrJakeWoof ([](! If you are a streamer then you will enjoy this talk with Jake about his start in streaming, how he see's the influx of new streamers, his way to handle trolls, and much much more! Then Skedoozy and iAmCrim have a nice long talk about Twitch Tags now that they are finally here. How do they work? Where are all the tags? How do I find people by tags? What are they doing?! [All the 200+...


7: Bro, F4F?! Who's stream is this?!

We cover many topics this week on the show. Lots of Twitch news, Tags are coming this week! We talk about all those Follow For Follow people, how to not get your stream hijacked by other streamers, crazy busy overlays, donations, and so much more. JAM PACKED 2 HOURS OF AWESOME! [China Blocks Twitch]( [Ninja on ESPN Magazine Cover]( [Fortnite Numbers...


6: Twitch Alternatives and Trolling

This week we talk about how to handle trolls in your stream and we walk through the alternatives to Twitch for the gaming streamer. What are the pro's and cons of each and ultimately should you keep streaming on Twitch? [Follow Orachseki on Mixer]( [Join the Streamer's Sanctuary Discord]( [Follow Streamer's Sanctuary on Twitter](


5: On a Level Playing Field

This week we have our first interview! It's with streamers Lvl Up Together and it's a fun and informative talk about streaming, social media, and community. These are the types of conversations that help all of us as small streamers and we hope that you enjoy it. Also Twitch SUBTEMBER is back! But will it actually be something your viewers care about? [Follow Lvl Up Together]( [Join the Streamer's Sanctuary Discord]( [Follow...


4: Grinding Your Way to a Flop

This week we chat about changes to Twitch Prime, Gaming news, and tackle that often heard advice, "Just keep grinding and you'll make it on Twitch!". That's all I have to do? Play what I want to play, be true to myself, and grind grind grind and I'll be a success on Twitch?! All that and much much more! Enjoy the show! [Join our Discord]( [Follow us on Twitter](


3: Raiding is the New Meta

In this weeks episode we talk about Twitch "Discovery" updates, Gaming News about Switch Online, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and more! Our main topic this week is Raiding vs. Hosting. We discuss why and when you should do each. How it can help you, and why you should care. [Please fill out this Stream Inspiration survey to be discussed on future show!]( **Links to items discussed in this episode:** * [Twitch Discovery...


2: Tags, you're it!

This weeks episode is all about Twitch's decision to remove Communities, add tags to filter streams, and the addition of new categories with the removal of IRL and Creative. How does this effect the small streamer? What's good? What's bad? We discuss it all! [Fill out our Streamer Feedback Survey!]( **Discussed in this episode:** * [Twitch Announcement on Tags, Communities, and...


1: Basic Twitch

Streamer’s Sanctuary is a new podcast about Twitch streaming, by Twitch streamers. The show is focused on bringing you tips, help, and suggestions on making your stream better. We will have interviews with streamers to share their tips as well. Along with all that we’ll also talk about Twitch and gaming news. In our first episode we introduce ourselves to you and talk about why we got into streaming, we dive into possible Twitch channel page layout updates and some new extensions, then talk...