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Laser Coaching: Critical Podcast Marketing and Messaging Keys You Cannot Miss with Thad Riley

On this episode, I had the pleasure to speak with Thad Riley who is a Christian writer and motivational speaker who focuses on sharing his personal experience to help, support and encourage other people who are going through similar situations become happier individuals and go from feeling helpless and depressed to motivated and blessed. Thad shares his motivation for his podcast and expectations for me to help him find the right ideas and tools to make his message more engaging and...


How To Land Your Messaging and Marketing With Twist

In this episode, I get to chat with Alyssa “Twist” Light who is known for creating marketing for the people in your audience right there and then. Right in front of business owners and salespeople whom she’s never met before, Twist can come up with everything your business needs in strategies, marketing designs, props, hashtags and more while making things entertaining with her awesome personality. Twist has been an entrepreneur since she was 11 years old, so needless to say she has a...


The King of Automated Organic Growth with Hani Mourra

Making your podcast grow successfully so that you can build your own brand and audience requires consistency, creativity, and the appropriate system; the right tools can get you to the right people and make your numbers go up substantially. In this episode, the King of Automated Organic Growth and outstanding software entrepreneur, Hani Mourra, shares how you can be at the forefront of the competitive podcasting world through the beauty of automation. We know it’s not only about working...


5 Secrets You Need to Know If You Want to Crush It with Daxy Perez

Being an outstanding and successful podcaster goes beyond having a simple show. In this episode, I’m joined by a brother (from another mother) Daxy Perez, host of the Podcast Success Secrets Show. He shares the key things you need to stand out as a leader and develop a more direct consumer relationship. Join us to learn why putting his secrets into practice can make the difference between succeeding and failing to draw people into your personal message. We´ll tell you how building a movement...


5 Awesome Steps to Empower Your Business with Ryan Cote

Today's show is all about knowing how a big content promotion and ideal brand optimization can lead you to successfully influence the market, turn potential customers into clients, and position your brand as a masterpiece among all other ones. The empowered process designer and detail-oriented businessman Ryan Cote shares with me brilliant and high-performance takeaways to draw the people's attention to a business with just five crucial and essential key points elaborated during our...


How to Innovate Your Virtual Brand with Julian Sage

Your actions must be congruent with all of your content. In order to reach the ideal markets and uplift your audience traffic, it is required to put through a polished strategy to manage your business marketing appropriately and directly connect to the people. In this episode, I share constructive and competitive practices, in company with Julian Sage, a visionary businessman with fresh ideas and projects and one of the masterminds behind the success of the Vacational Rental Machine, a site...


How to 4x Your Network Month over Month with Ross Grant

How can podcasting change your life? Do you really need to know everything before starting a podcast? Today, I will be sitting down with Ross Grant, a successful actor from Urmston, Manchester who obtained credits in multiple BAFTA-winning TV series, including the critically acclaimed 'Don't Take My Baby'. He is also an amazing podcaster and the creator of UK’s biggest social network for actors – Act on This – The TV Actor’s Network. We will be breaking down the opportunities that may be...


Solving Business Problems with Automated Dreams

Are you overwhelmed by all the tools you use to create your podcast? If you keep handing out cash for the latest software but aren’t even sure what’s working, you can’t miss this episode. I’m joined by Vince de Benedetto, the founder of Automated Dreams, a marketing automation firm. They serve businesses of all sizes to provide greater scalability and easier, more sustainable growth. Today, he’s sharing his secrets with us. He fills you in on the systems you need to have in place, and what...


How to Grow, Scale, and Dominate Your Podcast like Marcus Watts

Wouldn’t you like to know the key ingredient to success? In this episode, Marcus Watts tells me the secret is that you have to understand the GAME. Marcus is a former professional basketball player turned lifestyle and fitness guru. He is also the creator of The Vegan Transition and host of an upcoming podcast, The Success Bias. We will be discussing the nitty-gritty aspects of how you can develop your online presence. Join Marcus and I as we delve into guerilla marketing tactics, the gym...


Build Your Business Through Podcasting with Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

I have here with me today the creators and co-hosts of the #1 marriage podcast, the ONE Extraordinary Marriage, Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo. Their show helps educate, amuse and motivate couples to have a profound level of connection. We will be discussing the ins and outs of creating a successful podcast, from buying the equipment, brainstorming for content, and finding resources to start your podcasting career. We also dig into must-know advice for managing your show once it's up, and...


How To Launch A Podcast Step Five

So its time to launch! Finally, all the hard work, mistakes, and time-consuming stuff are just about done. But the work is NOT DONE YET. The biggest MISTAKE people tend to make after all the work of creating the content is slacking in the promo process and just wanting to get it out there with zero effort into promotion. Today I’m going to share with you a super simple and effective promo strategy that ANYONE with any size audience can use. You’re also going to learn how to use contests...


How To Launch A Podcast Step Four

Today is step four of the launch process which will bridge the gap between your listeners and your message! I’m sharing more best formulas for creating killer intros, outros, and positioning yourself properly on a podcast. Enjoy these plug and play frameworks for your podcast. Until next episode. *Get all my best tools, templates, guides HERE* - link: * Partner with me here* link: *JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP!* link:...


How To Launch A Podcast Step Three

How important is a website to a podcast? Do you NEED music for your show? How do I create content for social media to share the highlights from my podcast? Building stuff to promote your show is always changing. But this episode will lay the foundation and answer some questions every podcaster has at the beginning of their journey. Today I’m going to share with you the real reason why you should promote on social media (it is opposite of what you think). Also a stupidly simple framework...


How To Launch A Podcast Step Two

You’ve made it past step one, (hopefully!) This next episode is going to put that research to work by using it to build out three key pillars we need for your podcast to get moving FAST. What I want for you is to have a podcast on all the directories in a few days. After you listen to this episode, you’ll know exactly how to do that. Here we discuss, your cornerstone pieces for the podcast, your artwork, your trailer, and the Name/subtitle. Once these three are ready, we can...


How To Launch A Podcast Step One

How do I launch a really good podcast that helps build my name into a household brand in my vertical? I get this question or some variation of it very often so it was time to create the series that would pull back the curtain and share how our team launches shows that get traction. If you have just purchased a bunch of expensive, complicated equipment but now you don’t know where to begin or your feeling overwhelmed then listen to this episode. You’ll realize equipment is the LAST...


LDMS Step 4 - Scale

How do some shows grow faster than others? How is it that the listeners of some podcasts are able to increase the visibility of the show? Today I want to share with you the 6 pillars of scale and how to use them for you podcast. These are ways you can accelerate your audience growth, build a fanbase faster and get your message out to people faster. “Word of mouth marketing is going to be your best friend for scaling and growing your podcast.” - Luis Diaz Get all my best tools, templates,...


LDMS Step 3 - Monetization

Monetizing a podcast is one of the MOST frequent topics in the history of podcasting!!!!!! Fact is that we ALL have asked about it at one point in time. Today I’m going to share with you two things that are going to allow you to create and DOMINATE a simple and clear path to creating revenue from your podcast. Plus the details on how to get my free training on the 7 Key Monetization Models to fit any business/podcast model. The truth about making money from a podcast, if your not...


LDMS Step 2 - Distribution 2.0

Podcasters face similar problems. Problem number one is how do I launch a really successful podcast, and problem number two is how do I grow my podcast after I launch it? So today I’m going to breakdown how to solve this problem for you using some strategies and concepts for growth and attracting the right kind of listener. If you’re just starting a podcast or not happy with how fast your show is growing, this episode will help you out a TON! You’ll discover a new way of looking at how to...


How to Make over 50,000 in One Year with This Simple Podcast Funnel

Can you really make over $50k with a podcast..? The answer is yes. BUT only if you have the simple systems in place to allow listeners who are ready to go to the next level with you the opportunity to do so. Too many podcasters fail because they make connecting with them too complex and confusing. But there is ONE person I see doing an awesome job with this, that is Alex Charfen. When you take high-quality content and a high-value offer (and only focus on that) you can get more qualified...


LDMS Step 1 - Launch (My 4-Step Secret System to Launching a Podcast)

Getting the show off the ground is the hardest part. Even though there are a ton of “free” guides, courses, and challenges out there today. The issues are not the fact that information isn’t out there the issue is that you don’t have the time and have never done it before. Fear plus a lack of time = no results. Hence its why people work with us. Today, I’ll take you through the framework we use to launch podcasts step by step. Enjoy. “A podcast is great. But what is the overall big...