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High sensitivity troponins: who, what, where, when, why, and how

High sensitivity troponins are taking over the nation are you ready? Dr. Bryn Mumma is ready and in this heartbeat she shares what we need to know to be ready! Are you using high sensitivity troponins? How is it going? Let’s continue the conversation on social media @empulsepodcast or at ucdavisem.com. Please subscribe and rate us on iTunes – it helps us reach more people! Host: Dr. Julia Magaña, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at UC Davis Guest: Dr. Bryn Mumma...


The ED is my doctor

There is an epidemic of poverty in America, and we see it firsthand in the ED. Dr. Donna Beegle has dedicated her life to studying this epidemic, and training others to help break the cycle of poverty. She shares her own personal story of growing up in generational poverty, then helps us understand the scope of poverty in the U.S., and how it affects health. UC Davis Emergency Medicine NP, Danise Seaters, joins us to discuss some strategies for medical providers to help recognize patients...


Kicking over the lava lamp

Physician wellness is not JUST about going to a yoga class or two. In this episode we explore physician wellness from the perspective of the EM Chair of Stanford University. On the personal level we should jump in and check on each other, help each other out! Make sure your leadership knows physician wellness is crucial to providing care 24/7/365. Let’s continue the conversation on social media @empulsepodcast or at ucdavisem.com. Please subscribe and rate us on iTunes – it helps us reach...


HealthCARE, not HealthCURE

In Emergency Medicine, we are all too familiar with death and dying, but how equipped are we really to provide compassionate end of life care? Dr. Conor Mcwade shares his experience caring for a patient with end stage cancer, and the challenges of respecting the patient’s wishes, even when the family wanted to pursue aggressive measures. Then, palliative care trained physicians, Dr. Rupi Chima and Dr. Cherie Ginwalla, help define some terms and offer advice on how to best care for our dying...


EM Far Forward

What is military emergency medicine all about? Many of us know physicians who are in the US Armed Forces, but few of us really know what that really entails. Dr. Rod Fontenette is an Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Physician at UC Davis and a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force. He joins us to talk about Military EM, including training, emergency and critical care on the front lines (and at 30,000 feet!), and some of the challenges and rewards of choosing this career path. We have so...


Hafa Adai

Hafa adai! Or "Hello" in Chamorro, the native language of Guam. I just got back from the US territory of Guam and loved working in such a beautiful place with it’s own set of unique challenges. We spoke with local emergency medicine physician Gabriel David to hear about practicing in an isolated island where many can’t or don’t seek medical care until really ill, and start chewing betel nut at 7-8 years old. What atypical places have you practiced in? Share your experiences with us on social...


Social Conscience

If you work in Emergency Medicine, you know that social and environmental factors greatly impact our patients’ health. This may not be a novel concept, but it is a relatively new field of study. Social Emergency Medicine is a growing branch of EM focused on identifying and studying how social factors affect health. We are especially interested in this topic as many of our episodes explore social issues, such as housing instability, substance use, firearm violence, and human trafficking. In...


Futurecasting Medical Education

How do we teach our medical students and residents to be doctors? Surprisingly, there is no agreed upon, standard approach. Dr. Aaron Danielson, fellowship trained medical educator at UC Davis, takes us through some of the common strategies that medical schools employ. He explains that, although many aspects of medical education have evolved over the past several decades, some things haven’t changed in the over one hundred years since the “Flexner Report”. Dr. Mike Gisondi, Vice Chair of...


Operation Deep Freeze

What’s the craziest place you’ve ever worked? Few of us can top Dr. John Rose’s answer: the South Pole! John worked as the physician at Amundsen-Scott Station in Antarctica for four months during the austral summer of 2018-19. Taking care of a large crew of scientists and visitors in -70 degree weather at over 10,000 ft elevation is no easy feat! John tells us about his deployment, some of the common cases he saw, and the challenges of austere medicine. Do you have a question for Dr. Rose?...


The Last Touchpoint

Dr. Matt Wetschler’s story represents the best and the worst of our healthcare system. Matt tells us about his near fatal injury, his miraculous recovery (thanks to modern medicine), and the complications with billing that plagued him for months after his accident. Matt’s story is one of several in the recent media highlighting the issue of “surprise billing”, and a subset of this issue referred to as “balance billing”. Drawing from his health policy background, Matt helps us understand...


Weasley Measles

Measles is a hot topic from your latest shift to the news measles is on everyone’s mind! Fortunately, Dr. Dean Blumberg an infectious disease physician and fellow podcast host walks us through the basics of measles from the standpoint of the emergency department. Which patients do you screen for measles? Have you seen any confirmed cases? Share your thoughts with us on social media, @empulsepodcast, or online at ucdavisem.com/em-pulse. Please subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes! It...


With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

In our January episode, #thisisourlane, we spoke with Dr. Garen Wintemute about firearm violence, and discussed the immediate and passionate social media outpouring from physicians in response to an NRA tweet. In this episode, we dive deeper into the topic of physician advocacy, and, more specifically, the role of social media in advocacy. Our guest, Dr. Megan Ranney, is an emergency medicine physician, educator, and digital health and public health researcher, and is an avid social media...


Just Another Mass Shooting

What is it like to be an Emergency Physician in the ED during a mass shooting? Dr. Austin Johnson was a senior resident at the University of Colorado Hospital on the night a gunman opened fire in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. He shares his firsthand experience as a physician in the ED that night, and discusses the effects of the event on providers, and how the experience has shaped his practice. Have you been a provider during a mass casualty event? How has the experience affected...


EM Pulse Live Edition: WR SAEM Day 2 Wrap-up

EM Pulse Live Edition: WR SAEM Day 2 Wrap-up It was another exciting day at the Western Regional SAEM conference in Napa, CA! This episode recaps Day 2, including the Western EM Challenge and some fantastic plenary speakers. Highlights include time management for EM physicians, social emergency medicine, care for LGBTQI patients, the future of medical education, exercise in medicine, and building your social media brand. The conference is trending of social media - follow #WRSAEM19,...


EM Pulse Live Edition: WR SAEM Day 1 Wrap-up

This is a first for us! We’re podcasting live (or nearly live) from the 2019 Western Regional Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Annual Meeting in Napa, California. In this episode, we re-cap Day 1 of the conference, featuring the Advanced Airway Lab with Dr. Erik Laurin, Wellness in Academic EM with Dr. Andra Blomkalns, Experience in a Mass Shooting with Dr. Austin Johnson, The Value of Scholarship with Dr. Steve Bird, and much, much more! The conference is trending of social media -...


The Mind of an Airway Enthusiast: Heartbeat

Heartbeat: The Mind of an Airway Enthusiast We sit down with EM legend and airway guru, Dr. Rich Levitan. Dr. Levitan is a self-proclaimed airway enthusiast who has published extensively on laryngoscopes and airway management. He currently works clinically, mainly in rural, critical care access hospitals, and travels the country and the globe speaking and teaching courses on airway management. So how does Dr. Levitan approach the “difficult airway”? It starts with mindset. Send us your...


“Hot” Off the Press: Infant Fever Rule

“Hot” Off the Press: Infant Fever Rule - Episode 15 Talking about neonatal fever makes most people hot under the collar! Fortunately, PECARN is on the case. Their latest paper was just published TODAY in JAMA Peds: A Clinical Prediction Rule to Identify Febrile Infants 60 Days and Younger at Low Risk for Serious Bacterial Infections. In this month’s episode, we learn about some the challenges of having a febrile infant - from a mom’s perspective. Then we discuss when, why, and how to apply...


The Platinum Rule

Treat others not as you want to be treated but as they want to be treated. Mai Lee, RN and Dan Colby join us to share some stories and talk about how culture can impact our care in the ED and what we can do about it. Let’s continue the conversation on social media @empulsepodcast or at ucdavisem.com. Host: Dr. Julia Magaña, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at UC Davis Guest: Dr. Daniel Colby, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine UC Davis Guest: Mai Lee, RN, UC Davis...


#Thisismylane– Episode 14

#Thisismylane– Episode 14 If you work in the ED, you’ve likely seen your fair share of victims of gun violence. Though mass shootings have brought this issue into the public eye, firearm violence has been a public issue in our country for decades. In this episode, you’ll hear some powerful stories from providers about their experiences with people killed and injured by firearms. Then, we talk with researcher and expert, Dr. Garen Wintemute, about trends he’s seen, and discuss how we, as...


Bonus Episode: 2018 in Review

2018 In review. Some of our favorite episodes.